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This game offers decision making, tight commands + space controls, and plenty of juice. 

The content and quality were easily enough to make me play it through to the end. 

I had a similar idea of module-joining spaceships. So as a fellow space fan, this game was  perfect. 

Amazing twist on the classic tic tac toe formula. Loved the additional strategy of needing 4 and connected tiles - Plus online multiplayer!

Had a great time going against a couple of strangers 

The hand-drawn watercolor style is fantastic 

Nothing better than creating a local gravitational vortex with my fail before blasting a mass of slimes into orbit. 

Great job with the atmosphere. The pacing, fog, and ambience really made me feel like a void pilot 

Spaceship controls can be hard -  But flying the ship felt very rewarding. 

Choosing to use crystals for ammo/repair was always a tough decision and a good fit for the theme.

Hi purfate :)

Sorry about this issue, try using WASD keys?

What is the Archive recode?

Sounds like a good idea :)

Beat the game with all 3 characters :D

It was cool to play as goblin war party, broodmother, and construct. These were some really original card game characters and their cards were fun to use. I think my favorite was probably the goblin party. I would love to see an expanded game where I manage a troop of goblins in card form. 

The idea of One Hand really forced me to think carefully about the order of execution and it took me a couple of tries to get it right. Overall fun game and good job!

As many people have already said - Editing the description would help a lot! I went back to the rating page to figure out mouse did something. But I tried resizing and lots of different things.

After I figured out how to change the colors it was go time. I felt like a white ninja square moving quickly between blue and red. I liked being able to resize for my perfect visual sweet spot. This game needs a lot of focus, so it was nice to make it my personal size.

Good work! 

This is a very original and solid take of the Only One theme. 

I have never played an RPG with only one digit, and it was really cool how you designed encounters around that. I also encountered the 'name' prompt organically (I know you have a screenshot included) and I rolled my eyes at that. Cheeky boi. 

Congratulations on making a neat little roguelike! I liked the concept of having only one item. I had to carefully choose equipment and remember where things were dropped after my gear broke. Nothing like having a weapon break mid-fight, finishing the enemy with your firsts, and then running back to grab a fresh short sword! I had fun scavenging the dungeon and beating up enemies. 

I'm not sure if this was a glitch but I was unable to figure out how to get the enemies in that room. However I killed every other enemy I saw :P So maybe it's good for the spiders they were safe

ctrl + click to open links in new tab 

I just read this :P

#Just game jam things

(Side note: I now hate the Bombken because it very nearly destroyed the whole game a half hour before finish.)

Interestingly designed game. Was able to get my highest of 135 points before dying.
Once you learn the bomber behavior it's easy to exploit to reset walls and get kills. I think they're a good enemy but you guys should look into it more to make the game more challenging :)

Good work for the jam 

What do you mean it doesn't fit the theme super well?

Oh thanks for telling me. I almost tried to get a perfect on tappo which was hell. I beat the game and talked to the genie! 

This was one of the best shooters I've played in the jam. And THANKS for not doing a 'one bullet' 'one shot' thing. I really liked the take you had with the theme. This was a crudely drawn, silly, and downright fun gamejam creation. 

The gameplay felt great, and I was really starting to get attached to the green guy gang. Made it all the way to toast King ghoul after losing my boys Garfield, Griffin, Geoff, Geralt, Chad - Biggest RIP of them all (the only non G), and many others. Getting that sweet vengeance felt great. 

Tossing the guns back and forth felt awesome as you really tag teamed the enemies. And the best part was when you were the only one left and had to go SICKO mode. Really though, the vulnerability you feel with 0 bullets and watching your helpless bois try to run away only makes it THAT much sweeter when you toss them the gun and they get to pop off. 

Good work!

Ok, I got to turn 100 with that advice!

Thanks for telling me, really enjoyed making all the calculations to balance population, food, and army. I think turn 100 is the end of the game? It threw an exception. This game is very unique and a cool take on the jam. 

This has a lot of potential. This was the first RTS I've seen in the jam so that was very cool, and it gave me some serious Warcraft vibes which I am a big fan of. I especially liked playing the humans in warcraft, so the villagers and archers gave me al ot of nostalgia. 

The goal of banding villagers together and slowly dealing damage to a dragon was really nice. I like the feel of small people joining forces to defeat something larger. I positioned my archers in different areas to defend all parts of the town, and eventually you can go send them to hunt it. 

The dragon coming into town caught me off guard the first time. It looks really fluid and captures the feeling of a dragon well, and more importantly it makes me dislike the dragon as a player. Losing cows and peasants motivates me to train my army for revenge.

Most RTS games are about even armies fighting each other. But I like this idea of only taking down large targets. It actually feels pretty epic and rewarding. In the patched version the dragon was flying around in the ground after I got its health to 0. I WANT TO SEE ITS CORPSE

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Thanks tweedle :)

Really appreciate this review and the time you took to play the game.

Glad you were able to build a cool deck and feel the endgame power. Adding cantrips was my favorite.

The theme criticism is very valid and I wish I had more time to reinforce it.

I like casual card games and this scratched that itch well for me. The fusion of cards with a construction / RTS style was a cool combo. 

The design decision to color code buildings made the strategies a lot clearer too. 

I definitely enjoyed the meta-narrative and strategy of SACRIFICING natural well being so I could get funding for research. Shifting from damaging industries to colleges and universities felt good. Barely escaped, good work!

This is a fun game for a bit but be careful.

 If you pick up a weapon right as you drop it you can enter a glitch where your character moves in the opposite direction of the mouse and is too hard to control. This results in death.

I think the weapon collider is getting stuck in the character collider. 

This was a really cool take and liked seeing the combinations of different colors + one key being used here. The level design was really well done, hitting that green jump into a blue X felt great. 

My favorite detail was being able to blend in with the colored Xs. I felt like a chameleon just chilling

Ah gotcha gotcha, yeah it was a cool detail :

This game perfectly captures the feel of exploring a dungeon, using the light to guide my way and defend against spirits was a fun dual purpose mechanic.

The pixel art was charming, and I like the decision to show ghosts outside of my light's range. It helps with planning and movement and makes the enemies feel fair :)

Moving inches away from a frozen ghost is a great tense moment. 

This game did a great job of capturing the intensity of parries in melee combats. Countering arrows, staring down foes and waiting for them to lunge - before unleashing a strike of your own, all make for an intense melee experience. This is only made better by nice sound design and bloody visuals.

I also really liked the subtle storytelling of defending a doorway, hints at a hidden story about trying to defend someone from assassins. Overall good work :)

Really liked the visuals of the bouncing chest and the knight. Randomly generated treasures were a good idea too and placing them on my tongue really put me in the mindset of a mimic. 

The camera was a little troublesome at times, and I kept sinking into the floor though :( 

I liked the gameplay decision of not throwing the spear too far- Because you are vulnerable when you have to go get it!

Dropped health potions is a nice touch. 

I felt frustrated with the skeletons though since they do not give a visual indicator when they are about to fire, but really liked the designs of the other enemies. Nice job :D 

Wow this is a really cool and original game.

I managed to forge the sword successfully and I feel like I did get a brief glimpse into the world of smithing. Hammering was the hardest part, since it was visually hard to tellhow things were going. But I ended up relaxing and trying to take my time hammering, and it worked out!

Really great visuals and 3D style! 

It looks so nice and honking is really fun to do.

I would hope for some looney-tunes style platforming help :P Some of the jump timings was too hard for me

Great job on managing to put together these one button games in an undertale style world! 

The story and talking to the characters made me want to beat the games.

I'm not sure if it glitched for me or if the final challenge was getting a perfect clear in Tappo. But I wasn't able to finish it sadly.

The moment in skunk counter was funny and the squid sorter was a cool twist

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the tutorial screen is comically hard to understand

I agree :P 

Once I understood it the resource decisions were kind of interesting, but even then I'm not sure if you can beat the game? Looks like the pop cap is 50 and there were 60 enemies. 

Good work on the sound effects and art, I can tell a lot of effort was put into it and gives the game a warcraft vibe. 

Played through the entire thing. Really liked the section with the boss and end crab finisher.

I was impressed with the synergy between gameplay mechanic and enemy design. They were all very cute and needed different strategies to take out with the explosion.

I also liked the top down 3D style. 

Very satisfying to axe em and simple game to pick up

Very tense and claustrophobic game. Nice job

I love going all the way up -then releasing the mouse button and letting jesus take the crank as the elevator careens down to the bottom floor.

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 Controls : Cards have a green outline when playable. 

They will be white when the player does not have enough energy. Energy refreshes every turn. 

If a card has a direct target, drag it over until red to cast.

If the card has no direct target, drag until yellow to cast.

Deal damage to enemies with attacks and defend yourself with armor cards. Armor lasts until the start of your next turn. 


Strength is a stat that increases damage by 1 point. It only lasts for the combat. You can permanently increase this stat in the ship.

Dexterity is a stat that increases armor gained. It can be permanently increased in the ship.

Critical is a % chance for the attack to deal double damage. 


- Hunt locations (Crossed Swords) : Click to start a fight for a chance at loot. You can find kokori on the left, grungrun on the right, and a random chance of either near the top. Enemies get stronger closer to night

- Fuel cell locations (Battery icon): Clicking these will initiate a fight and place a fuel cell into your deck. It is a dead card and does not do anything.

- Ship (Crossed swords next to wreckage): Head back to your ship to heal, perform advanced crafting, and exchange fuel cell cards for upgrades. Upgrades start from the bottom and go up.

-Time : There is morning, afternoon, and night. There are different encounters throughout the day. At 24:00 the final battle starts. Each event costs 30 minutes in addition to travel time. Healing/Waiting in the ship consumes 1 hour.


The loot you find can be used in two ways. Each animal has their own card pool.

- Field Crafting : Usable outside of the ship, click the axe on the top right to open up the field craft. Drag an item into the bottom middle slot or double click to view options. Field crafting replaces your basic strikes and defends, rarity does not affect these options.

-Advanced Crafting : Usable only inside the ship. Click the advanced crafting button and drag items into the bottom middle slot or double click to view options. Advanced crafting adds cards to your deck and is based on rarity. New options are generated every time you visit the ship


Battle Endurance - Heal 5 HP. Exhaust Battle Roar - Deal 4 damage to all enemies and gain 6 armor

Bird Brain Strike - Deal 12 damage to a random target

Bloodlust - Deal 10 damage. If this kills the target, heal 4 HP

Bolstered Dance - Gain 5 armor, give one attack in hand 20% critical chance for the rest of combat.

Brutal Claw-  Deal 12 damage to one target. Gain 1 strength.

Cleave - Deal 8 damage 2 times to random targets 

Devastate - Deal 12 damage. This scales 4x with strength

Devastating Caw - Give all attacks in hand 5 bonus damage for the rest of combat.

Devour - If you have more current HP than the enemy, deal 20 damage

Feathered Flurry - Deal 4 damage 5 times to random targets. 

Ferocious Peck - Deal 5 damage 3 times to one enemy. 10% Critical Chance

Grungrun Roar - Gain 2 strength and 3 armor.

Ironhide - Gain 30 armor. Exhaust

Isolated Target - If there is only one enemy, gain 10 armor and 5 strength. 

Kokori Speed - Give all attacks in hand 20% critical chance for the rest of combat 

Pluck - Create and add 1 random feather card to your hand. Feathers are 0 mana attacks that exhaust. Gain 1 Strength

Quickstrike - Deal 6 damage, draw 1 card

Savage Swipes - Deal 5 damage 2 times. Gain 1 strength 

Second Wind - Heal 15 Hp. Exhaust 

Take Flight - Gain 1 energy, Draw 2 cards. Exhaust (Removed for combat)

Vibrant Plumage - Create and add 2 random feather cards to your hand. Feathers are 0 mana attacks that exhaust. 

Whirlwind - Deal 4 damage 2 times to all enemies

Good luck :)