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Green Guy Gang vs King GhoulView game page

Green Guy Gang must stop King Ghoul - but they only have one gun!
Submitted by Big Roy (@bigroystudios) — 2 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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This is a really clever game that feels awesome when you get in a groove! I love the concept of throwing a gun around. It's got a great over-the-top action movie vibe - in fact, it reminds me of that bit in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies where they didn't have enough swords and had to keep tossing them back and forth in the middle of a fight.

There were a couple of recurring frustrations though - like when I throw the gun to a guy and only barely miss (or worse, try to throw it too far and it stops just at his feet) and now the only way to keep playing is to walk my current guy all the way across the map, probably through a horde of enemies - and pick it up. The game could benefit a _lot_ from the ability to switch characters even if you don't have the gun, and possibly a bit of aim assist for the gun throw specifically so it's harder to miss in the heat of battle. 

I also love the idea of the levels where your guys are spread out and each need to fend for themselves, but in practice it's just too risky to throw the gun and you wind up wanting to cluster them up. I'm not sure what the design solution is for this, but I'd recommend exploring ways to encourage players to spread out more.


I hear your frustrations- most of them are consequences of my rushed implementation. The hitbox on the Guys were originally the full sprite, but were reduced to half the height in order to have them walk at the top of the screen without it looking strange. The horizontal and vertical velocity on the gun, guys, and enemies are all dealt separately instead of using trigonometry which would have practically gotten rid of the issues of the gun sliding just shy of its destination, but that was a decision I made early on because I'm not used to doing it that way. Making the gun throw distance shorter than original was yet another last minute change so it couldn't be tested out.

On another note, the turrets were added to encourage spreading out, and I think a few of the levels featuring the turrets are turned out the best, forcing the player to pass and move around as much as possible. It's unfortunate I couldn't think of another way to play like this, because it's certainly when the game is at its most fun

Thank you so much for your comments, and so much for playing!


What a great game! I really enjoyed playing this game. I loved the design, but it eventually became stack all of my guys in one place and shoot as fast as you can. Also, there was no promised King Ghoul! I want my boss battle! The last map is repeated twice before the game abruptly ends. A "You win!" would have felt nice.


That's certainly a bug, one that I haven't heard of before... I actually can't think of what could cause it, the level progression works off of GameMaker's room order (using room_goto_next() for most of the levels). It's possible that going into endless mode first or some weird combination of room switches I haven't thought of would cause this, as score and text popups are currently pretty broken for these reasons.

I understand that you probably wouldn't want to go through the whole thing again to see it, so I threw together a Boss Hotfix patch version which replaces level 2 with the boss if you wanted to give it another shot:

Sorry for the trouble!


This is beautiful! Great job!! It's a really interesting gameplay style. You could make a super hard mode where no green guy should die. I think this opens up for amazing gameplay, I made trough the end!! Recovered my green grass!


That's a great suggestion! Not sure if I'm making a post-jam version as of yet because I have another project on the go, but if I do that's definitely something I'm adding!


Super fun and original. Presentation is charming and the final boss is a nice touch. It has a sense of completeness and natural progression that's rare in jam entries that helps it to stand out from the pack. 10/10, would be green and naked again.


Wow! This is THE best jam game I've played this year! Not only does this game ooze personality, the different mechanics keep me enticed and make me think outside the box. 10/10 would buy this game in a store. And its a shooter, not something you usually seen done well in a jam.


Wow! Thank you so much, it makes me so happy that people are enjoying my game!


Congratulations for the game! I loved how you related the mechanics to the theme. Rated <3

By the way, our games concepts seems very similar. If you are interested in Tower Defense, check out, is a tower defense where you can control only one tower at a time. 
(build web on gamejolt, link on the page)


It's a very well made game. I liked the small details (different types of enemies, the non-controlled gang members start to walk around and yelling their lost comrade's name, there is a even a story to it, etc). The pass and shoot mechanic is very clever, I haven't seen anything like that before.
I have an issue though: it's very hard to find the gun if it's on a dark background, especially on a highdpi screen, where the game window is very small as well, without an option to make it fullscreen.


Thanks a lot for trying! Contrast was something I absolutely wasn't thinking about, and I can totally see how that could be an issue, thank you for the feedback! I've made jam games with fullscreen capabilities in the past, but if I'm being totally honest I just forgot about it this time haha. It doesn't help that I don't have a lot of experience with supporting different kinds of resolutions or aspect ratios with GameMaker, but that's certainly something I'm going to work on in the future :D


Way back, when I used Game Maker (around 2010), there was an option to "allow fullscreen" or something like this, and you could press F10 or something, to switch between fullscreen and non-fullscreen, you didn't have to tweak anything. Is it not in the new versions anymore?


This is really fun and the gameplay flows super smoothly! I love the story a lot as well lol. Good entry and I hope you get more recognition!


Love it! This game is criminally underrated. Completed the story and think you should definitely continue with this idea!


The theme of the gang only owning one gun is hilarious. This game oozes charm and originality. Love it, good job!


This was one of the best shooters I've played in the jam. And THANKS for not doing a 'one bullet' 'one shot' thing. I really liked the take you had with the theme. This was a crudely drawn, silly, and downright fun gamejam creation. 

The gameplay felt great, and I was really starting to get attached to the green guy gang. Made it all the way to toast King ghoul after losing my boys Garfield, Griffin, Geoff, Geralt, Chad - Biggest RIP of them all (the only non G), and many others. Getting that sweet vengeance felt great. 

Tossing the guns back and forth felt awesome as you really tag teamed the enemies. And the best part was when you were the only one left and had to go SICKO mode. Really though, the vulnerability you feel with 0 bullets and watching your helpless bois try to run away only makes it THAT much sweeter when you toss them the gun and they get to pop off. 

Good work!


This feels like one of the best compliments I've ever received- Thank you so much! Sounds like you caught everything I was trying to accomplish with this game :D

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This was nice. I feel like the level design should have been better in some places to take better advantage of the mechanics involved. 


It's really fun, it's hilarious when a guy died the others will yell his name, the art style is cute too


This is actually a really fun game. It's challenging trying to keep your gang alive with only one gun, and pretty cool you can switch guys but throwing the gun at them. I failed one time by hitting one of the guys with the gun, like it slapped them as if they were a skeleton. I don't know how that happened lol.


Thanks for trying! I won't deny that there are a few weird bugs still festering in the game, I think the gun prioritizes skeleton collision which was an oversight on my part haha


It's fine! Its actually really well made.