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Love the chill vibes! Adding randomness to the match-3 puzzler makes things a lot more interesting, actually. Or at least, it takes some of the pressure off of being able to anticipate exactly what will happen when you make a move. My only suggestion would be a little bit of escalating tension to bring the game to a natural conclusion... maybe as your score increases, it takes more and more effort to regain a shield.

Very cool! This might be my favorite game of the jam so far. Make it to round 21! I love how the different actions you can take all have different costs that pull against each other, and the constant rising threat is a great mechanic too.

Love the concept of playing a level over and over with new abilities, and the branching paths of the level really helped. It's like Sonic the Hedgehog done right! Could have done with some more clarity - to this moment I still have no idea what a cute flower friend was supposed to do...

Touching! I actually got the secret audio on my first try.

The art style is fantastic! I've always loved those chunky custom-printed d6s that some games have. And a great concept, too! Unfortunately, the bugs made it pretty hard to tell what was going on. Sometimes an effect name just didn't show up, sometimes the camera panned somewhere unhelpful, sometimes it just putted in the wrong direction... but I'd love to see what a post-jam version looks like!

Not bad! Unfortunately, my short-term memory is terrible...

Very cool concept! Some visualization might have helped for those of us whom zero-g trajectories do not come intuitively :) In particular, I had trouble visualizing how long each command would last.

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Really interesting core concept! Loved that you could physically roll a bunch of dice. The physics in the loaded die though were very hard to control, and it was really easy to get myself stuck in the corner, even with the slow-mo trick.

Oh man I love this. I'm so bad at it but I love the concept so much where ramming into things causes a die to roll and probably increase your speed which makes you ram into another thing...

Nice little time management game! Reminds me a bit of Overcooked. With some polish to the controls and maybe more variety, I might've played this a lot longer...

Clever idea! And nice to see d12s getting some love in the jam. Could go for a little more challenge - there wasn't much reason you couldn't just stand in place and maybe step to the side a bit if you see a black hole coming down.

Though a little rough in execution, I really love the concept! Might want to add the "attack" control to the description - after much trial and error, I found out that Left Click did the trick.

Unfortunately, this one isn't quite working for me. Leaving levels up to the roll of the dice can lead to a lot of repeated content - or a really short game where the player misses most of the content. After a couple of tries, I was pretty well convinced that there was only one level (the nighttime cityscape), but the comments here suggest there's some more, and I eventually found a grassy field with some insects.

Nice juicy little game! Not too strong on the theme, but I like the risk-reward of having to get _closer_ to the thing that's spewing out bullets, and nice job implying what you're supposed to do just from the title screen :)

Very neat! Made it all the way to the end on my first try. Some of the cards' effects were surprising, which is pretty much a given for games like this, but much less so than Reigns, and never catastrophic. If you want to really crank up the existential dread, you could balance it more towards negative options as the game goes on... 

aaaaaaah i thought I tested that enough to not happen

Ahhhhhhhhh jam bugs X_X

Hmm, interesting... 🤔I hadn't thought of it as falling! I imagined the dice going forward. Makes sense, though!

Solid little RPG :) Pretty sophisticated for a jam game, even. I got as far as the Star Duo.

Points for creativity! Although there's very little decision making, as the game itself points out.

Solid little press-your-luck game :)

Nice little game! Is it possible to take damage? I kinda sat in the middle of a group of goblins who proceeded to whack at me, but nothing seemed to happen.

Also, a suggestion for a post-jam tweak would be to turn the gravity up! Unity defaults are tuned for real-life scale, but at this tiny scale, dice should fall and move much faster.

Very flashy and stylish! But I'll be honest, I have no clue what's going on :(

Very flashy! Waaaaay too many enemies though, at least on the first level; the mechanics of only being able to damage them with knives on sides of the dice is cool, but it only works when you can navigate around them.

The positions of the faces are randomized for every roll! Which would probably be a good thing to note in the description, heh...

Weird! I suspect that's a false positive, but I'll look into it and see if I can make an updated build.

I'm not sure! I know that it's possible to connect an Oculus Quest to a PC and play SteamVR games on it - in theory that would work with this. I haven't tested it on anything but a Vive, and I certainly won't promise to fix it if it doesn't work on a VR headset I don't have, but it's worth a try!

This is fantastic feedback, thank you! Do you mind if I archive this gameplay footage and possibly use it in a retrospective video?

I really enjoyed this and made it through all 17 levels! It's definitely a slow game, though. Would be nice to be able to speed up the time - even though it would undermine the theme, it would certainly make it easier to get through when you were comfortable with the solution on a level and just messed up at the end.

Also, really nice touch picking music that seems to be roughly 60 BPM (that is, one beat per second). At first I thought you were actually syncing the game's ticks to the beat, but then it got a little bit desynced. That would be a really cool piece of polish for a post-jam build!

This was a really interesting concept and executed very well! Not super polished, but that's not the important part for this jam :)

This is one of my favorites from the jam so far! Reminded me of some of the better parts of Breath of the Wild that relied on using environmental clues and photos to find the things you need!

Not quite sure how well it fits the Only One theme though - you only get one shot in theory, but since it's a knowledge game, you can just come back with more information, right?

I'm not going to leave a rating because I'm too bad at bullet hell games to give this a fair try, but I was also very bewildered at the explanation of the rules. My interpretation is that one of the crabs would eventually run out of attacks because it can only use each one once, but I never survived long enough to test that theory :(

This game is incredibly polished and juicy! I could not make heads or tails of the ricochet mechanic though - maybe it would be nice to give the player laser sights to compensate for the fact that they only get one shot.

This is a game with a lot of potench'! I loved how easy it was to navigate the castle with it all being on-screen. 

My main critique is with the death system and not having checkpoints - the opening moments of the game are a bit tedious. Related to that, it's really hard to tell which rooms are going to be affected by the dragon's breath - I would rather see the dragon only affect the room it's in front of, or for the rooms to light up with an effect before they become a very uncomfortable temperature.

This is a really clever game that feels awesome when you get in a groove! I love the concept of throwing a gun around. It's got a great over-the-top action movie vibe - in fact, it reminds me of that bit in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies where they didn't have enough swords and had to keep tossing them back and forth in the middle of a fight.

There were a couple of recurring frustrations though - like when I throw the gun to a guy and only barely miss (or worse, try to throw it too far and it stops just at his feet) and now the only way to keep playing is to walk my current guy all the way across the map, probably through a horde of enemies - and pick it up. The game could benefit a _lot_ from the ability to switch characters even if you don't have the gun, and possibly a bit of aim assist for the gun throw specifically so it's harder to miss in the heat of battle. 

I also love the idea of the levels where your guys are spread out and each need to fend for themselves, but in practice it's just too risky to throw the gun and you wind up wanting to cluster them up. I'm not sure what the design solution is for this, but I'd recommend exploring ways to encourage players to spread out more.

Love the concept, you got a lot of mileage out of the swapping mechanic! At times it felt the timing windows were too narrow, which can feel bad in a puzzle game where you basically know what the solution is but you just can't push the button at the right time to pull it off.

This was pretty cool - and bonus points for making this on a literal GameBoy. Took me a little while to figure out what was going on and why I kept dying until I read the description like an intelligent human being. A very clever concept, very tricky!

I found I basically wound up mashing B and A at all times. It's not necessarily bad, but it means there wasn't really an interesting decision there - I always want to be shooting and switching between ghosts, the interesting decision is where do I want to be and which direction do I want to be facing? I think some of the ideas discussed below where you can't switch or shoot as often would be good, but there would probably have to be fewer ghosts (maybe 5 to 9, in keeping with the apocryphal rule of thumb about working memory).

It took a little while to get the meat of the game, but you've got something here that is delightfully challenging to control! I laughed several times just because it was so silly.

My main critique: the core of the game is really good - but there's a lot of stuff that distracts from it. There's a lengthy tutorial section that can drag on (sorry, couldn't resist) far too long before getting the game's "catch" - that the mouse controls all of your abilities, like fire breath. And a jam game doesn't need this much dialogue unless it's actually focusing on some narrative innovation. I suspect you spent a lot of time on the dialogue system and mentor figure cutscenes that, while adorable, that time could have been spent further developing the gameplay concept rather than slowing down the pacing.

A smaller critique: having the fireball shoot on mouse release is brilliant and feels really good once you know what's happening. Reminds me a bit of the classic "half A-press" debate :P But it wasn't clear that this was how it worked and it took me a lot of fumbling around to realize it wasn't just shooting on a timer. Which is kind of ironic because my little dragon character breathed fire on his own during the cutscene and then said he understood how it worked - but no-one ever told me! Oops.

Hahaha... us too... us too