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Only 1 Frame Per Second - Puzzle GameView game page

GMT Gamejam only 1 frame per second
Submitted by AnnysE — 2 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Only 1 Frame Per Second - Puzzle Game's page


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Adherence to the Theme#1054.5444.544

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I really enjoyed this and made it through all 17 levels! It's definitely a slow game, though. Would be nice to be able to speed up the time - even though it would undermine the theme, it would certainly make it easier to get through when you were comfortable with the solution on a level and just messed up at the end.

Also, really nice touch picking music that seems to be roughly 60 BPM (that is, one beat per second). At first I thought you were actually syncing the game's ticks to the beat, but then it got a little bit desynced. That would be a really cool piece of polish for a post-jam build!


Very original ,but the execution is not that good ,but it could be improved.

Nice job !

I think this is a cool game theoretically, but I don't think the execution is very strong. its unlikely that i would come back to this game for repeated sessions, due to how slow the gameplay is. although im not sure how you would get around that issue with a game like this.


Nice job! I played through the whole game. Here's my in-depth review:

Design [2/5]: I think this is a cool game theoretically, but I don't think the execution is very strong. I'll go over this using some specific examples:

  • It's really cool that the game moves in discrete chunks of time rather than moving continuously. Having said that, I think the choice to have everything move at one frame per second was highly questionable (even though it fits the theme). It was too slow for me to feel engaged, and it made the game feel incredibly punishing if you mess up close to the end of one of the longer levels, since it will take you a long time to get to that point again due to how slow everything moves. So, again, having everything move in discrete chunks of time is a great idea for a puzzle game, but I think the execution was off: rather than having everything move at 1 FPS, I would have rather seen a game where things move only when you do (i.e. time only progresses one frame at a time whenever you press an arrow key). This would have allowed you to design the same sorts of puzzles, but it would have left the pacing entirely up to the player. You wouldn't have even needed to compromise the theme to accomplish this, since you already adhered to the theme by employing only one inventory slot.
  • I like that the game employs lots of different puzzle elements, but I don't think they were always put to the best use. I really like the pitfalls, the ice, and the bullets, but the level design didn't always have the best ways of introducing them. For example, the first level where you see the bullets was good in theory. I like that it had a long hallway of bullets and that you could take advantage of the discrete time mechanics by sliding between two bullets. However, the level starts you off in another long hallway, and I think it would have been a much better choice to put the player in a more open space leading up to the hallway, so they would have a better chance to roam around a bit and plan how to get into the bullet tunnel safely. So, the puzzle elements are nice features, and they add some variety to the gameplay, but I don't like the level design used to support them.
  • I like that you have only one inventory slot and that walking over another item forces you to drop whatever you have for the item you just walked over. That's actually my favorite mechanic in the whole game, and I think it fits the theme perfectly. Having said that, I think the level design is weak when it comes to this concept. A good example is level 13. There's no way I would know that I need to have the shield last unless I already know what's at the top of the screen. The trial and error there, coupled with the fact that everything moves so slowly, made that level a little frustrating for me. I think that this game is at its best when the player has all the information they need to solve the level and they just need to make a plan and execute it. My favorite puzzles in the game were the ones that forced you to juggle keys and swords between a bunch of pitfalls, and I wish all of the levels were as well-thought-out as those.

I offer you all of this criticism because I think this game has a lot of potential. I just think the level design and the pacing need to be more carefully thought out.

Adherence to the Theme [5/5]: The game runs at 1 FPS and you only have one inventory slot. Personally, I think the first decision was a poor one, but the second one is brilliant. Either way, the game adheres to the theme well.

Originality [4/5]: I haven't seen too many action/puzzle games that move at discrete time intervals. The only one I can think of that comes close was Trapped, an old flash game series from the early 2000's. The puzzles feel uniquely designed, but I can't help but feel like I've seen these sorts of puzzle elements before in other games.

Overall, nice job! Keep working on games. You obviously have lots of different ideas. Game development is an iterative process, and your levels will get better if you keep going back and revising them.


This is a pretty interesting concept, I wish the game moved faster but I get it's only supposed to be one frame per second. The tile-based movement system that everything has to abide by creates some interesting puzzles. Good work!


A clever idea with superb realisation. I love difficulty curve, pretty levels with not very hard puzzles, but so trivial that you solve them brainless. The only thing I would change is art, it would have been better if you had used 1-bit art. Nonetheless it's not a problem at all. Well done.


thanks :D <3  


I really like the level design, there is some clever idea. A good game overall!


Excellent game, one of my favourites ! There is a lot of very original and clever ideas in the level design and in the way we had to solve somes puzzles. It is also very various as sometimes is more about rhythm than solving  puzzle. The "desync" feature is a very nice trick but it deserve to be better introduce as I don't think I could find it by myself if you did not help me. The 1 fps aspect and only one objet puzzle make it fit the theme very well. The minimalist sound and graphics are good enough, it is challenging without being to difficult so and there is not much to complain. Very good job !


Wow I really loved the level design on this one, specially on later levels. You know how to make really good levels with minimal elements and resources. Congrats!


I enjoyed the game! The idea is really good and in the levels you had to figure stuff out based on what you learned before. The music also felt like it was timed with the frames. Great job!


Neat! Enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would honestly. Really good execution, strong art. Had a really good time with it!

Thank you very much glad to hear you enjoyed it :) Just out of curiosity how far did you make it?


This was an interesting and original puzzle game, would love to see more levels/ other baddies if you make more in the future! Well done.


Fun little puzzle!! Plays kinda(?) like Crypt of the necrodancer, the movement matches the beat :)


Interesting twist on turn based puzzles!


Good false critical path on level 16!
The worst part of your game is that at 1fps, it takes like 8 minutes to beat. It is a thematic way of extending playtime I supposed, lol.


beaten it easy 0 deaths!!

Now beat it blindfolded :)


Short and sweet~
Felt a little counter-intuitive running headlong into arrows the first time but otherwise this plays well!


I made it to lvl 8, this was cool!

Glad you liked it :).  Just wondering what was it you where stuck on lvl 8?


This works _so_ much better than I was expecting it to. :) Only tiny gripe is that sometimes the movement becomes disconnected / out-of-synch from the bloops in the music, which seems like a shame, as it's amazing when they in time. :)

Other than that, this is great and I'd love to see it expanded upon in the future. :)


Thank you for the feedback :). We had a lot of fun making this game glad to hear you enjoyed it. Just out of curiosity how far did you make it in the game?


Four or five levels in, I think. I'm trying to get an impression of as many as possible. :)


Understandable :). If you do manage to find some more time the later levels are a lot more interesting and show off some cool 1 fps specific mechanics. Might be worth checking out if you enjoyed the first levels :)