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You are absolutely correct about the reloading mechanic ;)

we did a haunted hostel last jam, this one we are doing the casino from that hostel!! Thank you!

Thank you jorandp! I tried your game btw, it was very fun :D

Thank you for playing! That's a good idea indeed :)

Thank you very much for playing our game! Will try yours for sure ;)

Thank you very much Yuuni :D

Congrats on you 6th place on the leaderboard!

I got pwned :'(

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Les d20 c'est craqué :D J'ai adoré!

It's hard to be a croupier :| You better tip the man next time you play! (stop shouting at me, it's my first day sir :'( )

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Thanks Hernz, i'm going to test your game, it looks fun :D

Raaah i almost made it! Stop bumping me, damn turrets! (I defeated the monster anyway so that's good! But what monster was it? A little goblin or a powerful golem!?)

Very cool concept, simple yet effective! 

As a D&D player, i can agree : This is definitely how a dice work.

It starts fast haha! Had fun playing, i think my favourite weapon is the rocket launcher (the one that does the flame burst), it's OP. The blue wave is good too! I had a hard time seing the area where you can fall the first time, but you get used to it.  Thanks for the game!

If only i had a friend to play with :'(

I got killed by a cute dragon :'(

Nice jam result !

Hello there! Considering it's your second game jam and you are a solo dev, it's quite good! There is no much thing the player can interact with, but the game works, and that's all you need. Keep up jamming buddy ;)

Nice art, and the idea is interesting! You always want the healer to do a max roll, so no much strategy on that one, but it forces you to use some time to get a good roll so that's a good thing! It keeps the pressure up!

I enjoyed the experience :D Thanks for the game

I made it! Cute game :D

Oh yeah! Can you imagine doing the shotgun mime reload thing in VR?! Awesome!!

Thanks for playing!

We indeed thought about swapping the right hand dice, we ended not doing it because we lacked the time :( (the hand animation would have needed some rework etc...)

Thanks for playing! I tested your game btw :D

Oh no, the ghosts followed you on your way back from hell! Quick, grab some dices!!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! I see you're in the top 15 on the leaderboard, good job on slaying these ghosts!

Thanks! Congrats on your 14th position on the leaderboard :D

Thank you! We like to always polish our games before submitting it!

Thank you very much!

I think i'm addicted...

Damn, i ended up with 0 strength haha

Wtf did i just played haha, the audio xD

Managed to get to the yellow square level, but i guess i just have to gitgud to pass that :'(

I had fun, thanks!

I enjoyed it so much i played 4 games! 

I'm bad tho, i did not manage to get past 41 :'(

Cool game!

Thanks for your awesome feedback! Glad you enjoyed the experience :D

Thanks a lot for trying the game :D

Thanks for playing!

Yeah we have the chance to have some pretty talented animators and fx artist in the team!

Hello ! Thanks for playing and for the feedback ! 

We actually tried that but it was too frustrating when you had a hand full of useless dices, so we switched to the current behaviour :D

That roll/dash/reload idea is very cool, works very well !

Cool jam entry!

Banana ? Potato ?

Fun little game, nice jam entry! Simple yet effective idea!

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So sad it doesn't work :'( The screenshots looks awesome!

Scored 5! Gosh that's hard... I like the "level up" idea where you can increase your stats (view time, error allowed count etc...)

I enjoyed the experience :D Thanks to the comment of Ackrad i played a second session haha, it's very cool to score a multi kill!

Cool project!

Except moving the character around and picking up the dice, i was not able to do anything and nothing happened :( I tried mouse buttons, space, enter, faceroll my keyboard but it did not work. Am i missing something?

Nice run loop tho!

This is so cute!

Cool concept! Quite hard starting from level 3 if you don't get good rolls, i need to git gud...

I agree with the comment from scschulz2, an undo button during the planning phase would be a must, i clicked on the wrong button by accident twice and i knew before starting the execution phase that i was going to die :'(

Congrats on doing a cool game without using real game engine, it works very well and it's quite enjoyable to play! 

For a one man team, it's a reall feat of strength.