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Emergency land this 3D plane as you manage rotating in one direction
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Adherence to the Theme#5514.0724.072

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(1 edit) (+4)

38 meters... after quite some time. 


Your video is likely the highlight of the jam for us! Thank you :)


Really original idea! It was deafeningly loud for me when I started it up at first, but it's a super cool concept :D


Wow! It's very original to play a plane with only one engine and I liked that. With some tweaks and more juicy effects, it could be a really solid simulation experience.

Good job! :)


Very funny idea, and the music and sound effects are very appropriate. 

It was a bit weird that it didn't control how I'd expect a plane to control? There didn't seem to be any reason not to fly directly into the center of the purple column, and then reduce speed to 0 then vertically descend onto the runway, so that's what I did and it worked pretty well.

- Joe


i liked it, the music was perfect, the controls were not great, and the center indication was off by about 30 meters from my estimate :) but cool idea

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Hilarious game. Very great idea.

If more sophisticated controls are in place this will be a very nice game, 

but none the less a finished game, with all the stuff you need to enjoy it.

763 meters.

Dammit i am getting a better score before calling it a day

ok 193 meters i can sleep tight now


Great idea. But I crashed through the trees without a damage. Did you forget the hitboxes?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

It was the first game for the dev who made the near-runway terrain. She didn't know to make hitboxes (or that terrains are rough in WebGL), but we wanted to include it still because it made a nicer final approach than just the far ground terrain, and we wanted to include as much as possible from every dev who worked on it. Thankfully no-one contributed anything that weren't in the game designs, but with so many beginners, a lot of things (like colliders) weren't made for more than the plane, ground and runway.


Got 33 meters, everyone was safe. I believe.

Really cool idea!


I was off by over a thousand meters the first try haha It was fun !


I got 9 Meters, is that good? 

Like the idea, but the visuals have really suffered due to the lack of time


Oh man, that was great. Love the sound design especially. 197 meters third try.


Interesting take on the theme and if this isn't part of a flight simulation it totally needs to be! I think what would be make it feel more challenging is that when you throttle forward the plane also dives down and then you throttle back it tries to get some lift but it's merely impossible because you only have one engine :)  Call it "Ultra Challenge Mode" lol


414 meters.

No, 37 meters :)


This was fun! I'm horrid at it though... landed about 500 meters off the runway.
The thing I liked most is how logical it feels that you can only turn one way because of the smoke that's constantly blowing out of the engine. Crazy how well that works!

Our game ( also restricts the player to only one rotational direction- the other one. Disclaimer: I don't post our game everywhere, I'm genuinely curious what you think about it since we thought up of the same "only one"-theme :)


Nice one! Simple but effective.


Very cool!  I love the originality and use of theme.  I might be dating myself here, but it reminds me of Pilotwings for the SNES.


One of the best uses of the theme that I've seen. Cool and original way to control a plane.


Nice! Surprisingly hard to judge the curve: my best was 128 meters. It wasn't clear what the "landing" criteria was? A couple times I landed on the ground and was able to drive around for a full minute or so before it decided that I had landed. Also seeing the vertical beam on the map was confusing one time because of the angle it rendered at: I wonder if there's any way to exclude it from the map view?


I managed to get 33 meters away and I'm happy with that xD. I like the idea of a plane going down and you gotta save it. Maybe it was just the web version but the space with the runway was flickering a lot.


I suck lol but it was a good challenge.

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