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This is missing the link to the LudumDare submission page. :)

A link to the ludum dare submission and description on the objective would help enjoy the game more and give you a rating :D

Web version moves extremely slow and it is not playable :(

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That was fun. Simple concept. Now, to unlock the secret level ;)

Thank you for playing the game all the way to the end and for the positive review. We value your input and aim to fix the bugs, add more levels, and make the controls and puzzle solving mechanics more intuitive. 

The portal is meant for the player only but it appears the switch that activates the portal gets confused when both the crate and the player stand in it. Nice catch!

Great! Thanks for the comment. We look forward to adding more levels :D

Cool. I'll give it another go soon.

Thanks! :)

Thank you! We do plan to add more levels and work on it some more. :)

Sadly I was not able to understand what I had to do...

Sponge puppies! Pretty solid concept. 

The graphics are fun to look at and the concept easy to grasp.  I wish the jumping and shooting happened simultaneously as it makes it hard to shoot and aim your landing and/or jump and aim your shot. I also would have liked to continuously propelled myself while jump/shooting.   As in, it had the feeling like I should be able to do for some reason  :D

I pushed the button!

I like the retro look and feel of the game. First thing I tried was crash with the planet...all those poor poor people.