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Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the late response, we were working to build our LDJAM 41 entry. Award for getting all possible coins? That's an interesting take. Our goal was to say that coins aren't good and you want to avoid them so that would be an interesting award. :)Thanks for playing!

Thank you for your kind words and for playing the game! We are looking to improve our modeling/animation skills and hopefully expand on this idea further to make a more robust level. :D

Thanks for giving it a try :)

oh, I have to type first and not just hit enter when the two circles meet!? Lol. Now I feel silly. I'll have to give it another go. :)

Nice work on the artwork and the title screen.  May I suggest to make the jump more responsive by making the jump almost instant when the jump button is pressed? The delayed jump takes time to get used it and I seem to forget and missed the jump :P

I'm terrible at trusting my ears - lol. Neat concept

Very nice visuals and I really like how the platforms represent the notes and the mechanic of moving them to change the music is cool.  The music was a bit low and hard for me to hear so I failed the level. :P  Movement was a little hard because it felt like the character is moving on grid paper so it took some getting used to, I assume because it tries to match the places where the platform can snap to. Overall, neat idea and nice graphics.

Very catchy and fun to listen tune. I love the simplicity of it and the fact that failing a section does not send you back to the beginning. I did want to suggest that the some the "listen" parts where a little long and I wanted to start tapping to the beat but would lose the because there was no markers. lol. 
Also, it would be great if of the sustained notes such as with the brass segments we would have to hold down the button for as long as the note is sustained. :D That would add that extra funness to the game. Overall, well done :) 

Unlike a previous comment I was not able to find the instruction to play even on the itch.io page. I see them mention "enter" but no matter when and how I pressed enter and whether it was the numpad key or normal return key nothing seem to happened. I was really looking forward to typing to the beat and hack away :/ The music has a catchy easy to follow beat too :D

Very unforgiving an annoyingly makes you want to come back for more pain! It makes me angry that it forces me to come back for more! lol (I mean this in a good way) :P

I get the idea and find a fun one especially like a sneaky way to teach keyboard layouts. ;) I agree with some of the previous comments that maybe outlining for 2-3 frames where the next square will appear would make it more enjoyable and making the squares appear more in synced with the music would have nailed it for me and me dance with my fingers to the beat of the music. ;) :D However, seeing this was a 4hr project I say "nicely done"

Definitely a solid entry and fun puzzle mechanics making me wish I would've thought of it! lol I had to download the PC version because the browser version of Google does not detect the "hold down" to jump higher. The game is challenging but forgiving and generous in checkpoints which makes deaths/restart not too much of a hassle and allows me to experiment without feeling the pressured. I really liked it! Great job! :D 

As other have mentioned it was not clear that we had to click either on the rhythm line or the enemy to shoot them but once that was understood then it was easy to get going. I was hoping that the speed-up mechanic was controlled by how many enemies I took down making the difficulty level be controlled by how skilled I am. (Perhaps this is something that can happen later.) Sadly, the game broke after I died the first time, which appear to put me where I died, and then the music stopped and did not loop, and the speed up counter stopped at 5 and then took 30 seconds to get to 0.  :P lol Other than that, the music was fun to listen to and the simplicity of the game play makes it easy to get understand and play

This is relaxing to just sit back and chillax and tweaks the sounds here and there to add variety. It would make it even more enjoyable to me if perhaps you had the probe lights, or what not, that dance to the music.  :D

I missed it probably from playing on a 4k wide monitor and only looking at one side of the screen missing the ellipsis connecting the two. Since most of us are trained to read left to right, perhaps swapping their placement would help. It is there and very obvious once you mention it but some how it was easy for me to miss  :/

Okay, I'll try that and give it another go

I am unable to play :( I downloaded the windows version, the logos show, the title screen gives me the option to "begin" but not matter how much I click nothing happens. :( I can click "quit". I was looking to remain silent to see what happens. :P So my rating is based on what I saw on the youtube video. It looks like it would be a nice fun way to jam out or relax while listening to music. 

I enjoy the idea of turning the keyboard into an organ key (thingy) and the idea of playing while mixing drinks is unique and fun. It would've help me greatly if I could see a "cup" being filled at the center of the screen while I am pouring the drunk . Like a big glass at the center of the screen with colored lines that match the drink I am pouring so I can focus more on playing the organ without having to focus so much on numbers. Often times I just wanted to click away and ignore the mix itself :P lol :D

The graphics remind me of a Ludumdare39 entry I played so it was very familiar. Not sure if the "O" was supposed to be "Z" but that's what I kept pressing and it seem to be right. The added challenge of dodging the meteors is a nice touch and, after the initial "when and what am I pressing" is passed it is find to keep up with the beat. Nice work. 

At first I thought I was creating barriers for the particles to hit and create sound then I learned that when I move sound happened. The mouse sensitivity was high for me so it got hard to control. Not sure if I played it right but I was trying to trap the triangles inside the lines I was making. :P lol

The music is better than what I could make and it made me feel like I was looking at the constellation while navigating through space to see what other sounds I could find. Nice job! :)

That music is tight! I like the vibe and feeling to it. I gotta be honest, I had more fun just cycling through the four options to the beat of the song than actually answering questions which made for funny lyrics. lol 

Thank you! I appreciate the comment and you had me smiling with the horn comment. I admit AI is my weakness so I'll be putting more efforts into making them more fun to deal with. 

Thank you for playing and for the feedback.  We will be putting efforts in making the visual more fun to look at.

Great! Thank you for playing. That was the main "gimmick" and we were wondering if it was not going to be immediately obvious. Glad you liked it. :)

Thank you! We where wondering if people would get confused at the sound the sword makes since it can sound like it is part of the bg music. Thanks for playing. :)

Thank you for playing and the feedback. We decided to keep the project at the "concept" and mainly focus on showing the original music/sounds and how we would use it in a game. Because our artist became unavailable we ended up using graphics from a previous game and from sites like spriters-resource.com hence the graphics being straight from Link's Awakening.  :D

We do aim do replace all stock images with our own once our designer/artist is available and make the dungeon be filled with original designs and mechanics to make the game unique. Hope you are willing to try again once the project gets to that point.

thanks and sorry about that. I noticed after publishing the game. Will need to research how to accommodate for multiple res

Thanks for playing. We do aim to add more content and make the exploration more full.  :)

Totally not intentional. What I need to do is make sure the enemies don't move until after the room is loaded. Right now they are always moving. Sorry about that and thanks for playing :D

Ooooh! it was more of a visual beat. Gotcha. I was looking for a sound queue. I'll give it another go

There wasn't really a "beat" to follow as the synth playing in the background where not in sync with the items on the screen unless I completely missed the beat but I consider myself to be good at following a beat. The idea is cool and I would like to try it again once the songs and visuals are more in sync

Oh, that game was so funny. I would never be that guy in class but made what a fun idea.

Graphics are fun and the running animation is great. Took me a little to understand the goal and thought the game had a bug where the music did not play once you start the level. lol Would be nice to be able to release a note at will so that if I grabbed an unintended one it can be released, mainly because I feel like there were extra notes or I chose them in the wrong order. :P

It's like Dance Dance Revolution in pixel form! :D 

The visuals dancing to the music is a nice effect and the music is fun to listen to as well. Simple yet enjoyable. I died shortly after the enemies start to orbit around you (which, by the way, is a nice touch) so I am not sure if this already happens, but may I suggest to see the player shrink/grow making them an easier target to hit or having the barriers break after a while and need time to repair like tapping a key to the beat?

Pretty neat idea. I wish I had a better sense of music to get a cool beat going. I like how you don't kill but rather attract them to the stage. Well done.

I like that. I'll share that with the team and see if that something with can proceed with.
Thanks for checking it out. 

This is missing the link to the LudumDare submission page. :)