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High Score: 44! Beat that!

Thanks. Movement suffered the "playing it for too long" syndrome where we did not notice it until post-end of submission - lol Thanks for playing

Thank you and thanks for playing :)

Ah, good to know. We'll keep that in mind the future. Thanks for playing

thanks! That's what we were aiming for. Sorry about the controls...I forgot to use the right unity function for movement until after submission was done. Lol. Thanks for playing  :)

Those controls are out of control! I find it really funny how you can just flip the ship around. I kept thinking that the stabilizer was me shooting and I was expecting to hit enemies. I only lasted 64 seconds but nicely done. 

Interesting take on the theme and the animations are fun to watch

I struggled a bit with the controls on this one especially because ARROWS are allowed but not mentioned and trying to press "X" while also controlling with A/D, Jumping with W, and selecting with S is strange and feels unnatural. Perhaps a remapping of the controls would help make it smoother to play or at least giving us the ability to chose the control schemes.

However, I do like the idea of hindering your abilities every so often though it hard to tell which one got hindered and went. 

Really cool concept and a nice touch having a tutorial at the beginning to help you get up to speed. Although I missed the part that you could skip the tutorial until I think I was able to hit space bar to skip it (which i wanted to because I understood the mechanic soon as I saw it :D). 

There's plenty of trial an error which can get annoying when you cannot see ahead and plan out your route . Still, pretty neat idea :D

I really like how the weapon's background are the same color as the enemies they defeat which helps to remember which weapons defeats which enemy and I like how it changes after each use matching the theme well.  Things to continue to work on as you are able to: attack animations for that feed back and to allow the players to dodge, and allow the player to face the enemy when the enemy is right next to them rather than having to move away and then turn around. :D

Pretty cool. You've nailed the feeling of flying in space, not that I have ever done that in real life, but I really enjoyed how it felt and whenever the gyro went on the fritz you could really feel the BOOM! and the impact. Nicely done! :D 

thanks! Didn't even think about it in that way but it makes sense. :) thanks for playing 

Yes, it was intentional as we wanted to give the flag more character and make it look like it was looking where the box are to help understand the hint better. ;)

Sorry about the movement. Thanks for playing!

=D Thanks!

Such a relaxing and enjoyable game. I especially love the little flailing of the arms animations. It is so cute and fun to look at. Took me a but to realize you can still control the objects after launching your character. Meaning I thought you had to line up your shot and let go hoping for the best but it is great you can still control things even afterwards. Nicely done.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the design and yet it fits into the theme. The gravity transitions are so smooth too and the game feels responsive. For some reason, I kept thinking that the buttons were also going to change to match my new orientation. 

Meaning that when i was on moving along the walls, I could use Up/Down to move rather than Left/Right. Maybe that would be something that can be added later. Great job!

Movement needs some tweaking for sure. Thanks for playing  and for the feedback 

lol! Nice! I love the subtle humor and funny interpretation of the game. You kept me going "No, no, no no no. Stay in there air. No don't!" For a few moments, I was juggling three at the same time consistently which made me feel like I was a star. :D 

I don't know if this was your intent but two things happened while playing this game: "Woah!" and "Hahha".  The "haha" is the one I don't know if it was intentional.  :)

FIrst, during the story, the first kill took me by surprised and made me exclaim "Woah!" Then, again after the second kill and growing stronger. Finally, after losing control. lol

Really cool tentacles effect and movement with them felt really good and the overall presentation gave that vibe of losing control and becoming a monster. 

Hi everyone!
Hope you find this silly little game funny. 
The sound effects were all made during the Jam but the music is a premade royalty free song.

Comment bellow how many different behaviors you noticed.
Can you identify them all?

Thanks for playing :)


Thank you. Thanks for playing.

Nicely done :)

Thanks for replaying mungodude. Our goal is to work more levels into the game and we are actively reviewing how we might accomplish this. 

Thank you for playing it multiple times and for making a gameplay video! We are working on improving the game so we'll be sure to use your video as feedback

Sorry you had to use that method. Normally, we have an exit from the level to the main menu and another exit from the menu out of the game. Considering we had 48hrs to make the game we might have missed it since we focused on the browser version more.

I'll make sure to ensure this if this is the case on the next update. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. 

Thanks for playing and streaming our game! We are working on adding more levels but tis the season ;)

Thanks! Working on it :)

Interesting comparison and I can see now how using two robots to solve puzzles while having to use physics to control them can draw similarities. :D Thanks for playing :D

That's an interesting mechanic that we had not considered. We can experiment with some sort of checkpoint or redo mechanic and see how that fits the rest of the game. Perhaps this won't be much of an issue once we add a "preview path" mechanic which will help have a better understanding of where the shot's trajectory.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback. :)

Hi Mika. Thank you for playing and for your feedback. Your observations are of great value as we continue to improve on the game and work towards releasing an improved more polished version in the future. Hope you will come back then and give it another try. Thank you again :)

thanks :)

Oh, you :)

Thanks. Most appreciated  :)

This is pretty cool and I like that the "jump once" take on the theme extends to more than just pressing the button to jump but also the dash too. The explosion to confirm that you can't do it again is a beautiful touch. With a bit more tighter controls this is a killer entry. Nicely done! :D

I've seen a few takes on this genere in this way but this interpretation adheres to the theme much better than those I've seen before and in a very intuitive way. I like that it's not just move from tower to tower but also use the mouse to aim which makes it truly feel like you are controlling ONLY ONE at a time

Thank you, much appreciated :)

Thanks and thank you for playing. I always make the effort to play the games for those who leave us a comment. It will be before the voting time ends. Just can't at the moment :)