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Interesting game. I like the simplicity of it yet requires careful strategic usages of your resource because it is so easy to lose them. Took a bit to realize that some carrots can actually eat the bugs and that I was throwing them in the pit rather than selling them. :P lol

Nicely done. 
If this is a project you want to continue working on, may I recommend adding stages where you introduce the different types of carrots, things that can be bought, and levels that teach you each mechanics by putting them as goal.

Something like:
Level 1:
- Goal: make $5 dollars
- No pit, no other items to buy
- Only a few seeds and you have to keep your carrots alive until they reach their potential and you can sell them to make the right amount of money etc.

Thank you :)

:) Thank you! and thanks for playing :D

I sort of, kind of, understood the objective but there's something missing to help me really understand what is happening. lol The first 3 levels I just click click randomly not knowing the game had started thinking I was in some sort of transition state (:P) and won. I realize then I was playing the game and saw the "2 out 3" numbers on the top right and things started to click for me.

I guess what I was missing is what the numbers meant so that I could plan ahead better. I think I eventually got it, which if I'm not mistaken, the numbers on the top-right represent the total connections made/required and to trigger the ending sequence I'm required to use all the magnets listed on the top-left corner.  That makes for great puzzle game that is up to me the player to solve rather than having only way to beat it.

What wasn't too clear is what made a connection because two positives where connecting for me so I just learned to drop them off some where far beyond each other to avoid touching. Hope all of this make sense. I think it is a nice puzzler that with some music, sound effects, and visual effect would create an even better experience (this me saying please keep working on it to polish it and bring outs it full potential) and maybe add something that helps explain how those numbers on the top-right increase. :D 

Good Job!

This was a a really though one. 

The speed of the game doesn't give me enough time to get my bearings and get used to the controls and I end up dying before I even understand what happened :(  I first tried as 1 player but my brain is not fast enough to process the switching in time so I changed to 2 players which I didn't fair much better as the characters didn't move the way I thought they would. lol

I think the ideas is really good and fun and works very well with the theme but perhaps start the game at a much much slower speed with much less hazards and as you go through "sections", like milestones, then you increase the speed a little more each time and increase the total hazards on the road since this game has the "arcade" feel to it where you play until it is impossible to beat.

Really cool idea, lovely aesthetics, nice music and over all a really well done game.

Interesting take on a classic game. I keep wanting to collect coins by making sue the shapes touched them as they fall down only to end up placing the shape on the coin. :P Maybe that's an angle that could be approached.

I can see how the theme was implemented with coins being a way to lose the game but I wasn't sure when and how I bought a bomb. I know that you press "E" or Middle Mouse Button to purchase them but I must have done it by mistake because they appear and it felt like it was more like a reward rather than done by me. :)

This fits well to be a mobile title. Nice work.

Lol! Thank you for your honesty and for playing! :D

Thank you!
hat is our goal. :)
We were worried that the perspective would make it hard to tell when collision might happen.
We'll review to help make that more clear.

Thanks for playing :D

Wow! Thank you for the detailed review like comment. There are actually 20 levels and sorry it was not clear that you can reset your connections. I've updated the info page to make this more apparent.  Thank you for playing.! :)

Thank you for playing and the nice comment. Those are on our to do list :)

Thanks for playing ! You can click on the player to reset all links or you can click on a previous link, not the last one, to reset your connections to that last target. Sorry this was not made clear (I know some sort of quick image to show this is possible helps and we didn't think of adding it until now).  Our goal is to update the current mobile port to optimize it and we did have all the assets to add starts and so forth but did not get a chance to. Expect that to come in a post jam version. :D

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Lol. Those sound effects got me, in a great way! I always find it fun when someone uses their voice for effects. I applaud you for your ambitious to create something procedural generated and, like you said, the learning's are often far greater than having some thing flashy and "safe" but not fun or daring. (Been there myself a few times). 

I hope you continue to work on this project and polish it some more armed with the knowledge you acquired while making it. Good job.

Wow, impressive! I've always been fascinate about the minds of those who have the ability to come up with a table top game. I find this to be a bigger challenge than designing a video game. 

I'll have to bring this up next time I get together with my friends to try to give it a go. I'll at least ready the rulebook. 

Might be helpful if you can upload a video of people playing this game. That usually tends to help others get excited to play it :D

Thank you for playing and the comment. There is an android version available but it has not been optimized for mobile and is rather the PC version put on an android device. :) Of course I'll play yours

Thank you for playing . Happy you enjoyed it :)

Hi Ayush, you are the second person to encounter this. It seems to be a random bug where the flag to enable character movement isn't turning ON. 

What seems to work when this happens is to restart the level with a single key. Strange bug that we need to address in a more complete post jam version.

Sorry for the bad experience. Hope that you will give it another try. Thanks for letting me know.

These look great! Thank you for providing these. Gonna be using them for LudumDare 43 ;)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback. I see your argument and your are right in that we were not really pursuing the "not jumping" angle. One of the interpretations given when the theme was revealed is "a shooter where you cannot stop shooting" so we took that approach to the platforming genre and decided "what if everything jumps with you" so that now, obstacles that would otherwise be easy to jump over now you had to find another way to avoid them since they too jump with you. Sorry that this wasn't made clear but thanks again for playing :D

I really liked the idea as it felt like a tower defense meets a shooter puzzler like experience I just found it really easy to die and not fast enough to repair the parts that were damaged. Also, not being able to protect all sides of the main platform that needs to be protected is something I recommended reviewing because a few times I was shot down almost instantly without having enough time to barricade myself. 

Having said that, I really liked this entry and it has great potential that with a little refinement and balancing could make a really fun game maybe even a great mobile experience. Great job!

Thanks you for playing and for the feedback. I agree, there' still work that needs to be done to allow the platforming to be more responsive and smooth. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback. I really hate that nasty bug and I'm so sorry you encountered it. We definitely have room for improvement and will take your suggestions into consideration should we expand this idea. :)

Very intense twin-stick shooter! I love the camera work how it pulls back depending on the action and the movement is very fluid and responsive. Very nicely done. Take some getting use to, not at the idea as that is simple to understand and I like it, but actually executing the gameplay itself. :D I like it :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! :D

Wow! It was such as challenge to steer mainly because it works differently from what I expected. I thought that by hitting the top corner the car would rotate downwards by in reality it simply rotates in the same direction I hit it. Maybe have an "inverted mode" for people like me who thought that's how physics in the game would work? :)

Still, pretty neat concept and quick to pickup. Steering gets harder the further a way you move the starting point but perhaps that's part of the game ;) Good job

Thanks for comment and for playing. We did set the Desktop version to restrict the mouse on the game window unfortunately it does not work on the HTML version (is part of Unity's documentation) but that is great recommendation. Yup, once again we decided to go for new things like physics and so forth which meant a lot of learning so we get the funny yet fitting stuck animation bug which I've grown to like :P Thanks for you input

I wish it was called "Wall Painter" though I understand why the game is called what is called :P This is game plays so fast, no joke, at least your movement is. Interesting idea for sure and the execution is nicely done.  I wonder how this game would feel with a game pad... ;)

It's like a tic-tac-toe brawler where I see plenty of people just button smashing in hopes of winning! lol Sometimes, especially in local party games, those are the best games. :D Fun idea

That is what I meant. I know the time burden of jams having participated in plenty myself and yes, well done in having submitted something :)

Clever idea to take a classic and retrofitted to match the theme monster! You took away the one thing that makes pacman fun! lol I was disappointed that I could not eat the ghost but found it hilarious when it happened to me as I ate a power pellet soon as a ghost was coming and saw I was dead. Made me go all like "Wait, wha! oh, I see, that's been remove too.... :( " Just wish you would've added something extra or made it different enough so that it does not feel like I'm playing more or less a broken version of pacman :D

Sorry, I did not understand the goal of the game and how the mechanics work as it is not really explained anywhere and I tried clicking buttons but there was not enough feedback for me to now if I was doing anything right or wrong. :/

We kept contemplating what makes a "stealth" game be a stealth game and we settled on the idea that was more of a feeling that you of not being caught rather than simply sneaking around so to see a game that removes that core feature that makes a stealth game that was an interesting concept. I found the "here's the proof" to be funny and a nice touch. 

Perhaps if the game offered a bigger mood of being in a stealth game such as: darker room, enemies carrying some sort of light source to have that "oh, no! someone is coming" feeling, and updating the sound to feel more sneaky like would greatly improve this game. I like the idea of removing the stress of being caught so long as it still feels like I need to stay hidden and I can because the surroundings allow me. ;) Keep it up!

Interesting concept which by only reading the description I was concerned it would be no different than an endless runner but I see how you turned it around and made it something more unique. Good attempt! :D

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I like the fast pase simple controls/objectives of it but I wish I wasn't thrown in so quickly and would've had at a little a "ready, set, go!" :) Too bad there was no time for sounds or music because it would've made the game even more fun. Nicely done :)

Even with explosions the Windmill is still so dreaded! I wish there was a stroke counter or something visible while I played otherwise I am more temped to do small explosions and slowly move to the goal. Then again, the big explosions is where it is at except after level 1 all the explosion sizes start to feel like the generate the same force but it was still enjoyable. 

umm....what! lol I sort of kind of get it but never really got the hand of it an never felt in control :P

It wasn't so much "cooking without utensil" and more of a physics based cooking which is brings about funny and interesting scenarios as one tries to move and manipulate items. :D

I like the hand drawn looking artwork and the sound effects are funny and enjoyable especially when you let yourself get too gassy and pop! goes the weasel. I wish, though, that he would travel a lot more since I have to spend so much time waiting for a refill and if I want to travel far I have to let it fill to the point of popping which happened to me a few times because the UI was a little outside the screen so I could not see the meter correctly. I think the game would benefit greatly if perhaps the gravity was a little more fluid and this played more like if I was in space and the gas functions more as a way to increase speed rather than distance. :)

Mechanics are hard to control but I see what you were going for. Nice effor

I see what you were going for and I like the puzzle behind it and how you have to position yourself in harms way to then use the enemy's attack against them and for a brief moment it looks like a shooter but it is easy to forget it is a shooter. Still, pretty cool prototype. Nicely done

Though game but a welcomed challenge and I love the little warning given as to not make it unfair yet it is still difficult but in a good way. Do agree the hitboxes are a little large and die here and there not really feeling like I was ever touched. ;P