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This looks really cute...I might prototype something with it. At least wanted to say "great job!." This looks great! :D 

We've remastered this bug and, hopefully, addressed all of them issues :D Levels have been remastered too ;)

Is the only picture of a score I see so for now, it is :D We are working on adding a leaderboard here soon in the next two days or so if all goes well. Thanks for playing :D 

But that name and thumbnail beats ours! Lol :)

Neat and the effects on the screen to make it look like an old monitor is pretty cool. Movement is fluid and being able to choose which asteroid to change to is a nice touch rather than it being random.

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ooh, using cards to place the creatures is a nice touch. 

How we all wish sometimes we could just do that...without burning the food. :D 

I see what you did there :D

by game page I mean the page where people click to play your game. It would help to have a how to play writte  there. :)

I struggled a bit to understand the concept but I think the presentation is nice. Just need a different tutorial that also shows the buttons in game and reminds me of the goal. Points for going ambitious with the cleverness. I recommend sticking to one main mechanic, in your case maybe player can be enemy, and then toggle it on/off and just polish that rather than trying multiple ideas first.

Neat idea but it does need better controls. Maybe come keyboard interaction to change between trains and available goons. it is also jarring when I am in the middle of moving a goon into a cart but then the goons shuffled and takes it away from my cursor. I like the idea and the easy to understand mechanic. With a little more polish it would be even more enjoyable. Good job

When the game started it has more of a "Mappy" vibe with the visuals of Pacman which I thought was cute and clever. I like how you solved the "how to control multiple enemies" by switching between then. Nicely done

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Sweet! Someone did it :D I want to do a game like this "clean up after the match" type of deal but didn't have the time so it is nice to see someone else did it. The only thing I was confused with is that I feel like the "shots" should be coming from the white thing on the left side but they come out of the wall? Anyways, interesting idea :D Also, I realize too late that I an move my dude...I thought it was a turret for the longest time - lol

Interesting take on the them having to both sacrifice yourself to win but not until you have completed the goal for the level first. lol I like the atmosphere and the feel :D 

Ha! Won in 3. That hero didn't not stand a chance against my army of creatures. As always, your artwork is superb and I enjoy your assets. It inspires me to want to do games with it but I already have a big project I need to finish first :P Nicely done! :D 

Is time someone put a stop to the evil reign of the clickers. No more shall the cookie crumble to the terror of the pointer! Long live the cookie! :D 

Thank you :)

Is the only way to handle the Frogger infestation 😉 

Another way to reinforce it is each time red scores make it clear it is bad with ui and sound. Likewise, celebrate blue scoring. I thought that was the case but the feedback didn't reinforce it :)

Thank you for giving it a try! 😀

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I had trouble controlling the magnets but overall I like the interpretation of the theme. It takes me back to our first GMTK Game Jam entry "Magnetic" lol :D 

I wish I had a bit more control...maybe hold space to speed up or release it to slow down. Also, I'm not sure which one I am supposed to let win or lose :D I seems I have to control the ball for both sides which indicates to me neither a win nor a lose condition. Maybe, if I'm helping blue and red also fetches after ball (which I thought was the premise but didn't really see it happening)

Ha! They should have a union! :D

I like the presentation, sounds, music, and the helpful text. Not sure I captured the essence of the theme though. Maybe because it takes a while for the enemies to show up at first and then to level up enough to see the stats change...Overall, fun presentation

I see what you did there :P 

I understand the concept but in practice I don't see how those tiles get used. Maybe if we saw which tile the player needed and we had to rush to go get it, as well as the next 2 or 3 tiles, then is more of a race to get the right tiles before time runs out?

I understood the premise and it is a cool concept but the player feedback didn't make it very clear to me if which enemy I was commanding and whether or not it accepted my request to attack or retreat leaving me to wonder whether I was doing it right or not. Maybe have a mode where I can command all monsters at once instead of clicking one at a time for an "easy" mode to allow players t ease in. 

This one was though for me to understand how to play especially what actions I am supposed to take in order to stop the thieves. I would recommend adding some button prompts to remind players what to press to stop the thief when they are near the thief, if at all possible. 

Wow! Who knew that managing an RPG was so tough. This is why we always say to avoid them for a jam! :D Nice concept :)

I enjoy the fast paced brain teaser and how easy it is to reset when you get stuck. Simple yet makes you think :)

I like the presentation and the overall idea but found it hard to understand how to properly play it even with the instructions. Maybe my brain is not smart enough to properly understand it. This was an idea we had considered, so it is nice to see someone else executed it so I can see how it can be done :D

First off, congrats on getting something and not giving up. Second, I like the idea of manipulating the enemies to get the hero to win the level. Very on point for the theme. My recommendation is to update your game page to add a "how to play" for people to understand the rules better since it took me a while to play it. Overall, nicely done

Very creative and both relaxing and frustrating as I often found myself on a good rhythm only to forget which direction I move the blocks and fall down. It takes time, of course, since it is not the norm. I tend to lean more on the player's side so for me, some UI to remind myself which direction I would be moving the blocks would help :D But very clever!

We are turning it into a full fledge game. Check it out:  :D

We are working on a full fledge version of this game. 
Here's the info:

This idea is being converted into a Steam Release. Check it out! :D

Thank you :)

Thanks :D

Thanks! We are 30 games in and this is now our 7th GMTK Jam. We ain't slowing down anytime soon 😉 We are actually converting last year's GMTK game into a steam release. Check it out :)

Thanks for playing. 😊 

Minds of greatness have similar thoughts. Thanks for playing! 😀