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Thanks for playing! :D

I see you followed the stratergy guide for that one ;) That's fair, the mechanic needs to be explained better :) Thank you for playing. Glad you had fun!

Thank you.  <spoiler alert> we are continuing to work on this idea. 😀

Thanks and thank you for playing! :D


Thanks! Oh and you were so close to the end as well. Yes, that bit can be quite challenging. A key thing to remember is that recalling makes the shield behave differently than when throwing it. Sorry this wasn't super clear.  Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks and thank you for playing! :D

Thanks for playing!. Really appreciate it  :)

Super cool playthrough! You made me laugh and it was super fun to watch you play. Thanks for playing.

Because we are so used to using our phones that we forget how to use fire ;) Thanks for playing :D 

Awe chucks, you making me blush. Thank you for playing! :D 

Thanks! Thank you for playing :D

For only $0.99 I will add one more checkpoint ;) Then it is only $0.50 for every checkpoint after that. :D lol

Oh, you were so close to the end! :D The easiest way for me to do this is to turn off the middle one first. Hope that helps :D 

There's 3 spots that I can think about fit said description. Would you show me which section is the troublesome one? 

thanks and thank you for playing  😀

Maybe only because it recently came out and I've been watching a lot of it but it feels like a FNAF game specifically an arcade style minigame. Nice :D

I feel bad for the dog. He just wants some food. I wish both the run and walk was faster especially on some of the longer paths and the dog(s) were no where near me. Also, be nice to know where the dinning table is at with some sort of arrow or minimap. :D 

That's interesting, its speed is based on how fast I am moving? Makes for a fun game of reverses chicken I guess :D Was the main character drawn by you? Pretty cool.

Awe man, I was hoping I could get the black thing to smash into the giant gray things to slow it down enough for me to regain some distance between. Not sure how slow the speed increase is per blue orb but I didn't feel it

(1 edit)

Don't feel quite comfortable with what I am doing or why is this kids carrying so much but...unique take on the theme so credit were credit is due. :) be nice if the collision detection was a bit more forgiving and if wasn't game over when you get caught with nothing on you to give the player that you a chance to maybe scout? 

No I wont! Oh wait, you mean them! lol Funny sound effect and neat idea. I kept zigzagging in short burst thinking  I would deal loads of damage to the boss or enemy with health bar but it seems the hit radius wasn't registering it. I did try going wider and that seem to work but some left over homers still go me though they have past me...don't know how to handle those :P

Very unique and funny. Didn't know you could go over the lanes so when I discovered that I went to town. Which I could hit the paramedic pins too :)

Very cool. I kept wanting to changing at will not just only when I was on the ground - not sure if that would break the game or add more puzzles. Also, might be cool if I could turn on/off a "cutout" or something that would let me see where the mirror self would be at if I switched. I hesitated many times thinking I was going to fall :D

Thank you for taking the time to play! :D 

Thanks! Thank you for playing :D

I ish winner! You can't hide from me you creepy stalker. :P 

A bit challenging for me to play as I kept mistiming the jump and falling when I felt that I should've been able to jump. Maybe consider adding a few more frames to allow the player to jump after they've leaped off the platform as the perspective doesn't make it look like I leaped off.  :)

Untitled Duck Game! Nice! Very soothing but also deceptive...I was like "My ducklings!" the first time i heard a chomp. Wasn't expecting it :P 

Thank you. I appreciate it. Thanks for playing :D 

This is beautiful! We modified them to be dark and spooky and it worked so good for our game! Thanks for making this :D 

This enemy actually gave me the creeps while developing our game. Nicely done!

Our game wouldn't feel as suspenseful if it wasn't for this enemy! Thanks for making it! :D 

We used Caleb in this game. Thanks for making it!

It was the first thing I did :D Thanks for playing!

Gracias por correr el juego y ponerlo en YouTube. Veo que el concepto de tirar y llamar el escudo tan pronto de que desactive el switch se hizo un poco difícil de explicar. Lo tomaremos en cuenta.

Gracias por jugar! :)

To me it looks like a centaur with a giant head instead of a torso. Nothing wrong with that 😉

The interesting thing is that it only happened when I was holding the box. If I pushed it then the wall stopped me but soon as I picked it up then it's like the collides disappeared  :) Still, I like the main avatar's expression, the clever pun in the name, and the constant feeling of being watched  :)

It always amuses me when I have to control two entities making the most simplest of challenges like collecting that sweet sweet apple and them bananas so challenging and trippy. :D 

Spoopy! The sounds for the crystals made me think of Sabrina the teenage witch for some odd reason. lol It felts so claustrophobic for me. Sends chills down me spine :D