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On the next update we might allow that enhancement to facility this need. lol :D Thanks for playing

Very cute and easy to grasp idea. I do wish the jump was a little more responsive and there were times where if the two hearts are too close to each other it was difficult to jump. At others the jump height changed randomly without a clear tell as to why.

Summary: the jumping needs tweaking as it does not feel good all the time. 

Also, seeing that they are tide to a rope, I was expecting to be able to have the heart at the bottom just being held by the heart on the top while going over gaps. I get that the power up enables this but it just felt like something that should come as a given rather than a power up. I understand "it is a magical rope" and "game mechanics" I completely understand...but the presentation made it feel like I should be able to but I was not. Hope that makes sense :D

Thanks for playing. Of course. I do my best to play the games of everyone who leave a comment :D

Lol! I kept trying mixing multiple combinations until I got them right and then trying to mentally memorize them until I finally realize there's a "recipe" bool :D Oh well, learn by playing I suppose :D

Thank you and thanks for playing :)

Very cool and fun but a little frustrating. Not unwinnable but I wish it was a little easier at the start and then it got tougher but again not unwinnable. Plus the game is fast that it is easy to get back to where you were so maybe I just need to gid gud. I thought some of the puzzle elements were so clever it made me feel dumb when I actually figured it out...which happens a lot to and it is a fun spin on the "clone" idea. Nicely done!

Wow! Thanks! Sorry that the last level doesn't work. Thank you for playing :D

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Oh yeah, I see the similarities but yours is also distinct enough to make it unique :) Obviously I like the idea of creating these electrical connections and the idea of "welding" unto other blocks makes is challenging as you have to think in advance or else is back to square one.

I want to share some tips I've learned making puzzle games:

  • When possible, create levels that do not lead to a "locked state" where the player needs to restart thus reducing the frustrations of having to restart the level and feeling the dread of having to remember all the steps to get to where they failed (usually only to repeat it and have to restart it lol)
  • Make the controls smooth and precise. There's this weird bounciness to the movement that makes is distracting and I even managed to get stuck because I thought I could move only the game was not ready for me to move (see the image bellow) Seeing that you are also using Unity and this is more or less grid based, I recommend using the "Vector3.MoveTowards()" method inside of a Coroutine for each grid movement preventing the player from moving until the block has fully moved.  This also allows you to coordinate with other game elements such as switches to interact exactly when you need them to. To prevent the player feeling like they are "waiting" for things to happen after they move I would recommend shortening the animation times on things like buttons and the pusher things to make them feel snappy and responsive. 
  • You started very well with a short and simple level to get a feel for how to play the game but then level two felt more like it should've been level 5 in terms of the scale and how many things you needed to do to win. I recommend making more in-between levels that slowly increases the size of the level and the complexity to not make it feel so jarring and overwhelming to some players. 

Hope that helps and I mean this in a good way to help the game be even more fun post jam. :)

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I see what you mean and it makes sense. I already did :) I typically reply to the comment on our entry and then soon after play the game of the one who commented :)

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This is so sweet and fun to play. It can appear "easy" at times but then that nasty crab comes and steals your "easy" away....clever girl. I kept thinking "Crab Battle"  I love the simple mechanic and how you implemented it in such away that it felt fresh each new level. Well done! p.s. please please add some sounds/audio (unless there is then for some reason it did not play on my end) It would make it even more fun :D

Are you referring to the robot you are supposed to power on versus the robots you simply connect to? In either case, it is duly noted and one of the post-jam changes we would like to do. Thank you and thanks for playing

well then you must be right! Lol thanks for playing  :)

Man, I don't like it when that happens especially when the owner thinks I am a virus and tries to erase me like in the classic 3D animated show "Reboot". ;P 

Thank you for noticing that detail and thank you for playing! :D

Pretty neat idea, be it a bit dark because of the objective, but so well executed.

Sweet. thanks! and thanks for playing

Very cool idea and the presentation is so well executed and fun. There's a good feel to it and it is satisfying when you land the shot you want. I do, however, feel that it is a bit sensitive and touching and I ended up hitting the ball sometimes twice in a row without intending to. Overall, pretty sweet.

Thank you and thanks for playing :)

relaxing and soothing. Not sure what the objective but it's nice to float about becoming a bigger landmass

Noted, will take that into consideration. Thanks for playing :)

It started making me wonder "where is the challenge?" since you get so much help from the enemies that join you and then eventually it got chaotic :P

Thank you, glad you had fun on. Thanks for playing

Sweet visuals and smooth animation / fluid movements.

Thank you and thanks for playing

Umm...I'm not sure what just happened. lol Things were just connecting to me and turrets were shooting and things were happening around me and then I found a button and then I saw a win screen. :D

Thanks and thank you for playing :D

Ooh, a stealth game for the theme. Yay.  The game is a little sensitive making it a bit challenging but I got the concept. :)


I think the idea is sound but I found it missing a bit of challenge (the enemies were easy to kill). 

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the nice comment.

The music is an interesting choice making it sound like a dream sequence which sort of clashes with all of the artwork chosen lol. I like this concept but I wonder what would it be like if rather than making it so that one floats in the air or is stopped by an invisible wall if the two have independent physics...Sure that completely changes the game but I'm just wondering what that game might look like. 

Nice! :) Thanks for playing :D

I like the idea and simple premise but I wish that at the start of the game you are given a base from where to start from. Meaning like there's already a friend in the group and you are building upon that group. Better yet, let me build my own profile where I get some simple "likes, dislikes" options and then let me choose the friends from there. Doing so I think would make the game even more fun. interesting, and engaging plus if you could "kick" a friend out of a group that would be good too but like the damage is already done so the person leaves but your happiness percentage remains the same until you replace that friend with one that is more in-tune with the group. Just some top-of-my head ideas. Nice work :D

Thank you and thanks for playing :) Those buttons are there for anyone that might need them. I personally find it frustrating in a game jam when I'm playing a good puzzler and get stuck in a single level and miss out on the rest of the game.

Very fun concept and really makes you think about how to solve some of these obstacles since their movements are joined together. Meaning you have to approach them almost throwing away what you've learned about platformers in general and see physics in a new way. :D

Wow! I didn't event know it was possible to play for that long :) Thanks for playing :)

Missed opportunity to call this "Agent 79" (what you get when you add the numeric values of Iron, Cobalt , and Nickle from the periodic table which are magnetic). lol ;) I tried to cheese it at the end by shooting the blue magnetic in the opening and then moving to where the enemies are to kill them and it was working....

Until the magnetic disappeared and then I was defenseless and lost :( 

thanks for playing :)

Not sure what I was doing wrong but not matter which way I went down and where I positioned the two circles I kept dying some how and never on the same spot and sometimes it respawned like 3 times in  a row. Also,  it looks like everything is zoomed in making it hard to see. Now, I know this is your first jam and it didn't go as well as you thought so let me say "Congrats on submitting something as often people give up and don't do that" Submitting is always step number to getting better. Another advise I remind myself every jam I participate is "Pick a game mechanic and polish it. Keep it small and within your abilities leaving room for mistakes to happen and last minute fixes" That tends to keep my projects manageable enough where I might not be able to implement everything but the core mechanic is there.

Thanks :)