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Set up a chain reaction with that ONLY ONE Arrow
Submitted by vicksonzero (@vicksonzero) — 7 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#314.6774.677

Ranked from 31 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Simple but fairly entertaining. Need to remember not to stand near the edge of the screen... 


Thanks for sharing your playthrough and featuring my game. 

I see lots of opportunities to improve it

Developer (1 edit)

Let's collect all the similar games here, so players who want more know where to go:


Very cool entry!  I like how the arrow can be charged for more velocity and has the hit amount with it as well.  Very cool design! 5 stars~  Also the bouncing makes it interesting as well.  After the jam you can make bigger levels/hallways that use the bouncing mechanic more.  Great job!  Please check out my one arrow entry too! it is a platformer with 1 arrow~ good day!


Pretty cool, the arrow bouncing is nice and the zombie with the torch and wall zombies bring cool ideas. Also the sound and screen movements when you hit zombies are really satisfying when you hit a few of em at once. At first I thought the fire was an obstacle I couldn't walk on, and then I realized it was speeding the arrow up, which is a pretty cool mechanic. I see how you could get some big combos with that.

I think it might be a bit too easy, or at least doesn't continue to increase in difficulty at some point? I was able to go 6 minutes on my run before I let a wall zombie blow up and I felt like the difficulty wasn't increasing anymore.


Thanks for rating and such a detailed reply.

um… i am at the cross road with so many dilemmas right now.

if you go ahead and play the post-jam version i actually further reduced the difficulty. (wont post a link here until jam really finishes)

I reduced the difficulty for 2 reasons:

  1. Just met a total beginner who doesn't even know WASD. I want to give these people some more time picking up
  2. I added laser sight. When testing it i find myself shifting too much attention to lining up the perfect shot, and the zombies were already at my nose.

But you are right. I need to set a better skill ceiling. Unskilled players should still start easy (like my latest update) and skilled players can rush past this by doing exponential score with combos.

I prepare to let new comers stick around for 1 minites in average (again dictated by performance), and then turn on the rollercoaster. Going to add a war flag zombie leader that somehow increases your score multiplier, but also increases all zombie speed by percentage (stack vs no stack? they are still one hit kills so i better have multiple alive. no wait, if i have a constant spawner but at large intervals then the players can choose to let them stick around for even higher score, but killing them do not slow existing zombies because it respawns rightaway)

Let me test it to find the right balance, after playing your game!


oh and yes, although the final wave removes the spawn limit (to just 200 or so), the spawn rate is always the same, with random variations. i ll put that back next release


I tried another run for fun on the current post jam version.  I like the laser guide, makes lining up cool shots easier. I did have the same difficulty issue, but you already know about that. It's really not a difficulty thing rather than a maximum difficulty thing. I can see how it's gonna be a challenge to get the balance of everything just right. I guess it all depends on if you want it to be possible to play forever with enough skill vs. rack up as much score as possible before your inevitable demise.


i definitely want an inevitable demise last wave thing, coz i don't have enough content to rntertain the player (at least in this version)

Will definitely ramp the late game up exponentially, and players will naturally get crushed around that time, but will have a way to fight back too.

Sorry the skill ceiling is too low in this version, coz i did not change spawn rate at all. Only the spawn cap is changed.

So that means you are killing them quicker than i can spawn


This is pretty neat! I feels real good to charge up your arrow all the way lol

Design: 4/5

Theme adherence:5/5

Originality: 4/5


Okay, found the jam version. lol Pretty cool. Feels responsive and I enjoy how the arrow continues to attack as it ricochets. Nice work. :D


i had A/B testing to test out whether to make it more like survival shooter(this one), or much simpler combo frenzy (the AB version)

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

And hey it's you again, i remember your extra credit jam game



Really amazing game, i constantly found my self saying "Just one more run"


your game is also very nice too! 


Thanks alot,  I'm glad you liked it. 


Piercing multiple enemies was pretty satisfying as well as watching the arrow bounce around. I died at the edge of the screen to an offscreen zombie which can feel unfair (although I shouldn't have been walking there). Maybe to counteract that you could have the zombies spawn on screen with a delaying digging out of the ground animation before they can hurt the player and move around.

I also thought that if you increased the speed of the zombies and player, let the player catch the arrow after a bounce, and had the arrow charge faster you could have a neat fast paced version of this game. You'd probably have to reskin everything though since zombies shouldn't be walking so fast.

I liked the enemy variety as well and overall the gameplay was still fun!


i tried to combat the "edge of screen" problem by adding a proximity-activated sound effect (some white noise). looks like i should have chosen to spawn it through a portal.

the arrow can be caught when it is slow enough (speed<2). i guess i can expand it to <4 next time

Making it fast-paced seem fun! Never thought about it


What a joy it is to pierce through multiple zombies, am I right?

Great game!


I liked, good flow and movements. I just wish I could increase my combo hits more than 3 times.


try to charge longer


Wow loved this one! It's really satisfying getting a big group lined up!

Small bug I ran into - If the player dies, when you reset it kills all the zombies. But if it's a fire zombie, it still leaves the flames behind!

Apart from that though, it worked perfect. Great entry!


thought i have removed the bug.

It is because i call Instantiate during OnDestroy(), and Unity does not have OnSceneExit() yet, so i need to rely on flags to say if the zombie dies by arrow or by scene reload.

But hey, at least you get a free fire early on!


Stay tuned post-jam for (at least) one more enemy and aiming assist


Love it  ! And the idea is amazing, very very fun gameplay

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great game! The torch and shield enemies introduce a lot of depth to lining up a good shot, very satisfying when you get a big combo.


Awsome game! Actually replayed it a couple of times. Great game design.


glad you like it