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Will rate back and thank you in advanced

Almost about that time! First Game Jam and already can't wait to do another!

Really enjoyed the music on this and thought the screen shake was a really nice touch. Nice!

I had a hard time getting used to the movements but it made it all the more challenging. I think it needs a little tweaking but it was very entertaining and engaging.

Enjoyed what I got through but I also was stuck. Spinning it all kinds of ways and still couldn't get past the part with the gray part. Curious to see how it gets done. Creative!

Here is our game. First game jam for most of us! Thank you in advance!

Really unique. I can say I don't remember playing a game where I can't multi kill things and this really made it a good challenge. Really made you think and kept you moving.

Rated your game. Love the mechanics of it! Really enjoyed the arrow pull back too!

Check ours out

Really enjoyed how the arrow came right back to you and scored hits along the way! Awesome game and I can't wait to see it expand more! There was only one time where the arrow wouldn't come back to me and I had to run and get it. Usually I'm able to get it right away. Great game!

Try this one!

You only need a keyboard to play!

Really liked the SFX of the game and your take on the theme. Keep it up!

I had A LOT of fun on this and will come back to it when I have more time to get into the high-score!!!! mark my words lol. Great game and music!

My job IS automation and this is gold for me lol. When I first started learning automation, I started with a game exactly like this and seeing it here 5 years later really brought me back! Awesome! I will be replaying this!

You already know what needs some work but the idea and the creativity is there! It had me playing through the end just because I enjoyed what I can do with the yo-yo and the level design! 

Nice! Enjoyed jumping off the wall and the creativity!

Check out our team's game! Thank you for future ratings and feed back!

Really fun and addicting. Bouncing around and slicing is very satisfying!

Checked it out and rated! AND Super fun! MULTI-HIT to the max lol

The game mechanics are awesome. Just like someone said multi hit is so satisfying and the loved the bone soldier. HE KICKS BUTT!

Checked it out and rated!

This took me a bit to get that kill but enjoyed it. While I could cancel my attack I wish I didn't have to keep constantly clicking to bring up the confirm or cancel other than that. Awesome!

Checked it out and rated!

Really liked the design and I'm a huge fan of dragons. Only thing I needed was a little more light but amazing job!

Checked it out and rated!

Dragon Quest mix with wizard of oz both of which i love. I enjoyed the read and I can tell you put a lot of effort into the short story. I would read another if made!

Checked it out and rated!

Nice design and great particle effects! Every split second counts when you only have one bullet. Enjoyed it!

Checked it out and rated!

Awesome way to really stick to the theme and making one button game really come to life. So far one of the most original and better games I've tried! 

Checked it out and rated!

Nice! fun and addicting. My favorite part is the interaction you get for shooting and whenever you take a hit! Keep it up!

Checked it out and rated!

Checked it out and rated!

Checked it out and rated!

Enjoyed this, just needs a little more work and interaction but the idea is there!

Checked it out and rated!

Checked it out and rated!

Checked it out and rated!

Nice! Really feels well done and the music made me feel like a hero!