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A SRPG where you can possess and order only 1 party member to act every turn.
Submitted by B-Deshi Dev — 2 hours, 31 seconds before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#15162.8672.867

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I loved the way the dancer's moves were self-targeting AoE spells! Very bard-like. I felt a bit lost in choosing which character to use for attacking, since they all seemed to be doing about the same damage, just with different placement requirements.

Nicely done, staying within the timelimits. You implemented quite a few features and enemytypes :)


The controls and UI could use some work but otherwise it is a nice base for an tactical rpg or something =)


The UI may be a little lacking in feedbacks and intuitiveness, but apart from that, this is a really cool work. Being able to only have one party member useful per turn is a neat twist for the genre.
Also, I made a turn-base RPG-like  game myself, so I know how long it takes to make it work. Great job, here!


Heh, Skullmurai.

I won it!

As others said, the UI is a little hostile, but I like this genre and I think this idea has a tonne of potential.

An issue that crops up a lot in stuff like Disgaea and other tactics games is that leveling up one strong unit is literally always better and more efficient than dispersing power around your whole team, and this idea actually solves that problem.

Yeah, the games a little rough around the edges, but the fact that this is a potential solution to a pretty widespread design problem in the genre is really impressive.


Nice! The skullmurai fight can be a bit hard since he has a variety of attacks. Great job on beating it.

I actually didn't think about that particular problem  since I didn't have plans to implement leveling in the jam build. It feels nice to solve a problem without knowing it lol. But you're right. I always ended up trying to balance XP between the party in disgaea so that the game didn't become too easy.

P.S: Yup I love stupid puns like that. My username also happens to be a pun in my native language.

Haha, what a happy accident! I do the same thing in Disgaea, but it's annoying having to make the game hard for myself on purpose.


I'm not a fan of this genre and as a result, I couldn't understand how your idea really works. All my experience I can describe as 'click many buttons and kill the boss'. Also, most of the turn-based strategies depend on good UI logic. And most of the game I struggled with it, as I  couldn't understand how to cancel usage of an ability which I had accidentally clicked.

Anyway, keep trying!


Hey thanks for the feedback. There is a bug with cancelling abilities which I didn't have time to fix. 

I'm glad that you decided to comment despite not being a fan of these type of games. I will keep your feedback in mind and try to make the UI more streamlined.

Okay this is very cool. For starters, I love the art assets you used. While the field is rather simple I can see this project evolving to demand some high strategy gameplay from the player. Great job! I only wish that the attacks had some descriptions of what they did but most are self explanatory.


Thank you! I couldn't add the attack descriptions in game due to time constraints but I'll  add it in the game description. I'm currently busy with another project right now but I'd definitely like to expand on this later.


Hey, I haven't seen a lot of tactics games, kudos for taking on such a challenging genre! The game looks really good, I would focus on making the UI super quick and user-friendly moving forward, as that's critical for making a game like this play smooth.
Check out our game Einnsámr, it's got a lot of tactics elements as well :)


This took me a bit to get that kill but enjoyed it. While I could cancel my attack I wish I didn't have to keep constantly clicking to bring up the confirm or cancel other than that. Awesome!


Thank you! The cancel thing is a bit of a bug. I left it for fixing later but ended up making the final build without adding the fix.


Pretty cool concept!  It was tough beating the wolf,  I had to keep switch to the healer haha.  Good job!  My one suggest would be a back button in the characters skill menu, sometime I changed my mind but couldn't go back after click a skill (maybe I'm dumb too? lol)  But still fun game!  Please check out my entry if you have time, 'Only One Arrow'.