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A well made submission, it's small and simple, but pretty fun to play. Well done.

It's a cute small game. I didn't find a good representation of the game. The main problem with it is player movement, from my point of view, it should be simpler. Right now it feels not so responsive as it could have been. I reckon it's because of too low deceleration, the player shouldn't have such an inertion. Nonetheless, well done.

I think, the main idea is superb as well as implementation. The game is well polished with fine art, level design, physics and sounds. Well done.

Simple, but quite peculiar idea. Gameplay is easy to learn, but hard to master. The biggest problem I faced was how to get back the land, as it's not obvious at the beginning and it's hard to see that circle on the ground. Simple, but quite peculiar idea. Gameplay is easy to learn, but hard to master. The biggest problem I faced was how to get back the land, as it's not obvious at the beginning, also it's hard to see that circle on the ground.

It's a pretty nice tower defence where you can't control what type of tower to build, and all towers out of control at all. The problem is in difficulty curve. At the beginning the game is harder than in the end, it's because at the start you give player pretty spongy enemies. Additionally, the most formidable enemies can drop more coins. Also, it's bad that I can't say how many HP an enemy has at the moment. Anyway, pretty nice work, well done.

I like how you used the death of the character for gameplay. Sounds and visuals are decent too. Unfortunately, I didn't see any goal in the game, as I understand, you ran out of time and hadn't managed to implement something.

The main idea sounds pretty cool, however, the absence of the main goal in the game make the game feels worse than it could have been. Hope, you'll try to make a better prototype in the future.

The game is really fun. What I don't like in it is the camera, it's too close to the character and sometimes hectic. I'm absolutely confident, that this game should be more than a jam submission. Well done.

I can't say that the idea is original, I've seen such games a lot. Nonetheless, you've made a great job, as it feels really good. Levels progression is great, as well as the difficulty of them. Really amazing job, well done.

I love how you recreate a classic puzzle mechanic with one little, but sophisticated change. The game is well polished and interesting to play. Well done!

The idea of Frogger rethinking is great. I really like how the melting mechanics works. The only problem is the lack of feedback and sounds.

It a pretty neat idea of then game and I think it has  a lot of potential, as it can be a good puzzle game. Visuals are simple, but I'm really happy, that you managed to create a robust tutorial. Well done.

UE5 version too

It's a very robust game with great idea considering game design. I really like that player has a small control of the situation, however, they can't control everything. Nice work.

It's a pretty strong and cohesive submission with a pretty fun "out of control" mechani which doesn't ruin the core gameplay at all.

The idea of the game is fun and nasty at the same time. Visually it looks good. Gameplay-wise, it's a little bit hard to get to the bottom of rules at first, but it's easy to start. Well done.

The game has a fine concept and presentation, however, at the very beginnig, it's hard to understand that your commands have an effect on the result.

The core idea is interesting, but gameplay-wise it's it could be funnier, additionally, it's hard to understand in-game why people start following me and trying to catch. Additionally, it would be better, if the level had a simple procedural generation, like different spots for the emerald and cameras. Anyway, well done.

I love this game, it's really one of the best narrative game here. What I like in this game a lot of little details, espectially shaking text to emphasize emotions and importance. Great work.

As usual, I love your game, it has a really nice idea, implementation, art and music. Well done.

The game is incredibly fun and easy to understand. The only proble I faced is the lack of less steep difficulty curve and short tutorial.

It's an interesting concept, but it needs a lot of polishing. Firstly, character movement, it feels sloppy and slow. Secondly, some projectiles feels too slow too. Anyway, it's a good submission, well done.

Enormously fun game with an explosively fun gimmick. Level design and art are superb, really good work wich you can make a full game. Nicely done.

It's a pretty interesting and deep game wich shows the real problems of working at home. It's a little bit hard to understand how to play it at the beginnig, but slowly I get to the bottom of things and really like it. Also, fantastic art and fine music.

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The game is pretty fun and crazy. It has a very interesting concept but it desperately needs some polishing. Espetially in the first level, as I could destroy my puppy too early.

A superb puzzle game with a pretty neat idea. I like how it feels and plays. It can be a really good puzzle game for relaxation.

Visuals and sounds are great. However, there are some gameplay problems:

  1. I can jump while crouching. It makes the game incredibly easy and destroys all the challenge.
  2. It's hard to see birds, especially, during the night.

The idea is pretty good as well as implementation. However, I think, movement controls could be better, as character feels slow, especially while jumping.

A very strong submission, with cool art, incredible sounds and robust gameplay loop. However, at first, I didn't realise that I can use WASD to control character, additionally, it'll b e cool if an item automatically goes back to its place if I interact with another item. Anyway, a great.

A pretty interesting narrative game with fine art. Well done.

The core idea of the game is pretty interesting. However, it needs a lot of post-jam polish, as it's very promising and can be a good core feature.

I appreciate your feedback. I had ideas about different spaw sequences and different enemy types. But we lost a lot of time on seeking for an idea. But game jams are cruel and force you to cut feautures.

This game is pretty funny and hard. I can say that it's frustration-based game. Firstly, you think it's easy to play, but then, you see that it's really hard and fun. Great job.

Hey, thank you for your feedback. Speaking about speed, it depends on how many ships you destroyed in a wave. However, the balance isn't good, as I don't have much time to adjust game difficulty well.

Fun little game about current situation with virus. It's simple, but well made. It would be great, if there were different kind of NPC with different AI potterns.

Wish you best in this endavour.

The idea of the game is pretty neat. However, I don't like player movement, as it feels slow and not very responsive. Additionally, the difficulty of the game is pretty high from the start. Anyway, a superb submission with fine art and core idea.

A gorgeous game with a unique visual style. Gameplay is pretty chaotic, that you think that you're out of control of the situation.

As usual, I like your game. It has a peculiar idea, sylish graphics and fun gameplay. However, absence of gamepad support kills me.

Nice game with adoreable art and fun controls.