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Thank you for playing.

And don't forget to share the game here!

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Thank you for playing! It's truly awesome, that somebody plays my quite old game! I hope you'll try HONK series.

Just mention the original creator.

Hm, it's a strange error and you're the first one who got it. I found these solutions:
1. First one;

2. Second one;

Could you copy and send the error message here, please.

Thank you.

Thank you for playing!

Only after adding a sewer level.

Dreadful Doombell has summoned dozens of uncanny beasts. Only the Gooseguy can fight them. In the final combat with the hordes of Honkhell spawns he will break through the mazes and destroy Doombell!


A lovely small game with ingenious core mechanics. It's simple, yes, but addictive and fun. Besides visuals, as usual, are neat. Great job!

Thank you for playing. The post-jam version is almost done!

Yet again you create a superb game that is simple, but very appealing. I enjoyed playing it a lot, and really adore the concept. The only complaint is that the very beginning feels a little bit too long. 

Yet another terrific submission whit fine gameplay and hilarious jokes.

It's a pity that you couldn't submit the game in time. The idea and the result are superb and fun to play.

A nice take of Reigins!

It's a part of the game, to figure out what to do. However, there is a very smelly UX in the jam version, which we are going to improve.

Thank you for playing. We are working on the pos-jam version of the game to deliver better experience.

I like the game, it simple but DEEP

Thank you for playing. I'll think about a small update.

Wow, thank your for playing and the video!

Thank you for playing and your sprites yet again!

Thank you for playing.

Thank you for playing. I'm pondering about creating a special InputManagre which can automatically remap actions for Azerty, Dvorak, Colemak keyboards. I'm a Dvorak user.

Thank you for playing, unfortunately, there is no way to switch weapons with controller. :(

Wow, thank you for playing and such great news.

Thank you for playing. The balance of weapons is bad, indeed, as I was afraid to make the game too difficult for the jam, and I didn't have enough time to playtest it, unfortunately. 

Thank you for playing. I recognize the problem with weapon switching, unfortunately, didn't have enough time to make it perfectly.

Thank you for playing mate, your game also great

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! And thank you for your sprites!

Thank you. It's a shader based on this tutorial.

Thank you for playing

Oh, thanks

Already is out.

Thank you

Thank you for your sprites. They were very usel in my Ludum Dare 48 submission, HONK II.

Thank you for your work! I used your tile set for my Ludum Dare 47 game - HONK II

Hey, yet again I used your assets to build a game for Ludum Dare! You can check it here.