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Well, I started my career in 2009, but game jamming and coding in 2019. It doesn't matter how long you make games, but how you learn and practicing.

Theoretically, yes. But the game were made using later version of UE4.

Sad, heart-warming and cozy game. The gameplay is simple, but it brings a lot of memories.

I like the idea and movement in general, but stamina system is extremely vague and make game less fun IMHO as you have to wait for quite a time to continue moving. It would be better if I spent stamina only on attack.

Indeed levels are humongous.

Unfortunately, I just decrease render resolution to be sure that performance is ok.

Thanks, indeed the levels are quite huge.

I like that people find different strategies to beat the game

The idea is good, but the overall speed of the game feels to high, especially at the beginning. 

Our team has a similar idea around the mimic. And I'm happy that we're not alone! And yeah, it's your first 3D game and they're always harder to build than 2D games during jams. The first experience is always bitter, but if you keep trying you can achieve a lot.

I love this game. Everything is so good, music, art style, gameplay. Great job!

In terms of assets we used some asset packs as our team  doesn't have any artists

The team is 4 people including me. I used my collection of plugins for rapid prototyping to avoid building usual stuff like pause, menus, game states.  Not all of them but some.

Nice touch on the theme, at the beginning it seems easy , but things escalates quite quick.

This is a nice game with quite simple, but fun gameplay. It would be better to add an indication of the current chakram direction as it's quite hard to control it without any visual clue.

Small and simple game with a lot of potential. Plays smoothly and fun. Well done.

I 'm so glad to see such a game here! As one of the idea of our team was to do something similar!  However we chose another idea. Also the visuals and music are gorgeous, I'm certain if we had done similar idea, it would have been much worse than yours. Well done!

If it had been a 3-day game jam, we would have done a better job, as we planned a lot in terms of AI behavior and how mimicing works in general. 

The idea is good, indeed, but presentation and UX are bad.

  1. The lack of any sound and music make the experience much worse than it can be. (Said a guy whose first jam game without any sounds, lol)
  2. Highly recommend not to mix such different assets in terms of visuals. It makes the experience less consistent. Try to find assets which are as close to each other as possible to keep the visuals more consistent
  3. The important information is communicated to me through a chat window without any formatting and it's hard to understand what is going on. And less exciting.

Well, yeah in 48 hours it's quite hard to make a proper UX, anyway, I like the idea in general

Yeah, it's the huge problem in our team. Our levels are quite big for a long time, mostly because we didn't spent enough time to brainstorm the idea at the beginning.

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I love art, I love the puzzle. At the beginning I struggled without any tutorial or one clear message that I have to use all ingredients to finish the puzzle. Not a big deal, as ultimately I took my head round it. Extremely good work, well done.

I like the idea that you're a villain but you're not controlling like a regular character in games, and the only thing you can do is summoning other enemies. Well done.

Quite a nice small game which, in my opinion, has a really good potential to be a crazy indie game. 

The physics and UX are hard to read as sometimes the box can be damaged even in pillow, and the glue action feels not that strong in comparison to the pillow.

Thank you for the feedback. Indeed, the levels, as usual, are extremely massive mostly because we didn't have a proper preparation at the very beginning of the jam and some mechanics got finished quite late.

In terms of attack, I do not remember exactly if it was a design or a happy accident, or both at the same time. But eventually, I thought about such possibility and decided to keep at as is as it brings some kind of variety in the game.

Thank you for playing.

And don't forget to share the game here!

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Thank you for playing! It's truly awesome, that somebody plays my quite old game! I hope you'll try HONK series.

Just mention the original creator.

Hm, it's a strange error and you're the first one who got it. I found these solutions:
1. First one;

2. Second one;

Could you copy and send the error message here, please.

Thank you.

Thank you for playing!

Only after adding a sewer level.

Dreadful Doombell has summoned dozens of uncanny beasts. Only the Gooseguy can fight them. In the final combat with the hordes of Honkhell spawns he will break through the mazes and destroy Doombell!


A lovely small game with ingenious core mechanics. It's simple, yes, but addictive and fun. Besides visuals, as usual, are neat. Great job!

Thank you for playing. The post-jam version is almost done!

Yet again you create a superb game that is simple, but very appealing. I enjoyed playing it a lot, and really adore the concept. The only complaint is that the very beginning feels a little bit too long. 

Yet another terrific submission whit fine gameplay and hilarious jokes.

It's a pity that you couldn't submit the game in time. The idea and the result are superb and fun to play.