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A lovely small game with ingenious core mechanics. It's simple, yes, but addictive and fun. Besides visuals, as usual, are neat. Great job!

Thank you for playing. The post-jam version is almost done!

Yet again you create a superb game that is simple, but very appealing. I enjoyed playing it a lot, and really adore the concept. The only complaint is that the very beginning feels a little bit too long. 

Yet another terrific submission whit fine gameplay and hilarious jokes.

It's a pity that you couldn't submit the game in time. The idea and the result are superb and fun to play.

A nice take of Reigins!

It's a part of the game, to figure out what to do. However, there is a very smelly UX in the jam version, which we are going to improve.

Thank you for playing. We are working on the pos-jam version of the game to deliver better experience.

I like the game, it simple but DEEP

Thank you for playing. I'll think about a small update.

Wow, thank your for playing and the video!

Thank you for playing and your sprites yet again!

Thank you for playing.

Thank you for playing. I'm pondering about creating a special InputManagre which can automatically remap actions for Azerty, Dvorak, Colemak keyboards. I'm a Dvorak user.

Thank you for playing, unfortunately, there is no way to switch weapons with controller. :(

Wow, thank you for playing and such great news.

Thank you for playing. The balance of weapons is bad, indeed, as I was afraid to make the game too difficult for the jam, and I didn't have enough time to playtest it, unfortunately. 

Thank you for playing. I recognize the problem with weapon switching, unfortunately, didn't have enough time to make it perfectly.

Thank you for playing mate, your game also great

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! And thank you for your sprites!

Thank you. It's a shader based on this tutorial.

Thank you for playing

Oh, thanks

Already is out.

Thank you

Thank you for your sprites. They were very usel in my Ludum Dare 48 submission, HONK II.

Thank you for your work! I used your tile set for my Ludum Dare 47 game - HONK II

Hey, yet again I used your assets to build a game for Ludum Dare! You can check it here.

It's a very decent small arcade game with really simple but enjoyable and fun gameplay. Visuals and sounds are stylish and made well.

A well made submission, it's small and simple, but pretty fun to play. Well done.

It's a cute small game. I didn't find a good representation of the game. The main problem with it is player movement, from my point of view, it should be simpler. Right now it feels not so responsive as it could have been. I reckon it's because of too low deceleration, the player shouldn't have such an inertion. Nonetheless, well done.

I think, the main idea is superb as well as implementation. The game is well polished with fine art, level design, physics and sounds. Well done.

Simple, but quite peculiar idea. Gameplay is easy to learn, but hard to master. The biggest problem I faced was how to get back the land, as it's not obvious at the beginning and it's hard to see that circle on the ground. Simple, but quite peculiar idea. Gameplay is easy to learn, but hard to master. The biggest problem I faced was how to get back the land, as it's not obvious at the beginning, also it's hard to see that circle on the ground.

It's a pretty nice tower defence where you can't control what type of tower to build, and all towers out of control at all. The problem is in difficulty curve. At the beginning the game is harder than in the end, it's because at the start you give player pretty spongy enemies. Additionally, the most formidable enemies can drop more coins. Also, it's bad that I can't say how many HP an enemy has at the moment. Anyway, pretty nice work, well done.

I like how you used the death of the character for gameplay. Sounds and visuals are decent too. Unfortunately, I didn't see any goal in the game, as I understand, you ran out of time and hadn't managed to implement something.

The main idea sounds pretty cool, however, the absence of the main goal in the game make the game feels worse than it could have been. Hope, you'll try to make a better prototype in the future.

The game is really fun. What I don't like in it is the camera, it's too close to the character and sometimes hectic. I'm absolutely confident, that this game should be more than a jam submission. Well done.

I can't say that the idea is original, I've seen such games a lot. Nonetheless, you've made a great job, as it feels really good. Levels progression is great, as well as the difficulty of them. Really amazing job, well done.