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Hello. Thank you for your remarkable work! I use your music in my small game which I made on the GMTK jam 2019! Hope, you'll carry on making such great work.

Addition of the WASD movement makes the game more enjoyable and fun for me. Also, slow-mo now works perfectly, especially with a machine gun as you're able to kill 3 different enemies during slow-mo. 

Thank you for playing, but sprites were made by 0x72.

Thank you for playing. Maybe it the distant feature, I'll make several different arenas with diverse traps and rules.


Nice little game with addictive gameplay, pretty well polished. However, I would increase the rate of stamina restore.

Thank you, I did my best,

Thanks for playing.

Thank you!

Thank you all for your submissions, it was pleasure to give you feedback


Funny little game with interesting idea and adequate polishing. Nice job.

Thank you for comment. Speaking about zombie guy, he's overpowered right now, indeed, in a new version it'll be re-balanced. Speaking about sounds, there aren't any sounds as I didn't have time to implement them.

211 games so far, hope, you'll find some time to play my game.


A good clicker game based on tetris, cohesive gameplay and fine balance make it pretty enjoyable to play.


It's a peculiar game, but it's hard to play as it's almost impossible to read mini map.


Three funny little games which you have to play at the same time. Well done.

Thank you!

It's not a dissapointing, just false expectations. It's ok.


Thank you, I've already planned 2 new versions of the game. The very first one will add sound to the game.

You sir made ridiculously brilliant game with outstanding polishing and boss, I love boss fights and you made me love your boss. Well done!

Thanks, I did my best.

Thank you for playing.

Ok, I've rated 207 games, incredible.

The game resemble the very first idea which I had at the beginnig of the jam. It's well made. Nonetheless, enemies start shooting too early and the arena is too small to have some kind of tactics. Anyway, keep trying.

Thank you, I'll think about additional screenshake, as right now it indicates taking damage.

Thank you kindly for such amazing feedback, I appreciate your effort!

Thank you! I'll think about some kind of magnet.

The new version is in progress! Thank you.

Haha, I thought about some power-ups and 'wallie' will be a nice addition.

Thank you for playing!


Thank you, I've checked your game.

Thank you for playing. Dodge currently is planned.


I like the idea, neat, fun and well polished. Nice work.