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These are the 20 best games from GMTK Game Jam 2019

The theme for GMTK Game Jam 2019 is "only one"

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Welcome to the third annual Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam. 

This is a 48 hour game making marathon, focused on design, mechanics, and clever ideas. The jam runs from August 2nd, at 8PM UK time, to August 4th, at 8PM UK time.

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Get a free Game Maker Studio license for the duration of the jam

Here's what you need to know:

Who can enter?
Anyone, from anywhere. You can work alone or in teams. 

What can I make my game in?
Anything, provided you can upload a file that runs on Windows (and other operating systems, if you like) or browsers, to Sorry - no physical card games or Mario Maker levels.

What assets can I use?
You can use any audio or video assets you have the legal right to use. Code and design, however, must be done exclusively for the jam, during the allotted time. Except for really basic, universal scraps of code like controller support, and the like.

Who will judge the games?
The public, for starters. Then GMTK host Mark Brown will play the top 100 games, before showing a handful of favourites on the GMTK YouTube channel.

What will the games be judged on?
This is a design contest, so how the game plays is more important than how it looks. The criteria for judging will be "Design", "Adherence to the Theme" and "Originality".

More rules and whatnot:

- You may participate in two jams at once if they happen at the same time and your game will fit both themes.
- Games submitted to the GMTK Jam must not contain nudity, or hateful language or visuals.
- You may make a VR game, but consider that few people will have the tech to actually judge your game.