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Well done! Interesting take on tetris

Cool concept but the implementation makes it a bit hard to play.

Cool idea! It would be interesting if it had more different levels to it to explore the concept further.

Cool idea! It is a unique take on a tower defense

Nice puzzle platformer, the physical forces are a bit too much though. The boxes fly all over the place

Nice puzzle game! Looks good

Nice game! I like the duality and the game juice!

Smart puzzle-game! well done!

Cool game, I didn't manage to climb the wall after the first checkpoint

Well done! Nice idea and it looks good. But it feels a bit unresponsive at times, and I think I bugged things out by stacking items.

Thanks for playing and for telling me about the bug! There seems to be an error with some memory access in the web-build. I don't get it in the unity editor, so I will need to do some testing to find what it is.

Good job!

Good job!

Fantastic Character design!

Aside from the slightly grindy progression, it was addictive =) Good job!

Thanks! I am happy you enjoyed it!

It is really nice that towers get stronger the more connected they are! Good job!

Smart puzzle platformer! Really cool design and with nice speedrunning stress, but the sound level for the sound effects was a bit high.

Nice art but super hard!

Nice puzzlegame!

Nice puzzlegame! Good job!

Always fun with a Pico8 game. Looks good! Nice little puzzle platformer!

Thanks for playing and that you enjoyed it! Yeah, there are some lack of polish on those that I would have worked more on if I had more time.

Thanks for playing and that you liked it! Not writing out the controls in any way is something that would be addressed if I continue working on it.

Thanks for playing and commenting! As a solo dev, I only got one early playtester before a lot of this was properly implemented. That would have been smart to get it tested more. The logic for pushing things, picking them up, and dropping them are not working as well as I wanted. There are some finicky issues with them that would have been fixed if I had a bit more time.

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Try not being so close to the wall when you pick it up. 
Code-wise, there is a collider that checks if anything is blocking placing the object on your head. That box is apparently slightly too big and can collide with the overhang on the wall which prevents you from picking up the key. That is the only thing I manage to replicate here that prevents you from picking it up.

I am ok with some being harder. That makes it more tense when you need to find one

Thanks for the gif showing the issue. I guess it has gotten bugged. That was the intended way to get to the key at least. I can try to look at it tomorrow to see if I can figure out why it doesn't work.

Try standing on the skull =)

Smart puzzlegame!

Cool idea! And good job at getting it done! 

Nice job! Super clean! It is a bit too slow paced for my taste though but I get that I am not the target audience. Well done anyway!

Thanks for playing and commenting!

Good job! I like the concept and it looks polished but it felt a bit stiff in the controls. 

Cool idea! Well polished but it isn't really my type of game. I am not the person that enjoys cards against humanity and such. Good job anyway.

Polished and smart mechanics!

Nice! Stressful! The brown ones were hard!

Nice polished puzzle platformer! A little bit of coyote time would make the jump feel a lot smoother though

No worries!

Nunchuck simulator! It was hard to not accidentally chuck the chain apart and I often chucked it in the wrong direction when the red blob came.