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yeah that is the hard part to figure out.  Currently I can just save currency and shafts unlocked, and not there upgrades lol

Super cool idea! Your devlog was great too :D

I got stuck at the level with a hidden path to the left of screen for awhile, but the other puzzles were fun to figure out! plz check out mine if you have time :D

Firing my laser~~! Great job :D

Super neat joining together puzzle idea! Awesome use of the theme for sure.  It was fun to figure out the combination order to get through the door.   Please check out mine if you have time :D

Haha very fun idea! Unique use of the theme too~ Awesome job submitting a dating sim to the jam!  Please check out mine if you have time :D

Nice vibe to the music and fun art! You telegraphed the attacks well and, It was satisfying watching the guy dangle about, great job on the game!!  Please check out mine if you have time :D

Very cool idea with the theme! I'm kinda dumb and got stuck on level 2 after getting the ghost haha.  I will try again~ Please check out mine if you have time :D

Tug-of-war with bombs, great idea :D It was fun times, Great job! Please check out mine if you can :D

Cool concept and I liked the sketch art style, great job!! Plz check out mine when u have time :D

Nice smooth endless runner controls ~ Good use of the theme as well. Nice job! Plz check out mine when u have time :D

The greek myth story cool! it was fun to push the boulder and watch it go~ Plz check out mine when u have time :D

Nice vibe!! Very chill~ Great job!

Really cool style :D Fun mechanic ideas too :D

Greet job~ it's a cool little game :D

Great job and cool idea!  The controls felt smooth too~ I really like all the effects in the visuals :D Plz check out mine when u have time :D

Ahh so that's how it happens lol.  I'll just use your GIF in a youtube community post soon :D

Cool idea with the theme! As the game goes on it gets a lot more challenging and fun :D

Really cool! I like how the shapes of the level appears from the ground, looks sweet~ Really good job makin a 3D game in such a short time! Plz check out mine when u have time :D

Really cool mechanic idea! Sometimes I wished that if I swung it in a circle around me it did some damage too hehe.  Still, it was really fun to kick it around and go back and get it! Plz check out mine when u have time :D

Once I figured out how to rotate and control, it was pretty cool :D Great job!

Cool idea~ I felt like the Avatar :D

Fun idea! I like the level design a lot~ I did a kinda similar mechanic too :D

Once I got used to the controls it was really fun :D Great job!

Awesome idea that the enemies move together with the player :D  Makes it extra fun to try and figure out how to solve the puzzle!

Interesting concept and build mechanics! You should keep working on it for sure~ :D

Very satisfying to watch it swing around :D awesome idea for sure!  I think this would be a super popular mobile game, just add a bunch of game juice and upgrade skins~

Thanks for playing~ I tried to make it super chill so while making it I felt less stress haha :D

Thanks for the feed back! Yeah I will adjust that for sure~ Thanks for playing and commenting :D

Haha thanks for the awesome GIF, imma post this on YouTube for sure haha!  Hopefully I can figure out how to fix that bug.

Thanks a bunch for for the awesome comment :D That is a super un-intended effect of my wacky code haha.  Thanks for following!

The wiggle and jiggle is super satisfying :D awesome job!

The mouse movement and spinning in circles to swing the mace is actually really fun! Great job~~ You should keep working on it for sure.  So many cool upgrades could work with the spinning attack, awesome job!  Check out mine when u have time :D

Wow so cool and amazing job!!  How did you achieve the awesome character art? Almost looks like crisp Claymation haha. Check out mine when u have time :D

Thanks for the awesome comment :D And yup I rated your game! It was awesomely well done~

Thanks for playing and the great comment! Yeah you're right~ I wish I put more key options for everything hehe :D

That's an awesome mechanic idea! Great job :D

Haha thanks a bunch for playing :D I hope the army was satisfying hehe

Thanks a bunch for the great comment!! I think your other teammates commented too haha :D

A lot of really cool ideas in this! Great job :D