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  • New DEVLOG!
  • New Volcano zone!

I finally got my STEAM page approved, takes a lot of work compared to here on itch hehe.

Oh really, small world :D Thanks a bunch for watching!

I will still weekly devlogs + daily twitter posts!


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Hello all! Good luck with #DEVTOBER

My game is called SUPER NEAT CAT

I make devlogs for it on my YouTube Channel: (please subscribe :D)

I hope to finish my game by December and I hope DEVTOBER will help me work on it hard everyday!

You did an awesome job working in 3D! You put everything together so well and the little cut scenes were great!  Everything felt good, though the character felt very tall at first.  But maybe that was because of the field of view.  Very neat game indeed! :D

Thanks a bunch for the super awesome comment!!  It has been a fun journey making a game~ I'm glad I started with a simple game that I can finish :D  I will keep making games after this one for sure, thanks for following and watching!

Thanks for the comment! and thanks for the discord check (I'm such a discord newbie still trying to figure it out haha.  I will update the links and hopefully it will work!

It is made in Unity!  I should mention that in the first post haha XD I will update it thanks!

  • I started the new zone!
  • What do you think of it?
  • New devlog below! (Please like, comment and subscribe :D)

Challenging and fun :D

  • I finished the snow zone!
  • 2 more zones to go!
  • Devlog 17 is out!
  • This week:
    •  I added more rooms to my random gen dungeons.
    • A new swinging blade hazard + new choose animation code
    • Added trails to hazards + Falling damage takes half a heart damage now

3 more devlogs are out!  I need help thinking of  a better name!

A really awesome movement mechanic!! It is super fun trying to figure out how to solve the puzzles with the physics bouncers and your limited movement.  Really clever!! Keep it up and great game :D 5*!

I'm glad you enjoyed and thanks for playing all the way to the boss :D

Thanks a lot! I think XD

Thanks for playing all the way to the boss! I am most proud of the boss and background in this game XD

Thanks a bunch for playing :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah I chose just to do it in story, was a super busy week to try and figure out how to code something complicated XD

Thanks for checking it out :D

Thanks so much for playing until the end! And that is the highest score to date :D

Thanks a bunch for playing~! oddly there is a sound effect but it doesn't play in WebGL but plays in Unity Play mode no problem haha //shrug haha

Thanks a bunch and keep it up!!

Hehe I was busy so I wanted to make a short and simple complete game haha.  Thanks for playing :D

Ohhh~~ Thank you again for the super awesome and wonderful feedback!  I copied and pasted it into my notes as usual :D  Getting people to the end was the plan hehehe XD

Thanks glad you enjoyed it :D

Thanks a bunch for playing :D

Cool way to use rewind! Great sprite art too :D rated~~

I'm glad you made it to the end! Thanks a lot for playing :D

Thanks! I'm glad you made it to the end~ my goal was to have people finish quickly and easily haha.  Thanks again :D

Thanks for playing :D

Thanks for playing!! My biggest regret is giving the enemies too much health haha, I think it would be more fun if they were destroyed easier XD Thanks again!

Really amazing character animations! Great job and fun game :D

Thanks for playing! I was going for a corny anime-like no sense story haha.  I mostly just wanted to show the rewinding of time though the changing backgrounds and buildings (since I had no time to think of how to code a mechanic haha). 

Thanks a bunch! And I just did :D

Great usage of the rewind theme and this would be great for a tablet or mobile! Keep it up~

Thanks a bunch for playing until the end! I wish I had time to make more weapon power ups so it would be a bit more interesting XD Thanks again!

Yeah I knew I didn't have much time for coding so I focused more on art.  The story is you rewind time XD

Very cool usage of the theme~ It is cool how at different ages you get different abilities to get through the level! Awesome job and keep it up!