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Oh yea sorry, I'll try to upload a DL version soon, just play in browser build atm.

Oh sorry, you weren't supposed to be able to get in that room haha.

I've updated the game and it should work now.  However, you might have lost your save.  There are more areas now plus a peak at the 4th biome to the west!  Thanks for playing :D

OH thanks for finding that! I will fix that soon~ I think if I make the collider box bigger and change it to OnTriggerStay2D that should fix it, I hope lol.

Getting use to the controls was a fun brain challenge hehe.  It was fun! Great job :D  One one my favorite games as a kid was Rock n Roll Racing, it was and ISO racer.

Thanks a bunch for the play through video and the feed back!  I added it all to my notes :D

They progression order is still really odd from extending on the game jam version with 5 bosses close together (so the players could finish the game quickly)  I'm working on the new zones now so I can flesh out the critical pathing better.

I will go through and make fixes as suggested.

Thanks again!

Very satisfying watching it all bounce around and play out :D Awesome ideas!!

Very fun twin stick shooter! The controls reminded me of playing Smash TV as a kid :D Great work!!

The vibe is really good and moody. The fixed camera does give it a cool cinematic feel. Awesome work!! :D

Very clever idea and I loved it! I would keep working on this~ I think it could really be popular!! 2 niches that people love, tower defense and Halloween themes! So many cool haunted house ideas you could use to expand on it. Keep it up :D

Super neat start to a fun puzzle game!  A block reset button would be nice, because I got it stuck a few times hehe. This has great pixel art and personality, also, congrats on making your first non-visual novel game~ :D Keep it up!

Super neat concept and awesome art~ The costume creator is pure genius! I would consider to keep working on it. You should share this on the WholesomeGames sub reddit too!

Bad Piggy! This is an awesome game~ Very juicy.  The pixel 2.5 looks super awesome.  I just google what this is based on, looks pretty intense/crazy haha. Is the show worth a watch? Or is just the manga the way to go? Great job!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! I'll keep adjusting it :D

Thanks a bunch for the awesome comment :D I'm glad that some enjoy it! I'll keep working on it for sure!

Final update, and good job everyone :D

Oh thanks for playing so far!  Those other areas haven't been made yet hehe.  I will upload a new version soon.  It will only have 2 bosses because I'm making new ones and spreading them out to make a bigger game.  You can see the current progress on my YouTube.

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll consider it :D

Thanks :D and you too!

Thanks a bunch~ I look forward to your posts!

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------------------ After Devtober----------------------

***Good job everyone! I was successful at posting something everyday yay!***

Please subscribe to my YouTube so you can follow the development of YesterSol!  I plan on working on it until I release it on STEAM!  I got in the good habit of working on my game for an hour after work, so I still got a little work done everyday.  On the weekend I worked more if I could.  With just a good and focused 1 hour of work I was able to get a lot done!  I would set a small achievable goal that I knew I could finish in 1 hour.  The harder stuff I tried to save for the weekend.  PS. It was really cool seeing everyone's work on Twitter :D

------------------ Newest Devlog ----------------------

Thanks for all the awesome feedback, I'll keep improving the game!  Great job everyone~

Thanks for playing! I "think" I've fixed a lot of the spear bugs, I hope lol.  I hope to make it feel like a relaxing + exploration metroidvania so I'm glad to read your comment :D

Thanks for the awesome comment! I'll add it all to my notes :D

Thanks for playing and the bug report! I think I fixed a lot of the issues already :D

Great art! But as said below I agree hehe. Maybe at least some feet print might be enough? Keep it up!

Thanks for playing! Yeah I need give some better hints for sure~ That's a good idea for the boss areas :D

Oh thanks a bunch for playing through! And thanks for the feedback, I'll adjust the spikes for sure :D  I am applying everyone's feedback right now~

Cool vibe and neat robot! The lighting gives it a little of a spooky vibe.  Keep working on it cuz it's a great start and idea :D Great job!

Very smooth and cool! The monochrome + strong colors style is really neat! Also, I loved the little shadow under the player character even when jumping!! How did you achieve that? I wanna add it to my game haha.  Awesome job and keep it up~

Super creative! The idea is really awesome~ Keep working on it for sure :D  Great job!!

Very cool retro 3D vibe! It also gave me some spooky feels.  Great job putting it all together~!

You gotta check all your sound levels.  I was wearing head phones and some of the sound effects nearly burst my eardrums haha. 

Great start to a game! Keep working on it~ :D

Love the aesthetic of the art, really cool vibe! Dark synthwave music would go great with it~ Keep up the great work :D

Very cool concept!  The imagery is cool but kind of creepy too. Very cool concept and worldbuilding! Keep it up~ :D 

The painterly style is actually kind of cool!  Great start to a game, keep it up :D

This game is super smooth and fun! I really like the camera movement/transitions! Feels very polished and professional.  Also, I like how the currency flies to the player so you don't have to go get it hehe. Great job!

Great job making a 3D game for the jam! It was a fun!  I had a bug the first time I played, I went out and got the sword, then I went back in the house and the sword didn't work anymore.  I just started again and all was good.  Keep it up! :D

Very neat idea!  It makes fighting intense that you have to grab your pieces that get knocked off.  The sprite art design is really amazing!  A nice Parallax background would make it perfect :D

The art was so cool! I really liked the out doors sections especially.  Also the player character and robot designs are super sweet.  It took me a bit of time to get used to the controls, but once I did I was exploring well~ Kudos and great job!

Very cool start to a game!  I really liked how the hearts go to the player so you don't have to run all the way over to get em, great idea! :D Keep it up~