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Oh yes, I hope to put a lot of world-building and lore into the game~ right now there are just some hidden spots, statues, and NPCs spread around.  I want to try and reward exploration with cool lore and upgrades :D

Very cool hook idea!

  • Overall: The game was really neat.
  • Fun: It was a lot of fun to think about were the bullet will go and also going to collect it again. Very good hook idea!
  • Visuals (Graphics): Nice and clean! Perhaps don't let the particles shrink into nothing, because a few times I died to invisible particles hehe.
  • User Interface: Great start! Can improve more once the game is further along~ Maybe a cool over-world for the level select.
  • Audio: Great start as well!

Keep it up! I think the collecting your bullet after shooting is a great hook you should keep exploring :D Please check out my game when you have time.

Creepy and cool!

  • Overall: The game was really neat! I play memory card games with my students all the time, so see a scary version game me a giggle hehe
  • Fun: It was a lot of fun to match the cards while waiting to be scared haha.
  • Visuals (Graphics): The card art is really cool! Did you do it your self?
  • User Interface: Simple and clean, could use a bit more juice.
  • Audio: The music is great! Some of the SFXs peak and crackle in my headphones.

Keep it up! It's a neat idea :D Please check out my game when you have time.

Neat Demake!

  • Overall: The game is a cool homage with a twist!
  • Fun: The opening is super fun! I got stuck in the first menu and then reset it and it let me get through the 2nd time. 
  • Visuals (Graphics): Very nice and clean pixel art!
  • User Interface: Very retro and good!
  • Audio: The SFXs peak in my headphones a lot, other than that they are retro cool!

Keep it up~ perhaps create your own IP with similar mechanics~ please check out my game when you can :D

Great work! I like the 1 button idea :D

  • Overall: The game was really chill and simple
  • Fun: It was a lot of fun to try and time your shots.  I think it would be cool if there were more paddles and blocks on the bottom too! That way it's even more satisfying if you miss the paddle. Perhaps the paddle could give buffs of some kind!
  • Visuals (Graphics): Nice and clean~ as mentioned before needs some game juice.  Here is an awesome lecture on it (they even use a similar game for example!) 
  • User Interface: Can worry about that later hehe.
  • Audio: Nice start, perhaps chill music would go well

Once again great job!! Please check out my game when you can :D

Great start to a game!

  • Overall: The game was really well put together! Once you are further in development I'd suggest starting the game with a super easy tutorial level to ease new players into the unique jump controls.
  • Fun: It was a lot of fun to go through the levels once I got use to the jumping!
  • Visuals (Graphics): Awesome pixel art and animations. I really like the smooth climb up animation!
  • User Interface: It's a great start! The loading screens are sweet~
  • Audio: Great start as well. Perhaps some more reaction/ambient sounds could help :D

Keep it up!

Wow thanks for the amazing comment! I will work on it for a year or 2 more :D It's really great to hear that a Hollow Knight fan likes the game, I'm a huge fan too! I'm making the game for people who enjoy metroidvanias, especially Hollow Knight fans.  Thanks again!

Hey thanks for playing again! Yup they are new :D will make butterflies next heh

Awesome~! Hopefully there's no game breaking bugs heh.

Hello! Your YouTube video really helped me a lot last time~ If you have time, I would love to see another for the current state of the game :D

The controls are super neat! Could be a really good mobile game as well :D The pixel art and color pallet are great too. Might be cool if there was a parallax background with many layers. Please check out my metroidvania when you have time.

Super neat and chill game! Once you memorize the controls it is fun to build a home :D I like how some pieces have ambient sound.  I don't know why but it started feeling kind of creepy with no music so I had to put on some chill music haha.  Great pixel art and UI design. Also all the animations and game juice when placing stuff is great! Awesome work~ Please check out my Metroidvania when you have time :3

Wow that was really creepy and cool! When I got to the cave and just kept taking the left paths until I was found by the _________ hehe.  I love the lowpoly style with the pixel art textures.  And the shader effect in the darkness is super neat and scary. Awesome job! Loved the music as well, really fits the atmosphere and mood.  Amazing work!! Please check out my Metroidvania when you have time :D

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*This post is a work in progress because I am at work all day

Download and Play Here:

  • This is a metroidvania, so you must explore the open world for upgrades and bosses~
  • Would love any feedback or suggestions.
  • I really like to watch YouTube blind Lets-Plays of the game (I learn so much by watching those).
  • I think it's about 1~3 hours of game-play.
  • In 1 or 2 years I will release this game on Steam! (It is my 2nd game on Steam)

This was a great Devtober! And this is how it went and my reflections on it:

  • Actually I started this game in last year's 2022 Devtober, so I have been working on it for 1 year now!
  • I worked on it hard over 1 year.  However, I took many breaks during the summer (it was crazy hot in Korea and I went to Japan), so It was nice to get back into game development with a very consistent and diligent pace for October.
  • This year I decided not to post on social media everyday, and just work on the game everyday. I found it WAY more productive.
    • Social media is annoying and distracting for me haha
  • I worked on my game everyday after work for a few hours, and on the weekends I worked on it for 4 hours or more.
    • After doing it for a few days straight it became a habit and I just kept at it!
  • Thanks to working everyday, I added a ton of brand new things + generally art/animation improvements. 
    • Also, a lot of the fixes and tweaks I did were from feedback I got in "Feedback Quest" game jam, and I really hope to get so play test feed back here as well :D

Some fixes from feedback:

  • Less insta-kill hazards (Great suggestion from jam feedback and after watching my students play)
  • Improved death system. (Insta-kill reset you to check points quickly and does not reset enemies, reaching 0 health puts you back at the last door you used and resets enemies.) I think I'll do save points eventually...
  • Lightning effect added to make the fighting arenas damaging borders more clear. (added to first boss to give a hint as well) Also, replaced a lot of spikes with it. And the camera locks in on battle zones now
  • Started making tile-maps and backgrounds more distinct in different zones.

This is the new stuff I was able to do this Devtober:

  • Simple Opening Cut-scene (New Main Menu layout too)
  • Simple dialog system started (NPCs and various Signs/POIs)
  • 2 Major NPCs added (Just give lore and story atm)
  • I think these 3 really make it start to feel like an actually game/world!
  • 1 NPC changes location as you beat boss :D
  • Grew the world even more~ (Show full map)
  • Secret zones, that reveal when you walk into them!
  • Breakable walls (that save) and open up shortcuts. (Trying to make backtracking as interesting and rewarding as possible)
  • Enemies that ping pong off the walls, and one that patrols around platforms. Also a new Drill Hazard!
  • brain stormed a whole list of ideas for new enemies and hazards as well.
  • 1st and 2nd boss art upgrade. More details on 1st, and totally re-did 2nd.
  • Weapon damage Upgrade version 1 (Changes the spear tip too)

And remember~ please wishlist YesterSol! It helps a ton!

Thanks for playing! It's great to hear the FPS isn't intolerable on low-end machines :D You probably reached a path that needs the seed form. (you shrink down to a seed and can roll through tight paths) You get it from beating the first boss.

Thanks for playing and the awesome feedback!  Perhaps I will make 1 damage versions of the hazards and only some do insta-kills hehe.  I definitely need a better key-binds for the keyboard controls. I tend to play-test with my controller so I have been ignoring the keyboard and mouse lol.  Very true about the spear return delay, I have seen people climb up to un-intended areas. Thanks again!

I updated the game to fix an ability save system bug.  Please download the newest version :D

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Jam Link:

Game Link: (More info):

Please let me know if you play or will play it!  (Or if you post the Twitch VOD on YouTube)

I'm a solo -dev and I learn so much watching people play and explore with no helping hand.  I will release the game on Steam in a year or two later, so trying to get as much play-testing as possible (and very early into production)

Steam:  (Please wishlist, it helps a lot :D) 


  • *Fixed a bug that caused unlocked abilities to not save and load correctly (Thanks for finding the bug!)

Hey thanks for the awesome feedback~ This is exactly what I was looking for, added your points to my notes :D

Hey thanks for playing all the way to the dash!  If you can, post a screen shot of the spot :D There are a quite a few skips I need to fix haha.

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Enjoyment - The combat and movement is fun! A few times I wished their was a bit of "coyote time" when jumping near an edge.

Execution - Very awesome start! The controls feel smooth and the jump/roll is nice!

Visuals - Nice pixel art and style. Would be even better with some parallax backgrounds and more decorations.  A few times it was difficult to differentiate walkable tiles and the background. Parallax would help that, also having more saturated colors on the player layer, and more desaturated colors in the BG.

Audio - The sound is also a great start.

Metroidvania - Really felt like a metroidvania!

Keep it up and good work! And please check out my game when you can :D

Enjoyment - A rage platformer + a metroidvania is a cool idea.  It might be cool if after you pass a section the fake tiles disappeared.  Would help with back tracking n stuff.

Execution - Very good start! The character feels a bit heavy, but can be fixed with some tweaking.

Visuals - Nice pixel art! Making some more ground tiles would help it look less repetitive for sure.

Audio - I can't remember the sound much... (only foot steps?) this free sound maker is great for retro style games/proto types if you wanna add more.

Metroidvania - The lore seems like an awesome idea for a Metroidvania!

Keep it up and good work! And please check out my game when you can :D

Enjoyment - It is a fun world to explore. Some parts feel too open/empty, but that can be easily fixed once you start adding some decorations.

Execution - Very good start, and the idea and main character are great :D It feels a bit odd that the jump left and right movement is faster than the running speed, I found myself just jumping the whole time hehe.

Visuals - Great start as well.  The character animations are nice~ just need some tile variation/decorations. 

Audio - I would suggest making an audio manager or script that takes each sound and slightly changes the pitch randomly.  That way if you hear the same sound over and over (like the jump) it is less repetitive.

Metroidvania - Awesome start to a cool idea! Story elements like a lore opening would help set the mood. (My game is missing that too hehe)

Keep it up and good work! And please check out my game when you can :D

Thanks for playing and thanks for the bug report~! (What were you doing when you became invisible?).  Great to hear about the immersive world, that's what I really want to achieve :D  

Thanks for playing! Yeah I do need to tweak it for sure.  Trying to be "unique" be avoiding traditional pixel art and Hollow Knight hand drawn, so going for an in-between look.

Thanks for checking it out :D I'm glad the return damage is working~

Just to double check, "Old and New Games Welcome" means I can submit a game I have been working on for a long time correct?  I want to get feedback on it's current state hehe

-Enjoyment: Watching the auto battle play out was fun to watch! I had success with the tanky guy out front and the rest followed

-Creativity: Super cool idea!

-Presentation: You used the assets well, it looked simple and clean!

-Neat game indeed, I hope you learned a lot!! Please check out my non-creative entry when you can :D

-Enjoyment: I tried it on my phones chrome browser, title controls worked great! It was very satisfying when I launched the ball into the hole with the ground.

-Creativity: Very cool idea

-Presentation: the simple models with pixel shading looks nice! 

-Neat game indeed, I hope you learned a lot!! Please check out my non-creative entry when you can :D

-Enjoyment: It is fun trying to drive in reverse.  A lot of the puzzles are very tight so you really have to tap the controls.  PS. WebGL version worked fine for me in Chrome.

-Creativity: Fun idea!

-Presentation: The sprites and levels are put together well!

-Neat game indeed, I hope you learned a lot!! Please check out my non-creative entry when you can :D

-Enjoyment: Oh I really liked this!

-Creativity: Very cool Idea and I liked the unique over-the-shoulder view for an autobattler!  Keep working on it for sure!

-Presentation: The pixel art is a great start! Some game juice would help a lot (sound and effects)

-Neat game indeed, I hope you learned a lot!! Please check out my non-creative entry when you can :D

-Enjoyment: Herding is fun! I like watching the sheep move as a big flock

-Creativity: Very cool ideas~

-Presentation:  The pixel art is great! Sound is not bad too~

-Neat game indeed, I hope you learned a lot!! Please check out my non-creative entry when you can :D

-Enjoyment: This is top notch and the puzzles are a lot of fun!

-Creativity: Super cool idea, creative and entertaining!

-Presentation: Everything looks awesome and sleek/polished.  I really like the dialog UI and the writing is funny. Also the sound is great too!

-Neat game indeed, I hope you learned a lot!! Please check out my non-creative entry when you can :D

-Enjoyment: The opening was fun and the controls are pretty smooth.  Awesome job for a first game!

-Creativity: Fun idea for sure!

-Presentation: You put the sprites together well, and the opening is really great! Keep improving!

-Neat game indeed, I hope you learned a lot!! Please check out my non-creative entry when you can :D

-Enjoyment: Being a box and solving puzzles is fun!

-Creativity: Very cool idea!

-Presentation: The pixel art is clear and simple! The highlighted box effect is cool too~

-Neat game indeed, I hope you learned a lot!! Please check out my non-creative entry when you can :D

-Enjoyment: Fun and chill vibes! 

-Creativity: It's a great idea! You could add a vertical component to the boards too~

-Presentation: Nice a simple models! Might be cool if you could pick the color pallet~

-Neat game indeed, I hope you learned a lot!! Please check out my non-creative entry when you can :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah that would have been a good idea~ I'll add it for sure!

Thanks for giving it a try! If you level the same weapon to max in the beginning it makes it way easier to beat :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah it is hard to reach if you are too swarmed hehe.

Thanks for playing all the way! :D