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Thank you! I plan on adding a lot more levels on the final game. You can wishlist on Steam to know when that comes out. I also plan on releasing another demo soon.

There will also be a version on itch of course.

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Thanks for finding a bug. I'll look into it before the next update(which is going to be a big one).

Edit: fixed. Though I've decided to leave the post jam version alone due to changes in mechanics.

Really wish I had discovered this earlier so that I could've rated this. 

I love how the control transfer mechanic works. It's like a better version of my game.  I wish I hadn't made it a platformer.

The puzzles are simple but great. Like the art style.

It does need a few QOL upgrades. It crashes a lot.  The diegetic UI is good on paper but the icons that pop up after spacing space interfere with pick up. You don't need that at all. You already sort of show your current modules on your sprite. You just need to make that bigger so that there never any need to press space. You can definitely improve the UX by using the mouse more. as well. Like getting prompts to transfer controls by hovering the mouse over enemies.

The idea to restart by dropping the life module is cute and reminds me off Nier: Automata.  But an additional one click restart button would be better for game flow.

If I found this one week ago I would've dropped a perfect 20 rating. Keep going. And I'll be rooting for you.

Funny take on the theme. Your health will slowly trickle down as you miss more and more stuff before your health can recover. It adds to the feeling off slowly losing control.

It is definitely addictive. It's one of the few games in this jam that made me replay. It could work as a casual mobile game.

The game is also quite polished. The amount of bloom is perfect. The sound effects are quite satisfying too.

Overall great job!

Yeah, that's an unintended bug. I found it myself after the submission period was over. But thanks for reporting it anyways.

I toned down the brightness of the scrolling background image to make it less distracting. But if you say so, I'll consider reworking/removing it in a post jam version.

Thanks for playing.

Everything clicked after I realized it was like superhot. 

The mouse movement is a bit hard to get used to but it does add to the "out of control" feel. Though I'm not sure if you should keep it.

Really cool visual aesthetic. Everything is readable and the safe zones are highlighted. The level of polish is also insane.

Sound is also minimalist. The sfx does do the job well.  A catchy chiptune bgm toget the player in the zone is all this game needs.

You can also add other mechanics such as bullets to dodge turrets etc.

Great job! I could see this work as a full game.

Well done. You made interesting puzzles out of a very simple mechanic like this.  My own game is a bit similar to this.

I did feel like there was a lag in input detection. Are you snapping the roomba? I never got stuck due to  being off by one pixel to the wall. If the lag is due to the snapping then it's no problem.

Presentation is also good. The music fits and so do the beep boop sound effects.

Overall, great job! I think you can release this as full fledged casual puzzle game with more polish and levels.

Cool take on the theme with zombie hordes. Especially with how you lose control as the horde grows.

Things are spiced up with the ranged attackers. Having different zombie types for each human type is also a good attention to detail.

The only thing I can really complain about is the lack of SFX/feedback while attacking.

Overall, good job!

Thank you. I'll be working on a post jam version once I calm down from the excitement of the jam.

Really funny. Especially after the twist. I liked the small details like the nonsense speaking customers who are happy if you just listen to them. And some of the customers are just crazy.

Good job on the art and music. The bgm is really catchy.

Great job!

I love how the level gets slowly out of control. 

The pixel art is wonderful. A chiptune BGM would be perfect but I understand if there wasn't any time.

The only criticism I have is that the control bindings are a bit weird. I also seem to unintentionally do wall jumps. Perhaps you are using your normal platformer code. 

Overall, great job! I certainly couldn't have done all this solo in 48h.

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Great take on the theme.  The movement mechanic is ingenious. I also like the twists you introduced like the mirror. Level design was also good. Especially how you introduce new mechanics.

The level of polish is also godly. The minimalist color theme is relaxing. And so is the jazz.

The only thing I did not like is the forced level selection menu upo  completion of a level. It breaks the flow. Getting to the next level after completing the current one should either be automatic or a one button affair that doesn't involve the mouse.

My own game also limits player movement, though not in such an elegant way. 

This is a perfect 20  for me. Great job and looking forward to how you expand on this.

Simple action platformer with a neat take on the theme. I've seen a lot of games that change your weapon randomly in this jam. Your game actually does encourage strategy with different weapon resistances for each enemy. 

I also liked dodging the enemy patterns. There aren't many enemies but they do work well together. Slow-mo is also a cool mechanic. 

However, the cooldown on each weapon really does slow the pace of the game down. You said that the higher cooldown was due to unity bugs. I understand. that However, I don't think there is any need for the cooldowns. You can simply have a limited ammo clips for each weapon and give the player a new weapon every time he runs out of ammo. 

Another thing that bothered me is that you can only shoot each weapon once. This really made it feel like the player was weak. The ammo clips would solve this as well.

There also seems to be some problems with collision. Some bullets didn't damage the enemy. And grenades don't explode on impact. But given the lack of time this jam, I understand if you didn't have time to fix them.

Sound is lacking but I've also been lazy wrt sound in my past jams.

The pixel art is really nice. Nothing to complain here.

Overall, I think this is something that could be really fun in the post jam version.

Neat take on the theme with the rotating level. I think that the patterns  outside of the level are rather distracting. Perhaps you could make the thickness of the exterior walls normal. 

There was a similar game(a golf game without controls) in past jams that utilized curves in the level. Perhaps you can check that out for inspiration.

Thanks. Your game was neat too.

Great use of the theme. I love that you can just knock out the king.

Good job!

Simple and relaxing game.  The weeds to indeed get out of control as the level progresses. 

The powerups spice things up. However, their effects could be more clear. I don't know what the scythe powerups do. Increased damage? Weeds seem get cut in one hit regardless though. Perhaps increase weed durability and/or cut range. 

Weeds grow if you leave them which is a nice touch. Perhaps they could also block the player's way when up to a certain height. Or they might turn into monster plants. You can do a lot with this.

You might also want to have a combo system to reward good players.

Overall, this is a very solid entry with cure pixel art. Good job!

An elegant topdown shmup.

Really polished entry, I've seen a lot of games with intentionally slippery controls but yours is the only one where that's actually something you can work around properly. 

Controls aside, I felt like the game was a bit on the easy side. It's still impressive that you managed to have so many bosses for the jam.

The downwell inspired graphics are great. But I think you can utilize colors more. You can have separate colors for enemies/parts that require dash attack/shooting to destroy.

The BGM is a bit lacking but the SFX was totally on point.

Overall, great job!

This has potential. The font does indeed look cool  but I'd use more easily readable  fonts for the logs.

And also have visual indicators for the current targets of units.

Cool take on the theme. It's really impressive considering the situation. Dodging your own bullets is surprisingly tough. I also like that you don't initially take damage from the bullet until it is red.

 Art and sound are great. The chiptune BGM is surprisingly catchy.

Overall, great job and I hope you get well.

Played up to the last level. This is one of those games that gets better as it progresses.

I overall like the level design.  You have a lot of mechanics and they do come together in the last chapter.  However, that also makes the game lack focus. The timed character swap mechanic is neat and fits the theme but it is extremely disorienting. I think that is my least favorite part of the game. However, I really like the zombies.

The multi room puzzles are a bit disorienting but they are quite enjoyable too.

The spreading disease wave is realtime. That adds a lot of pressure(which is a good thing) but also makes the undo button less useful. Perhaps it should spread when the player does. That would get rid of the dexterity requirement.

The visual presentation needs some work. This is not about the graphics. I think they are fine. But it was not immediately clear that the  little block moving across the player sprite shows how many moves you have before the next teleport. It is also hard to keep track of when the player is making a beeline to the exit.  And I originally thought that the blue spreading thing was water. I think that is a mistake a lot of players made.

Overall, I think the game has the potential to go in multiple directions with more work. I hope I was not too harsh.  When I play interesting games I turn into Mr. nitpicker.

Great job!

Thanks. I really should have had a settings menu for the volume but I just didn't behave the time. I'll see if I can do a postjam version.

There seems to be quite a lot of autorunners in this jam but I think this is the best take on it.

The presentation is very polished. The models are very simple but the lighting really brings out the charm. The UI probably got less attention then the graphics(and it shows) but it's not a problem for a jam game.

The main problem I'd say is that you are still doing the same things as a normal platformer. Perhaps have pickups  that the  player needs to get to for puzzles. You can make the runes pickups as well.

Overall, great job. Expand on this.

I think this is the best take on the whole "Environment changes out of control" interpretation. Really clean design.

It's always clear when the rotation will happen.  But it takes some time to visualize how the rotated environment  will look like. It's also distracting to look away from the level. Perhaps you can have a transparent rotation arrow in the Background image layer of  the level. It might be too intrusive for some people though.

The music is perfect. I think you can improve it further by syncing  it with the rotation shifts.

The only complaint I have is that the control can be slippery. I found it extremely hard to control mid -air velocity. I also got stuck in the colliders sometimes.  

Overall, great job!

Really nice puzzle game with good level design.

The sphere of influence mechanic is really cool and the levels do make use of how it gets blocked. However, a lot of the puzzles require precise movement which is annoying(my game suffers from the same issue). On thing I do in my game is that I visually indicate objects that you can control. Perhaps you can make the robot sprites glow when they can be controlled. Otherwise, it is hard to know when I'm barely in range of the robot(which some puzzles require).

My game also has a very similar mechanic. I actually thought about using a sphere of influence around the player but ended up with a ray system for transferring controls to objects since it's much easier to code. If you don;t mind me asking, how are you checking if the sphere of influence is blocked by platforms?

Overall, great job!

Yeah. In game text is really obnoxious. Loads of jam games have tutorial popups that are annoying. I tried to limit the amount of text I throw at the player and let the level design do the teaching.  Levels last the 3rd one are devoid of text. l I do agree that that the starting level has a bit too much text and it could be fixed.

Thanks. I'll see if I can get some level ideas for a post jam version.

Really cool puzzle game. Our games are quite similar  but  you went exactly the opposite way compared to me in terms of how you "store" control. In my case, I transfer control. In your case, you give it completely but you can retrieve it anytime.  I also like how the portals are joined/shared.

The main complaint I have is that the movement really slows down the game. Otherwise great job!

Neat RPG. The steal mechanic is doesn't really fit the the theme(then again, all rpg protagonists are kleptomaniacs out of control so maybe it does). The abilities do get broken though.

I think it'd work better if the abilities  had use limits and the steal was usaable in battle as well. IIRC Disgaea let you steal enemies stats when you fight them. Perhaps you can make it so that the abilities can be used finite amount of times after getting them and you need to constantly steal to replenish your moves.

Art is gorgeous and you have a lot of content for a gamejam RPG.

Really good job!

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Really nice puzzle game. It's amazing what you've managed to do with such a simple mechanic.

Some levels can be a bit hard though.

Pure chaos indeed.

Simple and compelling. Suggestions:

1. The game needs to ramp up faster. I see a screenshot with two seekers but I only ever saw one.

2. The player needs more motivation to go far from the fire. That is where risk and reward comes in. If you spawn new firewood near the fire, the player is just going to stay there.

3. The fire could be a light source if the game was set during the night,

4. The fire could spread to allow for another interpretation of the them "out of control".

I recommend looking at LD46 games. It had a lot of neat games with fire going out as a central mechanic.

There are a lot of ways you can expand on this.

Really beautiful game and presentation. The theme interpretation is simple and it gets a bit repetitive later on.

It could be the base for an enjoyable mobile game. 

Kinda unsure of how to interpret this. The first part really does remind me of anxiety(the type I get when I show people my game and they give me radio silence to try to avoid me lol). I guess you could could explain the falling as a panic attack that makes you lose sense of your surroundings.

What I can critique is the gameplay. Wandering around in the fallen zone is kind of aimless(perhaps intentional).  The enemy there as a manifestation of her fear. I can dig that, but the sanity loss is too sudden. Perhaps make the floor around the enemy crumble as she approaches. That makes the threat more obvious from a gameplay perspective and makes narrative sense as well. 

I don't really play games like this so I don't know how to approach this lol. But I do sense potential here.

Really polished entry with a simple mechanic.

The art is gorgeous and music is catchy as hell. 

 I like how you used the rhythm mechanic in various ways. You have your timed jump which can be substituted with a dash. You also have environment props that react to the music.

It is sometimes possible to get stuck and the controls aren't perfect. But great job for such a short game jam.

Nice puzzle platformer with gorgeous pixel art and fun gameplay. The presentation is top notch with how the sword/switches stand out from the environment.

Platforming is a bit finicky during the spike areas.

I will say that the control loss aspect is not that pronounced since you barely need the sword for combat. 

Great job!

Great art and animation. Controls are surprisingly good too. 

I think the corruption part could be implemented in the gameplay as well. But what you've maanged to do in 48h is still impressive.

Thanks! I pretty much made that level based on the idea that the player will really want that arrow but will finish the level without it lol.