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I never thought saying no to everything would be this fun. I love how that guy comes in with a bloody toaster and asks for a refund. I didn't get killed by the police but the buildup was GAWDDAMN hilarious. I can totally imagine. I also like how sometimes spamming the no button isn't effective.

As others have mentioned, a skip button would be a great feature.

Great job for a 48h jam. I made a story based game in the extra credits jam but it was nowhere near as polished despite having a much more time to make it.

I think the mouse controls hurt it instead of helping it. Runing towards the mouse doesn't work for faster paced platformers. 

The loop mechanic is cool. But I think  that  it needs a slower pace. Maybe it'd be better if it was like superhot (i.e time moves when you do).

Also, you should add a faster way to restart.

But A+ for creativity.

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My games's about a ghost who can posses lazy party members to order them. I actually came up with the ghost part late into the game jam so there aren't any visuals  for the ghost. So some sketch of the ghost would be nice.

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Very charming. You can only look at one layer of the image- this is a very cool interpretation. The existing levels are great considering you had 24h for everything. I think there is an overreliance on red herrings in the puzzles. Ex: last level has 4 gears but  only one of them matters. It's cool that the main gear is responsible for rotating every other gear though. Maybe add some SFX to indicate that multiple gears are turning.

The art is very charming despite being minimalistic.

I'd like to see this fleshed out. You can go with 2 routes imo. A relaxing mobile game that's like a point and click game with touch controls or a pc game that has more complex puzzles. 

Like your ludum dare entry, I ended up giving it a full score ;)

Nice! The skullmurai fight can be a bit hard since he has a variety of attacks. Great job on beating it.

I actually didn't think about that particular problem  since I didn't have plans to implement leveling in the jam build. It feels nice to solve a problem without knowing it lol. But you're right. I always ended up trying to balance XP between the party in disgaea so that the game didn't become too easy.

P.S: Yup I love stupid puns like that. My username also happens to be a pun in my native language.

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Thanks for the kind words. I actually tried to make it so each character had a low damage/low strain cost attack and a high damage/high strain cost attack. Enemies having the ability to inflict heavy strain is a good idea and would probably be easy to implement. 

You are right about the lack of content. I actually put some smaller enemies in the game but it made the game very difficult. I ended up cutting them since I didn't have too much time to balance things.

The combo suggestion is very good. I'm not sure if you've noticed it  but the characters can attack even at 100% strain. My initial idea was that at max strain you couldn't act for some time. And the enemies would also follow this rule. I think that'd make it more interesting to plan huge combos. Of course I ended up cutting that feature too.

I will try to streamline the UI design as you suggested.

My game's currently sitting at 11 reviews.

It's a SRPG where you play as a ghost who can possess and order 1 party member to act every turn. The other other members are too lazy to do anything.

Weird turn based games are my jam. This is my entry:

It's a turn based SRPG where you are a ghost who can only possess one person at a time. You can give orders only to the character you possess. The time until your next turn also depends on the order you give.

Hey thanks for the feedback. There is a bug with cancelling abilities which I didn't have time to fix. 

I'm glad that you decided to comment despite not being a fan of these type of games. I will keep your feedback in mind and try to make the UI more streamlined.

Just another unity another unity Dev here. I ended up making a SPRG this time. The catch is that only one member from you party can act every turn.

I also have a public github repo for the game.

Thank you! The cancel thing is a bit of a bug. I left it for fixing later but ended up making the final build without adding the fix.

Thank you! I couldn't add the attack descriptions in game due to time constraints but I'll  add it in the game description. I'm currently busy with another project right now but I'd definitely like to expand on this later.

I'm a CS student from a 3rd world south east asian country where there is practically no game industry. I like to participate in game jams a lot since I rarely have time to make games between all the classes and assignments.  Even though there is no game industry here, I want to open a game studio here when I graduate. I want to show everyone here that there is a future outside of cookie cutter doctor/engineer gigs and that it is viable. One of my friends already beat me to making the first game to be published for steam/consoles but I'll try my best to be the second.

My entry was a solo one even though I started in a team. I didn't like the game idea the other team members decided on so I left and worked on my own idea halfway into the 1st day of the jam. One of the ideas we had been discussing was an RPG where you got one turn. Based on that I made a SRPG where you had to pick one party member to act every turn. Despite the strategy moniker, I know that the game didn't end up being very strategic  since I couldn't spend time on design. I pretty much coded everything from scratch.

Game link:

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Here's mine:

It's a simple SRPG where only one of your party members can act every turn. The reason behind that is you're a ghost who can only posses one person at a time.

I'll check out yours when I wake up tomorrow.

Really interesting puzzle game. My mind was blown when I realized that  I could possess the tiles outside the board. But it is really easy to abuse that to cheese the game. I also feel that the movement rules need some tweaking. The sword+shield has too much range compared to the other classes. And it is very easy to reach a stalemate if you have only 2 in the board. There should be some way to restart the level. Also, I think it'd be more interesting if the other tiles could kill each other instead of only targeting the player. Pulling off insane kill streaks is the best part of the game and it would be even more satisfying to trap one enemy to kill another. 

Pretty neat. I like how the scrolling parallax actually has an effect on the gameplay. As others  have said, it could use a little variety in the gameplay. Some obstacles/ enemies would be a good addition.

Just a simple squad based SRPG where you must choose one character to act every turn. I spentost of my time on implementation so the levels aren't very fun but I'd appreciate your feedback.

If you're still looking for games to play: 

Here's mine:

I'll try to play your game when I have the time. 

Simple but cool interpretation of the theme. I love the adorable art. Some nitpicks:

1. The levels are too wide. Most of the time you won't know if there is a platform before jumping. Also needs some check points.

2. The tall platforms where that require you to use the arrow are repeated without any change. You need to shot at the same exact  place of the platform again. 

3. The arrows should be a one way platform(You should be able to pass from below).

Somehow you managed to make a fighting game with only one button. I think the idea is very unique though it is very frustrating to play. I think it would have been better if the possible combinations were lower.  There also seems to be a problem with inputs not being registered properly sometimes. I think the game would've been better if there was less of a focus on platforming since that is the most frustrating part.

The art style is super unique but the noise makes it kind of hard to understand what's going on.

But for a 2 day jam entry, this is very good. 

Cool interpretation of the theme. However, the controls definitely get in the way. The jump feels very floaty and has a considerable startup  delay. The checkpoint mechanic is great in paper but the game does not reload the same level if you die. This means that it's almost always better to use the checkpoint at the beginning of a new level. With a bit of polish this could be great.

Obligatory lick to my game:

Very nice controls and game feel, I love the little squash and stretch when he jumps. My only complaint would be that the wall jump is a bit hard to control.

Feels really good to play.. Every weapon was satisfying to use. But  the pistol is too weak compared to the rest. The best strategy is to clump enemies together and hit them with an aoe weapon.  

I've played through the game without knowing I could dash. I don't think many people will play through the tutorial section. So consider editing the description to show the controls. 

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Very nice take on the theme. I also had the same idea at first (Mine was a spear) nut I ended up going for a different idea later. 

The mechanic definitely has promise but there are a couple of problems I want to point out:

1. The dart can get stuck offscreen. Most of the time you'll be rolling a dice hoping to hit something offscreen. When you aim, you should move the camera a bit towrds the aim direction.

2. Losing the dart when hit was a good idea at first but more often then not it'll get stuck in spikes. A way to recall the dart would be nice. Maybe even add a leviathan axe style boomerang effect where it damages enemies before returning.

3. Aiming should be done with a mouse.  Also, draw a line to show where you're aiming and where you might hit. This can easily be done with a line renderer.

3. There are no visible health point but you die in 3 hits.

4. The dagger is hard to locate on screen since it shares the same color as some of the elements in the level.

Obligatory link to my game:

Thanks! I don't know if I'll ever get around to making an expanded version of the story. I feel like there's a lot more I can do to flesh it out more.

Thanks. The other choice leads to the another ending. I made it so that both endings work together to flesh out the bigger story. I recommend playing through the other choice if you haven't already.

I actually sat down to make walk animations on the last day. But I quickly realized that my animations skills sucked... So I kept it as is. I'm not sure about how much I can help but I'd be happy to take a look.

P.S: I checked out your game.  

Really fun. The core mechanic is simple but you managed to make the puzzles interesting. Typically in this type of game the two characters don't collide with each other but you made that the central part of your mechanic. The headbump mechanic was pretty funny.

 At first, I thought that only the colored part of the platform was solid enough to stand on. The sphereish coloring effect is cool but I think it'd be better to amke solid platforms fully colored and make the sphere of influence for each character svisible but opaque. 

The controls are a bit janky but this is a jam game after all.

The graphics are fine I think. I think it would be better to make the platforms that both of them can stand on completely purple. It would fit better that way.

I think the soundtrack in the first two levels is the best one. I think you could've used it in all of the levels(except the chasing ones) and it would fit. The other tracks are pretty good. Overall, good music selection.

As for the chase sequences, I liked them. I realized that it was far easier to make moth of them jump than to make the one with the matching color go first and then the other. I also really like how you had to "headbump multiple times to pass the final block". It was frustrating but made the ending more worthwhile.

The only problem I have is that the game doesn't have any connection to the theme. But great job nonetheles.

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Yeah, the game has a lot of issues. 

In case anyone reading this hasn't played the game, SPOILERS ABOUND

The village does have a very small population shown in-game. This was because I didn't have time to make separate assets for everyone. in the beginning, I was also a humbling of adding walking animations for everybody. Due to the the amount of work that'd entail, I decided to keep a small number of characters. 

Regarding the travelers, I probably should've made it clear that they probably came from their own village. Most likely that village also lost their core somehow and sent out teams to steal the cores. I like to think that at the beginning, only a few villages were affected by the core corruption. But then those villages tried to steal and created newer victims. It's more of a chain than a circle but you get the point.

In the cycle ending you most likely keep on fighting more and more villages. That's why so many die. I should've made it more clear that they were not just fighting the travelers.

The reason why the travelers could handle being separate individuals was because they had a mission. As long as their goal is the same, they don't need to read each others minds. If they didn't, they'd be arguing everyday like they did in the room scene.

The fact that this village survived in ending B seems like a miracle, because that's what it is. Most villages would probably choose to steal a core instead of giving up entirely.

The reason the priestess assumes that stopping them wouldn't help is probably due to a but instinct. She felt that the travelers were not that different from them and that they could also end up like them (which does happen in ending A). She probably understood that they were not just the only ones hunting for cores and decided to give up.

Regarding the technical issues, most of it stems from not using unity previously for cut-scenes like this. In the first version, I actually did snap the the characters to their positions when you hit skip. It looked unnatural so I cut it out. But, I didn't realize that it'd cause problems like the one you mentioned. I probably should have some toggle button for the auto text advance. It'd actually be pretty easy to implement.

Thank you for being honest. I know that a lot of my explanations are probably my head-cannon.  Some of the hints were in the game but I think I did a poor job of explaining things in-game.

Thank you! It means a lot to me that you liked it enough to play through both endings. You can actually skip most of the dialogue by pressing z( arbitrary choice, I know).  I should've added a button prompt. I'll add it to the description.

Unfortunately, I can't upload a post jam version until the jam ends so the typos have to stay for now.

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Sorry,I accidentally ticked the hide upload checkbox. You should be able to download it now.

Webgl build added!

Also, a special shout out to a certain  power hungry ninja from Sekiro. I was stuck in this  boss before ludum dare started. When I almost gave up midway, I booted up sekiro and beat the boss on my first try.  That finally gave me the motivation to finish things.

Good point. I think I know what type of game to aim for now

I can't seem to find this mentioned anywhere so I figured  I should ask. Do we have to follow a certain theme for the games or are we free to make what we want?

Cool, I'm using unity too. Did you guys do everything from scratch or use any assets

I came here from a vid posted on r/games and it turns out I already had this bookmarked.  I'll surely be buying this later(I have too much backlog). 

Anyways, what engine did you use to make this?

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fixed version added + screenshots(finally). Please note that the fixed version came out after the jam.

The game looks amazing but I don't know if my old PC can run it.What are the minimum specs don't want to download a 1 GB file  If I can't run it.