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Action platformer using only one button. Avoid, Tank, Reflect.
Submitted by havik (@matthavik) — 5 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#5234.0934.093

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Hi Havik,

This game looks very promising! Feels and plays like a variation of that "Mercurial Story" game, but on steroids! Though, it is forgiving with the extra lives and hearts, along with a spawn point at the previous area that you failed at.

The music is also very upbeat and wacky at the same time. Reminds me of a Warioware tune. :P

The leader-board is a nice touch, keeps people playing and competing against each other.

If you can add some more wacky tracks and some fun characters + environments, this could be a great game!

Judging by the rankings and score you got, this looks like a great contender for Mark's top games! Wish you the best of luck! :)


Lovely game! It has a very polished touch to it, while maintaining simplicity. Perfect to chill for a while! :)


Phew, I dunno how anyone thinks the game is too easy! Haha. After a couple dozen runs, I couldn't top 29 or so. It's a really interesting take on an endless runner that I haven't seen before. I think my biggest difficulty was avoiding the bullets. Maybe I'm just a 'scrub' but I found them a bit unfair. Obviously others would disagree! Still, it was a fun game and the aesthetics were very cohesive. Good stuff!


Ha! Such a fun and upbeat tone to such a delightful game. Good job!


Oh I played this one earlier! Really enjoyed it despite the difficulty.  The visuals and juice was also just perfect on this game!


i thought i had already rated this game 

havik dude this game is...... AWESOME


Feels good and fun. Game surprisingly easy to read even with everything happening and the single color.


Smart concept! Probaby one of the more unique platformers here. Nice juicy also!


I love the bubbly aesthetic that unifies the visuals and the audio. Each platform provides a unique challenge and then you need to remember to stop on top or bottom before the next interchange. The guns are a smart way to add a more dynamic game so that once you've seen a platform before you have to adjust. However the pinpoint aiming of their shots to where you will be  either pose no threat because you are on the other side or block a reflection you have to do. The latter is frustrating.

I would  offer the suggestion that they either only shoot when you are on the side they are or that there horizontal position is random and shoot a vertical laser or both. It accomplishes the same thing of the player having to swap in different places instead of just doing the same thing whenever a specific platform appears but it gives the player time to plan for the differences instead having to react in a short period of time to a bad hand while predicting the landing point of a bullet. 

Besides that small bit I liked it a lot. Great Job!


First of all: what a first impression. Great music in the background, delightful bloops as sound effects, and an overall very polished feel in the main menu. Good start. (I write this before having started the game.)

Hot dog! What a fantastic design! I really like the concept, and the game feels really polished. This is just, straight up, a really fun game. The turrets are maybe a bit too much, I'd prefer more environmental dangers, if you know what I mean? But again, what a great game.


I love that it is different every time, adds a significant level of replay value. The highscore did make me terrified though, HOW?!?!? ugh.. 

Still fun game but you'd never see me anywhere on that table XD


Beautiful. Well made. And why am I so bad at this ??? :-)


Simply but beutyful, nice game good job

Please try our too:


I really nice deisgn! Probably the most polish game I played in this jam.  It would probably make a really cool mobile game ;-)


Chill vibe, Good Job!!!


Jamming game (hehehehe....) Broke my brain a few times where I knew I was right and fell off... The high score is devilishly awesome cause I thought I was doing well until I saw other's scores...and it made me want to play 2 more times.


This is really polished! I like all the wee details, showing the controls on screen as you go along, the sound effects are great, the wee screen shake. I am impressed you are generating levels in a jam game nice job!


On the surface quite simple, but difficult to master.
Could barely get above 40 ^^;
Great game all the same though~!


soooo coooool!

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