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You can only press each button once.
Submitted by dubtuff64 — 44 minutes, 11 seconds before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#2114.4094.409

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I really liked the simple yet very cute artstyle.


Thank you. Your game's art was very vibrantly colored!


I kept thinking that this was going to be a limited design possibility and every level you kept surprising and stumping me. The last level took me a minute or two before I got it. I would love to see how far you could push this given more time. Good job.


Very nice take on the theme. I actually found myself getting stuck fairly often and thinking 'how on earth do I do this' before finally realizing the answer - and every time it felt extremely obvious once I noticed how to do it. Which to me is the sign of a good puzzle! 

I did get stuck on the wall a few times while trying to glide past, especially as corners, I don't know if that was intended or just slightly funny collision detection.

That being said, really impressed with this idea. Finding something simple and making it into something great is a hard job, so well done!


Amazing :D! I love how you teached me the rules just by letting me play with the controls :D.

Please make more levels :D! Good luck with this game (if you want to continue :D) and with future projects :)!


An amazing concept with really good execution, but I got stuck at one of the levels, which was pretty frusterating


Absolutely loved this one! Such a great concept. Even though there weren't a great deal of levels, this felt like a preview of what kind of interesting game could be made with this concept.

Concepts like those in the last level combined with enemies, having to plan which directions to move in what order, etc, give this potential to be an awesome game if developed further!


What a cool idea out of the theme. I was pleased to see the design space explored in the last level, where you need to hold opposite directions down to stop yourself, but keep the movement for later. I wish you had more levels doing that. 

You could create a lot more design space and levels exploring it with the right supporting mechanics. A timed obstacle could force you to stop, the same way I mentioned previously. Perhaps a pickup that could refresh your key presses? There's a lot of potential!


I did have all those supporting mechanics planned as well as pads that rotate you. Glad to see you validate my ideas by having the same.


Fun simple game. Reminds me of Baba is You. Good progression to teach you the mechanics. The diagonal? and last actually got me thinking.

Please check out my game as well if you have the time :)


This is simple, clean and clear. It introduce controls and mechanics slowly and build up assumption how it works and then let you break them to solve the last level, which I really liked :)

Well done!


It is cool, how game help me 😊


Took me a while to beat it. Had to break my assumptions. Nice game!


Neat! The last one really showed how much potential there is with those very few controls! Great idea. I wish there was more :)


This game so cool!! I really like how you slowly introduce/teach player how to properly go around the limitation of only able to press a button once

Sadly the game ended abit too soon.  Just gotten the hang of the game and it ended (but perhaps 48hr is to short to design intricate levels   


Really cool idea. It would be interesting if we could change the movement speed (and lose precision) at the beginning of the level.