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solid game for just 48 hr!

Love the level of the spinning long block in the middle!! the feel good moment of the 3 green ball lined up while the block rotate away to allow a straight shot( on the contrary , the last level is frustrating :( and i won by randomly shooting ._.

XD tried to move with wasd, definated helped abit , but somehow it get bit distracting and caused a few unwanted death at times(bump into monster etc.

Btw , as I was replaying with moving the charater, the slow down time can be shown as you cutting of the monsters one by one(so the more you kill the longer the animation will be thus more time to plan on next strike.) You will still be able to move your mouse or even click on the very next location while the animation is playing!

It might be cool to make health as part of your energy too , so that you only have one resource to juggle around(and healing pick ups are much more needed which push player to venture out to darkness) perhaps even add in doom style where enemy will drop pickups at higher rate when your energy gets low! 

Any way , cool take on the only one color concept. I made a one color game too :

This is so good!! only flaw is that the movement gets "clunky?" near your dead body. I understand that you aint suppose to be able to protect all around your own body from a single point so there is some kind of collision added in . But it hurts the movement which make it super hard to move around and you can still somewhat swing and hit  all angle (with super awkward control,everywhere else was so smooth and nice) ._.  

Love the introduction of teaching player the control. 

Mark mark mark, Markmark Mark MarkMark

actually most of the time i used only one key anyway ... the other key is great for last minute save

I saw the temporally slow down of time , think this concept could be expanded abit more so that the more monster you kill in one strike ,you get longer time of "zen" mode where time slow down to aim for another multi-hit ( and it help eliminate the sudden death where before you are able to make nxt strike , a monster creeps up to you or even spawn right beside you)

personally i would like the mouse to control the direction of fire as a lot of downtime is created with waiting the hand to rotate to the correct angle.  Kinda reminded me of old sticky hand toy XD

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cool game ,,, but somehow the later level there was too much process and i just use intuition(gut feeling) to choose the correct answer XD .

Great work on the levels that introduce new elements too, esp the boom one which the only way out is try to hit it and realize it can be push around

There was a similar game (Only On(c)e) on this jam where each button can only be press down once, while their twist is that multiple key can be press at once or release at different time to create different movement. yours have much more added gimmicks and way better art style. The 2 game combine might be wonderful.  

try to beat the boss :D

Love the little pause on the bounce ! 

Love the fact that as i got used to the game , i notice the platform getting shorter and lasting shorter time to bump up the challenge :D

I won but sadly didnt see the victory screen cuz i cheated >_< (my keyboard can simulate pressing multiple times by holding it down .... 

Kinda reminded me of "getting over it" with your narrations. 

I got really good at .._. XD  it would be a nice mores code learning game ( maybe newer lv introducing more commands corresponding to different letter. ) 

Love the fact that wrong input still shows you the letter its actually representing.

This game so cool!! I really like how you slowly introduce/teach player how to properly go around the limitation of only able to press a button once

Sadly the game ended abit too soon.  Just gotten the hang of the game and it ended (but perhaps 48hr is to short to design intricate levels   

Its more like a bullet hell game >_< could be a fun 2player game actually XD 

kinda like a puzzle game where you try to move out of the way ... sadly i dont quite get the shoot mechanic and always die to overwhelming enemies

I need to be able to see my painting >:(  ,,, and, wheres my happy little trees

errr... i dont know how to run your game

yah. the short time of the platform is turning a puzzle game to dexterity game where just must jump before placing platform and jump right away to the next location ._. (was the platform only lasting Only One second?!) 

yupe , same here . maybe you wanna check with mark brown if you can upload a fixed ver

oh , the v1 was just one bullet flying around (the game plays itself cuz u cant "die")

Awesome puzzle game!The first few level feels like a satisfying tetris (similar shape) . But with the diagonal blocks, things start to get abit tricky

Love the snappy feel and the satisfaction of the level completing by itself near the end.

make sure this 2 section is properly selected ( i assume u exported as html

as in , not just background musics, but the ray of colors somehow sync with the music and the number of button u need to press synchronize with the music like a :Taiko no Tatsujin

omg is it hairy ba**s!!

Could use abit of rhythm to it? abit of music game vibe  . 

Yah is just a quick putting things tgt after "stealing" the idea of only having one bullet XD . was thinking about whole thing being a small maze with a few walls (to bounce  bullet) , a player control character (to shoot the 1 bullet , and follow with dodging enemy and bullets) . perhaps a end game boss after a certain score or etc.