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Action/Survival game with Only one Color - GMTK 2019
Submitted by Becher, quenth, Allifeur — 2 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#12943.2173.217

Ranked from 60 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice mechanics at work here, it's really fun to try and manage the use of light to not get jumped on by ennemies, while still having to remember where you are to not get lost in the path you lighted for yourself.

Also strong presentation here, i really like the way you encapsuled the gameplay area within an artwork, and the character and enemy design are pretty neat as well (the ennemies kinda reminded me of some obscure amstrad game : the 5th axis them seeming quite mechanical and all) all makes for some nice atmosphere as well. Not sure what else i could say, the controls felt responsive the mouse aiming is precise and all

Congrats and well done guys :)


Lots of solid design here. Energy used for both attacks and the light, the lights slowly shrinking, enemies that are only visible in black instead of blue. It all ties in nicely, well done!


Very unique. I think that not being able to see your character within the light circle is very good design, it really discourages camping and adds a good risk/reward element to basic movement. I don't think you should change that, stick to your decision here! Nice work!


Pretty good game! But i think if you make each enemy has a unique sound play when they spawn it will be better. Overall for a game jam it is very amazing! Feel free to check out my game:


We thought about that, but we don't have time to create really different sound for each :(
Thanks for your feedback :)


Funny game with minor jump scare (I'm weak haha).

Rendering the player in his light would help the game!


Thanks for your feedback X) It's cool if you were scare, this game took some survival's mecanics and it worked for you!
Don't you think that if you always see your character, the game loose it's scare dimension?


The scary feeling was from not seeing the enemy, not yourself ^^


Yes but it would be easier if you could see yourself into the light. and you'll take less risks, and then you are less scare by enemy. You see?


Really great atmosphere. I was so scared of what was just outside of my little blue circle. Could see a survival horror game taking some of these elements and really running with them!

Try out my game if you get a chance!


Nice! There are a lot of subtle details which makes this a great arcade style game. Oddly enough, I actually prefer that light renders on top of the player. This adds some interesting difficulty and discourages spamming light around the play field since you might easily lose track of your character doing so.


I'm totaly agree with you and that was the goal ;)
We noticed that, most of the time, the player quickly learns to estimate the position of his character

Thanks for your feedback!


You have a great team. I have played your previous games. Your game have great visual effect and looks complete each game especial the thunmbail!


Ah ah thanks. Yes this team is cool ^^
I worked for the first time with them (and some others) for lost in Cinder and it was really great!

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

Good to see some other French devs, here. That's quite pleasant not having to pass into qwerty mode before playing. ^^

Aside from that, I loved the creepy feeling and atmosphere of your game. The idea is really cool too, even if I'm not sure how it's related to the theme. Is it because, depending on the light, you can see only yourself or only the enemy, but never both?


Thanks for the feedback!

We went with the idea of a game with only "one color". Just like Black elements could only be seen with a Blue background, the blue player could only be seen with a black background. As you see it doesn't work like actual light which frustrates a lot of people, we'll probably add more visual feedbacks to make it feel more pleasant.
In addition to the one color, the game plays with only one screen where you must survive alone.


Oh okay, I definitely didn't get the "one color" thing.
Thanks for clarifying.


I love this idea that some enemies are visible in dark vs. visible in light (or is it just when I get hit?). Either way I like the mechanic so much I kinda want to steal it, haha. 

The game itself is really challenging with your choice of seeing yourself or seeing your enemies, but not both.

While I think it may be a tad too hard to tell what's going on at times, It's one of my favorites so far in the jam!


XD i think you have the right to reuse it !

It's for that i love so much game jam....
it create a huge catalog of small concept presented in prototype that can be inspired to make your own game later.

So if you realize a game where this mechanism could be integrated in an interesting and original way, use it!


Really cool idea! It took a little bit of time to get used to the controls, but once I did I really enjoyed it! My main critique would be to make the health/light bars stand out a bit more, since I found it hard to tell when I was out of light or close to dying. Great job, though!


This is fun! Cool style, fun gameplay, very difficult! I wonder how it would play if your meter increased with time rather than having to collect items.


Dang, you were able to create such a creepy atmosphere with only 2 colors and one dimension. Kudos to you! It gets really hectic and fun the farther you get into it! Lighting idea was really cool! Great job!

Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)


An interesting concept! Can be a bit confusing as the light covers a very small space so you mostly just fire at random and find enemies by being hit, maybe give some hints to enemies' positions? The look is nice, excellent choice of colour!

If you'd like to check ours:


Nice dual-purpose mechanic! I think I share the sentiment with some people that it takes a little bit of time to get used to it, but once you get it, it's a fun game. My score: 1750 in 1:00.
Check our game!


It might be cool to make health as part of your energy too , so that you only have one resource to juggle around(and healing pick ups are much more needed which push player to venture out to darkness) perhaps even add in doom style where enemy will drop pickups at higher rate when your energy gets low! 

Any way , cool take on the only one color concept. I made a one color game too :


A neat idea and well-executed.


Thanks for your feedback


Good  original game, nice to play

Please check our too:


This game is interesting. 

It's pretty original because I don't have any other game that I could compare it to your's.

Design: 4/5

Adherence to the Theme: 4/5

Originality: 5/5


Loved this game! The gameplay is not easy but it is enjoyable and the sounds create a perfect atmosphere. I think I got about 2200 points max.


ha ha not bad ;) thanks for playing!

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