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There is potential for an interesting and fun puzzle game. You can create some creative ways to use the replication mechanic in solving in-game problems. Cool idea and a good start ;)

It needs a little more polish in terms of gameplay but there is potential for it to become a good and addictive mobile game ;)

I like the idea. It's simple but it has potential. Good game :)

Pretty good idea and execution. A little more polish and it can be a solid clicker on mobile or browser :)

Interesting idea and good execution. The atmosphere is really creepy. I was so scared to play this game :|

Very nice :)

This game has huge potential. The next step is to think about some improvements in the design of the spaceship. Maybe try to add some interesting mechanics to control it more significantly.  However, I really liked the current version of it, good job :)

I got engaged in the gameplay. It has good design. However, the game needs little more juice to feel even better. There is potential ;)

There is POTENCH();

Well designed puzzle game. It has the potential :)

Good art design. There is potential in the main mechanic :)

Okay, this is epic.

I liked it a lot! I would see this game as an interesting combination of a story focused 'walking simulator' kind of game with the elements of a puzzle game. There is definitely a P O T E N C H :D

Well designed and relaxing puzzle game.  Art and music fit together. Great game jam entry :)

So that's how the reflex training is done? :P

That could be some sort of a minigame in a bigger game. It's pretty good :)

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I've encountered one game breaking bug but apart from that, this game is nuts duuude :D

It has the P O T E N C H :)

I've already rated it ;)

Thanks for feedback.

I've installed DirectX (June 2010) redistributable and restarted my computer but It still doesn't run :\

Juicy game! Really well designed. It's hard but very fun to play :D

It's hard. However, the game has the potential to be some kind of section of a bigger game :)

Original game with a cool idea behind it :)

The characters in the game are moving with super speed wich makes the game almost unplayable :|

Maybe you forgot to multiply their speed by deltaTime?

Anyway, the game looks interesting and fun ;)

I'm going to be honest with you. I didn't like it :\

Not very original and it doesn't adhere to the theme of the jam very much.

Thanks for playing ;)

You know, the main problem of this game is that it doesn't give enough feedback to the player. But It has the potential to become a successor to "Papers, Please" :)

Okay, this is original.

word 23: "can"


It has the potential to become a solid mobile game. The game needs a little more polish but overall it's pretty good :)

This is a great example of how games can show philosophical concepts through in game mechanics. I really love the originality of this one <3

It's hard and it has the potential to become an addictive mobile game ;)

The atmosphere of controlling the submarine underwater and the gameplay got me engaged. The simple principle of pressing only one button to play makes the game both easy and hard at the same time. Very good game jam entry. Pozdrawiam ;)

I would like to see this mechanic applied in different levels because it might feel repetitive after some time. Unique idea and style. Good choice of music. The game has the potential to be something greater ;)

Preety good puzzle game. It has the potential.

The game has a potential but it needs to be more polished.

Currently it's very hard to do that because I unconsciously made it too hard to do. I should work more on the game balance before uploading the game :/

Around one hour :)

In level 5 you have two paths. You can take any of the two. If you go down, you finish the level by blue teleport. If you go up, you have enough time to build the ship and win the game.