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Everyone has the same encrypted text but YOUR game contains a unique word.
Submitted by LE VINGT-ET-UNIEME — 4 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#744.5834.583

Ranked from 36 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Congrats on the score. Well deserved! 


I appreciate that you take the time to come back mate! Thank you so much!


It's an odd concept for a jam game but it works only one time whern you have an active community and fresh phrase. The problem is that you run game once, get your word and that's it, the end. There is no other activities and reasons to go back.


I'm not a big fan of long games, or the idea of replayability but I understand your point. Shortness of the experience as been pointed out, indeed!

Thanks for passing Tricky_Fat_Cat ! :)


I don't know if anyone got this word yet:

31- realizes

I found this a very original idea, and atmospheric. I do think it lacks a bit of game play though.


You're not the first one to think it's way to short (even I thought that when I did a new playthrough).

And no one found "realizes" but you! Thank you for passing by, and thank you for sharing!

Submitted (2 edits)

Cool concept! Very original!

Word 28: Feels

I uninstalled and then reinstalled your game to see what happened. The same word was there, exactly where I left it. I tried downloading it again and after installing and opening it, I saw it there. I couldn't let the challenge pass, and so I took to the task to figure out how you did it. I thought of how I'd do it, and so checked if you'd thought of it as well. Sure enough, it was there! Lucky me!

Nice job :)


Hihi, sneaky you! 

I'm glad to know you've spent time trying! Thanks to you, it's been done for something! :)

Thank you so much for passing by! 


Definitively super original for making something that makes the comunity play together :)

My word was :  41, Happiness 


Happiness for you Metal Wolf! So happy you came by! :)


Hehe well since completing this puzzle is going to be a community effort i'm just doing my part :D 


Okay, this is original.

word 23: "can"


Thank you GlitchSlayer! :)


Wow, that is beyond orginal! I don't know if this qualifies as a "game", but you got my 5 stars in Orginality and Theme. Well done man :D


I don't know either if this qualifies for a game, but hey. Felt like doing it anyway!

Thank you so much for passing by!

Developer (2 edits)

Just adding this comment to keep an updated version of the text in the front page of the comments :)

Current words count : 24 / 45

Doxa. ----- -- ------ them -- --- our ----- -- ------- And -- ----- looping over and over -------- ---- no ----- can express the emptiness --- feels When -- realises they are -------- ---- - ---- of ----- ------ happiness out of the void.

(1 edit)

Word 38 of 45 : of

Gimme more "press e for interact" pop ups


Just realising we don't say "for interact". 


Jean Pierre Papin égalemen


I love you so very much Mikozouzou but I wrote "to" in the game. 

I had a heart attack this morning! 


<3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word 25 : looping

Developer (1 edit)

No way! Are you THE Dracot?!! 

I'm in love with your songs!!!


That was a really wild (but really cool!) concept! I like the interaction with the community! I think everything was found already, but I got this!


Not everything has been found yet actually!

Thank you so much for playing mate!


Really original. Nice idea to share with other players a same objective ! 

Word 31/45 : "they"


Everybody gets this "they", hihi! Thank you!


Word 33 "are".

Very, very original game. 

Unfortunately, gameplay ends very fast.


I can understand that frustration.

Thanks for coming anyway mate! :)

Amazing !!!

Come to work with us….. please.


Huh, okay ?

This game has ghostly atmosphere nice to play

Please check our too:


I love this concept!

word 28: feels.


Man, i really do hope we end up getting all the words!

Also, did you make the hands like in Bernband or was it just a coincidence? In any case, it's a good one, as i find it quite charming, hehe

let's find them all!

Developer (1 edit)

BERNBAND! I used to play Tom's games when he used to post often. Thanks for reminding me!!!

Might definitely be coming from that, I barely remembered hands floating in a FPS and thought it would give a nice "follower of sect" feeling (hands are high, open and towards the sky). Also, I had nothing but my mouse to make graphics so I kept it simple. I guess it came from both stealing inspiration and mouse drawing capacities.

Anyway, thanks for playing mate! :)


Super original and cool concept, my only complaint is that it's a little anti-climactic when you play it and end up getting a word that's already been discovered XD


Yeah, I considered making some kind of online verification to handle this case but... Guess what, I didn't do it! Hihi.

Thank you for playing anyway! Hopefully, if the text gets completed your session will have more of a climax feeling! :)


words 16 and 18 are "over"


Your pseudo has two numbers and you find two words. Destiny?

Thank you very much!

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