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Got 50000+ score, I had to go after that ;)

Here's my two cents as feedback: I'd enjoy bigger bullets that move faster and an increased rate of fire (at least 2 or 3 fold haha). If this makes the game too easy give the asteroids 1 to 3 HP randomly.

Also, it might be worth it to ramp up the difficulty based on your current score. Start out easier then increase asteroid spawn rate (or asteroid move speed or blackhole gravity strength, you get the idea). I feel like this might already be slightly implemented, but I couldn't really tell 😅



This is a great concept and the levels are pretty smart. I only wish there were more haha.

Awesome and very original puzzle game!

I love it haha. Even though linking health and amo has been done before, the cycle with the two phases makes the game stand out! The visuals are great too, you're getting a lot of stars from me :)

It feels like you were a few hours away from something amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed your concept! I would love to play again if you ever keep building it :) 

I love that a mecanic that looked like a bug in the first levels, became part of the game in later levels haha. Good game with great visuals!

I'm curious to know what the developer's best score is! Some sections are really tough to speed through, but I managed a 3530 ;)

Even though chain gets in the way a lot, driving backwards is clearly the way to go.

I'm a big fan of minimal looking games, and this one is spot on. The swerving squares make the game tricky but I got pretty far I think! 

We also make a difficult game, you should check it out :D

Dope idea! A harder mode with faster movement (including enemy movement) would be amazing once you get used to the swords :D 

Keep going

I love the double jump animation ! The theme of the game fells so relaxing, I would love to have a small story to go along with it.

Awesome overall :)

Hey, I downloaded and played the game :D I didn't manage to get all of the bananas, but I surely had fun trying. The rotation was original, and had maybe a bit too much momentum. Overall pretty fun, and has potential if you polish a few things !

Impressive to say the least. This could definitively be the base for a local multiplayer party game, that would raise the intensity to the max haha

Top 3: 73:01.268. Trop facile les jeux vidéo

Incredible submission ! I love the bouncy turtles' design

Dope. I hope this game wins !

Very interesting. The fact that you have to take advantage of the maze to complete it makes it quite fun TBH!

This is sooo fun. I have no clue how you came up with this idea, but well done !

Out of all the entries that had the "limited number of moves" interpretation of the theme, this is the best one. Great puzzle game ! Well done

I love the interpretation of the theme. Simple but effective. Generally speaking, this is an excellent jam submission !

Very soothing for an "out of control" game ! Visually speaking, I'm impressed.

The polish is here. Well done.


Very well executed. The idea is simple enough and quite challenging to be honest. gj


Dang, that's pretty original. I don't understand how the car is set to behave, but I guess that's part of the game haha.


Nice one. For the first 10 minutes I thought this was a simple "World's Hardest Game" clone. But the screen rotation was quite a nice twist. The player hitbox could be a bit more forgiving, this could create more "That was a close one" moments !


Wow, that is beyond orginal! I don't know if this qualifies as a "game", but you got my 5 stars in Orginality and Theme. Well done man :D

This is one of the best entries I've seen! Well done.

This is a great concept. Teamwork is rarerly seen in puzzle games, and that's a shame. Well done!

Somehow, I like it :p

This mess, as you call it, conveys quite the emotion. Well done mate

This is great (bugs and controls aside). The gameplay and overall quality of the game are great. I love the music too :p

Well done mate.

Mind blowing visuals :o 

The puzzles are quite hard (for S rank), and the theme is respected. Maybe you could exploit the fact that the ball kill you upon contact, that could make for some more varied puzzles.

Good job

"One bullet" is a classic entry, but you made a puzzle game out of it, which makes it stand out. Well done!

This is an interesting take on the theme. I like the fact that you can choose between 3 different strategies for climbing. Double jump seems OP to me haha. The others are though to control. Well done guys!

Great implemantation of the theme, fun to play, hard to win. You made me want to play more boss battles haha. This is great man. Well done!

This is a great take on the "only one" theme. The levels never get too complicatied, but that's understandable knowing this is a weekend jam. That final screen is probably the best haha, well done!

BTW: 1+1 isn't 2 apparently haha

This is quite the original game! Took me a while to get used to the controls. Otherwise, great submission overall. Well done mate :D

Hey, this is a really good looking game! I didn't quite understand the link with the theme, but the controls are quite satisfying and polished for a 48h game jam.

Well done !

Hey ^^

Thank you for the feedback. Arena modifications, bug fixing and sfx have already been added to the game :D

I will update the game after the jam.

Thanks again

Cool design. Reminds we of when you go fishing in Stardew Valley :D Well done