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Wow, that is beyond orginal! I don't know if this qualifies as a "game", but you got my 5 stars in Orginality and Theme. Well done man :D

This is one of the best entries I've seen! Well done.

This is a great concept. Teamwork is rarerly seen in puzzle games, and that's a shame. Well done!

Somehow, I like it :p

This mess, as you call it, conveys quite the emotion. Well done mate

This is great (bugs and controls aside). The gameplay and overall quality of the game are great. I love the music too :p

Well done mate.

Mind blowing visuals :o 

The puzzles are quite hard (for S rank), and the theme is respected. Maybe you could exploit the fact that the ball kill you upon contact, that could make for some more varied puzzles.

Good job

"One bullet" is a classic entry, but you made a puzzle game out of it, which makes it stand out. Well done!

This is an interesting take on the theme. I like the fact that you can choose between 3 different strategies for climbing. Double jump seems OP to me haha. The others are though to control. Well done guys!

Great implemantation of the theme, fun to play, hard to win. You made me want to play more boss battles haha. This is great man. Well done!

This is a great take on the "only one" theme. The levels never get too complicatied, but that's understandable knowing this is a weekend jam. That final screen is probably the best haha, well done!

BTW: 1+1 isn't 2 apparently haha

This is quite the original game! Took me a while to get used to the controls. Otherwise, great submission overall. Well done mate :D

Hey, this is a really good looking game! I didn't quite understand the link with the theme, but the controls are quite satisfying and polished for a 48h game jam.

Well done !

Hey ^^

Thank you for the feedback. Arena modifications, bug fixing and sfx have already been added to the game :D

I will update the game after the jam.

Thanks again


Godot team here ! Who else used Godot ?  :D

Cool design. Reminds we of when you go fishing in Stardew Valley :D Well done

This is quite the challenge! It is hard to control with precisio, but the graphics are so clean. Well done

Your game is beautiful :o

Here is my shader-less, flat, but colorfull game :

It's about slicing things. You can play directly in your browser!

Tell me what you think :D


Cool game you made there. Reminds me alot of Spout on mobile (but with only one control haha). Good job

Thank you ^^

I had never heard of 0space before. I will definitely check it out then :p

Thank you for the comments. I already fixed the game so that the corner strategy is unviable. I will update the game after the Jam.

Thank you for the comment :)

I see you went 3D for your submission, well done, it's quite clean for a 2day jam.

Oops, edited. Thx

This is well made. Visual and audio feedback are fine, and the game gets quite challenging as well. Reminds me of OLDTV in a way. Well done

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Hey guys,

I made an action arena game where swinging you sword is the only thing you can do :p  You can play in browser, tell me what you think.

If you rate my game, like the topic says, I'll gladly give yours a try. Just leave a comment on my game so I know ;)


Hey, thanks alot for the feedback. I guess I didn't think about sfx, this is a design game jam after all. I will try to polish a few thing after the jam and update the game. That glitch and the sfx are now on my todo list ;)


Quite the original idea, I would have never thought of that! And fun too. Well done.

Hey :D

Well done for that delection ! It's quite hard to pull off really. And I'm happy you liked it.

There is no game :(

Hey watabou :D

I like most of the games / generators that you have made over time. But this one... I am blown away

Visuals are top great too ;)

Well done

Thank you very much ^^ I appreciate.

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These mechanics remind me of the paint section in Portal 2. 

Even though the theme is not really obvious at first, your game is not too bad. 

Well done.

If you play/rate the game make sure to leave a comment and I can check out your game!

Good luck!

I found the momentum mecanic odd at first. That slow acceleration needs some getting used to haha.

Great jam entry otherwise. Well done :D


Hey !

My submisttion is an action arena game. Check it out :

If you do make sure to comment, I rate the games of all people who comment :D


Nice one! In mine, the only thing you can do is clicking to swing your sword, and that is the only way you can move, attack and defend yourself. You can play directly in your browser :

The restiction really made for some intersting gameplay.


I guess that was pretty short haha. Still, it was a good game. You could take the concept further and make some intersting thing with that in the future for sure !


I love the take on sokoban ! Good job

Pretty cool. Also quite unforgiving haha


Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. I really liked doing this kind of jam :)

I like this game :D

Took a few tries to fully understand the mechanics a first. 

I also love the swarm-like movements.