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Yup, complete with Gunz :p

From what i played it seemed to happen only with turrets, so no worries no softlock ^^

Cool that you got to team up with some artists for new assets :)

The new UI looks really cool, both in theming and layout.

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Awesome new additions, the rarity weapon system is really cool :D

Small bug i encountered

There seems to be a bit of weirdness with the enemy spawn at times, i had a few turrets spawn inside containers

But yeah other than that i think it can only get better from here compared to the original jam version, you guys keep up the good work :)

Haha yeah it is a bit OP especially with the slight firerate buff :p

The overheat mechanic seems like a good idea, i’ll have to see if i can implement one without having to fully redo my weapon system though.

Well it is pretty OP but i guess it’s kind of a waste that i put it at the very end of the level so i could put it elsewhere why not :)

Well more levels without changes to the mission structure is feasable, so i could try to make a couple more and maybe try out some ideas i had but couldn’t do in time for the jam XD

“funneling the player into different locations” Do you mean some less open type of levels ? or maybe maps that have some sort of different routes to reach an area in particular ?

Cool ! Hope you liked some of the changes compared to the jam version.

Well i was thinking about trying a few other maps with different objectives other than just the destructible targets, like i said i’m gonna keep the scope somewhat small ^^

Oh i see, i tried rocketing and keeping my distance cause of the damage they deal.

Good idea it could be cool to have the tutorial mention all the new mechanics to avoid confusion :p

Cool update, and the destructible walls are a nice addition.

The electric towers are a bit OP though they drain your hp really fast and i tried on medium difficulty.

But keep up the good work :)

It seems like it, especially if you got more feedback from other people as well :)

A rarity system could be nice to have a bit more variety for sure, but i already like the cards system as it is cause they can be really good boosts to progression compared to the stat points, when i tested i got a railgun which was super handy with the pierce stat upgrades :p

Yeah i suppose the upgrades not working properly could be cause of the save issue but i just gave a heads up in case this was a bug in hope this would help. Cause yah like you said when working on your own game since you know the ins and outs about it you can sometimes not encounter bugs that a regular player could stumble into, thus the importance of feedback XD

But yeah cool progress so far from what i’ve tested / you’ve shown in the logs, and that new UI from the screen looks really nice. Also cool that you plan a campaign mode instead of just the endless mode ^^

Got some time to test the current latest build, i like the new xp system, it seems a lot less tedious to level up. I think the enemies should be a bit slower though cause i had quite a hard time not getting overwhelmed especially when starting out with no upgrades to the movement speed.

The new upgrade with some side options to choose is really cool ^^ i like how you can also get upgrades to the peircing factor of the weapons and not just the damage, this is really helpful for large groups.

From what i tested there seems to be still a few bugs with saved progression and the upgrades menu (the one on the main menu, not the one that pops up at level ups) where some upgrades you clic spend your kaiju bounty points but don’t level up the selected stat, and sometimes these boosts don’t seem to apply when you get back to gameplay (not sure if these are bugs, or just not yet implemented, so i just gave a heads up in case)

Keep up the good work :)

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Welp like i said you got a LOT planned XD but cool that you managed to get so much done.

I know the feel about some features especially when you have to deal with engine specific quirks, i know i’ve had encountered a few when working on my entry, even lately on a recent update :p

But luckilly since you’re on Unity you’ve probably got a lot of resources for help since the engine’s been around for a while.

Haha :D well i just threw that out there cause you already have a mutator system in place so why not have some humorous ones in the mix, kinda like what they did on some old games with the “joke” codes like big headed models etc…

The one i tried still had cubes mostly green or yellow so it was hard to determine what powerups were which.For model changes the ones you screened here seem fine but it’s gonna be a tough balancing act, cause it would be cool to have some that fit the mech theme for sure, but i’d say since the game is from a topdown perspective with the camera quite far above it could be good to have these simple stylized ones for readability, but just your game your decision XD i’d say if you get different feedback from more people this could let you decide better.

I saw the upgrades section in the menu but had zero points so i couldn’t see what it was all about. I think i clocked up something like a 15 min survival session but the xp progression got a bit slow at that point cause the enemies were getting a bit tanky, but this could be eliviated once you add the temporary boosts like the xp one you mentionned in the log.

But yep your game’s getting there ^^ hope you get more feedback from people to help you with updates cause it’s allways better to have more opinions than one.

Keep up the good work and i wish you luck with your game !

edit : just saw it after posting this, but cool new cover art as well XD

Hey StusseGames. You’ve got quite an extended list of features planned it seems :o

Tried out v 0.4.0 and i like the new magnet powerup when i got it, though with them all being cubes it’s hard to tell which one you’re gonna get at the moment (i assume the models you show on the devlog screens aren’t implemented yet)

The chicken placeholder models while you rework the enemies are fun though, you could almost keep them to add as a mutator option to your list later on :p

Local build is cool, it seems to perform a bit better, though i can’t really be the best to judge since i’ve got potato grade hardware anyway ^^’

Sound can still be quite loud at times when there’s a lot of enemies around, and i think having a quit button for the local build would be cool to not have to just alt+f4 out of the game

Other than that still cool with these top tier designs and UT tier music :D

No problem :)

I allways try to go a bit in detail cause that’s what jams are all about when giving feedback ^^

Cool that you’ve had post jam updates, i’ll check the standalone out.

Thanks a lot ! Glad you like the retro look :D

Haha well i’m happy 1st person mode turned out so well cause it’s just a second camera put onto the model, it is that simple XD I figured when experimenting that the weapon models didn’t look too bad up close even if a little chunky so why not have a sort of cockpit view so the players could feel even more like they’re piloting the mech.

Yeah the “Target” arrows were supposed to help with navigation unfortunately since i couldn’t find a way to adjust draw distnce for individual render layers they ended up a bit useless since they weren’t visible untill the draw distance showed the model as well so if i get time for post jam work i’ll have to see how i could make that better :/

Same here if i get the time, the movement will have some adjustments especially since it’s been the no 1 issue people had, and funnily enough, imagine that at some point movement was even slower :p

but yeah a little bit of extra speed wouldn’t hurt and i think i could have this while keeping the heavy feeling, afterall in terms of scale while they’re supposed to be big bulky machines they’re not gigantic if you compare with some buildings XD

Thanks glad you liked the weapons :)

It was a bit of a risky bet but i tried it for fun cause it didn’t take that much work since it’s not a true dedicated FPS mode just a second camera slapped onto the model at an angle that would be convincing for what the pilots would see through the interface XD

Thanks a lot ! Glad you’ve enjoyed it ^_^

Yep i’ve tried since i started jamming to try and have my games feel like there’s a reachable end even if it’s short, and it was a hard goal to reach for 3D but i’m glad i was able to make something you thought felt complete ^^

Happy that you liked the characters and weapon selection, as well as the artstyle in general.

One of the goals i set myself this time was to have a tutorial of sorts cause i’ve noticed sometimes people got a bit lost with either controls or goals in past entries so i figured this would help, and when i managed to make a level select system i decided to have it optionnal so that people who wanted to just jump into the action could do so :p

Nah it’s not you, the weapon balance is all over the place and the bullet spread is a bit too crazy, this made most weapons a bit more short range than i expected them to be with exeption of the Sniper, Laser, Beam, and Rocket launcher cause they have 0 spread.

No worries, like i said it was a cool mini campaign ^^

Yeah i know the feel, sometimes some features for some reason you go “ok that’s gonna be a future me problem” and once you reach that point… haha but yeah planning something and not having the time to put it in a jam context is fine.

Also fine for the last mission, i just pointed it out in case it was an unexpected bug or something, cause you never know you sometimes get surprises with exports XD

Cool that you kept it :)

Haha would have been funny to have the mouth made sfx though it would have clashed with the tone of the game XD

Yeah but i feel that this is mostly an Unreal problem than the devs that use it, so don’t feel bad about it.

:O dang and i thought it was rough making 3 levels in time, you made 20 in 3 days even more impressive then :p

but yeah progression was fine, and there’s a good hook with the mechanics ^^

Well like i said it’s cool you guys went the extra mile for making something multiplayer, but in a jam context i think it can be tricky to get a game going, but cool that witht he coop focus people could still try your game and not just walk around empty maps though :)

No problem dude :)

Awesome tower defense game, with loads of content !

I really had a lot of fun playing this one, and i’ve spent quite a bit of time with it cause i had to grind to see a bit of what weapons were available, had a good laugh at some of the goofier options even if i still couldn’t afford most of these past wave 20 ish to test them myself :p

The eco theme is also pretty sweet. I like the spritework in general, the main character is nice, the enemy tanks got quite some variety, the turrets are big and chunky as expected, and like i mentionned the weapons, whith the very out there upper tier designs like the stacked double barrels, a litteral ship cannon XD

My main issue would be with the sound, more precisely the volume, i found the strategy that worked best for me while playing was to have minigun turrets all over the place, however when they all start firing it gets LOUD O_o

But gotta say other than that issue sound wise i dig the music especially the main menu song \m/ è_é

Great job you guys :)

Pretty fun mining / shooting game.

I like the isometric style camera angle, and its quite impressive that you made a procedurally generated map complete with size choice and seed number :o

The movement shooting and mining felt fine, i just got a bit confused by 2 aspects :

1 : I thought i either had to upgrade to get guns or find another mech made for combat in the map to kill the enemies untill i realized it was way simpler, you shoot when outside of the mech and you mine when inside

2 : the resources indiation cost for the upgrades feel a bit confusing, i feel it could be clearer with maybe colored squares that correspond to the resource to be able to know at a quick glance how much of which is needed to purchase the upgrade.

Other than these 2 i didn’t have any other particular issue. The game was fun and i dig the mech’s look of being a cube rocking some shades B)

Good job ^^

Thanks for playing ! Glad you liked the music too ^^

If i get time post jam to work on the game more, i’ll be sure to have devlogs for the updates, i could have a post mortem as well if i can manage XD

But in the meantime if you’re curious about some details about the game, there’s a community post started by PixelRunner i participated to, where you could share some trivia about your entry, so i did :p

Impressive :O online Multiplayer for a jam game ?

Really cool however i feel that this is a bit of a double edge sword, since it could be tough in a jam setting to have many players to test the feature out and get the full experience :(

But none the less impressive that you’ve put yourselves through so much work in so little time to make something with networking involved O_o

But i like the mech’s design and i also really enjoy that even if i couldn’t test that aspect, the multiplayer seems coop focused rather than competitive.

Overall Well done you all :)

Fun strategy game.

I like how you can just pickup and play with easy to understand controls, the cover mechanic is also pretty neat.

The mech sprites look pretty rad as well, the only issue i had with them is that your camera stretched them a bit with the perspective, but i think the 2D/3D blend is a super cool visual idea, so maybe you could mitigate that by having an orthographic cam instead or lowering the FOV a bit.

Gameplay wise my only issue is the difficulty, it gets hard really fast, especially if you didn’t manage to finnish the previous mission with all your mechs intact and get outnumbered.

Other than that i’ve had fun taking this for a spin, well done :)

Awesome concept !

Plus i really dig the art, i think you’ve nailed the blend of sci-fi and fantasy in the mech’s design. And i gotta applaude as well on a technical level having so much detail on the player character with such a tiny sprite when you’re on foot :O But yeah that reaper dude looks sick !

For what is there i fell there is a strong base to make a full game out of it, shame there’s no sound yet (cause i assume it’s due to time)

If i had to nitpick i’d just say the platforming when on foot needs a bit of work, i’ve had a bit of trouble ion the section where you get flung high up by the jumppad thing. And the control scheme seems a bit odd having the attack button so close to the directions like that.

Other than that it was pretty cool to pkay through this, i defeated the red queen, not sure what the blue symbol did once i collected it though.

Overall great job for a solo effort :)

Fun Turn based mech battle shi fu mi simulator ^^

The mech designs are really good, and i like how its randomized thanks to the amount of parts, the tune is also very catchy.

Gameplay wise the color coded rock paper scissors system works really well, if i had to nitpick i’d say there just needs to be a small reminder for which color beat which, cause i had to exit my fight and go back to the menu look it up again and then got to do a full round, but not really a big issue if i’m honest.

The difficulty selection is also a nice option to have, one last thing i’d say, add some screenshots to your game’s page this will help people get a better idea of what your game’s about and encourage them to try it !

But yeah, Well done to the team :)

Thanks ! Glad you’ve liked it so much ^^

Haha yep i never learn and i tend to overscope a bit in jams, but i done the music a bit before and every SFX is just re used from a past entry, so for the rest i managed to get all i wanted done in time :p

Since i’m still finding a bit my footing when it comes to full 3D in the engine i didn’t go for any kind of complex stat systems here so i made the difference mostly through the loadout gameplay wise, but cool suggestion i’ll take note on to help have the characters more distinct.

Yup the movement issue, not sure i’ll go the dashing/flying route for this one though, and that is if i get time, but i’ll see how it goes.

Yhanks again for your feedback :)

No problem, jam time always goes by super fast so i’d never blame anyone for not having all the changes they wanted for an entry, plus i know sometimes when you chose a color it can be “yep this is gonna be clearly visible” and once you test, surprise didn’t look as you expected :p

Really cool objective based shooter, with tons of polish for a jam entry !

Visually the game looks really great, i dig the mech’s design and Dr Dragon’s dragon mech.

Having any kind of voiceacting in a jam game is already quite cool but here it’s really top notch, plus i like how the mission starts with the overview where the camera moves around showing the various generators etc…

Also the fact that you can hop out of the mech and run around as just the pilot is an impressive feature as well considering the deadline :O

Only issue i had was not even your fault, it’s just that my old rig doesn’t really handle well these fancy UE games (had issues with several other entries that use it) so i’ve havent had the smoothest performance sadly :( but since it’s the engine thing i’m not taking that aspect into account for rating.

Cool entry regardless, well done :)

Cutest RTS ever ^-^

I like the very clean cell shaded look of everything, the randomized mechs complete with a unique name make for some good amount of variety. Gameplay wise i really enjoyed how simple the controls are with the “click or drag” system to indicate wether to move or shoot, the fire pattern zone preview is also a really nice touch ^^

Shame it had no sound :( but hey probably due to time so i get it.

Overall pretty fun, especially when you manage to earn enough scrap to recruit a full team.

Well done :)