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No problem, optimization in a jam game is tough cause of the short time ^^

I have 1920x1080 screen resolution.

Real fun to play from the get go.

I like that you are thrown straight into the action, and i think you've had a good idea to do this sort of arena based combat each room as it fits well with the theme on top of the limited range area you put for the same intent.

The sprites look good and there's nice variety when it comes to the enemies, the lighting effects really add a lot to the mood of the game in general.

The music is nice but just feel the loop is a bit short so it can feel repetitive after a while.

Difficulty wise it can get a bit hectic when you come into a crowded room with lots of the snake and skeleton enemy types, but that said the challenge still feels fair especially since you can collect some hp upgrades to help out, however i wish there was a bit more to find when exploring the dungeon, with also maybe a bit more background variety to convey a bit more progression, like even a simple color change when you climb up a floor.

But these issues are really nothing much to be honest, the game has a good base already in place, is fun to play, and small details like the minimap are really nice to have here already.

Good job to you guys :)

Tons of polish and feels really solid already.

I really like the artstyle and the very wierd enemy designs, overall lots of nice little details, the character portraits that changes her expression as the run goes is really a cool one ^^

The music is really catchy as well, and i like the sort of mix between modern and retro instruments in the same track.

Gameplay wise i'd say i only have a few issues, the character movement feels a bit slow compared to the speed of the projectiles you have to dodge, and the hitbox feels a bit large for trying to squeeze through some of the tighter patterns, but other than that every thing feels responsive, mouse aiming makes for some good precision, and i like that you have a rotating indicator that showcase where you're aiming in case you loose track of the mouse cursor.

Well done to you guys :)

Noted, i checked the boss code and everythig seemed normal, and i playtested again on both Firefox and Chrome and i was able to go through the full game with no crash, sorry about the inconvenience, but here i heve no clue what could have happened here to cause a crash on your end :/

The asteroids could be a nice feature post jam if i get some time, thanks for the suggestion :)

The enemies mostly have the same color cause i wanted them to feel like they were part of a similar uniform alien force, but i guess they do look a bit too samey that way, so i(ll take note if i can post jam this i'll add some more variety in the color schemes.

The speed issue has been noted as many peolpe pointed it out as well so if i can post jam then again i'll change this for sure to have the pace up a bit.

Concerning player ships : You can change your ship after death, i just didn't convey it all that well cause i made the continue Ui a bit too minimal, but if you've noticed, next to the continue you see "Ship 01,02,etc.. your current ship" and tha character hud portrait, you can use the direction key when this menu pop up to select any of the 5 ships just like in the old arcade games. But i don't blame anyone if they didn't catch that as i didn't conveyed it all that well and explained it nowhere on the page's controls section ^^'

Thanks again for the additional feedback, have a good one dude :)

Impressive game, lots of polish already as is !

I really enjoyed playing through this one, it has quite a challenge but yet still manages to be approachable, i like the way you've introduced your original mechanic through the story, after one classic shooter stage bam you can phase between 2 spots to avoid getting cornered, plus you made some very clever patterns requiring the mechanic.

The only issues i had, was that ocasionally in levels where patterns and enemies really fill the screen it can have a bit of slowdown, and some times during dialogue, the arrow button on the dialogue box would overlap and hide part of the text below. But other than these this is really well made overall.

The artwork looks really nice, and the story and world is really engaging, and the music was epic and fitted the theme quite well.

Well done to your team :)

Thanks i'm glad you liked it :)

Yeah even if it's a jam entry i wanted to have at least a bit of variety so i aimed for 3 and i hopefully managed to make it, it was a lot of work though, but since it's a shooter and they're just backdrops with no actual tiles and level design this was more managable at least :p

Oh sorry about that :( i didn't experience any litteral crash when testing, so i'm not sure what happened there, do you remember approximately when during the boss that happened so i can check and see what could have caused this, also could depend on what browser you played in.

Thanks for giving it a shot ! I'm glad you enjoyed it and the character designs as well XD

I've made a few like these that have shown up from time to time in my games whenever i felt it could fit the world, mostly my sci-fi themed games so far :)

Pretty original blend of genres.

The game feels quite polished overall, and i like the presentation, the background looked nice and wan't too distracting to focus on the gameplay and dialogue, the Ui is clean and well thought out.

I like the writing and humor in this, those reference jokes dude haha XD, especially "Faucet Games" as a long time HL fan that had me both smiling and at the same time... *Triage at dawn starts playing*

Gameplay wise it's solid you can move the player indicator with ease and given the story's context you can instinctively guess that you have to dodge droplets and collect hearts, 

now there is a small issue i think, the player hitbox maybe a bit large to fit through certain patterns and while there was no need to make a perfect run with no hits here, if you plan to add to the game and have more difficult segments this could become an issue :( Lastly the patterns here were a bit same-y i feel though the difficulty is fine, but i assume this is mostly due to jam time, and if you intend a post jam version this could be an ok start and introduce more complex patterns as the story progresses.

Other than that no issues, everything ran smoothly, and the game within a game with that pong phone minigame has to be commended :o 

So overall cool game, it has potential and a strong base in place if you wish to expand it post jam, Good job :)

Woops maybe it has, i played with a controller so maybe it didn't have on this input method not sure, my bad sorry ^^'

Nice entry, some original mechanics, some issues, but really cool visuals and music.

i'd say my 2 main issues were, the level design and enemy placement, as some jumps are quite hard to make, and the enemies placed on some spots where you don't have that much room to fight can get a bit tricky, especially in the areas where you put a bunch aligned vertically  on some cliffs, and since you cant jump through to jump up you gotta manoeuvre around the cliff and then get shot imideately by the guy standing there with little time to react.

That said it's still fun and i like the ideas you had, like that combat system of taking down the enemy's hp with one type of shot and once they are locked down you finish them with the other shot type, tricky to do but once i got the hang of it it was nice.

Overall well done especially since it's solo work :)

Really fun and the fact this is made in Pico8 gives it authentic retro charm.

I like the simple gameplay goal of try to survive and score as much as possible and it's also pretty fun having to adapt to each new pattern as you shoot the boss when she changes her attack.

If i had to nitpick i'd only say that having no autofire on the main attack can be tiresome after a while, but i also gotta factor in that it is awesome that there doesn't really seem to have to be a firerate cap so if you've got a good triggerfinger you can spam shots at an insane rate :p

I had a good time playing this, it reminded me of older computer games like Amstrad or C64 titles :)

Cool entry with an original concept on those color coded bullets.

I just felt the goal other than scoring was a bit confusing, i got that you had to destroy the bullets according to their color and switch your gun and collect bombs, but there wasn't much conveyed as if the bombs damaged anything :/

Appart from the confusion, the gameplay is solid and responsive, the mouse aim is pretty much welcome as it gets quite wild once the screen gets crowded and there are a lot more colors to switch through.

Even though it has its issues it's a solid effort with potential, so good job to the team :)

Haha i know the feel when it comes to overscoping, cause i did it a bit this time myself XD

Well good job to you both on the art then since your composer did the symbols, shame i couldn't hear the music though :(

Thanks for playing it through the end and giving your feedback :)

Yeah i kept the powerup spawning a bit fast as even if they are useless once you get to your chosen ship's max level i felt that this would be useful for multi so that players didn't have to fight over upgrades too much, and the difficulty is quite unbalanced as i once again didn't manage to get enough time to do some more tweaking and adjusting, but since i got everything to at least work without too many hiccups (at least that i know of) i can always do the adjusting for some post jam content if i get the time to do so :p

Thanks ! happy that you like the visuals :D

The funny thing is that it's my first attempt at multi, but i felt like local multiplayer seemed achievable at my current knowlege so i went for it, overscoped a bit, had way too much work as i had to make a color scheme for each player and each ship O_o but still manage to barely make it :p

Thanks for playing and giving your feedback :)

Yeah the bosses ended up way too tanky, i feel the amount of hp they have now would be more suited if this was only when playing multi but i'll see how to adjust that if i get to a post jam version, also i should have probably add a health bar of some kind for the bosses as well, they do however show signs of being hit but the effect ended up way too discrete in the end, they flash red a bit.

Weapons are a bit of a mess can't argue with that, i didn't take enough time to adjust the weapons themselves as i focused a bit more on making things as modular as possible to tweak them later, which i didn't have any more time for the jam version so they are definitively a bit lacking in the current build for sure, and same goes for enemy health values ^^'

Honestly can't blame any one if they didn't so no worries, it's just that i wanted to try and make something with local multi this time as it felt managable at my current knowlege, so i challenged myself to do so and i may have oversoped a bit in the process :p

Glad you liked the game regardless of its issues, and yeah background stuff took me quite some time to do as i tried a bunch of new stuff to have them as dynamic as possible and hopefully convey a feeling of depth.

Holy hell this is a cool entry !

I really like the instant action as soon as you choose your room, the concept of having it shring any time you take a hit is very unique and is a nice take on the theme.

The spritework even though they are tiny have got some character to them cause of how they're animated, bullet patterns do get quite tough but feel managable.

And the tradeoff upgrade system is a nice idea though it does make for some very tough choices.

The music is an absolute ultra banger \m/ è_é 

To sum things up i'd say solid overall, quite a bit of polish and juicy feedback for a jam game.

Congrats ! Especially for a solo effort, you did great :D

Cool game with some nice enemy variety.

I really like the sprite designs, the player sub is cool with its free aim turret arms, and the glowing fish enemies are really a nice stylisation to convey that you are in very deep waters with its strange sealife.

Music is really good as well and fits perfectly with the game's vibe.

Main issue for me is the base gun feels really slow (rate of fire) and there were no powerups to get a better one, it would be nice to either have some or to buff the base gun a little if you prefer having only one weapon.

Other than that it's good, it's fun, and while the difficulty ramps up quite a bit throughout stage 2 i liked that it wasn't just pure insanity from the start of stage 1

Well done :)

Very solid and fun puzzle/shooter hybrid.

I really like the mouse only controls, and the included tutorial explains very well every mechanic you'll need throuout the game, plus the fact you can always manage to find a safespot to get your shield back up helps to try and complete puzzles step by step rather than forcing one single solution that works to solve each puzzle and getting stuck trying to figure out whatr that is.

Didn't find any big issues here however i'd say one cool feature to add would be to draw a dot or any indicationwhere you click to know more precisely where you place your ship, cause as it is you tend to have to fiddle around a bit to put it in the right spot.

So like i said solid game, fun to play, i managed to beat it and had a good time doing so :)

Really cool main mechanic !

I like the whole idea of having to deal with the accidental patterns you're gonna deal with if you shoot too much when facing your past version, sorta adds a puzzle element to the combat where you need to plan ahead a bit.

Also from a technical standpoint that's quite an impressive feature, cause i don't know how you managed to get the player input to become a pattern for the Ai clone in Godot :o

I only had a few issues while playing, 

first the clone spawning where they sometimes seem to get right in your face with no real time to react, so i didn't really understood if they spawned where you were at the begining of the wave, or if they spawned where you were at the end of the last wave ?

And last when clones spawned the game stutters a bit.

Other than that it's quite solid, and i can only applaude the bold mechanic you went for.

Well done :)

This is impressive !

I really like how you perfectly nailed down the arcade feel, be it gameplay wise, or in the music and menu sounds.

The action is really good and keeps the pace up without reaching frustrating levels of insanity, which is awesome, the effects and explosions are really good, not to mention the plane models :o i really like their designs in general, with that realistic plausible look, but whacky alternate reality type of designs.

I like the giant version of the flying pancake plane as a boss XD

My only real issue playing this is about gameplay readability, the spark effect on player shots i feel is a bit too much and can obscure enemy fire, and enemy bullets are sometimes a bit bright and don't contrast all that well with the backgrounds at times. 

But other than that it's quite a great bit of fun to play, with solid elements already there, this would be awesome as a full version with more content.

Congrats, especially since you did this solo, and Good job :)

Cute top down action shmup - ey adventure.

I really like the sprites, the rival boss in particular shines here since it's larger and has more detail.

Controls feel solid and intuitive enough, 

though i noted some tiny collision issues, where the upgraded shots sometimes would insant disappearif you fired too close to a wallcause i suppose it was clipping with it as soon as it got instanced, i feel that having a bit more varied shot upgrades could spice the game up a bit instead of just a single powerup.

But honestly appart from this this is fairly polished for a jam game, even more, a solo entry !

Had a good time playing all the way through.

Good job :)

Awesome visuals and art design in general, i really like the demon designs

solid gameplay that gets quite challenging however surprisingly approachable and managable even to less skilled players such as myself :p the bullet patterns are cool and the options menu where you can choose your croshair is a neat bonus.

One odd thing though, i see you list a composer in your team, yet i didn't have any sound or music outside of the main menu of the game, so maybe a bug ?

Still this does not detract from the quality, and i had a good time playing this, i managed to reach the Hand with the golden flail boss, barely beat him with a few pixels of hp left and died pretty much instantly to the next enemies XD

Well i've done other shooters in previous jams so i knew how to implement some of the basic stuff quickly so this helped a lot, but most of the other features are a bit too much overscoping on my part so in reality i just barely made it in the end :p

Happy to see you like the art ^^ i definitively had a lot of inspiration from the classics.

Thanks for playing and giving your feedback :)

Thanks for giving my game a shot ! 

I'm glad you like the ship designs ^^

Yeah that's a staple of everytime i do a gamejam so far unfortunately :( i know i should have more juicy feedback but so far i could never manage to have enough extra time to put it in the jam release, but if i get some time for post jam work, i'll definitively juice things up a bit, and i'll definitively try to work on some more enemy weapon variety.

Thanks for taking some time to play it on stream, i saw the replay on your channel, you gave it a fair share gameplay wise can't argue with that XD

I just want to point out 2 things : 

  1. The game does have sound and music during levels, so i'm not sure what happened there and why you didn't have any
  2. The jaggies thing is a weird issue i've had pop up randomly when making the final build and i have no idea what causes it,  sometimes it exports like that and sometimes it exports fine with crisp pixels all in place, if you look at a screenshot on the itch page that's what the graphics are supposed to look like :p

But like i said you gave it fair criticism on all the rest so no problems here :)

Pretty fun with solid controls.

I had fun defending the city strafing around in that hover tank, i like the spritework too, and the enemy hp indicated directly over their head makes it really clear to read without looking for info in a hud outside of the gameplay area of the screen.

If i had to nitpick i'd say some issues would be that some sprites are very tiny and thus difficult to see, mostly some enemy bullets and the player crosshair.

Appart from that, like i said it's fun to play, simple goal with solid gameplay.

Well done :)

Really fun mechanics !

I like that you constantly fight not only the boss but also your ground on the arena since you can destroy the blocks the enemy can place, the opportunities to upgrade in between phases in the fight is also a nice detail.

The difficulty ramps up a bit quick though, as i found it to become quite hard when the enemy started shooting the bouncy projectiles, however i gotta point out that the checkpoint to not start all over is a really good quality of life feature to have.

Overall good job :)

No problem, this was pretty much max payne monkey edition, so it automatically had a cool factor to it  XD

Interesting premise with nice humor, cool character and sprite designs and awesome music.

Sadly (i suppose due to the jam's time constraints so no worries that's understandable) there are some issues, i was able to go through the intro dialogue, get the stool to walk out of the cell, the fight with the tiny knight started and... i couldn't seem to do much else, i had no attack, so i just walked around and ended up going out of bounds, now considering the name of the game and the description on the page i thought this would be an intended path but apparently no :( so i glitched into walls then find my way back and even managed to get negative hp after getting hit.

Now don't get me wrong i don't want to sound too negative, like i said i understand the issues given the circonstances of this being a jam game, and it has its qualities, just sad it had these technical issues, but i'm curious to see which direction you take this concept to cause it is interesting none the less :)

Simple arcade fun, but doesn't joke around in terms of difficulty :o

I liked it, the limited bullets enforeces a more strategic approach to how you play, and i like how you could use the screen border to bounce them for some trickshots. 

But the difficulty is quite steep, i feel this is mostly due to some of the enemies speed/speed of their bullets this makes the game quite intense from the start but can also lead to quick deaths where you don't have any time to understand where it came from.

Even with that said i enjoyed it, cause once i got the hang of it and managed to survive a bit it was fun to play, and the ship models are nice with their low poly style.

Well done overall :)

Very polished and seemingly very well balanced in terms of challenge.

This is quite an impressive entry, the ship designs are really nice, and the bullet patterns while complex really seamed understandable to navigate, not to mention the frequently changing colors of the bullets even for enemies who shoot the same patterns offers some nice visual variety.

One detail i really apreciated was the seamless gameplay where the menus are just items to shoot with the ship to select an option, this made for a nice pause in between levels without interupting player control.

Lastly the music is amazing ! I really liked the level tunes, they fit perfectly with the action going on and really add a lot to the experience.

Now level 3 was quite a difficulty spike but i managed to pull through and complete all levels and i had a great time.

Congrats you did a great job especially doing all this solo :)

Thanks ! I'm not sure if it actually is, but it is very kind of you to think so :) 

I tied my best to deliver as complete of an experience as possible. Well it comes from a lot of 90's inspirations so it's cool to see it managed to take you back haha XD

As always very happy to see people seem to apreciate the artstyle ^^ For multiplayer it was my first try at it so i hope it works well as i couldn't playtest this aspect much during developement, i just made sure to have a keyboard layout that wouldn't feel too cramped in case, and hopefully it can support 2 controllers from my tests, but i don't know much more so far as i didn't have much feedback on this aspect of the game yet, despite that that is definitively one of the main thing i wanted to push for this jam cause i know shmups can be quite more fun played in coop and i thought that was an achievable goal on my skill level :p

 Anyway thanks again for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Really cool blend of ideas here,

I like how this is kind of psychonauts meets shmup gameplay, so un unexpected mix but that works quite well.

Some small negative aspects, i'd say that there is a bit of a lack of feedback when the player gets hit or not, and i didn't really see where health was displayed cause i got hit a few times but i was able to continue, yet i didn't know how much hp i had, also no autofire and having to spam click the gun wasn't that great, also sad that there didn't seem to be any weapon powerups to add more variety.

Now that said the game is fun to play and has some really cool artwork, i knew i recognised that artstyle, cause i remember playing another game of yours on a past jam and this gave me the same miyazaki inspired vibe on character design as your mech pilot did :) 

Overall had a good time playing through, good job ^^

This was so cool !

The overall game feels really polished, from the models to the cutscenes illustrations and all.

The gameplay was nice, but it did have the occasional hickup navigating around crates in some areas, and the character feels a bit fast to sometimes manoeuvre around bullets without getting hit, the dash does eliviates this in part but sometimes when you carefully want to fit through a gap it can be tough with this speed. The only other issue i had was that the enemies can sometimes feel a bit tanky, and especially those upgraded ones that accompany the final boss.

That being said, it is a good game and i had a blast getting through till the end, and i like how you implemented some quality of life features like text to inform you when someone dropped a keycard in case you didn't see it, and the slight slow mo when you score a kill to help indicate so even when the enemy goes off screen.

Solid and fun entry, well done :)

Thanks for giving it a go ! Glad you liked it  :)

Pretty fun scoring game !

And i gotta say it is indeed impressive that you made this in just 10 hours O_o

I really like the precision of the controls with the fact you can have a slower movement speed on command with the shift key to navigate the tighter patterns.

The simple black and white aesthetic works well and keeps the game clean and readable even when showered in enemy shots, and to be honest the music is alright, plus the sound effects are actually funny cause i suppose you sounded the whole game by mouth XD

I'd say the only negative to me is, that it's a bit frustrating that when you game over you are force to quit the game and have to relaunch to retry, it would have been nice to have a retry button to retry the level without quitting.

Other than that, pretty solid especially for a solo effort made in such a short time.

Well done :)

Amazing presentation !

The game looks awesome and is very well animated, the launch sequence followed by the title scroll really feels like some authentic arcade style game, i also like that you leaned on this aspect in the menu as well with the ship selection screen showcasing the shot's patterns like it was in classic titles, i really enjoyed the ship designs as well, and the parallax on the clouds look awesome.

Gameplay wise the controls feel solid and responsive, but the difficulty was a bit too insane for me, these bullet speeds are fast !

I managed to survive up to the first boss but didn't last much longer fighting him, still had a fun time though, and the game has a lot of polish already for a jam entry.

Good job :)

Thanks for your kind words :)

Yeah i tend to go all out on the presentation to the best of my abilities.

Totally agree about gameplay, i don't have the biggest programming skills so i did my best, the thing here is that i probably didn't make all that much enemy spawning so there is definitively a bit of a lack of action at some points, and yeah enemies could use some more variety for sure.

Weapons i didn't have much time to balance, so i settled for shot pattern variety but didn't tweak all that much the damage, rate of fire, and speed of each.

Glad you still enjoy it despite the gameplay shortcomings ^^

Thanks glad you had fun playing :)

Like i said Retro is my jam so a lot of influence from the classics :p