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Oh i get it now, i didn't understand the system working like this, gonna try it again to see more of the game, and no worries, i can totally understand that the instructions on the game page are made last minute that's jams in a nutshell, one thing that would have helped though would be to have the die values required noted under the attack icons on the hud i think this would have been less confusing :)

Well like i said, didn't mean to make it quite as hard, so don't worry it's not you, the game is just not well balanced :p

Glad you liked the atmosphere, mechanics and visuals though ^^

I should have given at least 1 mana or 2 from the get go to allow players to summon maybe a fire book of their own and maybe have a few more chests lying around levels.

Thanks for giving my game a shot and taking the time to give some feedback :)

Pretty nice papers please inspired entry :) 

The game feels really polished on all aspects already nice visuals and immersive sounds and music that really sells the of what it must be like to work administrative in an authoritarian state.

My only gripe would be the difficulty, cause once the tutorial's done those books and notes on whats banned etc are coming in way to fast, then again i'm not good at this type of game also :p

I like the concept of the whole "travel into books" thing and the presentation is really cool, mouse control camera + wasd works really well here, although i'd say you put the camera speed a bit high.

Pretty impressive that you went full hub world with multiple levels and some metroidvania elements for a jam game, and all in 3d on top of it :o

The game feels a bit rough around the edges(still fine though considering the jam's timeframe and all) but i like it and had a good time, i have encountered some bugs though !

When collecting feathers i assume it should be the same as for opening chests, that you only get the chest tune, well for feathers the level tune was still playing and the chest tune overlapped it.

And i also encountered a random crash, when i first entered the tower on a new game i jumped into the pyramid level and the game crashed("Godot engine has stopped working" type of crash to be precise) and then relaunching the game after having gone to the snow level first this time, i returned to the hub got into the pyramid level and then it worked just fine, played the windows build.

Other than these issues, cool entry so still good job :)

So i like the overall look and atmosphere of the game, plus i like that this seems at heart a tabletop rpg in videogame form, definitively has lots of qualities and looks like a lot heart was put to the game.

But i read the instructions and a tried a few times, but i'm really confused about the how the combat system works in the game :( mainly i don't understand how you select an attack and i feel the issue's not really about the combat system itself but really that it needs to be explained a bit more clearly.

Still appart from this confusion  i see the potential and i really like the idea and presentation :)

Funny take on the theme ! 

I like that you put mouse aiming for this makes the controls real smooth, one thing i'd say though is that there's a bit of lack of feedback when you hit the ennemies and when they are converted, maybe have a little sound cue and visual effect to clearly indicate the change. I also had a bit of a visual glitch, where sometimes when you move you see a gap between tiles for like a microsecond, i think this is still more of a godot issue in general so not sure if you can do much about it :(

Still i like that you made it that ennemies join you each one you defeat, and that you have a progressively bigger mob following you and throwing books around :D

had a fun time, good job dude !

Wasn't that hard to be honest, like i said more of a nitpick than a bigger issue, plus that's jams, XD time constraints can be tough !

and no worries i had a good time playing :)

Well the way you implemented the rotation is pretty clever, balancing here is quite tricky cause i feel it's not just gonna be from gameplay elements but more about the fact that the game's about how much can people multitask, but then again i'm no good reference since i'm no multitasker :p

Yeah it sure seems like it haven't tried it myself yet, but i might seeing what people can acheive with it,  looks nice :)

yeah collisions can be a mess to adjust especially in a jam since you're limited by time :/

Cool to know, translation to different languages is always a plus  :)

no probelm it's till a solid gameplay showcase, plus jam deadlines are rough when you're doing everything on your own :)

Thanks glad that you like it ^^ wanted to go as NES authentic as i could both for visuals and music.

Yep fireballs are indeed op i should have capped the firerate to compensate and prevent spam, i would have liked to have ennemies react to being shot, but i'm still a bit of a noob so i had no idea on how i could have them get the location of the projectile's origin without it being in the range of their spotting area :/

Yeah like i said wanted it to be easier but couldn't manage a proper balance ^^' and i agree that i could have added better ways to not get lost in the levels, cause they are indeed a bit confusing, glad you weren't bothered by the movement though ! Still i think most people are right when saying having 8 way movement wouldn't have hurt :p

hope you still enjoyed despite the flaws, thanks for trying it out and leaving feedback :)

Instant fun ! I like the cute aestetic of it all ^^ the controls are easy to get used to but the game still poses a challenge cause of the scoring/time limit insentive.

I also like the fact that you let the game start slow so that you can get a grasp of "ok how do i get on the ladder climb up/down and let go of the ladder... etc"

If i had to nitpick i'd say the only small issue i had was that it can be hard to know precisely what level of the shelf you're gonna grab from when you're on the ladder but that's really not that big of an issue anyway.

Overall solid experience so congrats to you guys :)

Nice take on a turn based rpg ! 

I like how you turned scrabble into a combat system , and have a "typing of the dead" style defense system, pretty unique.

I like the artwork and animation as well.

Funny thing though, not a native english speaker plus i can't touchtype... so i sorta got a double unintentional difficulty spike XD the defense part got me absolutely destroyed once words started getting longer cause they move so fast, but that's on me, not on the game, just thought i should share that funny bit about my experience :p

even with that though i had a fun time, good job to you guys !

For a first game it's neat.

And i like the wacky story blurb, the only issue i have is that from time to time you can get a bit stuck on the side of the bookshelves and monitors but other than that the controls felt responsive. 

I like the sorta speedrun aspect of it where you gotta eat the books fast and then hit the breadloaf goal.

Oh also good point for having controller support !

good job on your entry :)

Cool game concept, i like the stealth mechanics, my only negative points is that it' a bit hard to quickly change direction with the mouse controls you put, i feel some more traditional movement type or a wasd + mouse setup could fix this issue. 

Other than that it's got some nice atmosphere, i like the dynamic lighting effects you used :)

You guys did great ! the concept is quite original and i like all of the nice little details you put into the game, the letter rotation bound to the corresponding one on the keyboard is such a good element !

I really like the tone as well, Booky's dialogue is quite funny XD and i like his design

the game can be a bit tough though, as in finding the right side up to some of the letters in this cursive font while managing the constant dustbunny spawn.

Still managed to reach the end, and the ending is quite well made and a nice surprise :)

Thanks dude ! It has quite a lot of flaws but i'm happy to see you like it anyway ^^ from all the feedback now i really regert going only 4way for the movement , but hey i guess i'll know better for next time at least.

Thanks Bobbi nice of you to stop by :D 

Welp i try to jam and put out a new game whenever i can, hopefully i can do this more often.

Thank you, glad you like the art and character ^^ ,  always a bit nervous cause i'm not sure what people would think of my art, but i felt like my 2 first games that had a cover with no visible character felt a bit barren, so i tried putting characters on my 3rd one and since people seem to like them i made one for this one as well :)

Music wise i wanted to see if i had enough understanding of LMMS to use it in a jam setting and since it has a cool sounding NES  sounding vst in its default stuff i tried to go for some NES stuff, so glad that you like it as well.

Like i said the difficulty is a bit unintentionnal, i tried to have a no mana start to prevent people from just spamming minions from the get go, but didn't really find a good balance, funny thing is that the ennemies in the jam realase are a bit nerfed compared to some previous tests i did during developement, the skeletons used to be a lot foaster for example XD

Cool that you had some fun despite all the flaws still ! And "bibliotecary death traps" is a way more awesome description for the summoned books than they actually are haha XD

Yeah i admit that limiting movement to a 4 way wasn't the brightest idea looking back, guess i'll do things differently next time, this is my first try for a topdown game though :p

Yep this sounds like a good idea, not that experienced with ai stuff yet so i kept things simple for the jam, but i definitively like the idea of them following.

Thanks for pointing that bug out, i didn't run into this while playtesting so i'll look into that and see what's wrong, skeletons are undead ennemies sure, but they're not supposed to be immortal XD.

Anyway, thanks for trying my game out and taking time to comment, i'm happy to see you liked it :)

Pretty cool demo with some nice sprites and effects, not surprised to see solid shmup mechanics since you already showed some in the past :) 

Also having a cactus be a wizzard is certainly something you don't see everyday :p

There's no lives in this demo but i feel the screen gets "bullet hell - ish" a bit too soon and makes the game quite hard but nothing a bit of balancing can't fix. 

I like that you get a circular spam fire of your own to use though ! And the full menu with control layouts for both keyboard/controller and the bg color change and all are nice.

So appart from the difficulty balance, i can oly agree with what's been said already, add in win/lose conditions, a score and you got yourself a cool game, which if you make it endless score base can be pretty well suited for mobile as well.

Good job there dude ^^

Nailed the atmosphere, the background droning sound really makes the game feel tense and i like how you first introduced the ladders and switches in a safe environement so that you can spot them easily when it gets real and you have to avoid the books while searching for them.

I liked the controls of being able to turn and strafe even without mouse controls, but the ennemies seem a bit hard to avoid at times especially since they can come from behind where you can't see or hear them. 

However i feel like you did just the right balance when you are caught of it still being like "oh shit i'm dead" and not just be some cheap surprise jumpscare with just a loud sound, so thanks for that ^^

And i also like the kind of lovecraftian feel you get from the player character sort of writing his journal while he tries to escape the library, like he does it to keep his sanity in this mysterious weird place.

well done dude :)

Pretty cool concept, i like the initial character customization zwhere you can drag and drop attributes for yourself and the ennemies, spritework is pretty neat as well, especially the smooth animation(the flying books in particular).

Didn't have any particular issues with this one, if i had to nitpick a bit though i'd say if you have an 8 way movement, have the shot be 8 way as well and not just 4, but really like i said more of a nitpick cause the full separate control of movement and aim is really good anyway.

Nice job to you guys :)

Oh wow, yep thats a lot of powerups for a jam game :o , and don't worry i know the feel, i also have some real messy implementation especially when coming closer to the deadline XD

Very relaxing indeed, the music is nice and chill, and i liked the spritework and the lighting effects. 

 The "firecaves" were a bit trippy and odd (died e few times here but didn't understood what hit me) and the aiming a bit hard to lineup.

Other than the small issues i mentioned it's a solid experience, managed to get all 3 elemental books back to the shrine and had a good time, i also like that if you die you keep whatever questbook you already picked up so you don't have to do the full game in one sitting.

Good job to you guys ! :)

Thanks glad you liked the game, didn't really thought out of gameplay on phone for the jam build but nice to see you think it could be suited ^^

Yeah i didn't intended the game to be quite as tough as it ended up being , so sorry about that :( the zero mana thing i did to prevent being able to spam 4 summons from the get go but i think i should have probably gone for a middle ground like start with at least 1.

The thing with the controls is that i made them in a row, but then after it was published and the deadline was done, i realised that yup that's gonna be an issue because theyre in a row... for people that aren't in qwerty... (facepalms) so my bad on that ^^'

Glad you liked the art and music though, i wanted to try some more NES style stuff for this jam :)

Thanks for playing my game and taking the time to comment !

Hopefully you didn't have too bad an experience with the controls and unintended difficulty.

Super cool mini dungeon crawler ! 

I really like the atmosphere that the music sets, the monster sprites have some nice design to them and i like the nuclear throne style they got, mouse and keyboard fits just right for this type of game made everything really smooth. It was quite fun to see the various different powerups you can endup combining, don't know how many there are but it seems like there's quite a lot of possible combinations.

So i played the web version at first and performance seemed right at first... then i reached level 4 and yeah i see why you warned about this, so i played the windows version then, much better but i do have to note while not game breaking, the game still drops a few frames when there's a large group of enemies, but not as badly as the web version. 

Managed to reach the witch but couldn't beat her, the difficulty seemed all right though, but i feel the boss can feel harder depending on which items you encountered along the way so more of an rng thing than a balance thing i'd say.

Not much else to say, had a good time, good job  :) !

Hey thanks Goose ^^ i'll see how this goes with the jam it's entered for though

Cool that you like it still hopefully it shouldn't be too buggy for a jam build :)

Haha no problem, while not exactly "long" there's still quite a bit to have it beat in a single playsession :p

Thanks man :) it's been quite a ride for this one as well, hope you like the final build !

I've used some basic rng but not quite to the level of generating level chunks and stuff but like i said i'll look into this when i'm done with what i have to finish on my game first XD

XD well that's solo game making in a nutshell trying to balance that mental health

Haha well yeah no man's sky sure seems a bit overkill with the procedural stuff XD

Thanks for sharing these tuts, not sure i've quite reached the level to start fiddling with procedural stuff but they still might come in handy ^^

Well generating in a single click sure is gonna help you gain some time :p been in level design hell recently especially since i didn't even try auto tile untill after having to design levels for a project. Still have no idea how anything procedural can work though XD seen a bunch of tutorials and it seems a bit beyond my level for now, so good on you that you know how to do this ^^

Yeah i know the feel for burning out on a project, got into a similar mood after failing to meet a jam deadline, but got back on track on another one and then went back to a project i said i'll finish XD 

Cool if you already have an idea to revamp this project, and it's wise to do anything best for your mental health :)

well sometimes it's best to put a project aside, i can't even imagine how complex trying multiplayer could be so can't blame you XD

Also cool that you decided to keep elements to revamp them for a future project you could always make a singleplayer or local coop game with these potatoes down the line :)

Cool ! procedural stuff can work well with this type of games ^^