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Cool ! The long awaited potato creator is here XD and it's awesome, all it needs now is more stuff ^^
Also cool to see the localisation in quite a few languages, the only thing i'd say needs some fixing hre are the menus, the buttons and all look good, buth the scrolling menus are too small and barely readable, but nothing that can't be fixed, other than that looks good really, the font suits the overall style.

Really taking shape now keep up the good work :)

I made the "destructible ground" thing as a way to have a bit of change in the stage, and usually the camera doesn't climb high enough that the ground isn't visible while in the air, but i think it's not that visible because of the over abundance of grey in the stage, i'll see how i could change that, but probably when i tackle a visual update :p

Glad you liked the animation XD it's not much but i wanted to try this to see how it went to have a mini kinda "cutscene" 
At first to keep the game simple i wanted to keep the game only score oriented with just the fail conditions ending gameplay, but now that you mention it, it surely would be more satisfying to have a way to win as well other than improving one's score, i'll see how i could make this work out without denaturing the game and also considering my very beginer dev status XD

Noted for the combo thing, i'll add it to the final stat screen upon game over, but i'll probably display the high score only during gameplay to not clutter the screen more :)

Not much i can do but i hope it helps :p

Good that you're not since well there is no reason to be so,  also great to hear that you're learning to draw ^^ but hey in the meantimes artpacks are good when used well, which you did  :)

No worries XD, you're right about the camera and that it's probably cause of the lack of parallax on the background, i've already published another update by the time i'm replying here, but i'll work on that for further updates, probably when i'll start a bit of visual revamp and try to make different backgrounds to have variation.

Didn't even think about it but Rain seems like a good idea, and very fitting for this background theme(even a further revamped one) I'll see if i can make this happen down the line :)

Well having some screens sure makes a difference XD your game looks nice from what i can see here :) I dig the logo as well really fit the cartoony colorfull theme you're going for, i'd say just be careful about readability, the letters's colors blend in a bit too much with the "pops" in the background, could be fixed with an outline, a dropshadow, or a different color to help the letters stand out more. 

From what i read below you used an asset pack since you focus more on programming, don't be ashamed ! 

It's ok to use one as long as you use one you have the license for it ( either paid or free ) and you find assets that blend well together to fit a central theme to the project ( which you did  ^^ )

Can't say much more on other aspects since i don't have an android device :/ but hopefully this still helps. 

Keep up the good work  !  :)

Cool to see local builds available, also the new flamethrower sprite is neat :)

Thanks ^^ glad you liked the new additions ! 

The camera is a bit of a last minute experiment, i wanted to have the player a bit less caught up in the UI when he gained altitude, so hopefully it does the job XD, you're right about the transitions, the funny thing is that the fade seemed to work fine inside the editor, but acts up a little weird on the build i published, i'll probably change them anyway, i thought about a "swipe" transition that could make them feel a bit more dynamic (i'll see if i can make this in the next update).

Also hopefully the shortened delay on the game over screen makes it more bearable, i'll see from people in the coments if that's the case or not, otherwise i'll simply make the whole GameOver screen skippable instantly.

Not sure when i'll manage to finnish next update so stay tuned :p

Thanks a lot dude, glad you liked what you tried and felt like it was an improvement to the jam build ^^ 

I decided to put updates on the web build only at the moment so that people could have an easier time trying out the game regardless of their OS and don't have to download a new build everytime while it's not finnished.

Definitively, there is still a lot to do, i'm really sorry about what you experienced with the audio obviously didn't want to have everything blasting loudly :(
when i implemented the SE and all from post jam onwards, i balanced almost everything at -8db to not have it too loud and could only trust the results on my end, but i guess balance still wasn't right afterall, i'll rebalance everything lower and also look into adding a mute feature.

Regarding the UI I made it as clean as i could for now but can still be considered placeholder, like i mentioned in the jam i'm fairly new to coding, so i'm spending more time on this aspect at the moment and i'll try to have a bit of visual changes later once i get tha game a bit more feature complete under the hood, but i'm noting your suggestions for sure, really like the idea of having icons wherever possible, this would definitively have the UI less cluttered :)

The laser enemy i'll try to rework a bit, i made him have a bit lower spawnrate for balance but yeah you're right having only one at a time may feel a bit low.

A more elaborate menu system is planned but i have other stuff in the pipeline before i can get to those XD 

Noted, i'll definitively try to have background variation to spice up the visuals, i'll probably try just a color change as placeholder at first since i want to have everything  code wise be done before i can rework the visuals.

Thanks again Dar Vacui for your honest feedback and for trying out my game :D

Just a small detail but hey sometimes details make a difference XD

Haha well not sure if i'm VIP material but thanks dude really nice of you :)

My bad then just got bad rng :p i tested again and got it, really cool too, you probably planned it but all it needs right now is some "burn" effect so that players take damage from the fire for a while after being flamed up, curious to see what you'll come up with for the other weapons XD

Wow ! welp thats a lot of new stuff since last update XD really cool visuals really feels polished, and i dig the new elements you added to the kitchen as well as the sound effects and music :p

You nailed the food themed weapons as well the minigun shooting popcorn is brilliant ! couldn't test the flamethrower but from the screen it looks pretty dope as well !

keep up the good work :)

Yeah i'm not good at clear and short explainations ^^' but at least it explains a bit what's coming up 

Oh i see, well it is kind of a "stock" song so i should have put 2 and 2 together my bad :p 

No problem, not sure if i can give any advice with my current level :p but i could always provide feedback from what i could see if this can help.

Cool so i'll see what its about whenever you update again then :) also this explains why you had so many entries on your devlog in one day XD 

Thanks, updates are slow but still on it and its starting to shape up as i saw it so hopefully i'll get there :D

Cool your game is shaping up nicely i see ^^ got a few color schemes, menus with sliders, and a cool little tune !

So checking out the video suddenly game over and O_o i can't believe you put a "wah wah waaaaaah" jingle, classic XD

Keep up the good work :)

Nice to see another project in the works, have a few screeshots or gameplay video if you can so that people that don't have android can also see what's up :) 

Also holy moly you cranked out a lot of updates in a short time O_o

Anyway good luck with developement, cheers :)

Haha yeah sorry bout that wall of text :p, anyway the delay fix is in the works with the newt update, working on and off again but it'll be there eventually XD

Yep i've used a few yield timers for some things in the code, like i said i'll try a shorter delay at first so that people don't skip and miss their score if it's under the high one and if it's still annoying i'll remove it altogether.

I'll still be working on it so that i can learn enough to cover every possible stuff i could need for other games and make this one a bit more of a complete and polished mini game, hopefully these ideas will help acheiving that :p

For sure it is XD delays for updates and replies everywhere but hey that's solo gamedev in a nutshell ! Haha well 3 weeks isn't that bad i mean you've done quite a lot all things considered :) cool to hear you got some positive feedback on twitter, not much of a social media person :( but i'll see what goodies you got planned when you update, and i'm sure it'll be worth the wait, afterall you do have googly eyes and bullet time XD

hey no worries XD 

Glad you like the new UI it's not a big change but the reshuffling hopefully made things much clearer to read (especially the score which from feedback was a bit messy with the combos and such) I'll probably change the font further down the line, if i can find a free to use one that can fit the game's visuals (which i'll try to revamp a bit as well) if you want to have a bit more details on what's ahead for this game check out my reply to sztrovacsek i listed everything up :D.

I noted the issue with the game over screens unskippable delay (i explained in the recap list why it's here) and i'll shorten it out so that the transition from Game to GameOver and back flows a bit better, and if the short delay still feels annoying i'll remove it altogether if necessaray, cool that you liked the music still XD it's a simple variation of the main tune but i felt it did the job well for a GameOver jingle :p

Good to hear you're still working on your game as well, i'll check out what's new then ^^

Also cool high score Congrats, glad you had fun playing the game  :)

Thanks glad you liked the changes :)

I wanted to have the game over screen not be accidentally skippable so that people can see their score if the high one didn't change, but i probably overdid it with the delay being the whole music XD, i'll try a shorter delay maybe so that people can still read their score and not accidentally zoom past it, but if it's still found annoying no problem i'll make it skippable again ^^

Nope next upgrade won't be the last (i just didn't plan my versioning numbers well :p) although i'll try my best to avoid feature creep, what i plan to do is to still add a few things that are still missing (i'll quickly list it out for more clarity):

  • Want to add another "lose" condition, the city integrity or something similar so that player death is not the only game over
  • Got 2 "experimental" features that are opted out at the moment but that i'm testing.
    1) The attack's recharge triggered by killing ennemies (which the idea was given in feedback during the jam ^^) but i'm not sure about how it'll affect game balance so i'll probably restore it and see what players think and then decide if i should keep it or not accordingly.
    2) Destroyable ground, not an advanced destruction but having the blocks have their own integrity so that they can be destroyed and if no ground remains game over (but this could be problematic to defend from the shooting ennemies so i still need further testing before)
  • Might try out to have a player health instead of insta kill but this is something i gotta add and test to see if it doesn't break anything XD
  • Maybe have a proper menu screen with a "game start" and "quit game" features and a proper pause instead of the debug one i used to finally add screenshots to the game's page (better late than never :p)
  • Maybe try to have smoother transitions between scenes like a short fade effect or something
  • Finally since i'm mainly learning the code side of things, once i reach a functionnal state with every completed feature then i'll try to make a small graphical overhaul to have a bit cleaner sprites and everything.

So there you have it, still some things left to do, it goes a bit slow since i work on and off depending on how busy i get with mandatory IRL stuff, but i'll get there eventually :p in order not to confuse i'll probably have next update be a V0.9.1 cause i would consider a 1.0 to be something complete, and with this project i want to move on to other things once i feel this feels finished and i've learned enough to go into another project without the "hurdles" i've encountered (i know they'll be other ones but at least i progressed XD)

Sorry for the "wall of text" but hopefully this awnsers everything regarding the V0.9 stuff :)

I'll see what i can do though game over screen would be more of a later feature, anyway i'll keep at it :)

Yup it's here XD

Nice high score :) I'll try to improve readability, the color rect you propose may be the best way, though the current UI is still a placeholder, longer down developement i'll probably either try to make something custom or find a better font to have it a bit more fitting with the theme

No problem, seems normal since the tutorial you dropped kinda helped making this update ^^ 

yeah i've seen the game hasn't been updated in a while :/ don't give it up though, sometimes taking a break is fine :)

at the time of this reply i uploaded the high score update so feel free to check it out if you wanna

as i said before the place holder UI will probably remain for a while untill everything is functionnal and i can start working on some polishing up XD

(1 edit)

yeah, dropshadows would work fine though to highlight platforms a bit more

and cool to here things are going smooth and your game shapes up as you invisioned :)

Hey more updates :) 

I've been a bit busy so I think I missed a few things it seems :p

Considering the theme you're going for, a kitchen arena really is a good place to start XD, i really like the fact that you made the play area more than just the top of the stove and "table" and its a nice detail to have the oven's handles as platforms.

Art wise i'd say it looks nice, simplicity can be a good thing here it's cohesive with the rest of your design :) the only thing i'd point out would be to improve readability, would be to have your background elemens (the oven fridge etc...) be a bit more faded, and have more emphasis on the "handles" and "top of the table" so that you can identify what's a platform more easily (since your game will probably be more about fast pace battles with quick thinking) Otherwise it's a nice improvement from what i see from the previous style you seem to have had for the kitchen ^^

The slight randomization of the arena is really a nice system, and the color coding as well as the ammo indicator to find the next ammo box when not in view are really neat details to improve player feedback.

Your game is taking shape and looking good, keep up the good work cheers ! :)

No problem :)

Glad you liked it, well the way i implemented it holds a bit together with duct tape to be honest XD but it seems to work ok so that's that. 

I have a few more tweaks planned for next update , i got unexpectedly busy these past few days so i couldn't work on the game much :/ but things should go back to schedule now and i'll see whenever i can have next build ready although the prioritized feature would be the high score system at the moment.

I'll see what i can do to improve the readability with the UI(for how it is in it's current state), cause this one with just the small text is more of a placeholder than anything, i want to have everything functionnal before i start polishing up the graphics which will include the UI design, definitively right about the game over screen though (or lack there of at this state XD) i'll probably add one and make a proper titlescreen further down developement, the current one is just as is since i didn't wanted the jam game to just be "double click on the exe , Boom game starts immediateley" so cause of the time constraints during the jam i made a quick start screen and back to it upon game over so it remained since i felt it should be that high on the priority list for post jam ^^

Anyway, thanks for your support and feedback, really glad to see that people seem to like the game so far, really boosting up the morale and kept me motivated, the updates are a bit slow (sorry about that) but be sure that more is on the way and i'll update the devlog whenever it's ready. 

Thanks again cheers ! :)

Thanks a lot dude, this could be just what i need to get unstuck, i'll check this out and see what i can apply to my project  :) 

Yeah that is an issue not having a final score yet :p but i'll figure out how to, i think i'll only work on the failstate once i manage to finalise the scoring system ^^

Thanks ^^ i'm still learning though so improvements are going a bit slow but hopefully i'm getting there :p

Thanks :) and sorry for the late reply, the thing with the new enemy is that i didn't wanted to go too crazy for now just to see what the spawns were like when you have the standard diving ennemies mixed with the shooting one, but i can allways adjust this later on.

I did not cath that enemy firing just before death thing, i'll see how i can patch this if i can figure it out.

I'll see what i can manage, then again probably won't be for next update but i'll see :)

Oh and no problem, haven't made that mistake yet but accidents happen XD

(1 edit)

Yay web version :D ! And congrats for the feature in Mark's stream during the jam 

No problem, your game so you get to decide how the jump should work :) And "mario style" jump where holding the button determines jump heigt is a good idea, i'll see what its like whenever you add it then.

Yeah random ammo position could be cool since you plan this to be mainly multiplayer, can prevent having people camp on known ammo spawn points so good planning there XD. The kitchen themed weapons is a really neat idea ! especially if you go wild with it and make some creative weapons out of it :p (even if its a different gameplay, you could totally have crazy weapons the likes of team17's Worms) eventhough i think the classics are a bit unavoidable for these games still you can have them fit the theme. Parralax scrolling would be cool too for sure ^^ and the character generator will also definitively add to the humor, curious to see what you'll come up with there.

No problem dude, i usually reply a bit late but whenever i can i try to go give some feedback on the projects i follow here, i think it's part of the indie experience to go and help out eachother and (hopefully) feedback contributes to that in a way :p

The googly eyes are glorious :p !

On a more serious note, the one way through platforms are really a good addition, this will improve the pacing and allow some "think fast" movement planning in multiplayer, i'd say gameplay wise the only thing left here that could be tweaked is that you can have the player jump when holding the jump key, i.m.o i think it could be better to have the jump be a "just pressed" key.

Other than that looking real good so far, and the improved UI eventhough you say it's not final, really feels clean and polished :)

Hey ! Sorry for the late reply as i got quite busy the past few days.

The shooter enemy, i wasn't sure what height i could place him so i opted to put him not to low to give a bit of time for the player to react to his shots and be able to avoid them, but i'll try and adjust that to see how it goes. Haha at least if you think it has " Potench(tm) Mark Brown "(definitively the keyword of the jam, atleast from the streams :p)

Navigation around the ennemies once the spin runs out is indeed part of the core mechanic i have in mind for the main gameplay, albeit not with the best implementation, from your experience, i guess i'll try maybe more variation on the enemy spawn because i like that "track" of ennemies idea, this could also work with my plan for trying to add a combo system to the score as suggested from feedback i have.

 I'll try to rework the collisions to have something like that work a bit better also, at the moment the hitboxes are a bit large and unprecise in some places :/  

Anyway i'll try my best and see what i can do, Also, Thank you for your follow ! Greatly apreciate it :)

Thanks, still got to learn quite a lot, so i'm not sure how competent i'll be to transfer concepts from one engine to another :p, anyway feedback and suggestions still help tremendously so feel free to give em whenever you get some time to try out an update :)

Thanks really apreciate it and i'm glad you seemed to have liked it that much :)

I tried to improve the gamefeel as best i could and i thought the bounce could ba a good start to spice things up, i got otherimprovements planned although they're not gonna be here for a bit of time untill i can iron/and figure some things out. 

Like i said previously, the next one is in the works but i'm not sure when i'll manage to push it out for now, Even though this might not be in the next build, i'm definitively taking notes on your suggestions, added them to the other feedback i already have and see how i could implement all that. However if you want more enemy types, you'll like the next update,  I have an additional enemy added to the roster that could vary things a bit ^^ 

As for the Goal / fail state in the game, i intend to have one for sure but i still have to decide on how i'm gonna acheive that, and possibly have some more learning to do on some mechanics this is going to require :p

Makes sense, cause this type of mechanic while a blast in singleplayer can really turn into unpredictable mayhem if unrestricted in multiplayer :p 

Cool that you plan to add more animations, also the googly eyes are definitively the top priority feature hehe XD I'll keep an eye out for the next update then :)

Hey don't worry, real life is improtant, so nothing wrong with late replies :)

from what i see in the screenshots it does turn out pretty well, and its good that you made the interface according to the "minimalist" design you're going for ^^

Also no problem, you're welcome :) though i wouldn't say i update "regularly" more like whenever i can due to either time or how long i can figure out how to fix/implement anything :p 

Anyway thanks for your support also, not sure when i'll be able to post the next update on my project but it's in the works XD

Wow, just tested this and i gotta say the slow motion's a really cool addition, pairing it with the double jump/flip feels super sweet with the added opportunity of skillshots XD Although i don't know how the slow mo could balance out in multiplayer.

The speed and movement is better now also, and i like the extra leaning when you reach max speed gives a bit more life to the potatoes :)

Nice ! Good to know the engine also has built in features for rumble controllers, i'll see if i can add that whenever i solve some of the problems i have on the table for the next update.

Same with the Bar refill, i'll see how this works, i've seen some tutorials about the tween node but didn't quite understood how it works yet so i'll probably go for a few rewatches to learn that properly :p