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Big OlliOlli fan here and wow I LOVED your game. I don't master the tricks system at all but finishing the levels was a blast. Sound music and graphics also delivered big time, really good job!

Tthank you very much! If you're interested in some kind of par system we put our best times in the game's description (sadly we didn't have time to put it in the game ^^")

words 16 and 18 are "over"

Thanks a bunch ! Full disclosure I did some unity scene setup before the jam started but all the coding was done in the half hour window (and less than that if you take  the building time into acccount)

Don't worry about beating the game completely, we didn't have time to make the end, it just keeps getting harder until you run out of health (i'm going to put it in the game description because it's obviously not clear enough). And we decided last minute to scrap the energy bar because it felt unnecessary with the shield color changing.

Oh no that's too bad... And your game is fun too!

The link seems dead, are you sure the game is public, and not a draft ?