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GMTK Jam 2019
Submitted by PixelMetalWolf — 1 hour, 30 minutes before the deadline
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nice graphics and it was interesting with the debugger stream showing in the background as to what the game was doing.  nice work for 2 days


Thanks dude, i uploaded the game in full panic mode when went total meltdown, so i didn't even take time to leave out my debug code before making the build :p 


It was a bit easy but overall a fun concept ^_^


Yeah didn't have time to balance it and all since i'm quite a noob, also time constraints :p

Thanks for trying it though i'm glad you like it :)


The idea is interesting... but the execution lacks gamefeel and a goal.

I get that the objective of the game is "screw attack" as much enemies as possible, but the only fail state is letting them hit you which you can avoid entirely because the screw attack has barely any cooldown so you can spam it indefinitely, there's not much challange.

The game could be way more fun if you added said cooldown (maybe after the player hits the ground they'll need to wait half a second before making another jump), make the player loose if an enemy reaches the bottom of the screen (plus them hitting you while you're not screw-attacking) and add a score or time limit.


I'll definitively look into adding a goal for the ennemies who can reach the bottom of the screen as many people rightfully pointed out that this could add some goals other than not dying, i'm also planning to add a score or killcount to keep track of the player's performance (i still have to learn how to do that though) 

The cooldown might indeed be a good solution to rebalance the attack and prevent spamming

Thanks for your feedback and helpful tips :)


It was fun to play! Good base mechanics.


Thanks for giving it a shot, glad you liked it :)


This reminded me of Super Metroid. I had fun!

If you have some spare time please play and rate my game:


Thanks happy to see you enjoyed it even in this incomplete state :)

Yep super metroid was obviously an inspiration among other games :p


I believe you couldn't manage to finish/polish it in time. That happens to me constantly.
I detected an small bug, after landing, if you don't press any button the spinning effect keeps blinking almost every second or so.

I bet you have lots of ideas that you couldn't implement.

Anyway, don't waste it and keep updating it until it becomes an awesome game.


Thanks dude, glad you liked it even in its state :) 

Definitively didn't manage to polish/finish most of what i had in mind, i'm still learning though so with more experience hopefully i could manage to do better.

I did not catch that bug though, i'll look into this and see what's up with that, thanks for pointing it out.


Need to do a proper design because atm it cant be considered a game since there is no  goal for player to achieve despite having lose / dead state. 


Yeah couldn't manage to make a proper goal in time since i still lack experience :s

Thanks for giving it a shot :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Tip: Add extra acceleration when the character falls to make the jump feel more heavy; as it is now, it stays on its apex for too long. For a moment I thought this was "Samus' Spin Attack: The Game", but it wasn't :( You know, keep tapping and doing multiple jumps mid-air. But still, it was simple and fun. Keep going!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Suggestion: adding an energy bar for the jump, and replenish it only when hitting enemies.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the tips dude, super helpful :) 

 I'll see how i can tweak the jump to make it more fun/enjoyable, i definitively was inspired by metroid for the spin jump, though i thought it could be too OP and kill the fun to have it so that you can fly like the "Spacejump" in the series

I like the idea of using ennemies to restore a jump, i might look into that :p

Thanks for trying my game out :)


Hey cool game! If you added few things it would be great:

scoring system because I don't know how well I'm doing.

More juice,  you can look up some youtube tutorials how to juice up your game (screenshakes, sound effects etc.)

Good job!


Thanks glad you liked it :) Mostly still a noob here so this and time constraint can explain the lack of features / goal XD

I've followed some tutorials for screenshake and would have totally gone for some ( it's always a nice way to add a bit more juice to the game if used sparingly) but i still didn't understood it quite well enough to implement some during the jam

Definitively will consider how to add this in the future though !


I see what the idea was, unfortunately the game itself doesn't bring much to the table. The enemies spawn and you can destroy them pretty easily, there is no score or much challenge, but I see where you were going. If it's your first time on a jam or programming a game overall then I would say you should keep going! Program more games, add features to your current game and learn! The art and the music is good, the game just lucking a bit features but I assume it's because most of the time you tried to learn to program in Godot. I'll play the game again after the jam if you are planning on uploading an updated version. Good luck!


Yeah it's still rough for sure, i'll definitively try to add to it so i can hopefully make some kind of a mini game out of it and this could help me learn, where i lost time is mostly that i had a rough start and i learned a few things during the jam, but i didn't came completely unprepared either, but still not that much experience for sure :p 

I'll make un updated version although i'm not sure at what speed i can realase updates considering my current level, but its cool if you say you wanna give it a shot for an improved version, Anyway, thanks for your feedback dude, i apreciate it  ^^


I saw a Contra's profile image: couldn't help but play your game.

I guess not exactly finished? The idea is interesting but for now the damaging hit box is too strong for the white spin to be dangerous for the player. 

With some tweaks (range of damaging-hit box, duration, enemies hitbox...) this could give something interesting.

Good luck if you decide to improve your game!


XD haha yeah i like Contra but hey gotta love Fang, Hard Corps has some pretty cool characters :p

Yep right you are, the game isn't exactly finished, the hit boxes in general here are really quick and dirty mostly due to time constraints so i definitively considered changing them :p 

Since i'm still learning i think i'll keep the small scope for this project even post jam if i get some time to work on it, but i'll try to expand upon what's there for sure, i'm really glad to see people think the concept has potential 

Thanks for your feedback dude :)


Would be good to have some score counter of destroyed enemies or timer to see how efficient you were. Also maybe apply some pennalty if a player missed an enemy.


Yeah like i said lack of experience and all, but i'll look how to add this, thanks for your feedback :)


This could definitely grow into great game - unfortunately at this moment it feels really not finished. There  are no points or goal in the game from what I can see. I hope you keep developing it after the game jam :).


Thanks dude, nice to see you liked it, it surely feels unfinished, mostly due to some things i still didn't know how to implement due to a lack of knowlege programming wise, and also time constrains, but hopefully i can learn and add to it, i'll try to make it somehow more complete (at least a minigame) post jam whenever i have some time ^^


Nice little game. It kinds of lack a purpose as the is no real goal in it, but it could be a base for something bigger. Good job


Thanks glad you enjoyed it despite the lack of goal :) ,  like i said can't argue with that, but hey still learning :p 


Ok, first game, first experience. The gameplay idea is pretty simple and can enjoy for a while, but there isn't anything which can make me fun after several minutes of playing. What you can try to do?

  1. Make the usage of the ability more tactical. Now I can spam it internally.
  2. Make different enemies with different AI and abilities. You need 2 or 3 to make the game better.
  3. Add a scoring system to stimulate player play more, as it's the easiest way to set a goal to a player.
  4. Add HP to a character don't kill him with 1 hit.

Despite getting such feedback, keep trying, game development all about self-improvement! I wish you luck in this endeavour.


Thanks for the feedback, Like i said i planned for variety with the enemies but the lack of experience and time made it so i couldn't do anything more for the jam, same goes for the scoring system.

But yeah i can't argue with that, adding a goal like score at least would have made the whole thing a bit more fun, i'll definitively keep trying to do better in the future :)


Genuinely quite fun, the large spin attack radius is really satisfying. Would be great if it had a score and maybe some enemy variety. Graphics are neat too, good colour palette.


(Goofed up and accidentally put this as comment instead of a reply, Bad brain Bad ! )

Thanks cool to see you enjoyed it :) 

I wanted to have a score and a goal however since i still lack quite some knowlege coding wise, so i didn't knew of any method to keep score end display it on a UI, and for enemy variety, i don't know much about making AI yet and, time constraint didn't help so that i could design some more ( which i would have really wanted to ) :p


That's all good dude you did well with what you know :)


For a first project the idea is simple but effective. Small suggestion, what if the building had a "life" so that the robots would attack it and my job was to protect it. This would be a great way of keeping a high score and extend the playtime.

Nice job on the visuals, great to see the explosion effects in there, it's that something simple that gives an immense feedback to the player.


Thanks i'm glad you liked it :)

I kinda didn't know how to program a win condition that could work with what i had, lacking a bit of knowlege and experience still :p and time got short, i like the idea of a "Building Hp" though, it seems like a good way to have a win condition and fits with the Defender idea thanks for the suggestion i'll look into that :)

Also glad you liked the fireworks XD,  it might be a small detail but i really wanted to have a little something to add to the game feel ^^


Any chance for a Linux version? Maybe after the jam ended?
I don't have any Windows machine... :P


Yeah i intended to make one, so when the jam's done i'll make a build (i think for now the uploads are unavailable to prevent cheating which i understand) 

At first when i made the build i wanted to make a web one so that people could play regardless of the system they were on and put some downloadable builds later on, but when i tried to upload the html one the upload bar would'nt even start (that was when the site was on  full meltdown mode XD so i made a windows build (so i could test if it worked since i don't have a linux machine )and this one managed to get through, after that i was short on time so i submitted to make sure i didn't miss the deadline,

 sorry there's no version for linux at the moment :(


Alright, no problem I can wait.
The same happened to me when I wanted to upload a web version... :P


Yep not sure what happened but the upload period was the apocalypse XD

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