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You can skip that level if you want. Press escape to open menu.

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I agree, previous GMTK game jam themes such as "Joined Together" (towers joined together to create new towers) and "Genre Without Mecahinc" (tower defense without shooting) shine more than "Roll of The Dice" here. But I kinda liked the idea of getting random towers for you to figure out new strategies, and sometimes while playtesting the game I had a feeling of "Oh, how am I gonna survive this wave with what I've got? Oh, I've got an idea!". It can make you think more creatively I believe, like in Mini-Motorways, where it spawns new buildings and homes in random places. Forcing you to think in a creative way about how to connect them without breaking the highways you've built so far. It also makes you think ahead of time at the start of the level. Maybe I need to experiment with the game more to figure out how to give those experiences, without making it seem unfair.

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Tower Defense games that have combined player movement with tower placement have been done before. But I can't recall a game that lets you throw the towers into the enemies.
Combined with the random tower dice mechanic after each time you throw it gives this game quite unique gameplay.

There is some slight critique:
An annoyance I had was that you can't control the distance in which you throw the dice, which makes it quite tricky to place them.
And whenever I failed to get enough money to buy new dice at the beginning, then I couldn't get enough money to buy new dice which was pretty much game over for me (the -2$ penalty whenever you touch enemies made it really hard for me).

However, that's a tower defense game made in 48 hours, of course, there are going to be balancing issues ;)
But all of these are forgivable because the game is pretty solid and I had overall fun playing it. The idea was clear and executed well in my opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if this game gets into the top 100. Well done!

The enemies give damage based on their size/health, so that's why. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing. Better too hard than too easy tho, right?

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! What are you referring to as turrets? The buildings you place (towers)? And by overlapping and chaotic what do you mean exactly? You don't like that you can place towers on top of towers very near each other? Or is there something more specific you didn't like?

Oh yeah, I disconnected the controller and everything works now. Thanks! And happy new year to you too

Hi! Stumbled across your game, downloaded it, but it doesn't seem to be responsive on my machine. Whatever I click, nothing happens. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or somehow the game breaks because it's full screen? My resolution is 3440x1440 and I can't see any settings option to toggle off the full screen. However, the 'R' and 'E' buttons work just fine. The game looks nice tho.

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First of all, I had a lot of fun playing the game! Spent a good couple of hours trying to beat it. I should say I haven't beat it, but I did feel like I made a lot of progress on my strategy. Was hard to understand the mechanics at the beginning, I had no clue what I was doing until later in the game. A little tutorial at the beginning would be nice. Also, enemy attacks sometimes feel unfair. Just because it's unclear of how they work and what dices they role each turn. Most games have a little diary about each enemy and more things the player might want to know about. With all that in mind, I still think you did a great job on the visuals and sound feedback. It was clear enough for me to get what's going on just by playing a bit more. Very well done! Love it.

If you decide to remove my comment thats ok :D

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I hacked your password ;) starts with "l___". I just stumbled across this game, I didn't even know about the jam, I just wanted to hack the password. Btw, I didn't expect it to be literally a TTL based game where you ARE the package traveling between routers. Cool visuals. Sorry for hacking your game :X

It should be illegal to make such polished games in game jams. Game jam games must suck! They need to be as buggy, unfinished and confusing as possible! How dare you publish a complete Nitrome-like game in under 48 hours??? You should be ashamed of yourselves)

I don't know why this game has such a low amount of ratings. This game is AWESOME! The movement feels slick and I haven't got stuck in any level. The progression is right on point, I didn't need anything to explain to me what to do, everything felt intuitive after the first level. The only downside I have is that I didn't have any sound or music at the beginning. And I only realized it exists when I got jump-scared by Light appearing XD. Other than that, it's pretty solid!

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Yeah, it also did seem to me that the dragons are just moving too fast. Turns out the movement depends on the refresh rate of the screen. Change it to 60Hz and you'll be able to play the game as it was intended.

Great idea for the theme, fantastic implementation! I had a lot of fun. I can totally see this game being top 20

Thanks for playing! The point was is that each enemy can change the zip-line route if you don't kill them before they do. So the enemy that comes from top to down is the one that makes the zipline have the same up-down pattern. The helicopter makes random patterns and the flying pink little guy (the helper) supposed to make it all flat again, so you probably don't want to hit it. But due to a game bug, it isn't working correctly. So hope that helps understand the intended mechanics!

First things first, the animations and the overall visual are pretty. The controls are sometimes hard, but the level design and the progression make it simple enough to keep going. There was one point that I got stuck because the bomb object slid away from where it supposed to be and it didn't want to respawn. So I just went away from the game for some time. Later I came back and the bomb came back as well! So I decided to continue. In the end, when the camera zoomed out, I fell into a rock texture at the bottom. I figured it wasn't the way, so I used the bombs and some parkour skills to get to the next level! I have finished the game and I couldn't believe the ending! HOW COULD IT BE?? Had a lot of fun playing it! It feels quite polished.

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"then it would immediately turn curvy", yep it's a bug. Other than that, the point of the game is that you cannot get hurt, but by yourself. This means that every time you miss, the bullet gets back to you. When you hit the fat guys they give you points, other enemies are there just to change the zipline route. Hope it's now clearer what was going on! Thanks for playing!

"Somehow I feel...I'll have to go all the way up" well, let's just say you don't have to...but you can ;) Thanks for playing! It was fun watching you play our game and both to discover your game! 😄

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I have patched a 1.1 version in the windows build! Lot's of small fixes and improvements, though the controls remain the same for now. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it work properly on web, it breaks the controls really bad for some reason :P And thank you for playing our game :)

Thanks for replying! I think you should wait for the patch tho, there's a bunch of stuff that I plan to fix and tweak, I believe I'll publish a patch today!

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Thanks for sharing this torture with me!) A physics car racing game where the point is to destruct yourself in order to get to the destination.
Which sounds fun, you can either detach your parts to fly straight to the finish line or in other places keep them as objects to drive on and get over obstacles.

Makes sense right? Except it's not! After you destruct the parts of your car, they disappear. Unless you detach them in a VERY SPECIFIC place that the devs programmed it to not disappear.

But that just applies to the wheels, the car itself has entirely different behavior. The exploded car will disappear each time you explode your car again. Which just makes the entire play confusing.
I would guess it was made to decrease the chance of the player ruining his own game and not be able to progress at some point, which is understandable. You don't want the player to be stuck because of stacks of car parts on the map.

Nonetheless, it was still a bit frustrating) But fun anyway.
With all of that in mind, I managed to beat the game. I think we're even now ;)
Here's my gameplay, so you experience the struggle with me :D

Getting Under It parody game ;) with trailer! - Rate Getting Under It by ToasterHead, DrR4V3N, Devarieuxmusic, TinyNerd, t i m o, Andu's Games for Wowie Jam 3.0 -

Very polished! I'm impressed! The visuals, the tutorial design are super clear and intuitive, and once the mechanic is introduced you good to go! Never seen such a mechanic in a platformer. Where you need to avoid spikes, but also get in touch with them once you set a checkpoint yourself (by throwing a checkpoint ball). For now, the levels are quite easy, but I'm sure that you could experiment and make crazy puzzles with it. Overall, a fun platformer with a twist ;)

Thanks for playing the game! You need to get height points (you can see them in the UI bar) and the more you get them the harder the ground breaks! But you also need to touch the ground itself. The game needs a bit more playtesting, for sure! :)

Hi! Thanks for the suggestions! We totally should make the cursor more visible. Glad you liked it! :D

Yep, there are a couple of trap spots that you get stuck in, sorry for that! Should've playtested the game more ☺️. But thanks for playing!

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You can break the ground

Interesting to see a completed grinding game in a game jam. Can be a bit tedious, but overall it's well implemented. The mechanics are working, I haven't got stuck anywhere and the visual feedback is enough to let you know what you can do and what you can't. It was a pleasure to dig and find your way to the destination, and of course, collecting minerals and upgrading your ball. Which looks like a charged electronic ball from half-life 2. A nice 3d game submission!

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QWOP on steroids! Really cool idea, and frustrating as always with the genre ;)
I'm not sure how to progress tho, I feelt pretty useless and powerless. I believe if the dummy would have much more powerful and higher force magnitude, with zero gravity, this game could be more chaotic and accessible! However, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not sure because the game has no tutorial or any tips. I like the idea so far, with trying to figure out the best combinations of state positions of the dummy to transition with, to try to move in a way. I would love to see a trailer so I can understand the game better and might even beat it ;)

I love the pixel style! The introduction of the mechanics and the story of the game are literally written into the dialogue, so it's impossible to miss it ;) The core base mechanic of this game is to avoid medkits that are objects laying on the ground, and collect fireballs that would fly towards you. So I thought it should be easy, but no! Your health is constantly decreasing and it takes a long time for the door to open to get to the next level. Also, the bullets don't fire at you but their angles are randomized so it's actually harder to predict their movement and gain health! At some point, I died, but then it turns out there are checkpoints in this game! I imagined medkits that suddenly grow monster legs and jump on you! I had fun, very funny and polished  game! :D

Finished the game in 4:39! So I can't say it was easy. I like the idea of the player having the goal of crushing the ship instead of the mainstream avoid obstacles and survive in space. There's not really a way to lose nor enemies oppose any threat, besides making your objective more challenging and time-consuming. I like that it's minimalistic in its game loop, and I certainly had fun! There's a lot of potential in terms of mechanics and features :)

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Yeah, you can get used to it tho)) Thanks for playing!

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I accidentally deleted my own reply comment, oops! I don't know how to get it back now D: Wait, so you beat the game? I mean yeah, the camera is stuck at the elevator instead of following the player. My reply was about asking for feedback I think. Anyways, thanks for playing the game!

This game is adorable. The allies are cute, as they try their best to follow you and help you out. The combat seems strange, I can just spam the space bar and the combo the sh*t out of the golden knights. However, it doesn't seem like the developer intended to put it this way? Not sure. The 2 total bosses were fun to defeat, even though they are not too tricky to defeat. Overall, cute little game!

I don't know if it's just me, but I had struggled with the controls. Especially when the ball is stuck at the corner and you try to pull it upwards, you just feel useless and powerless. I have played the browser version, anyhow, some playtesting is surely needed here. So, apart from that, I actually enjoyed the game. From the sound of the waterfall, the beautiful piano melody, and the sound of the balls hitting each other like pool balls, the sound is great! The visuals are minimalistic, but not poorly made. On the contrary, everything looks like it belongs there, the minimalistic look fits well with the sound and the feel of the game. I especially liked the part where you had initially just a couple of balls (clearly not enough of them), and as I desperately trying to pull up the big ball I figure out that: "Oh! I can activate more balls! it's much easier now, it makes sense!". I liked that part. Keep it up! ;D

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Well done! Gotta say, the art is impressive. Had a bit of trouble having my slime speeding super fast, but then I realized I had 144Hz refresh rate :P You could use Time.deltaTime in order to fix the speed so the game works and feels the same no matter what your refresh rate is. Other than that, it's a fun little puzzle game, really cool!

I have no idea what I just played.. 10/10!