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We've actually finished the game now. All the bugs were fixed, and the game is pretty much playable and everything we wanted to implement is implemented! May you give the game a second try?) Would be interesting to see your gameplay again, but after the game is fixed :)

All of my previous paintings didn't work at all, and I was trying to be creative :P
The best I've got was 170$ so I just gave up and drew a bunch of penises and it worked XD

We all F****ed! XD

Yeah, seems like you have made some progress and now its a nice playable game. Nice work.

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Hey, quick question! If I change the game file (and lets suppose Mark sees my game), will Mark see my original one or the most current one? Because some people might change the file of their game and fix all the bugs and basically update their game.

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But there are games like Naughty Knight that is 12th in the design criteria, but 832th in the adherence to the theme criteria. After all, the design criteria were the only one in the 2018 GMTK game jam, unlike this jam where for some reason he added 2 more criterias. But why?

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Wait, the host of GMTK said he's gonna play the 100 best games. But of which criteria?

The controls are indeed frustrating. But I like the idea and the execution other than the controls is great!

I really like the concept and the art is amazing, but I find the controls too frustrating for me to continue playing. It seems to work as it should, but at the same time the hand seems to not respond correctly while near the body or after moving around. Other than that, you did a great job on the presentation of the game and idea that you had in mind. Great work guys!

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Had a lot of fun playing the game! Quite hard to know what to do next, but my best tactic that shown maximum effeciency is - sniper, sniper, sniper, grenade, sniper (the sniper is just very overpowered). The 2 last ones I upgrade the most at the begining and the others later on. Good game!

OneBlock is a platformer with only one platform.
You can set the teleporters to teleport the platform around the place, making it a tricky puzzle-platformer game.
Its a bit hard to understand first time but you can give it a shot.
OneBlock   OneBlock

Thanks a lot for playing the game! You can watch my playthrough to see all the levels - 

The video is edited and been shorted to 7 minutes instead of 40 minutes of playing the game :)

Despite the minor bugs, the game is pretty fun and playable! The idea of a platformer zombie game where the main goal is not to shoot the zombies, but rather to turn them into blocks that allow you to move on, is an interesting concept. But you can also suicide and turn yourself into a block and you can turn yourself into a zombie by colliding with the zombies. All of that you can do in one turn, each time spawning as a new character. Very clever and yet simple idea, I see the potential here. Well done!

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I like the idea, even though I've seen similar games with similar idea before. The art and the music are neat, but I just couldn't complete the second level. It's really hard and frustrating to jump on the arrow after you shoot it. Sometimes the arrow is too slow, sometimes the arrow pushes the player down and you can't get on it without falling and dying. The process of shooting the arrow and jumping on it should feel cool to the player so he wants to keep doing it, instead I was worried if I'll do it the wrong way again and fall. The mechanics feels rough by now, but it can be fixed. Other than that, it seems like a really cute and fun game to play, the animations are really good and shooting at the enemies feels great. Work a bit on the game and it will be awesome!

Proof, that my mechanics are unique: Nobody understood them :D. But you can try to if you want to ;)
OneBlock is a platformer with only one platform. You can set the teleporters to teleport the platform around the place, making it a tricky puzzle-platformer game.

OneBlock   OneBlock

My first jam. You can see how my game is flawed in design because It's my first time making a game in a short period of time. But I tried my best to make the game playable, even though the introduction is poor. If you can't beat the game you can always check my playthrough in the description!
It's a platformer game where you have only one platform. You set the teleporters to teleport the block around the place in order to complete the levels, making the platformer a puzzle game. It's hard, but I proved it's possible.

Thanks! Tho my game doesn't have any different blocks that you can choose to spawn, the game is not about that at all XD
But I'll check your game :)

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The main problem I'm facing is that it's hard for me to know what distance I am able to teleport, and what distance is too far for me to. Also in the fast reaction levels its very hard to follow the lasers (I think because of the limited view range), making the controls a bit frustrating. Other than that, the game was made pretty well! I had fun playing it and I believe most people find it fun too. The game reminds me of games like Portal and Q.U.B.E when you have just a simple mechanic in a 3d platformer that makes the game a tricky puzzle game. Well done!

Yeah, I'm working on it :p

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I think it's not that the platformer itself is too hard, its the lack of proper introduction and tutorial of the mechanics. I had no troubles with the controls themselves, as you can see I finished my own game here (took me 40 minutes tho)

I am working right now mainly fixing the design including proper introduction and more simpler levels at the start. I will publish the updated version when it's ready. I have a lot of ideas on this game that I want to implement, so stay tuned!

We both have some things to work on after the jam :p

Yeah I imagined it being something like that xd

You can try mine:


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Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I need to work on the teleporters introduction, I will publish when it's ready.

Hmm, about being restricted by one block I don't think I'm that restricted. I made the game because I saw the potential in it and the idea of the teleporters came because I thought about a platformer with only one platform. I have a couple of ideas tho for making levels with 2 or 3 blocks in it, but I don't see my game having a bunch of blocks because then I don't see how the teleporters might work and make sense.

About the ticks, yeah, it might be a bit fast, but also if I make them slower it will make the repetition function obsolete, because then its too simple to get to the door/portal in time. What im planning is to make the experience and learning slower. In the begining the player cannot edit the teleporters and they will be set up in a way that requires the player to both think and react fast, so the player gets the chance to train before the real puzzles. Also I'm thinking about adding a 4 tick teleporter.

Yep, there is a huge design playground in the idea and that's why I really wanted to create the concept and to see where I can go with it. I didn't know how much time it will take me to do all the stuff since it's my first game jam. Here you can see my full playthrough and check out all the levels you might not got there yet (I edited the video so it won't be too long. In real time I've played about half an hour):

You made the idea of platformer with only one platform so much better than I have :)
Very simlpe and yet very challanging puzzle-platformer, well done!


I already got feedback from people that my game is hard to understand, mostly because of lack of proper introduction to the main gameplay mechanics.
My game is a puzzle-platformer with only one platform. You have to set the teleporters to move the block around.
Because of the lack of proper introduction I made it under the description, and my question is:

1. How hard and frustrating it is to learn the mechanics of the teleporters? How much did you understand it from the game + the description and how much levels could you pass?
2. After the jam ends I am planning on making an introduction from scratch, meaning that in the beginning the teleporters already set by themselves and the player only needs to figure out how to pass them. Slowly the player will get exposed to all the teleporters mechanics and only after that the player slowly gets to set the teleporters by himself.

Here's the game:

Oh, lol. You mean this one :P

I know I didn't make a proper introduction , I'll make it after the jam ends.

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Yeah I know that my game lacks the teleporters introduction, I didn't had the time to make it during the submission time, that's why I made it in the description. All the levels can be completed I tested them by myself. The point of the level with the spikes in between is that you have to use repetition of the teleporters in order to get to the door by time (The slow fall was made intentionally). Anyways, thanks for playing!

Space shooter but the only input is the mouse. You move the ship with the mouse and you destroy the enemies with it. Very cleverly made and well executed. Really fun game!

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Very original and unique! The idea is so simple yet very clever, makes me think why I haven't came up with this idea before. If only the game had more levels to it that discover the tricky elements of the mechanics, the game would be a very interesting puzzle. The key implemented very well, it doesn't stuck on the walls and it doesn't go through them. One of the uniquest games I've played so far in this jam, great job!

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Beated the game with maximum amount of sheeps. my best score:

The only problem I had is that the last sheep just didn't want to go to the pen for some reason. Fun game, even though I normally don't play sheep games in my spare time. Well made!

Very cool idea and a cute execution. I like the idea of taking only one weapon on the battlefield full of different kinds of weapons, making you think what weapon to choose based on the situation. The game was fun, I enjoyed it and the sounds the enemies made were funny. The game itself lacks a bit of feedback about the damage given from the enemies. I found it hard to understand when the enemy hits me and when I take damage. But besides that, the game is fun to play and it has a potential . Well done!

One Block is a challanging puzzle-platformer with only one platform. Use the teleporters to teleport the block.
The game requires not only logic but also time management and fast reaction.
(Read the description to understand the mechanics)

Interested to see how you'll do this one:


Hey, cool.

I see what the idea was, unfortunately the game itself doesn't bring much to the table. The enemies spawn and you can destroy them pretty easily, there is no score or much challenge, but I see where you were going. If it's your first time on a jam or programming a game overall then I would say you should keep going! Program more games, add features to your current game and learn! The art and the music is good, the game just lucking a bit features but I assume it's because most of the time you tried to learn to program in Godot. I'll play the game again after the jam if you are planning on uploading an updated version. Good luck!

Thanks for playing the game :)
How many levels did you pass? Just curious.

My game has 20 ratings. The biggest issue with my game was that I didn't explain the mechanics properly within the game. But now I think I explained it pretty well in the description, so I want a second chance.
One Block is a challanging puzzle-platformer with only one platform. Use the teleporters to teleport the block. It requires not only logic but also time management and fast reaction.
(Read the description to understand the mechanics)

Such an interesting concept! Never seen anything like that before. I really like the idea of it being one simple maze, but you can see only one color and art style at time. You have to figure out only by this information how the maze is built and works to eventually complete it. Very well made!