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Submitted by JWoodrell — 1 hour, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#11913.3333.333

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Oh my god the voice hahaha, this is great!!

I don't think I've ever felt motion sickness being stationary on a computer but yeeeap, this about does it. It's actually pretty fun though 10/10 would drink again.


The dialogue is quirky and nice. Would Have liked if your focus was more on the dialogue too. The gameplay feels like a bug thats been turned into a game though. Super trippy though  and 5/5 originality =)


"OnLy OnE... dRiNk... I pRoMiSe..."

Hilarious theme. Really nailed the drunk wizard voice - even funnier once I learned it was computer synthesized! Just wish there were more quotes for him to choose from when you restart! The MS Paint aesthetic really complements the drunkenness.

Drifting around corners was quite satisfying! The camera movement was well done too.

The fireballs were giving me more than a hard time, but I know you've fixed that in the new version. Overall, cute little game! Nicely done.


yeah I easily spent the first day on just the movement and camera getting it smooth, probably need to get better at time management but thanks for trying it out.

Very disorienting but a very funny simulation of a drunk wizard


Pretty trippy, but I like it :D great job!


Oh god, your intro with the drunk synthetic voice dropping the jam's theme got me. XD
Besides that, I must say I had fun, even if under the impression that it required more luck that skill.


yeah the updated version has much more fairly balanced fireballs than the original, and the textures messing up i wasn't able to catch before the deadline.  thanks for trying it out.


The new version is a lot easier, but still pretty difficult, sometimes the fireball spawns right next to you, so there's no way to dodge, but the idea is very unique, and some sound effects would be nice.


Only one comment this time, I promise. This game has a simple idea, and it's hilarious and fun, despite having poor art.


Wow, really cool game! I loved the gravity mechanic. Were the levels randomized? 

Nice graphics, the game has a lot of personality. The text-to-speech stuff cracked me up. 

I really enjoyed getting into flow states maneuvering through the level, but those fireball spawns are just too fast and harsh. I wish they were a little less frequent, only spawned once at the start of the level, and were a tad slower. 

Even the music is hilarious. Great work! 

Only one drink, I promise! You know the drill, [insert complaints that other commentators have made], but all in all, I had a lot of fun :)

Cheers (Only one more drink, I promise!)


That was pretty challenging! The fireballs felt like they spawned on me giving me no time to react, but other than that I liked the gravity mechanic! Some other games have had similar gameplay but yours was super smooth! Really enjoyed playing!


Good one, changing the gravity is not something i would have thought of its not hard to control once you get used to and can be quite responsive if slow.

Ill say what others have pointed out, the fireballs come out of nowhere and there is no way to dodge them so passing by most is a roll of the dice with no decision in the matter.

Theme, i think it just about fits, not tremendously but you do use only one control.

Originality, as i said before not something ive seen or thought, at least not to this degree of control over the gravity, the closer i can think of is VVVVVV.


Yeah the fireball speed was a guess, i didn't have a chance to do any play-testing so this was uploaded pretty much blind

Here is a build (after deadline) that fixes the fireball issue so its actually win-able


Have to quit after 20 minute. Too nauseating for me, the main struggle is the screen where you cant see far away enough to judge your timing. Projectiles speed seem a bit too fast and randomly changed when they bounce with each other. Nice idea though, although it wish it a bit more easier.


Yeah the fireball speed was a guess i wasn’t able to do any play testing online at all so this was essentially put up blind.  

Here is a build after the deadline with that fixed if your interested in trying it without the insta-death fireballs


Nice idea, fits the theme really well. But I almost always don't have enough time to dodge the yellow orbs especially when they are coming right at me but I did enjoy playing it for a while. The sound at the beginning got a bit annoying especially because I died alot :D

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing.  I wasnt able to playtest it cause of the deadline, so this is kind if first draft form... i didnt realize how annoying it would get :) and yeah the fireballs were too fast


Ahah it's very fun and original :D It would just be nice if the voice didn't start again every time we lost.


Yeah, i would change that but with the deadline looming i had one chance to compile and upload with basically zero testing :). Thanks for trying it


Cool idea, a bit disorienting at first but i picked it up eventually.