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Well… just because the theme is “Roll of the dice”, I don’t think that necessitates a dice to be present in every game, at least IMO that would be heavily limiting, but yeah glad you enjoyed it!

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i love this game, gluing stuff together and making creations was also an idea I had for the jam initially but it's executed so well here, lots of potential to expand this

 Selection does get kinda janky when there's a bunch of objects that overlap but otherwise, the experience was pretty solid.

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chain is kinda janky, but this game has got a lot of potential otherwise, id love to see it expanded in the future.

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yeahhhh.. there's kind of a problem with collisions 😅.  Glad to hear you enjoyed the game!

I liked the game a lot, 

Art was amazing, and I really liked the premise.

The only complain I would have though, is that puzzles are too simplistic and the the lack of any sound kind of worsened the experience,  but its understandable considering its a jam game

honestly, one of the greatest games ive played this year. this got scammed from the game awards. deserved game of the year imo. 


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it doesnt even matter since only submitters could vote.

Congrats on winning the jam!

1. The game is supposed to fit the theme, is it not? That coupled with the fact that you didn't exclusively submit to this jam but submitted to a variety of jams with the same game which is fine IF THE GAME ACTUALLY FITS THE THEME.

2. The asset you said you made yourself was a 1:1 replica of the one in the Asset Store so unless you CREATED that asset, it was a replica.

3.  No, the game doesn't fit the theme at all, and any vague relation of you trying to fit it with the theme to enter as many jams as you possibly can wont work.

4. First off, your game was not top 10. It had traffic but it actually had really trash ratings, people were mad at you lying over the theme, assets and just trying to enter to as many jams as you can for better chances no matter if it fit the theme or not.  Also that quantum mechanics analogy is bad because, I played your game fully, and it was purposefully made generic and vague to make it ambiguous so not to be limited to one jam which is fine in itself but coupled with everything else this is a scummy decision

5. Nobody said this was THE BIGGEST GAME JAM IN THE WHOLE MULTIVERSE  and dont join if all you care about is  a cash prize for the winner. This jam was meant for danis community to collaborate and have fun. Also stop calling the hosts "cheap", since the jam wouldn't have been organized without the hosts. 

  •  I never thought that this cheap conduct will happen from the host side.  I can now say that , it is better not to participate in such unfair competition rather than getting your efforts wasted.

You literally decide to rip off assets, then lie about ripping off those assets, then submit to multiple jams including this one even though it doesn't even fit the theme, and then you call our conduct cheap? 

1. Yeah i removed the submission

2. It barely fits the theme at all (that doesnt mean the submission gets removed but you also did a lot of other stuff)

3. You just submitted to the biggest ongoing jams you could, even if it didnt fit

4. You lied about making the assets yourself since the player character is an exact replica of the asset pack. Assets are allowed but lying about whether you used premade assets or not, is not to be tolerated.

Thank you, have a nice day.

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Yeah i removed the submission, doesnt fit the theme at all, he just submitted to the biggest ongoing jams he could, and also lied about making the assets himself. Thanks for the report!

Yeah, what catty said.

Sorry, but we cant accept external submissions purely due to the fact that people might cheat and update their builds and go unnoticed,

Some moderators might leave some feedback if they wish, but its not 100%.

Popular != Highly Rated. You will lose points in theme if you dont follow the theme obviously.

Like mixel said, unfortunately youll have to wait until the jam ends!

The games will be rated by the community for the most part.  WebGL would get more users to play your game, but its not required to win the jam.

Sorry, you need to submit the game on time to avoid cheaters!

He said that he would do that for a bigger jam, this one is just the winner role.