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Ahaha, same with me and dogs but I think it's like tom and jerry comedy so it's fine ~
And thanks for giving our game ago <3

That's fair, ahaha. And yea ! That sounds like good suggestions, we'll keep it in mind ~
Also the itch page is mainly images and google fonts, nothing fancy with the CSS

Hmm, I might echo what others have said that a bit of tutorial might help, but not so much the gameplay and more what the colours mean, like if it matters if you change the black and white tiles and if it's good or bad when the screen is red on a level complete or green on a level failure. But it's a neat little idea that in concept you kinda 'make your own difficulty' with the place and play parts. Good job ~

The guard pathing breaks a bit often but I like the concept actually ! I think with a bit more time in the oven it would make this a neat little game

It's a neat little game and I'm impressed you managed to fit so much polish with music and all that in the time ! It feels like the optimum strategy is to kinda spam jumping but it's still pretty fun ~

Ok, this one actually gave me a bit of a laugh x) it also feels like it could have easily been too easy or too hard but it's really just about right, good job ~

I love the idea and the setting I think it's amazingly cute, but I do agree that the balancing might be a bit hard especially due to the random nature of it being a card game combined with the stats that keep decreasing over time. Maybe there could be a few rare cards now and then that would give a big overall net boost to help ~

Thank you mildly morally supportive crow ~ 👍

This is such a neat idea ! Very solid and well polished too. Being chased really felt like an indie horror game vibe and I didn't think snake could be turned into one, great job !

There's a dog and I love it already. I think the mouse controls can be scaled back a slight but all the music sounds and presentation is on point for this goofy little game ~

It's surprisingly very polished and well put together ! It ramps up very fast but I love all the little ideas that went into it. A neat little gem.

Outside of a few things like the wiping being a bit unresponsive, it's quite well made and polished ! The presentation is really good too for the idea, great job !

Ngl I kinda like to goofy wolf ~

I couldn't turn down any dog games, ahaha. Such a charming idea and it's really nicely made, I love it.

I'm going to have to ask to double check a few setting on the environment you're running the game in, like if it's running in normal native speeds and nothing bottle necking the performance. It's not a demanding game, but under normal circumstances all jumps should be consistent.

I'll look into it, but it works on my windows and mac machines and I'm not sure if there's anything I can do

Haaaaaang on, who told you about that room *eyes suspiciously*

<3 I'm not sure about the game but that's a neat pic ~

Heh, it's fine x3 I might remember those suggestions if I make another adventure game ~

There are 5-6 different endings to explore if you're interested (if I remember correctly) each are very different to complete and ranging with difficulty. I've made it so that 2 of them, the golem and the door, are very easy and the most likely ending people will get while the rest are a bit more unlikely. The guard is actually an ending that does not require any items or equipments to complete, but it is a hard puzzle. The crow though, while it is an ending too, is actually one of the hardest ending to complete so I don't expect anyone to solve it, ahaha.

<3 Maybe one day when I have more ideas for the mechanics, but thanks for giving it a whirl ! And yea dude, love whatever the heck you want to love too !

For those who joined the jam, it was the bestest fun ! I tried to go through as much as I could to rate but there were still many good ones I missed. But really, thank you all for making such good games, it was a pleasure to play them all. (For those who're here for fun, hit up the (post) version, it's very slightly better, ahaha)

No way ! This is such a complete and polished game it's really impressive ! The spritework and transitions are so crisp and the music is pretty upbeat. I don't think I've bumped into any bugs outside some of the save issues, but I do agree in terms of UI during the battle scenes next to the 'action!' call there could be a 'use item' too to remind players that they could use items during fights. All round great job !

That policeman is such a jerk ! I think I ran into all the bugs that was mentioned previously and some areas like the code of the rock pushing could use a bit more polish, but what you have here is still pretty impressive with the length ! (I think the sprite for the ghost maybe shouldn't be smiling considering that it knows its dead, and the scene with the mirror, but that's just a little nitpick, also that ominous ending though ~)

Ah, I got that error too ! Apparently it's because of mac's very stringent security. To get it working you'll need to pop into the terminal and disable the gatekeeper from there (but turn it back on after you're done). This will allow apps from 'anywhere' other than the app store and identified developers. After that you might also get an 'unable to find game' error to which just move the iron ferret app to any other different folder and run it. It should be fine after that and you can move it back to the original folder. Thanks for checking it out too <3

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This is like, the perfect scope to make a game jam out of ! Very short, very simple, and I appreciate that there's no hard fail if you accidentally launched yourself back a few barrels, ahaha. The spritework is gorgeous and the music feels very duck, but it's pleasant to listen to :3 All round great job !

I wish I'm just as athletic when I hit 90 like that nan, ahaha ! This is such a good little game, although I feel the dash meter should be a fixed UI on the screen like the cigarette counter, maybe a thin megaman-esque bar above it, and although you can dash through cardboard boxes and not safe-boxes both of them being square makes them a bit hard to tell at first glance. But what you have here is a very solid and surprisingly polished endless runner ! The spritework is great and the music is very fitting ~

If there was a criteria for virtual tangibility this would def get all the marks ! There's so much potential for level and puzzle making here, like high exits where you would need to pile up the corpses in a specific way to get to, different types of zombies like bigger ones which dispenses 5 times more gore, or an acidic zombie which dissolves corpses in a radius, and even exits that are blocked so you must only shoot certain zombies as not to further pile over the exit. What you have here is a very solid sandbox and a very good base to build something upon !

I really appreciated the fact that the effort to stay true to authenticity were kept to the graphics and sounds and not for the controls ! It feels really good and responsive and I like that. And this is actually very nice and polished considering you had four days to work on it !

I liked that you could ride any horse, so I stole many horses and scattered them across the map. It's a bit bare bones at the moment but there's so much potential to give the game some world building elements to it ! There's a little nook in one of the mountains that's really a dead end, there could be a skull there, it could be a deceased relative of the prince. Maybe one of the houses was ransacked and burned down, did the royal guards do it ? Is the emperor a kind and just ruler and would you still save him ? There's a lot of space here to work with to build a story and give the players an incentive to go exploring, but what you have here is a solid groundwork to build good stuff on !

Much approve for thumbs up buddha ! And the fact that being disturbed by the birds only results in a loss of progress instead of a hard fail is such a welcomed quality of life design. I think there is something going on with one of the initialization variables as the first 'death' pops up an error window, but after that it works fine with the buddha quotes coming up. Other than that it plays solidly, the sprites and colours are very pleasant and the music is aptly soothing ~

Definitely agree, the starting animation is fantastic ! I think the distance of the attack could be a slight further so it's more comfortable for the players, but other than that the game plays solidly ! The spritework is very crisp and there's enough variety in the level places to make them distinctive ~

Lovely ! There's a slight issue with the collisions where it's a bit hard to tell what's going to hit you, and at the end of the first boss where you would need to have positioned yourself without a wall in your path so the ship could leave the screen and not get thrown in a loop. But other than that it's a nice 3 stage shooter, the sprites are very well done and the music is fantastic !

It's actually kinda charming in its simplicity ~ I feel there should be a short pause when the player dies before the next ship respawns, but other than that it's quite well put together and it plays rock solidly !

Aw heck this is too cute ! I definitely like that the battle mechanics are very streamlined. Outside some the mentioned issues I think some players including myself would very much welcome a map as it's quite easy to get lost, but other than that the spritework is super charming, the music is pleasant, and the game plays very solidly !

I'm really impressed with the amount of polish here ! The spritework is crisp, the controls are tight, and the music is upbeat and fitting. And the passwords are such a cute nod back to the pre-save era. It might be just a simple plaformer but by gosh this is such a great simple platformer.

Aw gosh, glad you enjoyed it <3 That's a fair point though, I think if I were to change anything about that it would be to make the screen bigger, maybe one day after the jam ahaha ~

I like the idea ! It's almost like pokemon 'but for adults' ahaha. I would propose giving those who got 21 their attacks do critical damage to give the number a bit more punch, although as one previously mentioned the frequency of the opponents getting a 20 and a 21 might need to be toned down a bit. It's a very solid and interesting concept though !

This is quite a neat take on the rhythm genre ! The mechanic where you have to switch the arrow keys then time the buttons (along with the banter and visuals on the side) really sells the idea that there are four cowboy pilots there that has to work as a team. And the music which is not too fast or beat heavy is very fitting to introduce the concept. There's a part later down the track where the arrow keys are packed a bit too tightly to quickly see what to switch to, but overall the game is very solid and great !

Samus is the chubbiest cat I love them already ! There might be a few missing assets and a couple of places where the controls are stiff but I don't think it's buggy at all and it's quite a complete small game, good job ! (That being said I reached the end where the saucer is, but underneath the platform instead, but it still registers the win so I'll take it ~)