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Find treasure. Annoy everyone.
Submitted by Autumn Rain (@slitherpunk), Skyler Aure (@skygummi), Elise Pegasnow (@pegasnow), Lavandula, rowan tobias (@lainiwakuras) — 2 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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That was a fun experience! The graphics and sound are lovely, the gameplay is great and, although the professionalism of the graphics make it feel like a modern game with a gameboy palette, the game is still very well made! As a game, in general, that is! It doesn't take anything from the other characteristics, though! Those are pretty much a success! Great job! :)


Could not ofcurse be played on the real thing. But this was a really wacky and a fun experience so i just have to give you a big high five.  A kind of FPS EarthBound?  Good job! Made my evening. The music still bleeps and blops in my head after closing the game. :D


Graphics and audio are amazing! the camera movement is super good and the maps are easy to naviagate. The mechanics are fun and it has a really good progression, considering the length of the game!
I found a little typo at the shop, it says "increase critial" instead of critical haha

I'm really impressed with how polished it is for a jam game! congrats!


Oh nooo I wish I had noticed that typo 😭

I'm glad you enjoyed though!


Aw heck this is too cute ! I definitely like that the battle mechanics are very streamlined. Outside some the mentioned issues I think some players including myself would very much welcome a map as it's quite easy to get lost, but other than that the spritework is super charming, the music is pleasant, and the game plays very solidly !


Very cute game and was a lot of fun! However, I do wish that the main fighting mechanic wasn't mashing. If there was an option to be able to just hold down the 'a' button to attack, it would be a lot easier and more accessible to people. Also a minor thing, was there evolution in this game or was it not implemented in time? A couple of text boxes mentioned it, but I got to the end without ever seeing it I think.


I had planned to have an option to "auto mash" but I wasn't able to get it in, I might update that for a post-jam release. 

Also the "evolution" thing was just a pokemon reference.

Thank you for the feedback.


Amazing "3D" game, it just didn't look 100% authentic because it runs very smooth xD


Cute game. The enemies and team members and all look very adorable! Music and sounds fit very well with the game.


I believe I consider this a dungeon crawler, if so, well done! It's a nice entry. The music really reminds of a gb game. Well Done!


This is a very pretty game! Music is great and the characters are adorable. Being able to change the palette is a nice touch :).


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


The graphics are really great :) The camera could be a bit lower though, and some walls are almost infinitely thin when seen from the side :D


Thank you so much for the feedback!


sure, glad to do so :) 

Please make sure you also play and rate my entry as well ;-)