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Oh my god, I am so sorry. I barely come to now. If you're still interested, my email is!

This game was such an interesting experience! At a point, I had forgotten I was playing a GB game, because this one felt almost too real! So well made! The intro to the game, the music, everything adds up to the real feeling that this game passes as we play it! And the robots are so cute as well!

It's also incredible how much content and detail were put on this game over the jam's time. A very well executed idea, for sure!

Let me start by saying this game REEKS of GB feel, like holy crap! It's crazy good! The audio, the graphics... Everything is perfectly placed to make it feel like a real GB game! 5 stars!

The concept itself is also very interesting and creative! The horizontal breakout mixed with a bit of Mario Bros. is just a delightful fusion! And the idea itself doesn't just sound good, it's also executed so well! 

This is one of my favorite games in this jam, for sure! Congratulations! :)

The art of this game is phenomenal! And it feels so much like a GB game it's crazy! Also the way the enemies move, the animations, the sounds... Everything is great and gives a huge GB feel!

I also had a lot of fun playing the game! The levels are greatly designed and so much fun to play! 


I want to start by saying that the name of the game is just delightfully well thought! 

And the fake box art for it is just an amazing addition to the whole package, so kudos for that as well!

The fact that it is a rhythm game already wins a bunch of points in my book and it's a really nice one as well! The game is simple and direct, just approach the enemies and press the buttons in the correct tempo. Couldn't have clearer than that!

Like mentioned by someone else, the game lacks a bit of audio, although the battle theme compensates for bringing the GB feel to it, plus, I really really enjoyed to hear it! Although, the game becomes a bit repetitive at times, having always the same music to accompany you as you play throughout the rhythmic battle. Even though I think the button patterns were always different in each battle? If so, that helps a bit with the whole repetitiveness issue. Maybe have 1 or 2 more musics in the mixture so it doesn't get so dull over time! 

All in all, it's a really nice game and the work put on it shows! Congratulations!

This was such a simple, yet fun game! It's also really nice that it goes straight to the point. Just go there and build stuff. I loved the procgen of the islands in the game, as well as how easy it is to destroy and build stuff.

The game certainly has a gameboy-ness feel to it that I really enjoyed as I spent the time planting trees and jumping between islands. The audio is simple, yet so nice and chill, which adds a lot to the relaxation of creating and building what you feel like. 

Again, the game is simple and small but sometimes, less is more and this definitely gave me more than I was expecting. :)

Great job!

Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed my game and the efforts I put in leaving it Gameboy-ish :)

Thank you so much for your comment! :) Yeah, the music was (and is) the worst part of game dev for me, I struggle a lot with it. And only having 3 days to work on this didn't give me much time to ask for someone to help me either! But if I update this game, I shall give it some nice tunes!

I honestly can't wait to see it get bigger and better because it has such a big potential! I'll be coming back to it in a while to see how it goes! :) You can do this!

Oregon Trail in space! It's a really nice concept and the game is nicely put as well! Like it was mentioned before, the text is blurry. But that's something that can be worked on! 

All in all, great job! :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

It's a cute little game, well built regardless of the GB Studio's limitations. The puzzles are nice and pretty enjoyable, the dialogue and store are really good and the game feels nice and gameboy-ish! Good job. :)

It's a 4K 3840 x 2160 screen!

This game is very nice!

The Undertale combat style, the amazing graphics, the great and almost too gameboy-ish sound effects... It all adds up to the greatness of this game.

The graphics really stood out to me for two reasons. They are very very professional and well made. The sprites, the animations, all of it breathes professionalism. Although, a great point of a game can alaso be its Achilles' heel, which happens to be the case. By being such a good looking game, it ends up being just that. A good looking game with a Gameboy palette. I have noticed with a couple of submissions in this game that people tend to forget the lack of sprite work adds to the gameboy feel that a game can have. The sprite and animation works in this game are so good they end up damaging the Gameboy-ness of this game, being only saved by the accurate sound effects that feel like they really bellong in a GB game.

The way the save house is supposed to work isn't really that explicit. Actually, it isn't at all. It's just an empty house, which leaves you wondering if you need to interact with something there. I tried interacting with everything but to no avail. No sounds, no pop-ups, nothing. I thought something had happened, i decided to give it the benefit of the doubt but once I died and went back to the beginning, I had understood the two save houses I had gotten in were useless.

Talking about the save system, after I lost and started the game again, the whole screen was black besides the character, no matter where I went.

The gameplay is fun for those who like UT or never really experienced that type of combat. Although, it becomes a bit dull and repetitive (at least in the beginning. I only played a bit, until the caves, then I died. It's just walking to the next screen & finishing up the enemies. 

But all in all, it's a very well made game! Congratulations! :)

So I played this game but there was a problem. I know nothing about Black Jack. And this game isn't beginner friendly to people who have no idea about Black Jack! 

But I have a bunch of things to say even though I wasn't really able to enjoy the game in its fullest. The game feels a lot like the GB Pokémon games, both in battle and in the overworld, which I love! I also really like the art and the sound! It also seems to have a good bunch of content, which, again, I couldn't really experience because I couldn't go too far, but it already gave me the idea only by playing it for a bit!

All in all, it's a really nice experience! Great job. :)

Even before playing the game, I already knew I was going to enjoy it a lot!! The graphics and the sound are stupendous, and because of that, so is the Gameboy-ness feel of this game! 

The story is simple, although funny and captivating. The use of a control screen at the beginning can be something that gives mixed reactions, with some people preferring to being taught or learn by themselves them over the game, although I really liked the approach this game took even though I also believe that such a big amount of information needs to be taken little by little. But in a way, it helps with the gameboy-ness feel!

The character is controlled exactly like in a Gameboy game, which is so SO good! Basically this game is one of the ones that totally takes the cake when it comes to the resemblance to the real deal, in graphics, sound, gameplay... And the level design is really good as well. Only good things to say about this game, really. :)

Congratulations, it's one of my favorite games from this jam, without a doubt! :)

This was an interesting concept, the art and the audio resemble those of a Gameboy game, even though the latter might look to advanced to be in one. Although there are a few points I must press on.

The 'interact' key did not seem to work. At least not as well as intended. 

I had no idea I could attack if it wasn't for my random key mashing. Maybe due to a lack of any explanation whatsoever in the beginning of the game. Which brings me to the next point.

Right in the beginning, we're put in the worst of situations. Surrounded by a bunch of enemies, all attacking at once, without any sort of explanation on why we're there, what we have to do and how we can do it. And running from those enemies is futile, since the difficulty continues to be extremely unfair from then on, no matter what route you take. I don't know if I triggered the boss/big bird by using the up key or not because the transition to the room itself was totally random as well. But putting the player in such a more difficult scenario than the one they had faced before IN THE BEGINNING of the game makes them lose complete interest in the rest of it. 

In sum, it's an interesting concept that needs a bunch of workarounds to look appealing, as graphics and sound don't make an entire game. Good luck!

The window size option is a thing that is necessary in almost every single game in this jam, so kudos for adding such a nice feature! Although, the maximum re-scaling still isn't enough (at least for my screen, I don't know if screen size affects it).

It's a simple concept, similar to the classic Shoot Em' Ups, but it's fun and it works the way it's intended to :) It also feels like a Gameboy game due to the way it looks, plays and sounds.

Great job! :)

The concept is indeed interesting, but the lack of aid from the game itself and the lack of explanation why the room shifting happens or how we, as players, affect it, makes it frustrating and annoying, and pretty much luck based. I found myself go from room to room at random, without really knowing where to go and what to do. I had no idea why I was doing that and the lack of instructions for such a complex concept made me give up from it almost right away. 

The bit of story is nice, but who spends time to explain the story, should also lose (even more time) to explain the game. I don't know if I had any problems myself but there was no music when I played. There isn't really too much gameboy-ness on it either.

But either way, an interesting concept that can be worked on!

This was a fun and cute little Tower Defense game! A genre I'm not really fond of, but that I could definitely enjoy in this game, which is a really good sign! The audio is just delightful, both the music and the sound effects are super gameboy-ish, and although the graphics fall a bit behind in that sense, they still resemble those of a GB game! The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, although there is a lot of information to be learned at once, right at the beginning, which confused me a bit!

All in all, a fun experience, great job! :)

This is one of the only games that deserve a full 5 star on the Gameboy-ness and that's what it gets. It's also such a fun and addicting game! Its puzzles are really fun to go through. The graphics and audio are exactly like those of a Gameboy game, the resemblance is almost freaky! PICO-8 had a lot of influence on the successful approach to the original Gameboy feel, which is no surprise at all but doesn't take any work, effort and praise from the developer, which deserves a round of applause for such a great job!


This is such a great game! The gameboy-ness feel is just so so good! It feels so much like a real GB game! The music, the graphics, the gameplay, it's all very well made! The palette feels so good with the concept and story of the game, the main character reminds me of the Plague Knight from SK, which is a big plus (and I love plague doctors)! 

All in all, very good job!

This was such a cute and fun experience! Despite the movement being continuous instead of by "chunks", it all felt so gameboy-ish! I loved the music, the sounds, the cute graphics, the puzzles, the story... Everything! 

Very great job!

This was such a great experience! It was simple and small but the enjoyment is nothing alike! The game feels great, the gameplay is simple yet fun, the oriental theme is very well portrayed with the music and the graphics and the gameboy-ness feel is there!

Such a great job!

The gameboy-ness is pretty good in this one! It reminds me of the way the first GB Donkey Kong games were made! I really liked the graphics and the sound as well, and it's a fun, short experience! Good job!

That was a fun experience! The graphics and sound are lovely, the gameplay is great and, although the professionalism of the graphics make it feel like a modern game with a gameboy palette, the game is still very well made! As a game, in general, that is! It doesn't take anything from the other characteristics, though! Those are pretty much a success! Great job! :)

A fun little game! The story was simple yet cute! The graphics are lacking but it sort of helps to give that gameboy feel to it. What I liked the most was the audio used for it, although the type writing effect gets a bit tiring after a while. The tutorial, like mentioned before, gives us too much information at once. It's better to do it less frequently and let the player figure out some stuff by their own.

Good job. :)

In terms of Gameboy-ness and graphics, this is one of the best games in this jam!!

The lack of audio didn't really bother me, but of course, it ends up affecting the whole experience! Although, the graphics and accuracy to the original game almost make you forget that there is no music or sound in the game. 

I'm not a fan of the Advance Wars/Fire Emblem type of games, but, and I can't mention it enough, the graphics made me glued to the screen just so I could see all those animations!

Great job on it, overall but very big kudos on the feel and the visuals!!

If we talk about games that are inspired by original ones, this one is a pretty good example! Like it was already said, it's a pretty nice, accurate interpretation of the already existing concept of moving boxes to specific places!

Although, like also mentioned before, the difficulty curve could be improved a bunch! I felt myself already struggling a bit in the beginning levels of the game. The art and sound are simple, yet clear and nice! And it feels very Gameboy-ish!

All in all, it's a really nice homage to the original, so good job!

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I loved to play this! It's very simple, yet so much fun when you understand how it works! The idea is original, and it makes it more original because you took one of the most simple games ever created and added some challenge to it!

Although the main menu's instruction helps with understanding the concept of the game, I feel like it might not reach everyone right away. It didn't with me but I was interested and curious enough to stay and understand how it worked. Other people might not and might drop it almost as fast as they clicked it! Maybe a simple instructional/exemplifying screen will suffice! Anyway, that doesn't take anything from how original and fun the concept is!

I like how you only used palettes of two colors, it's simple but still appealing, so are the animations scattered around the game! Although I couldn't help but feel like the rounds I played were going by a little too fast. In the end of every round, it told me who won, but it didn't give me any time to grasp the how's and why's of it, sending me off to the next game right away. Like mentioned by someone else, the audio (and the game, in general) lacks Gameboy-ness, although it's still enjoyable and adds to the game! 

All in all, this is a pretty interesting and fun game, so congratulations for that!! :)

Thank you so much for your comment!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm even more glad to bring up some innovation, rather than just making a plain clone!

Yep, that ball thing was an issue I found myself facing sometimes but by the time I found it, I really couldn't do much about it because of the lack of Jam time. But I shall take care of it in the future, for sure! And about the time, the choice to make it take that long was with the idea to increase the Gameboy feel, since most of the games would take that much time, although some let you skip the whole time countdown at the end of the levels, so it's also an idea that could be implemented in the future. So all in all, thank you so much for your comment!!

Thank you very much! And that option would be something to consider, yes! 

You have to keep trying and see if you can get the timing correctly, try closing your eyes! It helps! :) Also, every intro gives you hints on how to beat every type of enemy!

Thank you very much! Yeah, this is just a matter of getting used to the timing of the enemies! And it makes me so glad to know you had that feeling while playing the game. :)

Thank you so much!

Yeah, the attacks have some cooldown effect between them but I found a bug where the unsheathing sound still plays! Gotta fix that one up since it doesn't help either haha

Thank you very much!!

The key is to learn the timing by trying many times. :) It also helps if you close your eyes. :) Having an unsheathing sound  is a nice idea, though! I will check into that, thank you!

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Thank you so much!

Well but the idea is that he attacks so fast you're not able to see it. :) That's why he just takes the blade out and then... Slash! :)

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Thank you!

If you close your eyes, it becomes easier. I noticed that when testing :) It's a matter of trying many times until you learn the right moment to attack. :)

Sorry! It restricted until I finished writing the description and all that! It's public now!

I don't even know what to say! This is incredibly well made! From the music, to the sound effects, to the gameplay! It's really polished as well! I won't be surprised if it ends up winning the jam or stay in the 3 first places! It deserves all the praise it can get! Congratulations!

Great job on this! You were able to bring to it many of the original Splatoon mechanics and that's really good! I loved the music, it fits the Squid Sisters' style! The bomb sound effect was really really loud, so you might want to check that out! But besides that, I really liked your game and you did a really good job!