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Burst some bouncing bubbles in this arcade inspired Gameboy game!
Submitted by Zushi3DHero (@Zushi3DHero) — 18 minutes, 44 seconds before the deadline
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I was finding this game a really good mixture of challenging and fun when I started the first level.  Eventually I discovered I could run onto the ceiling and take shots from up their, and was worried that all the levels were going to be trivial because of my cheese tactic.  I was so glad to see the variety in level design that makes staying at the top of the screen an imperfect solution.

The mechanics of this game are so simple, but also really fun, and I thought it was delightful.  The physics of the game behaves in a consistent manner, and I didn't notice any collision response with outlandish results.  On some levels the player character would sometimes fail to run up to the top while squeezing past a partition, and occasionally I could get them to not flip around the corner and onto the next wall.  These are really minor problems however, in what is otherwise a solidly built game.


Looks and feels as a Gameboy game, awesome work.  Great audio also but no music during the game (not sure if it is a bug or I pressed something).


It's Pang with a twist! What can I say? It's certainly pretty accurate to the GB's specs, if a little sparse in its presentation, but that's far from a problem! I wish I didn't suck so bad at Pang though... Good job!


This game was harder than I expected! I'm glad you gave 10 lives at the beginning hahaha

The difficulty scales at a good pace and the graphics are cute. Definitely feels like a gameboy game. The only thing that I missed was a mechanic that would work like a combo for when you pop more than one bubble with a single shot.

Other than that, it was pretty great!


Reminded me of old days playing Pang. Very fun action puzzle and feels much Game Boy as well.


The mechanics of moving around the walls and ceiling gave a whole new dimension to Pang's base gameplay. The audiovisual composition is simple but fully consistent with the proposal for an "arcade port" =]

A little more music would fit right here, just as other game modes could extend the experience (time attack, endless survival, etc).


Everything about this is gameboy-ish.  Great job on hitting that feel perfectly.  I could really imagine this on an arcade machine or something.


Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed my game and the efforts I put in leaving it Gameboy-ish :)


Well done little game! Reminds on times when i played "Ooops Up" on Amiga 500 many years ago. While playing the levels i missed music, but there is music in menu and between levels.


Thank you so much for your comment! :) Yeah, the music was (and is) the worst part of game dev for me, I struggle a lot with it. And only having 3 days to work on this didn't give me much time to ask for someone to help me either! But if I update this game, I shall give it some nice tunes!


Gameboy-ness: 5 stars, totally! Even tho the mechanics are simple, the game get hard, really good! Well done!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!

Submitted (8 edits) (+1)

Here I was thinking "Oh how quaint! Another Buster Bros clone for the world." But the moment I realized you could walk on walls I was all ":O holy moly this is brilliant..." Have other Buster Bros clones done that? I didn't read the description so it RLY SURPRISED ME. I think it's brilliant, and not too shabby a clone either. Altho I do take some issue with the rope hitbox not being as generous as I'd like.

For example, the final ball in one level got stuck at one of the ends and could only bounce up and down in place. Because the player character couldn't get close enough to the wall without changing angles and walking on it I couldn't get a good shot at it because as close as I was to the wall, the rope couldn't hit it. I could have probably done some matrix stunt and shot it with a horizontal line from one of the opposite walls all frame-perfect like but come on man.

The time bonus at the end of rounds would also be better off with a speed boost I feel; lil too much time is spent waiting for that number to go down. I guess it could be a nice breather after a potentially grueling level, but maybe just a little faster would be nice...


Thank you so much for your comment!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm even more glad to bring up some innovation, rather than just making a plain clone!

Yep, that ball thing was an issue I found myself facing sometimes but by the time I found it, I really couldn't do much about it because of the lack of Jam time. But I shall take care of it in the future, for sure! And about the time, the choice to make it take that long was with the idea to increase the Gameboy feel, since most of the games would take that much time, although some let you skip the whole time countdown at the end of the levels, so it's also an idea that could be implemented in the future. So all in all, thank you so much for your comment!!