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Thank you very much!

Glad you did!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much

I did get some work already, but I'll consider it

Hello there. I'm a 2D artist, mainly focused on Pixel Art, but I can do regular digital art and have a small amount of experience with Live2D, and I'm looking for paid work.

You can see examples of my work by checking my page, or on the links below
A platformer project that didn't go anywhere: 

I made the graphics for this homebrew game for the PC engine and Mega Drive: (video is a bit outdated)
An old-school 1st person dungeon crawler prototype made 100% with animated 2D graphics, not a polygon in sight here:

My digital art can be found here:

If you like what you see, or wanna see more, post your discord below, or email me:
I will not do NSFW art of any kind, or anything too violent.

I'll be honest, I'm beyond broke and I could really use the work.

Thanks for playing

Polished and cute!

Thank you!

Stab them, but you can just run past them, they don't follow you when they're off-screen...

Nice! Thank you!

Glad you did!

I'm surprised that even works...
But yeah, the browser has to be compatible with .ogg files, if not then there'll be no sound, sorry that's just how the engine works, there's nothing I can do about it...

Try Firefox or Chrome, or just download the Windows version instead, which is what I recommend.

Your browser must be compatible with .ogg files. If you're on windows I recommend playing the downloadable Windows version.
Also, please try to make your own post next time instead of replying to someone else's.

Thank you very much!

The coins are just for score... I THINK if you collect enough of them you get an extra life, but I forgot... And yeah, I'm working on more.


I hate bringing this up but... Perhaps it wasn't the best of ideas to use a copywrighted song in the game...
That aside, it's a neat idea!

I like the hand-drawn graphics on this one ^^

Thank you very much ^^
It was an immediate effect, one of the bells has a chance of doing that.

Thank you!
Oh, I wouldn't put such exploitative monetisation in my games lol

Thank you!

Yeah, I tried, but there were some effects I was unable to implement and just left out...
Glad you liked it though ^^

Thank you very much ^^

Thank you very much ^^

Thank you very much ^^

Maybe try playing it a little longer, collect a few more bells...

Thank you very much!

There's so much here to keep track of, it feels a little overwhelming to me >.<
I managed to figure some stuff out, but I'm not quite sure when to let the passengers go...

Yeah, the extra health was intentional, the effect the bells will have is always random, but the colour has an influence on what you'll get.
One affects your shots, another your health, and the 3rd one may either give you max power, fix the controls, or take it away and reverse them. Sometimes though bells just give you points, but more points than any other item.

Don't worry, there's no bad blood between us ^^

Glad you did~ ^^

Thank you very much!
Sorry, I have other plans...

Thank you very much for your kind comment~

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much ^^
Yeah, it's cuz there's no lives, you just keep trying over and over and see what score you can get in 3 minutes...

Glad you did ^^

I think you're giving  Construct 2 far too little credit, you'd be surprised with what you can do with it...
A Game Engine is only as good as the developer using it, and C2 does most of what I need it to do, in a manner that I can wrap my head around as a non-coder...

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I love how there's different screens for the different types of losses ^^
Lovely game!

Glad you think so~ ^^

Thank you very much ^^