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But I already sent an email! On the same day! I guess I'll just send another one then...

Ah yeah, sure, I forgot actually... Busy busy busy... I'll get back to you soon

Thank you very much! Glad you feel that way~

Oh hey! Thanks for playing this one too! And congratulations for finishing it! I haven't seen many people actually finish it!

Thank you very much for playing and streaming!

I watched it, it was really fun!

Hello everyone! I've just released a new game called Kira Kira Magical Stars! Check it out!

Kira Kira Magical Stars is a cute fantasy magical girl top-down shooter and platformer for Windows featuring:

  • 6 Playable Characters with distinct abilities and dialogue!
  • 7 Long Stages you can play and re-play in any order you want!
  • Health and Magic upgrades!
  • A REAL GBC Soundtrack! (Composed with Furnace Tracker)
  • Inventory and Shop systems and a Save feature!
  • Full and Remappable Gamepad and Keyboard support! (Supports Switch, PlayStation, Xinput and D-Input controllers!)


Get the game here: https://michirin.itch.io/kira-kira-magical-stars

Congrats on finishing it! Glad you enjoyed it ^^
And yeah, I have reused monster designs from previous games cuz, well, why not? They're my own designs after all!
And yeah, Kirari's design is based on that, you can think of the Unwieldy Wand witch's design as a prototype for Kirari's

Glad you like it! I watched the whole video, you did pretty well! ^^
Even found the health upgrade :3c

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

I wanted this game to look like something that could have actually been released in 2000 on the GBC, looks like I managed to get that point across.

(1 edit)

I'm well aware I'm not the first one to point out the lack of button remap but... It's kinda important I think, so it bears bringing up... But another thing that'd be nice on top of that is the ability to invert the camera's X and Y axis, (I personally vastly prefer inverted X axis for 3rd person games), and another thing that'd REALLY come in handy is a button to re-centre the camera behind Madeline, cuz a lot of the time your right thumb is just too busy jumping and dashing to control the camera...

Another thing right, I LOVE that you can play with the D-Pad, I found it more accurate than the stick for certain secions, but I couldn't help but to notice that like... When you walk to one side, the camera leans slightly to that side, and so does your movement, so when you're walking to the side you're also walking slightly downwards, which is something you have to correct for while platforming, which has led to A LOT of deaths, both from overcorrection, and also simply forgetting to correct, or even just dashing in the wrong direction cuz I was trying to correct for that slight downward movement... I reckon that maybe warrants looking into...

And another thing that threw me off was the silhouette from when you're behind walls and certain other objects, like, I get why it's there, but it's confused me several times, it made me think I was in front of something when I was actually behind it, so maybe an option to turn that off would be nice? Or maybe change the colour of the silhouette?  (Or both?) Cuz like, a big part of why it was confusing to me is that the silhouette is the same colour as Madeline's hair, which is also the colour in her model that stands out the most from the background...

And then there's a few thigns that are like... Not really necessary, but Miiiiiiiight be nice to have, maybe? No presusre...
For one, the ability to play in windowed mode in a smaller window would be quite nice...
For two, the option to change the rendering resolution (cuz I wanna make it even lower :3c) and perhaps even the aspect ratio? Cuz a game like this is BEGGING to be in 4:3!
For three, perhaps an option to move the camera in 45 degree chunks could be considered? Just for that extra retro feel~ (And also maybe accuracy in the platforming)
And last, and DEFINITELY least, y'know... This kinda looks more like a DS game than an N64 game (which is part of the reason why I wanna make the resolution even lower and 4:3 lol) cuz like... Those textures aren't filtered... The N64 uses trilinear filtering for its textures... Mayhaps that too could be an option? And also like... The models are like, flat, with the shading baked into the textures/polys, and they have outlines... All those things REALLY bring out that DS feel... N64 games have more smooth per-vertex shading, and no outlines...

Whether you take up on any of my suggestions is entirely up to you of course, no pressure whatsoever, what is here is already pretty good! I just think it's could be even better with just a few tweaks and extra options, just my opinion though...

Honestly, I think you should really consider making this into a full game! Maybe some improvements could come then... Just a thought... But yeah, like, more of this with the wee lil' issues fixed would be quite nice indeed...

Thank you very much!

Glad you did!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much

I did get some work already, but I'll consider it

Hello there. I'm a 2D artist, mainly focused on Pixel Art, but I can do regular digital art and have a small amount of experience with Live2D, and I'm looking for paid work.

You can see examples of my work by checking my page, or on the links below
A platformer project that didn't go anywhere: 

I made the graphics for this homebrew game for the PC engine and Mega Drive: (video is a bit outdated)
An old-school 1st person dungeon crawler prototype made 100% with animated 2D graphics, not a polygon in sight here:

My digital art can be found here: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/32655151

If you like what you see, or wanna see more, post your discord below, or email me: michiharuruko@gmail.com
I will not do NSFW art of any kind, or anything too violent.

I'll be honest, I'm beyond broke and I could really use the work.

Thanks for playing

Polished and cute!

Thank you!

Stab them, but you can just run past them, they don't follow you when they're off-screen...

Nice! Thank you!

Glad you did!

I'm surprised that even works...
But yeah, the browser has to be compatible with .ogg files, if not then there'll be no sound, sorry that's just how the engine works, there's nothing I can do about it...

Try Firefox or Chrome, or just download the Windows version instead, which is what I recommend.

Your browser must be compatible with .ogg files. If you're on windows I recommend playing the downloadable Windows version.
Also, please try to make your own post next time instead of replying to someone else's.

Thank you very much!

The coins are just for score... I THINK if you collect enough of them you get an extra life, but I forgot... And yeah, I'm working on more.


I hate bringing this up but... Perhaps it wasn't the best of ideas to use a copywrighted song in the game...
That aside, it's a neat idea!

I like the hand-drawn graphics on this one ^^

Thank you very much ^^
It was an immediate effect, one of the bells has a chance of doing that.

Thank you!
Oh, I wouldn't put such exploitative monetisation in my games lol

Thank you!

Yeah, I tried, but there were some effects I was unable to implement and just left out...
Glad you liked it though ^^

Thank you very much ^^

Thank you very much ^^

Thank you very much ^^

Maybe try playing it a little longer, collect a few more bells...

Thank you very much!