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Would specific fonts count as art assets?

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Could it? As long as the total amount of characters throughout all the codes in your project are <=560, is that valid?

Oh and obviously no sprites or backgrounds

No cute little server to potentially chat wit the fellow jammers of this jam? No? Come onnnn

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I thought it was pretty perfect for a kind of small-scale test dungeon. Only real gripe is that yeah - it ends juuuust when the puzzles were really starting to get good. The early ones you just kind of no-brain threw the orb around until things fell into place, but as it went on you had to think a little more about the order in which you warped with things; it was a really solid progression of difficulty, I'd say. The prospect of a room becoming unwinnable if you perhaps wasted all the warp points sounds a little tacky, but I suppose there isn't too much you can do about that. And yeah the player can just leave and come back in.

Also sounded pretty decent and looked great; I love the kind of satisfying gradual camera movement you have going on (those screen transitions are niiiice). KEEP IT UP!

I... don't get it?

oof prob gonna sound a lil negative here but uh here's what I noticed:

That harsh camera shift whenever you took a step was kind of painful to look at. Might wanna have a smoother camera next time to make movement feel a lil better.

And uhh yeah I got stuck in the walls a few times for just moving around; bless the restart button though. "did the cat hide in a wall?" yes I did rofl. I am glad there's at least a joke acknowledgement.

But uh wow! Decent field of vision effect. That's something I've always wanted to get around to making.  Overall, I give this game a "purr-ty okay".

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Oh damn. That was really short. I was kind of expecting it to turn into a kind of endless runner game after the tutorial, but that was it. Lil too easy for me idk

Nonetheless! Pretty good lil video game. Looks hella good and sounds cool too. Though uh - really petty criticism: being able to spam the movement sound effect if you try going up or down again when you're already at the edge of the sidewalk was really tacky and bothered me a bit rofl

oh in the actual page description you mention this is basically a prototype. yeah cool I can see a full game version of this being pretty rad

 whaaaat did I miss a tutorial blurb or something how did I miss that

Not tooooo keen on just being able to die instantly if you happen to unknowingly shift on top of a monster. And in general the game just seems a little too much about the raw memorization of all the layouts and enemy placements. I died soooo many times in that dang sewer level... In fact that's unfortunately where my playthrough ended, as I got stuck in a wall I couldn't shift out of and couldn't really progress...

ALTHOUGH it at least looks and sounds pretty good. The color palettes and aesthetic always looked great. So I guess I would say good effort? It's fine.

w a t e r. drink WATER! 

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This game was a mood. I wish maybe there were a few more adventure game item puzzles like that bit with the book, but for what it was I dug it. I think I realized I was having a good time during that bit with the trendy game not functioning as an actual mini game. Blatant Link's Awakening references also get it some points <3

Man. I was going to just give up on this one because the drain on that boss's health was just so slow it almost killed my drive to keep going if I died. tHAT iS until I learned you can just... hold space? And trivialize the whole game??? Oof...

Looks and sounds decent enough, and props for making something at all but uhhh yeah that gameplay tho...

Yeah something like a hunger meter was somethin I was thinking this needed too. Letting some of the food drop just isn't as impactful as it should be. Otherwise I thought this was really well done. The animations and sounds and the like were all super satisfying, and I loved that font. Good stuff!!!

Well it certainly looks aesthetically pleasing. What is that neato scrolling effect you used called; parallax? Well whatever it is, it looks goooood. Gameplay's ehhh whatever but you knoww 

I'm a little lost on the true meaning of the theme. What - do you have to make a game that looks like something you'd see on a Windows platform? Like those old Solitaire or Minesweeper versions on Windows in the 90s or somethin?

Oh doi my post should have gone here OOPS OHWELL

Is there one? Or is it just the general idea of New Years? I must know...

Neat idea! Moving around felt decently satisfying; if a  little wonky sometimes with the physics being all over the place  sometimes. And you can totally complete a level even with the "BURNT OUT" display on screen so that's pretty lol. But not BAD for a quick lil game jam experience.

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Pretty solid experience. Some criticisms tho uhhh switching spells in the heat of the moment can be a tad cumbersome with just how many there are. And once you get Lightning, most of your early game stuff is obsolete so maybe the number of spells could have done with some culling. Maybe some could have just been replaced upon finding new ones; idk. Overall tho I dug it. The speedy movement and animations all felt p nice. Good stuff.  Oh and uh trimming the borders of the map with Ice to explore felt a lil tedious too but uhh ahh that all didn't last very long jus sayin.

More a quick lil visual novel 'adventure' of sorts than a typical video game. A solid trip through some groovy sprite sights and p u n s. 

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I've ALWAYS been fascinated by the idea of adding a lil skill to dumb luck games, so I'm glad you did. The art and animation is p GREAT, but the sound effects are lil inconsistent; sometimes they exist, sometimes they don't blahblahblah. And I uh can't beat game 3. Punishing stuff...

how exactly do you get this working on HTML. Works on Windows no problem, but trying to use the same setup when testing on HTML either displays nothing or garbage data. WhatdidIdo.

thank you dearly