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YA KNOW that issue DID kinda bother me whenever I've tried lazily playing the game on my laptop. JUST FOR YOU THEN I updated tha game to allow you to hold the space bar instead 

Thanks you for your words and playing <3


Does this work when running games as HTML since this most recent update? Simply adding the extension to a project at all without even calling any of the codes crashes at the startup of those with this nasty repeating "native_cursor_preinit_raw is not defined" error.  Any ideas?

I just noticed when trying to use the recent 'window_set_cursor' version of this thing in the newest GM (v2022.9.1.51 Runtime: v2022.01.66) it only seems to work properly when I run the game as an HTML! In Windows it doesn't change the cursor! Any ideas?

How does the more recent version work? It has entirely different wordings for these commands it seems.


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Huh... WELL thanks for playing so long to get that point of slowdown. gosh <3

No idea what could be the cause of that; been a good while since I cranked this one out. But for the heck of it I've gone and lazily updated the game with what MIGHT have been the issue? I've been testing to around that stage 25 point and haven't experienced the slowdown myself, so hopefully I fixed it for the future generation of inexplicable Numlock players like yourself...

;> thank you friend!!!

Noooo! That was my doing!!! I made it so that RIDICULOUSLY high scores will just say that... I thought I would have the last laugh in this, but it seems the hackers win in the end............

ooo what song was it???


As of now, nope! I just could never imagine the diagonal swipe working with a keyboard, so swiping it was. I suppose it does take a lil getting used to... 

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Here's mine :) It's a puzzle game where the tile you're on affects your movement, and you've gotta hop around without getting cornered. Check it out if you want ;)

a little needlessly punishing, but satisfying once you figure it out. Tho maybe some lives or an extra hit or two would be nice as rewards for doing well (Unless those are already in the game, I never could get too far!)

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A little hard to figure out if you've never heard of the concept before, and I don't think they allow repeats of the tutorial, so I was uh kinda needlessly lost for awhile. But after figuring it out - it'sa pretty cute lil logic game :) 

Tho situations where the AI wins in one round feel unnecessary. As since we're fighting a computer anyway, there's no point in letting them win without a chance from the player; the round might as well have not happened.

The opening would also be nice if it was skippable but iiiii'm not gonna rattle off every little thing I didn't like - it was solid ;):):)

Thank you dearly for the compliments friend :):):)

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I just uploaded my own little variant on a game of Poker! I think it came out pretty neat, so give me some energy and check it out if you are willing :)

You can click on the pic below to open the game.  It is FREE

I'm not too sure itch has DMing? You got a Discord or something? My name on there is tonyfinale#6946

It'd be something fairly simplistic and minor, but I need just about 10 or so sound effects for a cute little card game I'm working on. Does that sound like something you'd be into? Pretty small scope; just a simple mini-game that needs some satisfying sounds.

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Yal already know how great this is, so I'll just go and list the few things I wasn't super keen about as a self-proclaimed tank control horror game god:

I feel as if you and the enemies seemingly not being able to interact on stairs limits some of the fear factor and combat potential, buuuut I totally get it; RE didn't nail allowing everyone to freely move on stairs until RE3, I believe? Even so... it'd be nice...

You already went and added a 180 quickturn which is GREAT; I was just about to complain about that. I can't imagine playing the whole game without one like it's og RE1 or something. Now just add a shortcut button for the map and we perfect :)

Uhhh OH having to examine the pieces of scenery that had healing items tied to them twice was kinda weird; I didn't immediately realize there was an item to pick up until I left the room and later came back.

That's about it! Everything else was everything I'd ever wanted? I loved it.

I was JUST about to complain about the lack of this... Good stuff, my dude

I'm a bit of a noob with fonts, so jw is there a way to make a font file out of the provided font sprite sheets and install those? 

Prototype indeed! Not much to go off here with such a short length, but I'll try! Music and graphics are great; no question. I like the red.

It's a little to easy to get stuck in the walls with the way your character slides forward when you release a direction. I like the feel of the slide, but you gotta touch up those collisions so they won't move your guy forward if there's a wall or something in front of you. Other things uh - those disappearing blocks don't actually allow you to fall through em, the spikes don't affect you at all; yadayda... I'm sure you're aware of all these things. Touch it all up and you could prob get a cute little platformer goin.

I totally have always felt one of my weakest aspects of design is in conveying how people are actually supposed to go about understanding my games, so it was definitely nice to finally hear someone blatantly tell me that I'm bad at articulating tutorials and the like! 

Another big regret of this game already is really neglecting some of that Gameboy-ness like you mentioned. Guess I was in such a rush to just get it done over the weekend I let that stuff slip by...

Thanks for the feedback, friend! I def gotta step it up next time.

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Here I was thinking "Oh how quaint! Another Buster Bros clone for the world." But the moment I realized you could walk on walls I was all ":O holy moly this is brilliant..." Have other Buster Bros clones done that? I didn't read the description so it RLY SURPRISED ME. I think it's brilliant, and not too shabby a clone either. Altho I do take some issue with the rope hitbox not being as generous as I'd like.

For example, the final ball in one level got stuck at one of the ends and could only bounce up and down in place. Because the player character couldn't get close enough to the wall without changing angles and walking on it I couldn't get a good shot at it because as close as I was to the wall, the rope couldn't hit it. I could have probably done some matrix stunt and shot it with a horizontal line from one of the opposite walls all frame-perfect like but come on man.

The time bonus at the end of rounds would also be better off with a speed boost I feel; lil too much time is spent waiting for that number to go down. I guess it could be a nice breather after a potentially grueling level, but maybe just a little faster would be nice...

Perfect and uniform like the boxes you push in this video game...

For the kind of game it is I can't think of many complaints aside from a few aesthetical nitpicks like the lack of movement animations for the boxes and player but bah who cares - good stuff! I loved the change color option, though the option probably would have been better off if it was usuable outside of the only the title. Maybe after every level it could have changed, or it could have had its own dedicated button for funsies.

Nice variety of levels too; a few of them had me decently stumped! And it was refreshing to sometimes have an easy one after dealing with a few tough ones in a row. I liked it a lot.

I'm a gameboy FRAUD D:

Does the game just end in the second  room? I encountered an invisible wall or something and couldn't progress further...

Abrupt endings aside uh yeah nice little tech demo! The art was def the highlight because everything looked and sounded pretty great and definitely Gameboy appropriate. Tho I wiSH the player character mech-guy had some kind of jumping animation. Gotta have a jumping sprite, dude!!! I feel nothing without one!

You're probably definitely already aware of this, but enemy variety is a must; just being able to hold right and nobrain destroy everything is a no-go to satisfying gameplay. The fundamentals of moving and shooting felt pretty decent though. Polish it up with that full version and you're good!

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Graphics and music were ON POINT. Really captures that Gameboy aesthetic. There's a good post on this below, but WOW great use of the camera with the clever panning and all that; everything was very nicely telegraphed.

Only real prob was this one moment in the third room where I think I got soft locked and had to reset after obtaining a key -> dying -> and then using that key on an early door. But because it turned out to be an optional door, I couldn't progress out of the level because there was only one key in that room. Unless I'm mistaken??? Was there an extra key hidden somewhere in there? It was kind of hard to backtrack there anyway because at one point you cross a staircase, and seemingly you can't walk back through a staircase if it's on the ground because your character will instead climb up it? I hope I'm wrong about that...

Besides alllll that... SOLID stuff.

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Dang giving me Ghostbusters NES vibes with that ending grammar

Jk. not srs. doesn't matter. Otherwise cute little jumpy game; bopping  on dudes felt pretty good and the projectile piercing through stuff was neato. Could the snakes only be killed with the projectile? If you ran out before encountering one, what would you do? Just have to reset? That doesn't sound rad...

Uhh some other gripes... There were only like - two sound effects? I wouldn't complain with there being a low variety, it just seems inconsistent at that point. Though the two that were there were pretty satisfying sounding.

I did not expect a FINAL BOSS; as simple as it was I was a lil shook, decently commendable

That's all I got :)

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Dang so no mouse clicking on stuff I assume?

With one of the rules being: 

  • Use the same control scheme as the GameBoy.

Does that definitely exclude the inclusion of a cursor in any way? I assume so but just to be sure... I do enjoy me some pointer control

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The stiffy-ness mostly just stemmed from the attack animations, really. Like basic movement and rolling I was pretty okay with. Now that I replay it though - I think Emil has the same amount of end lag after his sword swings I could also do with less of. Also that screen shake when he attacks in general ahhh not too big a fan? Obviously you need some of this stuff; the end lag and the shakyness to make attacks feel a certain way, I just think maybe they could be slightly lessened?

Hmm some other random tangents... I had some problems swapping lenses when using my 360 controller's analog stick; presumably because it was accepting extra inputs or something when I moved the stick a direction and it just kept rolling over my desired lens. I was able to avoid this by either making reaaaally delicate stick inputs, or by just using the DPad for lens swappings. Something could prob be done about that. ALTHO I just now realized this issue seemingly doesn't exist if you play the game on Fastest with the lower framerate; so the FPS being increased on higher settings seems to be the prob

Also... really petty but... Boktai 2 had a sort button for its item menus... I long for it so much here... My item menus got so dirty and disorganized. Is there one and I just didn't notice it?