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Yal already know how great this is, so I'll just go and list the few things I wasn't super keen about as a self-proclaimed tank control horror game god:

I feel as if you and the enemies seemingly not being able to interact on stairs limits some of the fear factor and combat potential, buuuut I totally get it; RE didn't nail allowing everyone to freely move on stairs until RE3, I believe? Even so... it'd be nice...

You already went and added a 180 quickturn which is GREAT; I was just about to complain about that. I can't imagine playing the whole game without one like it's og RE1 or something. Now just add a shortcut button for the map and we perfect :)

Uhhh OH having to examine the pieces of scenery that had healing items tied to them twice was kinda weird; I didn't immediately realize there was an item to pick up until I left the room and later came back.

That's about it! Everything else was everything I'd ever wanted? I loved it.