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Hi Vimlark!

I asked Alex to implement the controls similar to Gameboy's Pokemon (where you can flip without moving to another tile with a brief push of the button), but the trigger between that spin and the beginning of the move stayed too long.

Thanks for playing =]


Sorry, forgot to mention in description that the ESC key opens a menu with "restart" and "give up" options!

Thanks for playing :)


Hey, we watched your stream playing our game, it was fun =]

However, we get the impression that you did not like the way we use your music and / or credit it in the game (sorry, English is not our native language, we may have misunderstood).

I agree, but this is a question of the system.

It might be a good idea send this request to the site's support =]

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In the beginning is a bit confusing, but after I familiarize to the controls and figured the pace of the shot, survived a good time.

Nice job!

The presentation is amazing, however the shooting system ruin the experience a bit.

Personally I would remove the shield and use a button to jump (or a jetpack style mechanic) and another to the shot.

Feels like Game&Watch, great!

Unfortunately it becomes repetitive very fast.

I really liked the art =D

I think the bouncer (magenta) should work even when you walk on it, without the need to fall on.

A really different experience, good job!

The arrow above the ghosts is very small and it is difficult to distinguish, considering that the game is based on reaction time =]

The mechanics of collecting abilities are nice, but it makes the gameplay a bit complex for the proposal of 2 buttons.

After the dialog the screen was empty and nothing happened xDD

I mounted a manta ray,  but she left after =/

A reverse "plush pick up machine" is an interesting idea!

The downside of the game is not the simplicity of mechanics, quite the opposite.

Look for literature on how to add challenges in your gameplay, eg:

The gameplay has depth, as Wander commented below. Now what really made me curious is why moving around the scene creates sounds of lasers and blasting? =P

A rotary food cart was quite unexpected, I'll admit xD

I think it would be more consistent if the direction of the spin did not reverse when selecting another item.

I liked the art =]

One thing that bothered me a little was not being able to step back when I needed to pick up speed to make a long jump.

The volume of the music is a little high compared to the sfx, but other than that, good job!

Great job and presentation!

However, I think the game sins for simplicity in the "linear" advancement of enemies.

On 4th wave, with upgrades in damage and  fire rate, I just held the key to kill almost all of them before they hit the half of screen xD

PS. The gun sfx volume is a little loud and it bothers after a while.

The idea is interesting, but I had difficulties to maintain effective control of the movement.

Good gameplay, but I felt lack of signs on the track indicating the shape of the curves ahead.

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Go to "Admins" tab and add your teammate:

After he accepts invitation, pick the contributor box and he will receive a "developer" badge:

He will also be able to display the game on his profile, after unchecking the "hide" option (at profile template options).

Nice initiative, polarcube.

About the opponent, he has the same "strength" as the protagonist, so it is necessary to use some strategy to defeat him.

Trying to push just by bouncing is not effective, but with a good dodge at the edges (jump) you can even make it fall by self =]


Thanks for playing!

Thanks adityangm4!

We will play your game and send feedback too =]

It is a much important feature =P

Não é a solução ideal, mas aumentar o "raio" em que o item pode ser coletado já ajudaria.

I wrote wrong purposely to see if you were paying attention =P

My game will use your CC music, but title screen doesn't comport all of your required text:

"Contains music ©2019 Joshua McLean (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International"

It's okay if the credit stays like the image below?

PS. The full text can be present in README file included in game pack/ page.

Está programado um High Level Jam #2?

Esse foi bacana, parabéns aos vencedores!

No geral é bem divertido, mas achei o pulo duplo um pouco estranho. Se eu pressiono novamente no ar ele dá um bump leve, mas se eu faço tipo 2 toques breves ele dá um salto enorme.

A troca pra animação do pulo também parece demorar um pouco a ocorrer (o personagem já está visivelmente no ar quando a sprite muda).

Jogo simples mas bem divertido!

Na 1° vez que joguei estava explorando o mapa e sem querer acabei dropando o item próximo ao cachorro. Como ele bloqueia o caminho, não consegui pegar de volta.

Isso não chega a ser um bug, mas pode frustrar o jogador.

Assim como outros participantes, este é um jogo bem trabalhado, com gráficos e gameplay bacanas (exceto pela música que me soou muito repetitiva).

O problema maior (além do bug da queda como já citaram) é que o tema foi abordado apenas por meio de um coletável, ficando assim um platformer um tanto genérico.