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Elliptical Bob and Conical ChelView game page

Dimension swapping platformer made for Asymmetrical Jam
Submitted by mrhthepie — 22 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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Elliptical Bob and Conical Chel's page


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Great game, very original. I like the learning curve, how tutorials have been implemented and of course the puzzles themselves.
Agree with Dotto Meister that the up/down and left/right controls switching is a bit confusing part.


I like the way you implemented the asymmetry! The level design was quite creative, and I appreciated the ability to change palettes. The "retina burn" one was true to its name. Couldn't find the hidden lobster. I saw a spot in a bottom right corner with a spike above it and a row of spikes to the left of it where I suspected it might have been, but when I tried to get there, the game froze. I liked the fact there was a boss at the end, but I wish you had to do more to beat it than charge at it at the right time. I don't think F11 works in the online version, it just made the put the browser full screen while the game window stayed the same size. A restart button and a level select menu would have been nice.


Hey Jorava, thanks for playing.

What OS/browser were you playing in? F11 works for me and that spot you mentioned also works for me (Windows/Firefox) (Works on my machine (tm))
There is a pause menu with a restart button! No level select, I think if I expand this the game will be structured differently too.


Ah, okay. I used Opera. Just tested it on Chrome, the full screen mode works fine there.


Great game, simple and straightforward!

For some reason, switching left/right with up/down on the controls confused me sometimes... I'm one of those few people who are comfortable with driving on Micro Machines, so I think I would feel more comfortable here if the left/right key was the left/right of the flyer too =P


Cool, thanks for playing.

That's an interesting point about controls. It could be a toggleable option if I ever expand or redo this.