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Thanks! :)

Fair Enough.


Thank you for the praise and the suggestion! :)

Cute art! If only solving real-life global problems was as easy...

It's a carbon copy of Clicker Heroes, but well made. Nice job for your first jam!

I like the concept of needing energy to power your buildings so they can bring you currency. The prices got up way too fast though. Also not sure what the benefit of moving to a different city was.

It plays well and the enemy sprites look good. Could have more "active play style" upgrades, like the ability to hold mouse down instead of clicking, or having the amount of allies you have or enemies you've killed affect the strength of your clicks.

Impressive work for a one-day project! Would like to see how many of each employee I have, and the ability to hire people to sell the projects for me. The UI was a bit wonky (texts not staying in their boxes, and some of the right side text went below the "Hiring" and "Code" buttons. Going full screen fixed it though.

This could be a type of "oddly satisfying" game, but feels like it needs something. It could have a clearer progression system than just rising score, or a challenge (click all the screw faster to get a bonus score?), or the ability to automate it. The basic game feel is good though.

Now that's just freaking adorable! If you keep working on it, would like to see little "quality-of-life" stuff, like a clear indicator of the effectiveness of clicking (like a number rising from the raccoon every click), and the old console texts to remain somewhere after new one replaces them. Having the raccoon react to you're clicking would be cute, too!


There's a thought. Thanks! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Time isn't linear?

This was very well made! You seem to have put a lot of effort in visuals and game feel. Skating on trails was a neat addition. I played every level once, got all the letter once and all the zombies only a couple of times. I think the game would be great for speedrunners.

Thank you so much, lovely feedback! Those are great suggestions! :)

"Bats can insta-kill." Next level throws like a dozen bats at you straight away. Such a trolly move! xD It was alright though, I liked playing inside a computer screen with some 90's style.

Thank you!

This was pretty fun! I had a lot of trouble with the eye boss, then got to level 9 after beating it. I found the best strategy for me was to just improve the reload speed, at least in the beginning.

Thank you very much! This kind of "crossword puzzle with pictures" is a common thing in Finland, but not outside of it. I don't know why.

Pretty good for a first game! The movement works well. Since you asked for constructive criticism, though, here are the two biggest problems I found:

1. The hitboxes/colliders are way too large. I could clearly see I didn't touch the enemies when I died, and I didn't touch the flag when I won the level. Usually in good platformers, the hitboxes are a bit smaller than the sprites, so there's no doubt the player hit the object.

2. Having to restart the game all over and redo easy levels just to get back to the harder level causes needless frustration. I'd rather just start at the beginning of each level when I die.

There's also a lot of little things that would improve the game, but those two are the most important in my opinion. Good luck with your future games! :)

Thank you!

Hey this was really good! Reminded me a bit of "Enter the Gungeon". I actually played through the game with all 4 characters. Pyramidhead gave me the most trouble, was hard to get the rhythm right with him, and dodging his "bullets" by going between them seemed close to impossible. Also I'm surprised how you managed to recreate the creepiness of the last boss using pixel art.

For constructive criticism, all I can think of is letting player move at slower pace when shooting/reloading instead of stopping outright, and have the fourth character's melee do more damage, it seemed weaker than his safer shotgun.

Thank you so much! I did implement the keyboard, and it works fine for me (though I have to click the screen before it starts working). Did the keyboard not work for you?

Very nice, dark atmosphere! I didn't have any idea what I was doing though, just running from one place to another, picking up random stuff. Didn't encounter any enemies either. I'm guessing the bark, bones, logs etc. are going to be used in crafting in the bigger version? The stamina system seems weird - at first I never ran out of it, then I'd lose it with just a few seconds of running and only recovered a little bit.

One thing I'd recommend working on is teaching the mechanics, because the player is bound to forget a lot of stuff when they're given a huge info dump at the beginning (I only remembered there was a "rest" button after I quit the game and started writing this feedback). The game does have a pretty solid foundation though, and you clearly have a lot of ambition. Good luck with further development

Thank you! Yeah, I wish I had had the time and energy to add a zoom feature.

Nice concept and well executed! The graphics and sounds fit the gameplay and lore. Felt more luck-based than skill-based to me though, sometimes the atoms would jump around like pinballs. The last few levels took a lot of tries. Glad the gameplay loop is fast though!

Thank you! :)

I like the concept and the "Zerg" feeling in the graphics and audio! No idea how you're supposed to win - the enemy is able to spawn troops much faster than me, and if I lose my last lord mind my queen stops spawning eggs. I guess you just have to build your army really slow and let the enemy waste troops attacking? Nice feel to the game though!

Interesting concept! Kinda like a 2D version of the game "Screencheat". Syncing was pretty hard to do so in the beginning I just shot everyone. I did get the hang of it eventually. The way the other screens move when one of them is turned off tended to mess me up, not sure if it's on purpose.

Thank you!

Cool mechanic! The red aiming cube wouldn't go to the left though, if moved my cursor to the left edge, the cube would point forward. The art assets looked really nice. Though it's a -very- rough prototype, there's plenty of potential. Good luck with the project!

The pixel art was really nice and I liked the puzzle ideas! I would've liked to have a final mini game where you glue the vase together. The jumping felt odd, sometimes the character refused to jump high enough. He also tended to get stuck in colliders often. Also, could've used more feedback, like a sound and effect when you picked up an item, and some kind of effect on death instead of immediately teleporting to the beginning.

I liked how you could choose different strategies with the slimes, and how they got bigger when you joined 3 together. I wish getting 3 big slimes would've made an even bigger slime, maybe a red slime to blast quarter of the map and a purple one that shoots in every direction. Ability to improve the their firerate would've been nice, too.

Well that was trippy! Not sure I understood much of the story or the characters, but the music and background videos were interesting. The "type to attack" mechanic was fun, but you had to be really fast to not get double letters. Also, the ability to use different onomatopoeias would've been interesting, maybe have them behave in different ways.

Nice twist on the basic twin-stick shooter genre! Interesting way to balance the game too, with the game getting harder if you play well and easier if you play badly. The simple graphics and audio supported the gameplay well.

Love the graphics and writing! The gameplay mechanics and puzzles are interesting. Pushing objects doesn't work consistently, sometimes I had to push, walk off, come back and push again several times before the damn barrels moved.

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Well, that was enjoyable, but couldn't beat it. It would be great if I could somehow know whether or not it's a good idea to evict previous tenants for the new one (there weren't any stats for the old tenants as far as I could tell). The repair mechanic seemed unnecessary. Could use faster information, like color-coded stats ("high" green, "medium" blue, for example). The game looks good and plays well though, and is fun, and building your own isometric engine is damn impressive.

Well that was fun! Some of the dialogue and choices made me chuckle. Played a couple of times to see more of the dialogue. Art and audio supported the game very well. I wish the buttons couldn't be clicked outside of their visible bodies, because I was clicking already-seen dialogue to get to the options, and it picked the option even though my cursor was way to the right from the button.