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The game looks very good! The audio and visuals are nice, though it felt weird that the character only had left/right graphics, no up/down ones. Gameplay has a good premise, but could use more polish to make it more intuitive and "player-friendly".

It took me a while to get used to the idea that I don't aim with the mouse despite attacking with it.

The character shoots from his right or left side based on which direction I was facing before turning to the current one. This made it very hard for me to hit enemies with ranged weapons.

The "ice sword" graphic stuck on my character for the rest of the game even though I swapped weapons several times.

I'm not sure if there was a way to beat the enemies with melee weapons without taking damage. I also died trying to roll over the pit on the first floor a few times.

I did enjoy it though, even though I had a bit of hard time with it.

The gameplay was good, nicely hectic. Would've liked some music to go with it. You could have color-coded the monsters to make it easier to recognize which button to press (and then make it even more hectic). I missed quite often due to my eyes being on the enemies, not at my character. There could have been an indication for the player's position on the level (like a dim line from the player to the top of the screen, for example.

The beginning is pretty funny! The gameplay is fine, but could use a bit more clarity on the player's hitbox. Smooth jazz is good, and the ability to choose the glass/floor/wall colors was a nice addition, though it would be nice if you could get randomized colors.

The horror atmosphere worked very well! The idea of having to use a mirror is interesting, but there might be a better way to implement it as having to swap items and turn around was a bit tedious. The areas were quite repetitive, would have preferred more variety in level design/art.

I like the idea of preparing for "a big bad evil". The gameplay works fine. The tilemap seemed buggy. It was a bit weird you had to pick up a sword even if you played with the archer. Not sure what the yellow key was for, couldn't find anything to use it on.

The concept is nice, and the last level is quite challenging. The best strategy seemed to be just doing the puzzles one at a time while having the other characters wait in a corner. The red+green color choice was somewhat uncomfortable to my eyes. The puzzles were pretty good though!

I like the idea of switching between the gun and the shield. Not sure what the aim is, I got both gun and shield to 100% while the enemy stayed at 50% no matter what it or I did. I guess there was going to be some battle mechanic but not enough time to implement it? Nice start though.

I think it's intentional? I mean stuff like the repeating sound effect when you're hanging from the ceiling.

That's some nice Lost Vikings/Thomas Was Alone -type gameplay! Love the characters, writing and the aesthetics. My biggest criticism is that it's too short, I was looking forward to seeing the concept elaborated on further. Smaller gripes: The inability to let go of a ladder by jumping or pressing left/right, and the timers on the texts. It's generally better to let players read at their own pace and then press a button when they want to move on.

I like the way you implemented the asymmetry! The level design was quite creative, and I appreciated the ability to change palettes. The "retina burn" one was true to its name. Couldn't find the hidden lobster. I saw a spot in a bottom right corner with a spike above it and a row of spikes to the left of it where I suspected it might have been, but when I tried to get there, the game froze. I liked the fact there was a boss at the end, but I wish you had to do more to beat it than charge at it at the right time. I don't think F11 works in the online version, it just made the put the browser full screen while the game window stayed the same size. A restart button and a level select menu would have been nice.

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Cool idea! It must have taken some effort to make the planets destructible in such a way. The gameplay was pretty fun, too. My favorite part was trying to shoot at the yellow and purple planets while flying in the air. I didn't like the "camera correction" when I went close to a planet though, since it skewed my aim. An extra feature to make the game more challenging would have been interesting.

I like the humor, and how "broken" the game felt! Decent gameplay, too. Haven't seen the "ceiling climb" mechanic too often in a platformer, glad you added it. I got stuck on a never-ending death loop though: There was no way for me to get out of this, since there were spikes on the other side of the hole as well, and pressing shift didn't help when you're starting in mid-air with no horizontal speed.

Thanks! Glad you liked the audio! xD

The graphics and audio gave a nice retro feel. Would have enjoyed seeing the characters more animated, just a few simple frames would've been enough. Also, some feedback when I was hitting an enemy would have been nice, like a sound effect and maybe having the enemies flash or get knocked back. I enjoy bossfights, so glad you included them.

Graphics were good and the sounds were fun! The gameplay was pretty solid otherwise, but it was hard to ignore the hammer and focus on the red circle to aim (if I aimed with the hammer, I'd often miss). Not sure how the water was better than planks as it only seemed to remove a few moles while planks stopped several of them. The explosion was pretty nice ability though.

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The concept is nice! I liked the hole patching mechanic. The gameplay is decent, though I wasn't quite sure when I'd hit an enemy and when I didn't. Sometimes the enemies died just by colliding with me, sometimes I'd have to hit them several times to connect. Music and graphics were good, but the audio was very quiet.

Nice concept! Would be nice if I didn't have to use mouse to restart since the game itself is keyboard-controlled. Having the music loop when restarting would also be good. Took me a while to realize I could only move in short bursts, not continuously, thought I was stuck in something in the beginning. The gameplay works well though. Gets a bit easy when you realize you can move "out of bounds", in the black area.

Nice concept! I like the puzzle mechanics. The graphics were well done, the monkey reminded me of the original "Monkey Island" games. I found the movement too fast and slippery though, causing unneeded frustration. Same with the fact that if I pushed a chandelier into a "red fence(?)" and then touched the fence myself, it would turn on even though the chandelier was still there. The level/puzzle design was pretty good, you found a nice variety around the gameplay.

Nice, very original concept, and a funny cover of Für Elise! Could have more songs, and maybe some other construction tools (though I get it's only drills due to the jam theme). A few "notes" were unpleasant to the ear, but that was probably intended. Had a little bit of trouble, because ; and ' were at different spots on my non-English keyboard. There could have been some disco music in the menu to go with the dancing driller.

Very well made! The gameplay is pretty fun, and it has a nice, comedic feel to it. The graphics, animations, music and sound effects were good. It was very easy though, at least in the beginning. I didn't get a single hole until the last wave, during which 17 moles got past me. Being able to smash their heads as they walked away was a nice addition.

Thank you!

The game feel is excellent in this one! Using the portals was a nice idea, too. I like difficult platformers, but it was a ~little~ bit too precise here, felt unfairly difficult at a few points. It took me more than 200 deaths to beat, a large chunk of them from trying to hit the very last trampoline. I also got stuck inside the wall at that point:

The graphics and audio are good, the main character reminds me of the game "Forager". I really wish the character would move with the platforms though, it was a bit tedious having to keep tapping left/right to stay on it. I would have preferred to use portals with some other key, like Z or K. Nitpicks aside, it's very well made jam game!


Good job on the basic gameplay! Choosing the characters, telling the others to follow, and movement/shooting works well. It's lacking a core gameplay loop though - adding the resource gathering and the defend mode would give players a better feel for what to expect from the final product. This type of game seems like a large project for a solo developer though. Good luck with your current/future projects!

Wow, thank you for the detailed feedback! Glad you liked it. Adding a clear goal is a good suggestion.

It's an impressive feat to program a game without an engine, so hats off to you! I used Windows 7.

The concept is good, controls fine, but it was impossible for me to beat the game because of the occasional FPS drops (suddenly from 120 to 9). The idea that you have to notice the black holes from the way they pull you was nice, and probably works without the FPS drops.

Nice concept, you managed to find a good chunk of iterations for it in the levels! The visuals and audio were good, and I like how the menus were implemented. The last couple of levels with the homing missiles were pretty challenging, but beatable in the end. 


Thanks! Glad you were able to figure it out.

Thanks for the feedback! You shouldn't be able to (directly) drag items from the white area to the black one - if you can, that's a bug. The game does have an ending, it's pretty short, too. :)

Thanks! Sure I'm interested, though I hope you find a way to give the jam "a unique identity". I participate in many jams, and I usually choose the ones with the most interesting concepts/themes. What drew me to yours initially was Construct.

Thank you!

The tire durability upgrades increased the number of hits you could take from glass shards before your speed began to slow down (no upgrade = zero, each upgrade gave you 2 free hits). I should've found a way to communicate this in-game.

You could see where the rust cloud was on the "minimap" on the right side of the screen, below the biker's marker. Another element I should've communicated better.

Thanks for the feedback, was happy to join!

Thanks! That's an interesting suggestion, I didn't think of using both mouse and keyboard for movement. Glad you appreciated the WASD implementation, I did it in the last minute (probably due to your feedback, too)!

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Yeah, definitely a smaller crowd... I almost didn't finish either. I wonder if people are "saving their creative energy" for the Brackeys Jam. Would've been nice to see the other submissions.

...and I just found a game-breaking bug in my game. If you lose once, you lose everytime unless you reload the page! xD Fixed it.

Nice work finishing the game! Like others have said, the UI is odd, but can't find any other problems, though I kind of miss the ability to shoot the meteors with right click ;). I can barely get 40 seconds... not sure if the browser version is lagging (I didn't notice it) or I'm just bad. The zip version was "unreadable" so I couldn't try it.

Thanks! You can configure the keys before starting the game in the "Choose Your Inputs" -menu that opens up after selecting "New Game", but you, uh, need arrow keys in that menu... I've never encountered the kind of keyboard you have, but I should definitely make "wasd" into a "second default" in future games. Thanks for the info!

Thanks! Glad you liked the music and Lemur's , and that the ambience had the intended effect :3

Good pointers, thanks! Using different colors for the cars is a good idea.

Good to hear! :)