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Hey, that's great! Congratulations on the upcom! :)

Hey, sorry for the delayed response, but just played the updated game, and the improvements are great! The parser is more comfortable now. If there's something to criticise, it's the part where I had to to type "r wrapping" or "i painting" several times to try the different options, but that's pretty minor.

IIRC, there was only one ending in the original version, so glad to see there were at least three this time. I first got what I think is the "happy ending" with Reza, then a "mean ending" replacing Arte, and then the "true ending" where the pastry-eating culprit confessed. Well done!


Hey, thanks for the feedback! Yeah, that confusion is something to consider if I ever return to this project. Sorry it took, uh, 99 days to answer. How's Domino House doing?

It's more of a digital toy, though it has an ending that's a bit difficult to find. Thank you for playing and commenting so many of my games!

Very simple, but well made! I liked how the graphics changed from time to time. The sounds and "animations" improved the game feel. I think the blue tiles bugged after the first or second level up, they had squares instead of animal faces. I got to 514 points.

Ah, okay. Thanks for the reply!

What do you mean? Is there a bug, or a problem with inputs? Or is the game just too difficult?

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You can upload new files now that the rating period is over.

You can either delete the old files and replace them with the new ones, or you can use Itch's Butler tool to just update them.

Thank you for the honest feedback! The game is meant more as a digital toy to play with, but I didn't have much time to add stuff to it. There is no strict goal, but there is an ending. If you want a defined goal, you could say it's to "break the game" by reversing the deliveries.

Decent, compact game! I liked the way the light effects blended when the ball passed other objects. The jump mechanic and the ability to regain jumps by touching walls is neat, but unnecessary. The game is very easy, jumping just made it even easier. There could be some levels where you have to jump often. Music would've been nice.

The concept of using black holes to pull and throw your character to a direction is very interesting!

The basic movement has major problems though - it seems to be impossible to get the character to move in small increments, because it has a weird "delayed acceleration", and slow deceleration makes precise movement very difficult.

There is good potential in the concept though!

Good design, and impressive work with the art style using only 2 graphics! The only criticisms I can think of are the lack of music and the score disappearing into the hole if the hole was in the top left corner. Having the score swap to the other color when over the hole would have improved it.

Considering the 4-color limit, you did great! The vision cones is a good idea. Thanks for the comments on my game!

Well done with the gameplay, clear visuals, writing and levels!


The walls halted the player in every direction but away from them, which was very annoying and resulted in most of my deaths.

The character seemed to keep going too long after I let go of the movement button, which had a negative effect on game feel.

Probably the best "thanks for playing" screen I've seen this jam! Loved the amount of geese growing higher every time you restart. The art styles are really good, too, even though some of them don't match. I just wished the "actual game" lasted longer. It started out pretty interesting, had some nice humor here and there, like with the "bed" behind the locked door.

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Well done with the controls! They work well when you're not touching a wall. The enemy movement is good and predictable.


The hide mechanics isn't explained in-game, but it also doesn't seem that important since the enemies aren't actively chasing you. You can just see the direction they're moving/bouncing and find a space to go through.

The music loop is very short and doesn't loop seamlessly. Otherwise it's fine, calming.

When you reach the end, the sound effect that should probably play only once keeps restarting every frame, which isn't pleasant to listen to.


Those were sliders? It never occurred to me.

Nice idea! I like the upgrades, and the gameplay loop is good.


The price of oxygen rises too quickly, cutting a single play session short.

It's unintuitive to have to stand on top of the hole you're digging, I'd expect to be able to do it from the side of the hole. I could lead to some bugs with several adjacent holes though. Then again, I was able to dig two holes at once already.

It's a bit odd for the guy to keep digging treasures to his last breath, never getting to use them. You could give the players an ability to escape with all the money they currently have or keep digging, losing it all if they die.

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice take on the theme! The art style and the music is charming, particularly the way the music slows down under the ice. The sound effects are good. Can't think of anything to criticize. It's a compact, well-made game.

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My game is Offbeat Dimensions:

You play as a magnetic lamp and a telekinetic eye.

If you like weird games, you might enjoy it!

There are some innovative games mentioned on this topic as well:

Can't say much about how fun the game is since I had to play solo, but the controls work smoothly. It's a well-made game!

Most of the visuals work, particularly the shots, but the ships are really tiny and unnoticeable. They should be the most distinct objects on the screen. Maybe make their colors stronger to contrast the gray asteroids.

Some different death effects would improve the game - the most glaring one is the black hole which seems more like a solid object when you crash into it.

Nice gameplay! Easy to pick up and play. The visuals are clear and the ticking sounds let you know immediately where the bombs are. The music choice fits the hectic tone of the game.

Really wish there was a mouse sensitivity option though. Also, the bombs sometimes bugged out when I grabbed them while sprinting - they'd end up several meters/yards in front of me.

Charming! I liked the automated production where I didn't have to micromanage everything.

It might be fun to upgrade one stat at a time in each pipe, so I could decide whether I want to prioritize speed or quality.

The money amount might be better in the top right corner, it gets lost in the pipe graphics.

The game looks really interesting! I like the art style and seems like I'd have fun playing it, but there doesn't seem to be much to do.

I installed the inlet and outlet pipes, but air and water production stayed at zero even when they were on. The nuclear reactor kept trying to overheat with the pipes attached, too.

I guess it's just very unfinished, or needs more instructions. I would like to see the finished version though!

Thank you VoxelTwyst and CleverAI for pointing those out! Both are good games!

Today's recommendations from me (possibly last ones):

The (W)hole Planet is a relaxing experience where you drive around a planet filled with holes and a black hole in the center of it. At 17 ratings.

The Dungeon is a game where you walk around as an eyeball, swapping between two dimensions and solving puzzles. At only 8 ratings.

Neat concept! The pixel art is nice and clear. The music fits. Gameplay is simple and easier to understand than "how to play" text makes it seem. The "truth %" mechanic made it interesting, forcing you to think about your choices.


Noticed quite a few errors in grammar, and a few typos.

The gameplay doesn't seem to have as much depth as it could. It's fun for a couple of minutes. Then again, that's perfectly fine for a jam!

Nice concept! The gameplay works mostly well, but the portal's ability to suck the tank seemed inconsistent, and this level impossible. It's way too quick for me.

Oh, and props to you for properly crediting all the assets you used, many people seem to neglect that.

Nice, smooth controls! The challenge felt appropriate, wasn't too easy. The audio was okay, though a bit too quiet.

The visuals are mostly clear and nice to look at, but that flashing was very unpleasant to the eyes and headache inducing. Might've been a nice game without it, couldn't play for long.

Thanks! The game can be played alone or with a friend.

Hard to give hints without providing a full walkthrough...In the lower dimension, you noticed you can drop the boxes in the "pockets" that appear?

In the upper dimension, try testing if different objects interact with each other, including objects that aren't always there. The idea is mostly to experiment with things and see what happens.

I have seen a few cases where the big eye doesn't interact with the object it's supposed to. This is a bug! :( You may have to try several times for it to work. 

Not sure why the slimes turned into black holes, but it's a creative idea! Seems to have an appropriate difficulty curve.

The gameplay works, though the gun tends to have an offset to where I'm clicking at. It was pretty funny how the game just broke when a black hole got big enough!

Lack of music is very noticeable, as is the lack of ambience and other sound effects than shooting.

The menu background color changing according to the difficulty setting was a nice touch.

Very creative idea! I liked the asymmetric gameplay. The visuals are charming and very clear. It didn't take long to understand the mechanics, aside from the buttons. Not sure why you insist that Player 1 has to use both hands to control the character, seems rather unnecessary. I was only able to play alone, but could see this being fun with a friend.

This was one of my favorite submissions! I loved the atmosphere, the minimalist visual style and the creative puzzles. I enjoyed the toenail level the most. I don't have many major criticisms, but here goes:

The audio levels were really, really low.

The red clapping hands had me stumped for a while. It took a long while to notice they were moving backwards, probably because their movement was so slow. I thought I had to do some weird trick jump to get to the hole.

I was expecting to be able to do something with the balls in the end, like maybe knocking the letters off. Didn't find anything else to do but to throw them into the void, or jumping there myself.

Finally, I'm not sure if it was an intended joke or not, but the ability to drop mouse sensitivity to 0 made me chuckle. I was able to drag it back up with WASD. The lowest sensitivity above 0 was a bit too high though.

Well done for a first game jam! The puzzle design is actually good, the answer was never the most intuitive one, but finding the correct solution wasn't that difficult either.

Graphics could use a bit more work:

The flag and the player character don't stand out from the background. Using more contrasting colors would probably help.

The enemies stand out better from the backgrounds, but look too similar to each other. It'd be better to make them distinct from one another. Color would probably help there, too. In particular, the rotating enemies could look different from each other so you don't have to wonder which direction each one turns to.

Nice mechanics! The physics seem reliable and are easy to understand. Plenty of creativity shown in the puzzles, too. Visuals are mostly clear and the music is fitting enough. I liked that you could use the black hole in the end screen, too.

Could have some instructions though, or levels that make some of the mechanics more clear. It's not immediately clear you're supposed to eat planets without eating ships. And one of the levels had another black hole in it that made me think it's a big planet.

Well done making the game mostly yourself! The main idea is pretty innovative.


The character slides too much, and jumping is floaty. It's hard to control the character due to this.

The later levels have enemies shooting at you from outside the screen in an area you haven't seen before. It would be a more enjoyable experience if they couldn't shoot you if they weren't on-screen.

Thanks for adding two extra words to the review! ;)

Well done with the creepy atmosphere! The ambient sounds and the textures that looked like they might be made of rock or something more organic helped with it. I liked the "combat scene", too.


The flashlight flickering was a little bit spooky in the beginning, but when it happened constantly, it got mostly annoying.

Holes were scary the first time since they were so strange, but once you fell into one and just got instantly teleported back a little bit, they lost their edge. You could have something weird and scary happen when you fall into one, like some hard-to-understand visuals and audio, or having the walls surround you and either shrink tight enough to crush you or grow wider so you get to experience vast emptiness. Or what ever you can think of!

The puzzle was hard to make sense of, I wasn't sure where I ended up when I dropped into the pink/purple hole. I just brute forced it.