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Congrats on beating the game, I hope you had fun. No special reward for 100% completion in the jam version I'm afraid.

Hey, sorry about the crash. The Mac version is not well tested and this is the first I've heard about any crash issues. I'd be interested in the crash report if possible.

Incredible. Great idea for a short interactive experience. Had a blast.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hey, thanks for playing and the detailed feedback. I'll try and take that on board if I end up updating the game.

Just for fun, to give you something extra to find when exploring. :)

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback. I know it's rough right now, balancing is a very high priority for a playable version soon!

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback.
Proper resizing is definitely on my todo list somewhere but wasn't ready for this version. Balancing is a very high priority for a playable version soon!

Always selling Mini Micro :P

That's fairly unlikely for me given the amount of effort I have invested in the current C# version, and Monogame is providing me most of that stuff.

Thanks for playing though.:)

I think that's fair. Personally I haven't played Donkey Kong 64 or a game with a a similar mechanic, but maybe I could have predicted some of the issues. 

A lot of this jam for me was a learning experience in making a game in 3d for once, so it definitely isn't perfect. 

Also it's a game jam, what did you expect for the final door? 

Cool high energy atmosphere. Took me a little while to understand what was going on/my goal. Nice feel to the jumping and collecting too.

Really cool game. I like how the art and music support the story telling, that was really neat.

The jump physics was a little floaty, and I sometimes got stuck/slid off corners. The little bit of slowmo when you shift dimensions was a really nice touch.

Hey, neat game, looks quite nice. It seems like being big is never something you want, it might be interesting if you needed to be big sometimes. Cool game though!

Yes, although it will get frozen after the deadline until judging is finished. Until the deadline you can do whatever you want!

If you upload and submit now, you can still update until the deadline, but you won't miss it. Everyone get your games uploaded now! :)

Definitly agree with you about telling what was interactive. For a bigger game it would be a good idea to establish some kind of indicator in the design of what is interactive.

Nice game, very well polished. Could do with some more elements to mix up the puzzles a bit.

Cool puzzle game. Although the animations are good it would be nice to be able to move faster and not have to wait between moves. Quite hard and I was struggling to understand the AI's movement patterns.

(1 edit)

The multiple pieces to control provides a neat twist on classc sliding puzzles. Pretty fun, and gets hard later on, nice aesthetics overall. The restart control could be more obvious or labelled in game (I was trying just "r", didn't think of "ctrl+r".

Nice little puzzle game. The blocks with goals on top of them/3D aspects of it really make this feel distinct from other box slidey puzzle game.

Fun puzzle game. The puzzle challenge ramp didn't really get to a challenging level, but I think there's some potential with the mechanics. Music is weirdly disturbing during the backwards part. Graphically, the game is kind of hard to look at and I was confused at first.

Fun little arcade game. Doesn't seem like a puzzle game though.

Hey, thanks for playing and the in depth video!

Nice use of assets for kind of a creepy atmosphere. Like your other game this is quite bleak and unwinnable... Good job!

Quite fun, funny game. Could do with some more challenge or a timer or something so it ends.

Nice maze game. I found the arrow keys were scrolling the page in my browser so an alternate control scheme like WASD would have been nice.

You use arrow keys up/down to navigate the menu (works for me?)

Nice platformer. Had some problems with collisions, and the game seems very hard. Didn't manage to get to the end without taking a hit (and I had to give myself more chances by refreshing...)

Completed a few levels, neat little puzzley thing. Assets look good together I think. Could do with a little more variety to spice things up but otherwise good. :)

Got to the end - love the core gameplay mechanic, the little delay on bombs exploding makes it I think - feels so satisfying when you nail a midair jump. Had a little trouble with the physics, getting stuck on walls and floors. Great work!

Yeah that's a bug. Arguably the balance is a bit too hard so maybe it accidentally balances the game? Thanks for playing!

Hey Jorava, thanks for playing.

What OS/browser were you playing in? F11 works for me and that spot you mentioned also works for me (Windows/Firefox) (Works on my machine (tm))
There is a pause menu with a restart button! No level select, I think if I expand this the game will be structured differently too.

First up, good spooky atmosphere. I'm a wimp for horror games and I was definitely scared.

The core mechanic is a cool idea, I had some really tense moments seeing a ghost near behind me and spinning 180 to take my best shot.

More interesting environments with mirrors placed around and this could be great. I did end up beating the game but it was close as I was getting kind of tired of it before finding the ending.

Cool, thanks for playing.

That's an interesting point about controls. It could be a toggleable option if I ever expand or redo this.

Thanks for playing. Switching only on the ground was a design choice, for a while I allowed it in the air but it was quite hard to design levels because you had a lot of freedom of movement.

The boss could definitely use better feedback. If you get reset back to the left you got it wrong and took a hit, if you just fall down you hit the boss. :)

Haha, I totally missed that they were active on the title screen. That's cool!

Very cute game, very nice presentation and has a lot of charm. I think the main criticism is pretty obvious ;)

Nice game, really cool concept. This kind of destroyed my brain. I think tutorial levels where you play as each guy individually before mixing them up would really help ease in.

I like this theme for the game. The background scroll looks nice without distracting from the gameplay, and I like that the player bugs are slightly different, not just recoloured.

Really cool idea for retheming this, I had no clue what it was going to be when I heard you guys were doing this game. The background music is cool, kind of creepy with the organic noise underneath it.