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Well done, congratulation :)

Today i added some other tiles and a hedgehog npc (at the moment it is an enemy).

Cu next time

Players should be able to tame animals, changed interface showing animals now instead of boxes

Hi casualcommander! are you stuck between the bugs? Thank you a lot for playtesting my game! Have a nice 2022!

nearly no progress :) Have a nice 2022! Stay healthy or get healthy. Thank you for playing / testing the game!

Added just another bug (as an enemy). Mabye the enemies will become friends in later game version.

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The music boxes can be switched by clicking at them, but it is not really shown, what has to be done. No feedback. Also it is buggy, a few boxes do have the same music?

Very well done game! Nice to also embed the making of! Keep up the cool stuff.

The birch pollen near my appartement made my eyes a bit itchy and dry. After playing your game my eyes are fine again! Well done, very nice game!

Hi PixelPoifectGames!

Thank you very much for playing the game and for the helpful comment! Your thoughts and ideas are very good.
I am not planning to create newer versions of this game. But maybe i will use the feedback if i make another platformer one day.
The idea with holding the jump button for more jumping height is very great. Yes, you are also right, that the game could use a few bosses (or at least a few other enemies) :D  It only has one enemy.
Thank you very much for the positive feedback!

Have fun creating games and a nice year 2020!


Hi GrayDwarf! Yes, this would be a very good addition to the game. This game is just a basic prototype of game. Thank you for playing it! It is just the sample game from godot learning resources with selfcreated sprites.

Really nice game, cute graphics, very nice music. Good game for chilling and getting better with focussing on a game without ragequitting :D Game runs fine!

Well done little game! Reminds on times when i played "Ooops Up" on Amiga 500 many years ago. While playing the levels i missed music, but there is music in menu and between levels.

Nice idea for a game, well done! For me it was not playing music just sound (Balsack mentioned about music a few comments earlier / a few days ago , maybe it was another version).

Nice logic / tactic game, after a while i was able to win a few games. Very cool idea!

Very well done game with brilliant graphics! (it could have been a bit easier sometimes in my opinion, but i am slow regarding reactions :)   )

Really funny game with very charming characters! Well done! 

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Cute game. i like the push puzzles. Controls could be a bit better ( vertical and horizontal input at the same time does not moves the ghost) Very cute graphics! Music is fine too!

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Great game with a fresh idea, i would like to see a play through video of this game. Nice sprites and music too!

Thank you much! Yes, i could have changed the order of the levels maybe. Some later levels are easier than levels that came before.

Edit: i did it finally. Very nice ending! :)

Nice game with cool fights, but i my reaction time is too slow to survive a fight :P

Nice game! i tried a few things, but i have no idea what to do to avoid the bad ending. Good looking graphics! Audio would have been nice.

Good job! This is a really cool platformer. Very nice that you implemented controller support ( even rumble was working for me- using x-box gamepad -). Difficulty was a little to high for me, but it was fun to play!

Very nice game with an interesting fighting system and very good art and audio. Cool, that you also implemented a save system, very well done!

Very nice tower defense game, the animals and enemies look very good for 8*8 pixels size! Well done. Also nice music and sounds (but it was a bit loud by default, volume setting in menu could be added maybe)

same as illdie mentioned earlier: a file seems to be missing. i was not able to run to the game.

Awesome, Antonball really feels like a gameboy game. Very well done, also a very good idea to combine these two games! (after game over screen you could add an option to go back to menu screen)

Cute game. The enemies and team members and all look very adorable! Music and sounds fit very well with the game.

Very good looking game, also the music and sounds are nice! Very cool transition from start screen to the actual game with this countdown.

Excellent pixel-art! Nice story too! (when baguettes showed up and i pressed "yes, but no" it bugged - the text field- and i was not able play to to end)

Very well done game! Cool graphics and music and awesome boss fights

Nice little game, i found two gems, but not the third :) Music or sounds would have been nice!

Pretty nice game, cool! The game looks very good and also feels very polished. I was running it on manjaro linux via wine, it was working very well for me.

Thank you much, kalechipps! In the past i only created small games. Maybe some day i will create a bigger project, but do chill a lot instead of sharpening my skills in game dev ;P

Now i fixed the strange / buggy movement. Should be ok now! Windows, Linux and MacOS versions are changed too.

Thank you much for playing!

Thank you much, Antony Arcoíris