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Awesome! Very nice game, it was  a lot of fun to play, also great music and soundeffects.

Nice, that you liked it :) Thanks much for playing

Very cool! Browser version works well for me.

Nice little game! I like the sprites and the easy controls. 

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Nice game with black and white art! The player looks very cute. Movement speed could be a bit faster, the music is very nice, but i did not like the sounds of the steps / sound when moving. Cool that controller is supported!

Awesome! Great audio and cool enemies  and an atmosperic level / dungeon. Very good game! Nice, that you also shared the project / source code :)

Cool little demo game with very nice looking art! Have fun with godot, this demo is already very cool :)

Very nice and well done game! Controller support would be nice.

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Nice story telling game with a cliffhanger element at the end :) A pity that it is that short / that you could not finish it. But it is cool as it is and it was fun to play!

Nice little game. The particle effects when snowballs hits the presents are looking great. The music is also very fine. I was a bit curious about the score being negative.

Very cool! I like the transition effect after completing a level and i also like how the enemies gets introduced before each new level start (even with music that fit with the enemies popping up in this screen). In level 8 the game crashed, but it was very funny until then.

Nice game with a really cool game idea (player can programm in a turn based game). The game looks very well, especially the fog is impressive. The game could use a tutorial level or a video attached where you show how to play.

Nice game! But it is very hard to survive in this game. The ghosts have some very cool movements mechanics, their charge is very unpredictable and very dangerous. 

Really great looking art, the animations of the cats are very well done. Also the music is nice. The game runs very well.
Until i was able to defeat the group at "the hut" i had to grind a few times, because i was too weak before ( the problem was the 3 cat  group at "the hut") . I found out that i could walk outside the visible map, maybe add boundaries or colliders at the borders, if you want to continue on this project.
Very nice game!

Very good art. The story is awesome. While reading the story i wanted to have one these calzones too! :) In the game i was only able to deliver the calzones in the very first level, the second level was much more difficult . Cool game! 

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Thank you much! If you like the music you can download it at . I have put a link in the description / credits, the songs are very old, but are in very good quality, ) You achieved a really high score, very nice! I did not made it anywhere near that score in my tries. 

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Thank you much for playing and for the feedback, Jeffrey! Also thanks for letting me know about the bug. Congratulations for finishing the game.
I fixed the bug you mentioned! (But at the moment i will not add more content to this game, it is only a small game i made while a game jam).

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thank you much for playing and for the feedback!
yes, this game has no audio, it s nothing wrong with your browser.
i just did not had enough time for creating and adding music to the game.

Very cool platformer, the player animations look very good and the player movement also feels very good.

Thank you much for your positive feedback and for playing it :)

if you have problems finding the pairs or getting a good ratio between moves and matches for bonus then try to type "pics" while the game is running

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Ein prima Spiel. Es hat Spaß gemacht, die Hauptfigur, die Dinos und die Levelumgebung sehen sehr gut aus. Man darf sich nur nicht von einem der Fleischfresser vor der Hütte attackieren lassen (ich kam da nicht mehr weg, aber hatte vorher schon die Dinos eingesammelt; ich hatte die Dinos zum Abschluss bloß noch die Dinos mit Essen beworfen und so herausgelockt aus dem eingezäunten Bereich, also war das selbstverschuldet). Auch die Sounds und die Musik sind sehr angenehm.

Hübsche Low-Poly-Modelle mit netten Animationen! Cool, dass der Spieler drei verschiedene Männchen zum steuern hat. Ich kam leider mit zwei der Helden nicht über die braune Stufe vor dem Dorf. Der blaue Ritter kam gut voran. Das Interface hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Die Musik und die Sounds find ich auch gut.

Cute low poly models with nice animations! Cool, that the player has three different charaters to play with. But with two of the heroes i was not able to pass the brown step in front of the village. So i played with the blue knight. I really like the interface you created. The music and sounds are fine.

Extrem cool. Das Video hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Das Spiel, die Anleitung und das Video wirkt auf mich hochprofessionell. Im Pdf habe ich im Absatz "Spielvorbereitung" einen kleineren Rechtschreibfehler entdeckt: ... Es gibt drei verschiedene Elemte:... (Elemente sind hier wahrscheinlich gemeint). Das Spiel könnte ich mir außerdem gut in "Tabletop Simulator" als solides 2-Spieler-Spiel vorstellen.

Nette Mathematik-Spielidee souverän umgesetzt. Hab erstmal gerade recherchiert, was das für coole Musik ist :) (Erasure - Always) Hat mich an meine Jugend erinnert :P

Nettes Spiel, es läuft einwandfrei bei im Browser (hatte Firefox benutzt), leider kam ich später nicht mehr weiter, bis dahin war es aber sehr cool! Die Drehtüren und dass man die Objekte wegeschieben kann hat mir sehr gut gefallen ( Kartons wegschieben, Türen öffnen).  Die Fallen sind gemein :) Cooles Spiel! Hier das Level, in dem in nicht mehr weitergekommen bin

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I liked it a lot, no idea why your game was rated  behind mine. I think your game is much more polished and more fun to play than my game and a bit cooler too, but i spammed nearly everyone i know and people i do not know to play my game (also i played a lot of other teams games, maybe that s why ). Take care and have fun with godot!

Ah, ok, i have made good experiences with godot, last unity version was a 2017er version, maybe they will fix with the pixel perfect camera / exporting problem. Everything else in your game was pixelperfect. 

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Nice game, i have no idea about this genre of games, but i think your game is done well. Cool fights and art.

Nice little game. Runs well! The graphics are simple, but nice, i like the explosion animation :D  Audio is also nice.

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Very cool game with cute art. I loved that i was able to choose from different color palettes, i liked the sepia one and the one with the light blue. In german language the "Umlaute" are missing (ä, ö, ü), but i think that you already know that and that they are not available in the font. Nice that you also added to secret modes beside the 4 languages. It found one secret mode in the comments at your game page, so it was easy enough for me to play a while without mistakes :) 

I linked this game to a friend, he really likes it and said it has an addiction factor when played.  :)  He played many rounds, here is his screenshot from best score so far, he does not have a account, so i paste his picture here.

Cool game, i like that the game shows the number of bombs in each row and column at the borders. Well done art.

Very good little game. I was not able to see all 20 levels, but i think the levels are well designed. The level difficulty increase with later levels is done well. First i had problems with the player sliding a bit after i released the key input for direction (left / right), but later i managed some levels. Nice pixel art and also cool sounds for jumping and movement. I like the falling platform and the fact that the player can reset each level (because there are falling platforms, so the player is not lost after mistakes). Also nice that controller input is supported, my best try with controller (level 13) was much better than all the keyboard tries i did before.  :)

Nice little game with a cool background effect. Now i know my reactions are very bad, so maybe i should stop driving around in car in real life :) If you want to continue with working on this project maybe add controller support and an menu option for difficulty, so slow people like me can perform acceptable in easy mode :P

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Nice game idea. At my Pc (Windows 7 64bit) the game crashed both times, when i tried to upgrade the mixing machine. Graphics are fine. Audiotrack could be a bit longer ( because it is a game that could run a long time).

This game is very cool. Very good working controls / player movement and great execution of a new jumping mechanic. I sympathized with Mr. Diggins directly. He reminded of the mole, that adopted Alfred the duck in the tv series Alfred Jodukus Quak (i watched this a lot when i was a child). I was a lot fun to play through the game. Later with the levelparts that fell down after a while and the bombs it has become a bit more challening. Nice increase of difficulty with level progress. Nice to see that you used Godot too.

Well done game. I opened the Game two times today, so i could look inside the help while playing. The help really helped me a lot, because it is done well. This game is a nice brain training logic game.

Thank much for playing, this was the very first game where i created the music myself. 

Aaah, ok. I should have tried out. I will try out, thanks for answering. I already collected the dash boots, maybe i give it another try to playthrough tomorrow, i liked that every level had another color palette,  i know from the awesome manual that there are a few more levels.