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Submitted by Fiwon, Euler Moises — 7 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Didn't take time yesterday to write up a comment, so I thought I should today..

I really like the concept, and the originality. It took me a few tries to understand how foot prints work, but it's part of the puzzle I guess.

Great entry! Cool color palette, and sounds.


Thank you!

I am still impressed with your game!



very good, this game is great, congratulations on that !!, and I liked how you thought of the stages, and your resolutions, very crazy, congratulations again Inoue and Euler!   :)


This was a really challenging puzzle game that requires you to learn mechanics precisely to finish it, and I don't say that as a bad thing.  I thought the second level was good at teaching the tree circling mechanic because there was no way to solve it like the first level, so once you've exhausted solving it with the methods you already know, the option becomes, "What if I make him walk at the trees?"  And again in the level where the path snakes down from the top, you can't succeed until you learn the range of the hunter.  That I was forced to learn these mechanics early made the levels where you have to use the whistle much easier for me to time correctly.  I also really enjoyed the long grass that was used to restrict the players options, and make them think carefully about where to send the hunter.

Games / stories based on folklore are also really appreciated, thank you for sharing.

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Great game with a fresh idea, i would like to see a play through video of this game. Nice sprites and music too!


This game is very cute, specially the animals! I love the artstyle and the music, is very Game Boy feeling and makes me nostalgic. I think you have a lot of ideas going on and all of them are essential to undestand in order to beat the levels, but honestly I believe you could teach the player the rules and mechanics little by little with some type of in-game tutorial. I know this is probably the most hard part in a game development (teaching the player how to play your game), so I know is a lot of work specially in a JAM project. But I hope you review the game and make a nice tutorial in gameplay introduction because I really love the mechanics and I believe you can make this game into a big project in the future with more flesh out graphics and stuff! Great work!! Parabéns!!


Opa, vlw mesmo.

Agradeço bastante seu comentário, realmente colocar o tutorial no jogo seria a melhor forma de explicar as mecânicas do jogo :).

Seu jogo ficou bacana também, gosto dos jogos de puzzle, são interessantes e faz a gente pensar um pouco hehe :).

Thank you!


Vlw por jogar!! A ideia de usar as pegadas do Curupira é muito boa mesmo, fica muito diferente ainda mais pq ele deixa pegadas ao contrário. Eu acho que valeria a pena investir mais no jogo pra um relançamento mais completo/polido, ia dar um título indie muito bom, de forma que usa folclore brasileiro de forma divertida e diferente!


Really cool take on local folklore! I think the story was translated into mechanics really well!


Thank you very much hehe :)


Is this supposed to be like that ;P?

~~ Cool idea! :>


Yep, I think it's not a problem, but reading the comments I noticed it's like a bug haha.

But the idea was make correctly to a certain extent and if it's not possible to do anything with the hunter, you need press "R" or ESC and Reset :P.

Thank for your comments, I like your game too :).


Interesting and challenging game! Well done!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!


Ok, I tested your game.

I'm surprise. This game was made in Java.


What a lovely game! I love the music and presentation. The menu borders are great and very Gameboy-like. I also really like how the puzzle mechanic was inspired by Brazilian folklore, I just spent some time learning about the Curupira. The puzzles can be very good, and had me scratching my head a couple times. I really like how the Curupira's footsteps face the wrong way, it helps the puzzles a lot.

The big thing that I think isn't properly taught to the player, is that the hunter will circle around groups of trees. Including that piece of information in the instructions would help, or I would suggest swapping the 2nd level with the 3rd. That way, you have 2 levels where you can see the hunter circling the trees instead of one, before requiring a puzzle with it. It would also be nice if you could detect if the hunter gets stuck against an edge, and prompt the player to restart. I spent some time trying to lure the hunter back with the whistle before learning he only changes direction from footsteps and running into trees.

Great work, guys!


Thanks for the feedback! We love to teach a little about our country's culture to foreign friends. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the tips and we will be smart  with these details in our next games.


Neat idea! Wish i could vote! =(


No problem! Thanks for playing.

We are glad you enjoyed our work.



The idea is very interesting but the controls have a very high delay between turning and starting to walk. This is not bad for gameplay, but it bothers you a bit =P

Enemies sometimes get "stuck", as in the image below (just below the top, on the right):

Overall I liked the art and the music!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Ah Ok, the idea is to make corectly the track, but if not, the hunter is "stucked" in the borders.

If it's occur you need press button "R" in the keyboard or press ESC and Restart.

Thanks for the feedback :).

edit: I forgot to put "R"  button in controls. I put in the description page now, 


Thanks for feedback! :)

We were happy to have enjoyed our work!


Cute game! But I would like it more, if I could move around freely...


Ok, thank you. 

More freely you said withou delay when turn around and walk?


Yes, and also not being bound to the tiles. But  I guess that's also a game design choice :)

Please make sure you play and rate my game ;-)


Ok, I will.


Great, thanks ;)


"I want to be free..."    :D

Thanks for playing!

Submitted (1 edit)

:D Sure thing, you can also play and rate my entry ;)


Lovely! Thank you for sharing about Curupira!


Yep, it's nice character ^^


Thank you!
Brazil has many fascinating mythological beings! Search!