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The spritesheet is 100x100px, and there is also a .gif format that features all the frames combined.

Okay, now it makes sense. Thanks!

I was confused with a perspective a little bit ;)


I recently bought your asset pack and I noticed that there aren't any walls in those shapes,  are they not included or am I missing something?

Amazing! :)

First archer tower graphic is messed up, seems like "top" of the graphics is already added in the "bottom". Other archer towers are fine. 

What are the sizes, in pixels? 

Amazing! :D

Good, thanks for making this assets again! :D
Also just an suggestion to put pixel size for assets, I thought those were small assets :P 

Can I use it for commercial purpose? 

amazing! :)

Amazing! :)

Amazing! :)

Thanks! :)

Hello, what is the size of the sprite sheets in width? 

Movement of character is little bit slippery maybe try to reduce it or lower it to 0.

But overall good music and cool gameplay you could add more levels :)

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can't start wave any help? :(

That was actualy very fun for the first minutes I did not know what I was doing but later somehow managed to get over it, but still very hard :d

Thanks for kind words! :)

My interpretation of theme was just magic robots.
I didn't have time to add more things and I really had a lot of ideas. Some turret upgrades may be repeated due to the limited amount of time :(

+12h would be nice 

Your game must take place in one screen.

This may be stupid question but, can the game be divided into levels? (Level Select Menu, Multiple levels)

Nice! :))))))

I got an error saying ".pck file missing" :/

Is this supposed to be like that ;P?

~~ Cool idea! :>

Thanks for playing :>

I didn't expect that bug in THIS level, haha ;p

That was AMAZING!

I love Tower Defense Games :>  

Thanks for playing :>

This is the best submission I've ever played in this jam :>

Thanks for playing :>

I like that you can choose tank :>

Thanks for playing :>

Well this works for me, but I changed it now so pilars should be working

You mean this level right?

Pillars moves when you pass between zones

Yep, here we go if you want contact me on discord: Cyber#4612

Tak ;)

Ja nie potrzebuje ;)

Love it <3333!!!!!