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2d Platformer
Submitted by Joseppilinguini — 6 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Hi everyone, Thank you so much for giving my game a try, I'm only now catching these comments,  I'll see what could have gone wrong as soon as i can. For whatever reason there is a second period in the file name before the exe. Try deleting that and see how it goes, mine works with both 2 periods and one on my computer so i need to figure out what could be going on.


I have tried it with one period, it did not work.

What did you use to make the game, maybe check youtube for some guides about this error, or just skim through a guide on how to export in case it's a common problem? It's probably something that's happened to others as well.

Best of luck, I hope we'll be able to play your game soon!


Hey! Thanks for checking that, yeah I made the game in Godot, I think I need to learn more about exporting game files for upload! I’ve been cray busy with work and freelance. I’m sorry about the inactivit


I got an error saying ".pck file missing" :/


Hey sorry about that! i have no idea what a .pck file is i'm sorry, but I'll try figuring that out!


I’ll try to figure out how to fix that! Thank you!


Hey, I'd love to play this, but I also have a launch error. Could it be the extra period in the executable file?
I see Jump..exe <- (two .. s)
I tried manually removing one, but no luck.
I hope the issue isn't too tricky to solve!


Hey Luke, I'm sorry to hear it's not working, and I also thought deleting the second period could be a quick fix, I'll try to figure this out but I'm incredibly new to this stuff and have freelance I need to get caught up on after the jam, so please understand any delay


Sure thing, I hope it's a simple issue. I'd love to play and rate it if you figure it out in time!


same as illdie mentioned earlier: a file seems to be missing. i was not able to run to the game.


I'll see what i can do!


I got an error saying "Could not load game data at path '.'. Is the .pck file missing?"

Was this supposed to be packaged in a zip with other files instead of just the .exe?


Hi illdie, I'm sorry to say I'm new to game dev and have never heard of a .pck file. it seems like a recurring problem for everyone though so I'll see what i can do to fix this! thank you for the feedback