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I really like the map ordering idea, lets you plan ahead or put the shops closer if you think you need some health/upgrades.

The controls mostly feel good, except for combat. The actual hit feels too delayed, and has a deadspot close into the player. I could never hit the fast bugs without also taking damage myself.

Thanks! I wish I had more time this week to spend on it, came in just under the wire with what I had.

The rendering hiccups are annoying, it seems to only be present in the godot web build, and happens whenever a new material is first rendered, as far as I can tell. I'll have to do some digging and see if I can pre-load them for performance.

An excellent asset pack, you really stuffed a bunch of great stuff in there!

The playable demo with randomize-able tiles is very much appreciated, a lot easier to see how it all fits together.

If I had any critique, it would be that some of the walkable tiles are so bright that they feel like solid objects. It might make sense to use white as an outline for some of the stone pathway tiles and keep them dark to better blend with the default ground. 

Fantastic stuff!

I really like the vibes from this tile set, it reminds me of the old Commander Keen games!

I like how the tile set uses some grid-based tiles for solid terrain, and some assets that are more suited for background placement. Helps you create more varied backgrounds.

I really like the animation on the character, aside from the static torso. The head and limbs all have such great movement to them, but the torso is anchored right in place.

The asset pack looks great!

I quite like your dithered shadows, they really help make the objects feel solid and shaded.

I also like how illustrative the tiles look, as if they were translated to pixel art from a story book. 

I think you might find building a scene with these tiles to be a little tricky, as they're mostly not designed to tile seamlessly. The brick wall for example has the 3D tapering, which looks great in isolation, but probably a bit weird when placed beside itself. The shadows on the fence tile wouldn't tile smoothly either. 

Perfectly acceptable for an old-school puzzle game though. They look great!

I like the fox character, they've got a real cheeky grin!

The slightly top-down view is neat too, it allows you to put things inside the tiles as if they're item blocks. 

I think you could use some more subtle tile variations. In addition to the 4 rotated spirals, you could consider a cracked stone version or one with multiple smaller spirals. Perhaps even a couple double- or triple-wide tiles to help break things up. As it currently stands, the tiles feel very rigid to build interesting levels with.

Thanks, I'll get an OGA submission going soon, and link them when I do. I've used their platform for many years :)

8x8 tiles are a good challenge, some of them read great and some can be quite tricky. I think the cow and the chicken both turned out great.

It would be helpful to also have a tile sheet with all of the tiles in one, especially since the individual tiles are so small. 

I'd be curious to learn how this was made, was it rendered out in black/white from a 3D animation? The dithering seems to be too sporadic and the animation too centered for it to be drawn frame to frame.

Either way, it's a neat visual for sure, potentially useful after a catch in a fishing game.

It seems the original image is no longer a file for download, I tried opening the .gif in Aseprite and got a more compressed image, lacking most of the antennae.

I like the use of contrast in the tile set, the important areas (ground, spikes, etc.) all are quite bright for clarity. The spinning spike ball looks great too, the staggered animation spacing really helps it feel dangerous.

I think your character would come alive a bit more if you made them a smidge less rigid, their body is very vertical during all actions, and the arm being directly in line with their back while standing flattens their shape quite a bit. 

I like the tile set a bunch!

I quite like this goofy little mushroom guy! The animations are bouncy and cute.

I'm not sure if you used a rotation tool to make parts of the animations, but if so be careful: programs  not designed for pixel art can add subtle uses of anti-aliasing and increase your color count by a fair bit. It's not super noticeable as just a piece of art, but as an asset, often you want to recolor pixel colors in a shader, and all of these extra whites/blacks can be a real headache. 

I didn't even notice it until I opened it in Aseprite:

It looks like something I'd see in the background of an old point & click adventure game!

The wood grain texture looks good for the most part, I might recommend varying where you break up the lines, there's a couple clear lines of negative space that are lacking texture detail. The face and especially the nose look great, though.

The frog is so charming!

I really like the tile set, it may not be suited for more complex level layouts, but it uses line weight/contrast really well.

The extra color palettes and outlined variations are much appreciated!

These isometric tiles are great! I really like the smaller architectural details you're able to create like the pillars and steps. Your example image looks great!

Thanks for including the inverted set as well!

The tile set looks great! I very much appreciate the inclusion of the template mapping file to understand how the pieces all fit together. 

Changing the book layouts for unique tiles is a great way to break up repetition, but it might be nice to include a few alternate center and edge tiles to help break up larger areas.

I thought the plant sprite was a little angry blob enemy the first time I saw it 😅

I like the enemy designs, especially the monster balloons and the zombie!

If you're intending to use the sprites in a Pokemon-style RPG battle screen, it'd be wise to design them to all face the same way and not have elements extend beyond the edges. The only one that really sticks out is the wizard guy's orbs. I like the designs on them all a bunch, though!

I like the icons a bunch, they're cohesive and use the whole space in the frame well.

Most of them are quite readable, I especially like the finger print and the Knight chess piece.
I couldn't quite parse the two under the finger print and the broom, my best guess was a paint bucket spilling and a ping-pong paddle.

I really like the asset pack! Glad someone was feeling up to doing a bunch of animation!

The bubbles/smoke/wisps coming off of the portal look great. The extra file formats/layouts are also much appreciated. 

I did notice that two of the the .gifs, Air Burst and Hit don't seem to loop. 

I quite like the style of the ground tiles, the differently sized square stones look good.

I like the corner bumps aesthetically, but I think they're creating gaps between the rest of your assets, making the trees, spikes, etc. appear to float off of the ground.

The LDTK auto-tile is much appreciated! Although I think the .png file is missing some tiles (If I remember correctly, LDTK can generate some tiles through symmetry, though it would be nice to have those tiles in the .png if you plan to use a different level design method).

I like the simplicity of the art style, everything straight-on, lots of simple angles but executed well. I particularly like the crystal balls and the skulls. 

It's not truly 1-bit, as there are more than 2 colors in many sprites, and I wish the assets were lined up on a consistent grid for easier tile/sprite slicing. Otherwise great stuff!

This is a great tile set!
Great job on the outlines on the sprites, the 1 extra layer of pixels around each object really helps separate them in a scene.
Including a color-inverted set is much appreciated.

I quite like the asset pack, the rogue-style assets are readable, cohesive and well laid out. I quite like the little skeleton enemy.

It would be useful for the asset pack to be in a single .zip download, as well as having sprites like enemies and characters on their own layers with transparency around their edges, so the empty black space around them doesn't block out sprites behind them. It's an easy but time-consuming fix for a potential user of the asset.

I really like the space shmup art set, I find the enemies in particular quite charming!

I might recommend filling in most of the sprites with black internally, as when they overlap each other, they'll appear completely hollow. It's an easy but time-consuming fix for a potential user of the asset.

The bat is cute and the wings animate smoothly. 
Thanks for the well set-up Aseprite files, sprite sheets and gif formats!

The bat is cute and the wings animate smoothly. 
Thanks for the well set-up Aseprite files, sprite sheets and gif formats!

A bit late, since I've just submitted, but here's some progress shots I kept as I developed out my top-down tileset.


And then the final tileset, here:

I wish I could have played more, had to stop early to go to work. I couldn't seem to place most traps, I did get a block placed in level 1, but couldn't attach any spikes to it, or anywhere else. Neat idea, kind of reverse Lemmings. Thanks for sharing this!

I like the wall running/gliding mechanic.
The eye felt too small to get, it would juke me too well when I got close.

Thanks for sharing this!

Great art and fun time. I wish the treasure had a bolder outline, it was hard to see the chests at a glance.

I quite like the sound design! 

Thanks for the kind words!

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Unless this was meant for the Rose's Peanut comments, I just remembered there's a window in that one.

I'm not quite sure what you mean... 

If you mean the 3 different scenes in the (admittedly square) thought bubbles, I ended up just making 3 copies of the background and changing the content inside the thought bubble for each. They're 3 different scenes under the hood.

If it's something else, I'll do my best to answer after a clarification!

I found the controls for swapping players, but could not figure out what to do with the button(?) on level 1. Tried putting either character next to it, pressed every button on my keyboard, and tried clicking it too.

I like your art and music, wish I could have played more.

Hey, I happened to make a Train themed game too! Cheers.

The gameplay is very methodical and clunky, just like I imagine operating a real train car shunter would be. I think you could make things a bit more fun if you could move the shunter with the arrow keys, simply to free up your mouse for the couplings/rail switching. After figuring out the logic of a puzzle, it's still quite tedious to complete it.

I made it as far as the level with two train cars, I accidentally got some of my bottom cars stuck under the coal dispenser.

Thanks for sharing the game!

You're really out here testing my knowledge of color combinations!

The multi-mix enemies are tricky to juggle.

I got as far as the first couple batches of black and white enemies, I think their concept is pretty neat.

I think some sound effects would go a long way for player feedback and game feel. The projectiles could also be a little faster, they seem to move the same speed as the player, meaning if you move towards an enemy while shooting, you'll take damage first.

Thanks for sharing the game!

I'd love to play and rate, but I can't figure out how! I can only download the png file, not sure if its a Pico-8 or some other format.

I like the puzzles in the game! The sightline mechanic is interesting and could lead to some neat puzzles down the line. 

I moved the ghost outside of the map before the first room's dialogue finished and ended up dying, restarting, and stacking 2 textboxes on each other. It all fixed itself after finishing the first level, though.

The pixel art and music are charming too. Thanks for sharing this!

I like that you can just dribble the ball instead of shooting it if you so choose. I'm sure multiplayer gets pretty hectic!

I think your player controls could be a bit tighter, simply applying forces to the players leads to them having to decelerate for pretty long to turn around. You might be able to improve them simply by increasing their drag.

Thanks for sharing this!

Ah, thanks for the info! I was using the F commands, but not the low numbers. I was experimenting between F80 and F99 or so, seemed to be changing my tempo in the tracker but not GBStudio.