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Thanks for the kind words!

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Unless this was meant for the Rose's Peanut comments, I just remembered there's a window in that one.

I'm not quite sure what you mean... 

If you mean the 3 different scenes in the (admittedly square) thought bubbles, I ended up just making 3 copies of the background and changing the content inside the thought bubble for each. They're 3 different scenes under the hood.

If it's something else, I'll do my best to answer after a clarification!

I found the controls for swapping players, but could not figure out what to do with the button(?) on level 1. Tried putting either character next to it, pressed every button on my keyboard, and tried clicking it too.

I like your art and music, wish I could have played more.

Hey, I happened to make a Train themed game too! Cheers.

The gameplay is very methodical and clunky, just like I imagine operating a real train car shunter would be. I think you could make things a bit more fun if you could move the shunter with the arrow keys, simply to free up your mouse for the couplings/rail switching. After figuring out the logic of a puzzle, it's still quite tedious to complete it.

I made it as far as the level with two train cars, I accidentally got some of my bottom cars stuck under the coal dispenser.

Thanks for sharing the game!

You're really out here testing my knowledge of color combinations!

The multi-mix enemies are tricky to juggle.

I got as far as the first couple batches of black and white enemies, I think their concept is pretty neat.

I think some sound effects would go a long way for player feedback and game feel. The projectiles could also be a little faster, they seem to move the same speed as the player, meaning if you move towards an enemy while shooting, you'll take damage first.

Thanks for sharing the game!

I'd love to play and rate, but I can't figure out how! I can only download the png file, not sure if its a Pico-8 or some other format.

I like the puzzles in the game! The sightline mechanic is interesting and could lead to some neat puzzles down the line. 

I moved the ghost outside of the map before the first room's dialogue finished and ended up dying, restarting, and stacking 2 textboxes on each other. It all fixed itself after finishing the first level, though.

The pixel art and music are charming too. Thanks for sharing this!

I like that you can just dribble the ball instead of shooting it if you so choose. I'm sure multiplayer gets pretty hectic!

I think your player controls could be a bit tighter, simply applying forces to the players leads to them having to decelerate for pretty long to turn around. You might be able to improve them simply by increasing their drag.

Thanks for sharing this!

Ah, thanks for the info! I was using the F commands, but not the low numbers. I was experimenting between F80 and F99 or so, seemed to be changing my tempo in the tracker but not GBStudio.

I like the character merging aspect where only red can jump and green can attack!

Your camera controls are incredibly oversensitive, I found steering the camera the hardest part of the game!

I also found your combat a bit dull: Fighting enemies takes too long and locks your movement/position for a good while. I ended up bouncing on the enemy heads to get up on the walls for the last couple levels just to speed things along!

It took me a while to find the key control for rejoining (2), putting the key prompt in the join together text box would fix that issue right away.

Thanks for sharing this!

I like your art and music! The little squeaky sound effect was cute too.

Unfortunately, I was unable to play this at its intended resolution, Unity forced it to open at an extremely small size. I had the same issue with my submission, actually! I think it's because my monitor was zoomed in 125%, and was lower than the game's intended size. Resetting my monitor zoom unfortunately didn't fix the issue, I think the previously opened size is cached in appdata, but deleting those files didn't seem to do anything... :(

I was able to click through the zoomed in menu into the full view of the game itself, but it was rendering for me at maybe 300x200 pixels.

The mechanic was interesting, I would love to see how it plays with friends and at the intended resolution!

Thanks for sharing this!

I like your art style!

It might be more interesting if the grapple acted more like a slingshot or a zip-to-point mechanic: as it currently is, I found it difficult to predict how it would affect your player when grappled. I mostly wall jumped over obstacles unless I needed the leaf for getting around spiky corners.

Thanks for sharing this!

I enjoyed the game!

I did have to rename the _Data folder to match the game name
for the game to run, be warned on that.

I think it would help if the player and the dangerous blocks were different colors from each other. Also, I know there's not much time in a game jam, but sound effects are a great source of player feedback, both on inputs and on collisions with walls/obstacles.

Thanks for sharing this!

I like your music and pixel art!

I think your camera might be a bit too far zoomed in, it's very difficult to see where you're jumping to, even with the camera moving up and down.

The spell combining is a neat idea, but doesn't get any interesting twists. It would maybe be neat if there were things in the level that were affected by different spell types. (Ice melting from fire,  etc.)

Thanks for sharing this!

That last level was pretty tricky! Congrats on finishing the game jam!

I think the game would be a lot easier to parse if the map pieces not in the grid were allowed to be left in empty space outside the grid. My view of the pieces on the side was partially cut off, so I had to constantly pull pieces out to confirm what was on them. Plus, leaving pieces you think might work near where you're thinking about them would really help you keep yourself organized.

The character art is charming, and the music was a good fit for thinking through things.

Thanks for sharing this!

Great job finishing the game jam!

I like how the bat can only move the direction the arrow is pointing. It makes it a bit tricky for Mr. Bat to stop the crabs from reaching the heart, maybe making the crabs much slower would let you line up  to block them a little easier. Otherwise, it's pretty cool!

Thanks for sharing this!

Congrats on finishing the jam!

I do think your player input needs to be a little quicker. If not on rotation (I did get the purple powerup for high speed), then on shrinking/growing, it feels a bit sluggish if you ask me. 

Maybe that could be addressed by speeding up the game as your score increases.

Thanks for sharing this!

My high score was 220.

The game's presentation is super good! Getting some real Antichamber vibes.

I had one crash with a few doors left, I think it was because I tried getting sneaky with connecting a first floor door to a second floor one in a weird way. Restarted and finished no problems. It's a neat idea! I would love to see some kind of expansion on the mechanic, maybe with different color connections, or walls blocking/reflecting the connections.

Thanks for making this!

Congrats on finishing the game jam! 

The cutscene's great! Love your music and the pacing of it. The asteroid hitting the ship is a great addition.

I get some A Boy and his Blob vibes, but am very curious about what Rose's Peanut is capable of. I sure hope she's not allergic!

I am concerned for the poor Dwarf Village. 

The game concept looks neat! The art is quite charming.

I like your ambient sounds and subtle movement through all the beginning screens!

Sky Islands always spark my imagination.

I like the plane moving towards you before the title screen change. It might be a cool idea to split a larger version of it into 4 sprites to really emphasize it flying towards camera, though it's a bit tedious to set up (I used multiple copies of a sprite in my project for tall lightning flashes).

I love your music and character design! I have no idea what the game would be about (besides bowling), but I'm amped to play it!

I love your music and character design! I have no idea what the game would be about (besides bowling), but I'm amped to play it!

I love your music and character design! I have no idea what the game would be about (besides bowling), but I'm amped to play it!

This is a neat cutscene! It makes me curious what a kind of doodle art-style game might look like on the gameboy, I don't know that there is one!

Nice work! I'm getting some Cave Story vibes, looks like it would be a neat game!

Thanks for playing! I was sure my submission had a terrible camera problem that prevented it from being played, but it's been heartening to see how many people have played and enjoyed!

The gold cars are certainly valuable, but sometimes I find grabbing a rusty car with two white ends can be very helpful! Especially when the train gets loooong.

I'm starting to want to myself! So many started projects, so little time!


Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, you're right about the opening dragging a little. After I made and added my music, I couldn't figure out how to change its playback speed, so I retimed the easiest thing in my intro to make it fit. ;p

Thanks for the kind words! Scripting the little interaction between the player and the crab enemy was the most finicky part, but it worked out well! 

Thanks so much! I'm a little tempted to start yet another new project...

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

There's definitely a good case for this to be a proper level-based puzzle game! In my head I was aiming for something closer to Tetris, where the increasing length of your train, the moving cars, and the random elements crank up the tension as you go.

Glad the game was playable for you, for some reason on my end, Unity shrunk the game screen to a postage stamp, and it can't be resized.

Thanks for playing!

When your train gets long, switching lanes with a cart beside you will leave part of the train tail behind. This was intentional to make players think about how to slot a new train car somewhere in their existing chain. It takes a little getting used to, but you can split your train tail where you know a new car will be fit between two connected train cars and quickly snap it back together. 

I didn't have time to fit that in my little tutorial, especially without making it quite long, but that's a valid point that it may be very unintuitive to do so!

Thanks so much for playing!

I've received a few messages now that the game is playable. I wonder why it shrinks so small on my end...

It's heartening to hear that my weekend wasn't spent totally in vain!

What an awesome little game!

The different windows are all very cool. I love how no two windows have the same visual style!

It would have been very fun to make all of the spam ads!

My biggest complaint would be the difficulty spikes pretty early with the spiky gravity maze near the beginning. 

Otherwise, it's a triumph. 

Good luck in the jam!

What a neat game mechanic!

Figuring out how to connect to the clingy demons to make a usable shape is a neat challenge!

One thing that could be improved is that your combined shape is not incredibly clear, as the demons move in towards the character they're clinging to. it makes the the shape seem rounder and less clear.

The final level almost stumped me until I turned around at the very end.

(Helltaker is pretty cool. My favorite is Cerberus.)

The pixel art is fantastic! The presentation is really solid!

One thing that could be improved is I think you need to point the lance in the direction of where you're aiming before you throw it. It would help a lot with clarity of intent.  

I think the burning arrows may need to be a different color, I believe they blend into the floor a little, despite their wonderful art!

Good luck on the jam!