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I’ll try to figure out how to fix that! Thank you!

Hey! Thanks for checking that, yeah I made the game in Godot, I think I need to learn more about exporting game files for upload! I’ve been cray busy with work and freelance. I’m sorry about the inactivit

I'll see what i can do!

Hi illdie, I'm sorry to say I'm new to game dev and have never heard of a .pck file. it seems like a recurring problem for everyone though so I'll see what i can do to fix this! thank you for the feedback

Hey Luke, I'm sorry to hear it's not working, and I also thought deleting the second period could be a quick fix, I'll try to figure this out but I'm incredibly new to this stuff and have freelance I need to get caught up on after the jam, so please understand any delay

Hey sorry about that! i have no idea what a .pck file is i'm sorry, but I'll try figuring that out!

Hi everyone, Thank you so much for giving my game a try, I'm only now catching these comments,  I'll see what could have gone wrong as soon as i can. For whatever reason there is a second period in the file name before the exe. Try deleting that and see how it goes, mine works with both 2 periods and one on my computer so i need to figure out what could be going on.

Hi, yes it’s broken, I’ve been working to fix it, I don’t need votes I understand, I just wanted to participate. Sorry about the broken game

Trying to fix, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey! Yeah sorry about that, you’re not doing anything wrong it’s on my end. I tried putting warnings in the description. I submitted it so that I could have a sense of participation, I’m working on fixing the game and getting it running. Hoping I can upload the fix soon, sorry about the frustration.