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These symbols don't appear in the camera when on low graphics setting mode. It doesn't seem to be dependent on anything else.

It feels a little mentally exhausting to keep track of what turns you which way the whole time, but I do really like the concept. Nice job

I love the idea, and it's cool to have it on an actual rom. Nice work!

Ah, I remember the days of Scratch!

It's fun to be able to see your code, it looks like it's well put-together and easily scalable if you want to add more. Congrats on doing the jam!

Awesome! I was really excited to do the changing color palettes, haha. Thank you for the praise :)

I unfortunately can't play it, the game doesn't have all the files a Unity export needs to run.

I think the biggest piece of feedback I would give is to consider speeding up the gameplay a bit; the player ship and the ships of the enemies feel a bit like they're moving through molasses right now.

I love the sprite for the ship and all the backgrounds, they're very cute! (and nice music too!)

I have similar feedback to the other comments. The only other thing I'd add is that a fullscreen mode would be nice, but that's just a tiny detail. It's a fun idea, and I enjoyed flying around the enemies trying to avoid getting hit!

Nice, solid little  clicker game!

Thank you!

Ah man, that's quite the oversight on my part, I'm sorry that happened to you. Thanks for letting me know though, and thanks for playing!

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Really nice. Level 3 I think felt like it had an insane difficulty spike tho imo, it felt like the game became less about memorizing the obstacles of the level and more about nailing jumps at what seemed to be frame perfect positions. I wanted to play it through the end but that part of it became too frustrating for me. I really liked how the music syncs up with the level though that was a lot of fun.

The game looks very nice and controls very tightly. My only critiques are that it feels like it could use more feedback when you deal damage, and some of the boss attacks felt like they came really fast with too little telegraphing. Other than that this game is awesome, I love the different styles of play with each character and the art is super cute!

Thank you! I'm glad it's working well

Truly a masterpiece. I'd say "ahead of its time" but seeing as it is explicitly labelled with the current year I suppose that would be necessarily untrue.

This was a very good game! I enjoyed the rising complexity of the challenges as you went on.

There were a few bugs that I found, including an infinite glide bug and some situations where my shooting wasn't properly aligned with the direction i was facing. I also got one of the tougher enemies to clip into the ground once, but I don't know exactly how to recreate that.

Additionally, the biggest mark against this game is the number of times that the player was supposed to go somewhere but couldn't see their destination. There were a couple of places where I was supposed to drop down or glide out to a platform that was outside of the view, which is generally very unnerving to a player, since, for all they know, they might be falling into a spike pit, or jumping into a group of enemies that they won't be able to properly react to. One way to go about that is to hint with background elements. If trees could only appear in the background behind safe platforms and not spikes, for instance, then you can use that to mark that some place below a certain fall is safe to land on.

Other than those, though, this game is very well polished in terms of game feel and aesthetic. Good entry, congratulations!

For some reason it took a very long time for the audio to load. It might be due to the bad internet I'm using right now though. But overall, it looked, felt, and sounded good! Nice work!

That was a really neat game! I like the aesthetic and the art a lot. There's also a number of neat level design decisions in here, like how the player can see how slimes work without being put in danger at the beginning of the level, and then they're given the license to figure out that they can double jump in order to progress up the first platform.

There were a couple weird spots of collision (in particular, I got hit by the boss a couple times when it didn't look like I should have.) I also think that the sprite for the slime after it lands on the ground is probably too small; if it's still a damaging hitbox, it should be just as prominent as it was when it was falling.

Anyway, good job on the game!

I like the art, especially the princess at the end. It was also pretty conceptually well put together, I liked the cave section and the portals mixing up the environment/visual flow of the game.

I'd say that the biggest issue this game has is probably that the enemy hitboxes need to be shrunk. There's a sizeable space before the slime and the bat where the player will die, but the sprites look like they are not touching at all.

In any case, it's a nice little game you put together, nice job on completing the jam!

I like the look and feel of it. It's worth noting, though, that when the boat rotates, it does not conform to the pixel grid of the gameboy, but rotates all of the pixels it is made of instead.

From a gameplay perspective, I'd say that it doesn't really seem like there's a way the player can engage with the turrets without either taking damage or just shooting at them from out of range. This would probably be improved by improving the player's maneuverability in some way, like allowing them to move backwards.

Anyway, it's a neat little game, nice job :)

The pixel art is pretty good, some of the animations are really neat!

There are a lot of rough edges, but I appreciate that the structure of the level design. Despite the mechanics being extremely simple, there were places where the level did a good job of easing the player into using them. In particular, the first falling platform and the first spike were in places where the player could understand their functionality, without being put in danger. I also like how the scarab was placed somewhere that I could see but could not reach, which gave the player a hint of how the level would loop around on itself.

There were also some decisions that felt a bit strange, though. For instance, the only reason I couldn't reach the scarab from below was because of an invisible hitbox on the right side of the platform, which was confusing once I appeared to be floating in the air after getting the collectable.

Additionally, the player's attack was often confusing or ineffective. The animation doesn't make it clear where/how large the hitbox is, and there were times when the enemies just seemed to turn around right before hitting me. I figured that they may have simply taken damage but not shown any feedback, but ultimately I'm left guessing.

In any case, there were a couple of neat things going on in this game, nice job coordinating it all together!

It's hard to tell what's going on, I was totally lost at first. At some point I noticed the three tiles you had pointed out in the icon and I figured out that they are the tiles that damage you. Once I figured that out, I was able to enjoy it. However, occasionally there were times when there wasn't a possible path I could take without taking damage.

The two primary things this game needs is a brief explanation screen and a system to make sure that a path is always possible.

And now I've come back after having beaten the game, and getting a shit-load of good items. My favorite item (thematically) has to be the knife-shaped beans.

The only things I'd say I was left wanting was some means of fast travel between previously visited rooms and a list of what items I've picked up.

I really liked the last color palette too, it felt like an appropriate tone for the final two levels.

This game is so cute! I love the happy mushrooms, I love the birds! Very fun.

I have noticed that the music overlaps with itself on death though. Also I have no idea how the double jump works, I've only been successful at doing it by running into a wall and spamming both buttons.

I love the color palettes, and I really like the sprites! They feel like a really neat in-between of galaxian and space invaders.

In terms of gameplay, I think the way you made the enemies shoot is very cool. Picking a random enemy to shoot every second or so is a neat way of increasing the difficulty as you clear a stage, as the last enemy you take out will be firing constantly.

In terms of criticism, I think the lowest row of enemies is a bit too low on the screen. Shots fired from that row go from being fired to killing the player in a matter of only a few frames, and it feels a bit cheap some times.

Additionally, I think it's missing a certain energy in the moment-to-moment gameplay. This is partially due to the fact that none of the enemy attacks are targeted towards the player. As such, the only time I'm in danger is when I put myself in danger, which means most players are going to go about clearing the level in a slow, methodical way. I think it would feel a lot more tense and satisfying if there were another constant threat to keep the player on their toes. This could even just be a time limit, so the player has to focus on clearing the enemies quickly in each level. It's a rule of thumb in game design that players will tend to interact with your game in the least interesting way possible (because that's usually the safest route to victory) so it's important to notice when that happens and force them to engage with the systems head on.

All in all, great job on your game! It's already pretty solid, and with a couple tweaks I think it'll be elevated to the next level.

This is an all-around very strong game! It's tight and consistent, the block and attack abilities are both very useful. The addition of the third enemy mixed up the gamplay pretty well too. My only gameplay qualm is that if the boss walks into you when you're in a corner, there doesn't seem to be a way to avoid that damage. That is, other than bursting them down before they get a chance, like I did on my second playthrough.

The music and sound effects are also really great, as well as all the sprites and the different backgrounds for each level. I'm very impressed with the number of quality assets this game has.

The ending screen is also very cute :)

Great job!

That risk/reward was my goal with the main character's attacks, I'm glad it worked out and that you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

I have tried it with one period, it did not work.

What did you use to make the game, maybe check youtube for some guides about this error, or just skim through a guide on how to export in case it's a common problem? It's probably something that's happened to others as well.

Best of luck, I hope we'll be able to play your game soon!

His duty was too much to bear, it drove him to madness and destruction.

Still, in death, he goes on, casting judgement on the darkness and those foolish enough to release it.

Very cool game, though I had no idea what I was doing until I read the blurb on the game page. I'll def keep coming back to this to try beating it. Probably a good activity while listening to a podcast

I shouted in glee when I saw the actual gameboy on the screen.

Really cool, both functionally and visually!

I would have also liked to see some extra variety in there.

In any case, very cool entry.

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I love retro metroidvanias, this looks and feels phenomenal! I have not finished it yet, but I have some thoughts on what I've played so far

I will say that a couple situations feel like they need some slight tweaks. The flying enemies in the overworld in particular move unbelievably fast, there's no clear way to engage with them using the default gun other than sniping them from out of their range or gritting your teeth and taking the damage.

The high jump might need a quick explanation of its controls, though I was able to figure it out when I fell to the bottom floor. It also feels like the limited maneuverability of the high jump is just that way for the sake of itself, it seems to add more frustration to navigation than meaningful challenge to the game.

But all in all, it's really cool! I'll definitely come back to it and try to play it all the way through.

It's really great, though it ran very slowly on my computer. Might just be due to my own browser issues, a downloadable version might help in that regard.

I liked being able to make my jumps higher, it's a fun little versatile mechanic. Also, Samus's animations are adorable!

I got an error saying "Could not load game data at path '.'. Is the .pck file missing?"

Was this supposed to be packaged in a zip with other files instead of just the .exe?

This is super cool! I love how there was a whole situation playing out on the left side, though... I couldn't read a single line of it, I was too focused on getting the inputs right :P

This is the coziest game, the visual and sound design is on point! I especially love the "ANTONBALL" and "YEAH" sounds.

I think we found the winner of the "Best Title" award

This game is aesthetically great, I love the way the visuals and audio come together to create such a unique atmosphere. The little two-legged guys in particular are my favorites!