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Small action game for Gbjam7
Submitted by Doctor_Succubus — 4 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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Cute samurai game! I like the use of a scroll for the HP bar. It's also fun and nicely polished.


This was really well made.  Managed to get just the right amount of variety in music and enemies given jam time constraints, and overall great quality work with the assets.


This was such a great experience! It was simple and small but the enjoyment is nothing alike! The game feels great, the gameplay is simple yet fun, the oriental theme is very well portrayed with the music and the graphics and the gameboy-ness feel is there!

Such a great job!


Nice game. I really love the pixel art and it's movement! The soundtrack is cool as well!
The controls were a little fiddly for me, but that is mostly a result from my german QWERTZ keyboard.
All in all, a great game!


Very well done game with brilliant graphics! (it could have been a bit easier sometimes in my opinion, but i am slow regarding reactions :)   )


This is an all-around very strong game! It's tight and consistent, the block and attack abilities are both very useful. The addition of the third enemy mixed up the gamplay pretty well too. My only gameplay qualm is that if the boss walks into you when you're in a corner, there doesn't seem to be a way to avoid that damage. That is, other than bursting them down before they get a chance, like I did on my second playthrough.

The music and sound effects are also really great, as well as all the sprites and the different backgrounds for each level. I'm very impressed with the number of quality assets this game has.

The ending screen is also very cute :)

Great job!


this one is great! love the gameplay and style. had a lot of fun with this one. great work!


Very nice art!

I really like that the block action is actually necessary to avoid damage in many situations.

Cutting the panels at the end of a level is a neat little touch!


Had a lot of fun with this one, the music was good enough and the boss was actually kinda hard. A pretty cool oriental styled game.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very nice little game! The graphics and music helped set the mood really nicely, it all came together very nicely. I think the only thing I didn't like was that enemies could fire projectiles at me before I could see them, which I think may have only been difficult because I wasn't used to the parrying in the game yet! But all in all a very nice game, great job all around. :>


Really cool game. I dig the art style very much. 

Are the enemies supposed to walk through you?


Love it! reminded me megaman and i love megaman \o/. Piece of art my friend :D! Any chance to get a full version with more levels? ^^


Nice Job! It reminded me of NES Spartan X! Beautiful graphics and music, :)


I literally just played a great Samurai game to play another great one ahaha! Well done, I like everything!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!


I like it ! A bit of balancing might be needed to accommodate for the players limitations, but the characters are very charming and the music is pretty spot on ~


The game is really cool and the graphic / sound quality is great =]

The gameplay is clear and the controls are very responsive, but some situations seemed a bit unfair to me, as in the image below:

Sometimes I was surrounded by 3 enemies at the same time, one of them firing the projectile xD

I didn't see any errors, but I missed the pause function (I had to die to capture the screenshot).


Really fun! I liked the variety of enemies. I wish there was a couple of things more the player could do, the power ups did help, but in a few moments it seemed like I got surrounded and couldn't get away without taking damage. The art and music are amazing too!