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Mech StormView game page

Shoot em up Platformer
Submitted by Garlock009 — 28 minutes before the deadline
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That was over so quick...

Very nice spritework though !

Gameboy-ness is flawless on that one ! (Except maybe the title text which seems a bit out of place with its gradient and antialiasing)


Does the game just end in the second  room? I encountered an invisible wall or something and couldn't progress further...

Abrupt endings aside uh yeah nice little tech demo! The art was def the highlight because everything looked and sounded pretty great and definitely Gameboy appropriate. Tho I wiSH the player character mech-guy had some kind of jumping animation. Gotta have a jumping sprite, dude!!! I feel nothing without one!

You're probably definitely already aware of this, but enemy variety is a must; just being able to hold right and nobrain destroy everything is a no-go to satisfying gameplay. The fundamentals of moving and shooting felt pretty decent though. Polish it up with that full version and you're good!


Thanks for all that very helpful feedback.  We're definitely finishing up this tech demo to be a full thing. Feel free to follow its progress , future feedback would be appreciated.


The art looks great in this one! I especially like the title screen.
It took me a second to find A and B on my mouse instead of the keyboard. This needs a lot of good design work to gain compelling gameplay, but there's a strong artstyle here, it could turn into something great!


thanks very much for the wonderful feedback. We plan on continuing updating this game so please feel free to follow development.  As far as design goes,  we have since interesting things we didn't get to implement before but we still plan on adding it all in even with the jam being over. 


The game looks really like a gameboy game.  I would suggest to create a system to delay the shooting. Because I abused it, I never saw an enemy. Well done!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!


Thanks! ha, yeah I was considering that. Feel free to watch the game if you want to keep up with out other additions and polish! I'll be sure to check out your game too!


I wil.




Thank you!


I love me some mechs! The main bot looks super cool. However, the control scheme was a little ambiguous at first.


Thanks Very much!  feel free to keep watch of the game for upcoming additions. Just updated the controls so I'd like an additional opinion from you if that is ok