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Despite the smooth movement throwing off the low res aesthetic, I still had a lot of fun playing. It reminded me of a battle network game.

Fun little game. It brings me back to the Game Boy Jam. 

Blasting away at the wall was a little dull. More angry bugs would have spiced things up a bit.

It was lot's of fun trying to off myself. My favorite method has to be the garbage disposal.

I had a lot of fun playing. The only problem I have is that you used Giorno's theme for Jotaro >:^)

Super cute and super fun. I want to hug the cloud.

The objective behind some of these games is a little unclear at first. An idea is adding something like a single verb at the start of each minigame that gives the players a needed clue, much like how the Warioware series does it.

I love the art for this game, however, even at 2x resolution, it's quite hard to see. I would consider a minimum of 4x.
The music, while lovely, sounds less like the sawtoothy blips of a nokia and more like a midi instrument.
I really wanted to beat this game, but I couldn't seem to progress past the area after the first boss.  The controls have a low latency, making it tedious to navigate at times. 

The charm this game has is absolutely stunning. I was giggling like a child throughout the whole thing, I love it! The first mini game caught me completely off guard, and from then it was pure joy. I really didn't expect to see a wario-ware like game here. Excellent work!

I love this. It feels like an adorable love letter to Super Metroid; the broken lab containers, crawling spikey enemies, and you even nailed the isolated rainy atmosphere of the surface of zebes! My overlying problems with the game are with the controls. The high jump is a bit awkward to use, compared to the rest of your smooth movements. Needing momentum to move with the high jump properly makes platforming difficult and tedious. Also, you forgot about the select button! Using metroid two which was on the gameboy as an example, you could swap between missiles and your normal gun by pressing select.  (On keyboards, select is usually mapped to the shift key). Being able to swap weapons like this would make gameplay even more crisp. 

As a shameless picross addict, I really love this game. The idea of a nonogram with a character moving through it is super unique, and the cowboy theme is super cute. Honestly, the picross part alone is enough to make this super fun to play, so my only gripes come with the surrounding presentation. I feel the color palette doesn't quite match up to the theme of the game.

There's so much story and soul packed into this adorable game! It's super quirky and I love it! I only have a few small problems, firstly, in the quicker sections of the song, the arrows overlapped each other, which obstructed the direction they were pointing in. Secondly, a huge problem with this game, and the one other rhythm game of this jam, is that you try and make an adorable rhythm game with lot's of fun and story in the background, then ruin it completely by having a beat bar on the side of it all. I feel for rhythm games like these, you go all beat bar or no beat bar at all. A perfect example of a super fun rhythm game that doesn't make use of a bar is the rhythm heaven series. I really recommend you check it out, as it's not only fun but quite intuitive in how it takes simple inputs and musical/visual cues and turns them into a full functioning rhythm game. 

I don't feel that a lack of diagonal movement takes away from gameplay. A lot of older games, like Zelda, don't allow for diagonal movement. This is not only done to save on animations, but also because of the math behind diagonal moves. For example, if your character can move in any straight line of 4 directions at 1 pixel per frame, then the diagonal movement speed will not be 1 pixel per frame. Instead it will actually be a vector splitting the hypotenuse of the linear movement planes. This diagonal movement speed will instead be 1.41 pixels per frame.

I love the smooth animations, and this palette really fits the tropical theme. My biggest gripes are a small collection of elements that make the platforming experience quite tedious and ultimately lead me to some hilarious deaths. For example, the falling platforms that look exactly like normal platforms in the first stage, the 10 second wait for the moving platform in the second stage, (I hopped in to the water because the lack of a clear forward path lead me to believe I could swim), and of course the A(s) and B(a) buttons being swapped. (In a classic Nintendo manner, A is reserved for jumping, and B for attacking).

A cute little game, however, it doesn't quite feel like a gameboy game. This is due to having the ability to scale the entire course to the screen, as well as the image rotation on the disc. If you're looking for great examples of golf on a gameboy setting... Then I'd recommenced looking into the game 'Golf' on the Gameboy XD 

A fun idea, however, a sidescrolling tower defense game will have some problems that a top view one wont. For example, having to leave my incompetent troops on the front line while I go all the way back to the shop for backup. Instead, I'd suggest having the ability to call for help anywhere on the map, but the kicker is that your aid will still spawn at the camp, leaving you to fend for yourself until they slowly hustle to your location. 

I wonder how a story so short could be so touching.  The only thing lacking from this lovely little tale is some music and sounds. My eyes almost had tears in them at the ending, but if there was a happy song playing, there surely would have been some water works lol. Ich liebe es! <3

It was a lot of fun playing around with the different mechanics of robo's forms (treads was definitely my favorite!)  My biggest problem was with the control scheme; my fingers kept getting mixed up! With a game boy in mind, I feel quick actions like jump and shoot should always be close to each other, like mapping them to (a)Z and (b)X respectively. Then, the more technical actions of form changing and weapon swapping could be mapped to (start) Enter and (select)Shift. Also, getting shot at by objects that are not in your current view is always frustrating.

Everything about this is pretty great! Though, my favorite part has to be the quirky dialogue. I encountered a glitch of sorts. I saved the game with a key in my inventory, but when I went to use the key after loading the save, the door would not even register that I had a key.

Difficult and fun. With the darker colors of the palette, the bullets blend with the background, which made them rather hard to dodge.

Gameboy rhythm game is such a fun idea! I only wish there were more songs to slap monsters to. The flexing at the end made it all worth it, hehehe

A shmup/metroidvania is a super fun concept, and this art is fantastic. Unfortunately, the way the enemies spawn means some unfair collisions when changing rooms, and due to the one hit rule, lot's of angry deaths are imminent. 

A lovely little adventure. The swapping color palette for the day and night cycle is quite unique! It seems the final boss is unable to teleport if you stab him quick enough, hehehe

It's super cute! I just want to love all the shrooms. Poor Shinji ;__;

Cute and fun little puzzles. I feel that having the movement controls set relative to the players gravity rather than being a universal movement scheme is a tad bit disorienting. 

The gritty action mixed with the weapons  and clunky movement makes me think of BattleToads x Castlevania, and I love it. The aforementioned movement does interfere with the action a little.

I love me some mechs! The main bot looks super cool. However, the control scheme was a little ambiguous at first.

I'm in love with this robot fighting rpg that...Strangely feels like a Tamagotchi game! I'm also in love with the idea of programming your own custom attacks into your kamibot; my "big_blast" is simply unstoppable. This game is too much fun.

I love all the adorable little ways to interact with the enemies and the environment. Simple and Dynamic! I'm not the brightest when it comes to problem solving, so I feel a button to reset a room would be more convenient than having to walk back and forth to respawn the cute creatures.

I always love games that require fine maneuvering! The graphics are crisp yet gritty and together with the espionage elements,  the game gives me some lovely Ghost Babel vibes. The screen transition is also quite unique, however, I found myself waiting for it to pass a whole lot, considering how many times I died before finally finishing. 

I love this; it feels just like a port of an old arcade game. The animations are too adorable! The gameboy-ness is through the roof.

Super cute and super fun. I've spent way too long petting my cow....

Difficult and fun! A perfect throwback to the hardcore action platformers of days past.  The action made my heart pump, but the sweet ending made my heart melt! <3

Super smooth physics makes it lot's of fun to hop, shoot, and float around. However, dying in one hit makes it rather difficult. 

A great little adventure! Wish it was a bit longer. Kicking the kids made me giggle.