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It actually has very little to do with Tic-Tac-Toe
Submitted by tonyfinale (@tonyfinale) — 1 hour, 50 minutes before the deadline

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Nice game and nice concept! Well Done!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I loved to play this! It's very simple, yet so much fun when you understand how it works! The idea is original, and it makes it more original because you took one of the most simple games ever created and added some challenge to it!

Although the main menu's instruction helps with understanding the concept of the game, I feel like it might not reach everyone right away. It didn't with me but I was interested and curious enough to stay and understand how it worked. Other people might not and might drop it almost as fast as they clicked it! Maybe a simple instructional/exemplifying screen will suffice! Anyway, that doesn't take anything from how original and fun the concept is!

I like how you only used palettes of two colors, it's simple but still appealing, so are the animations scattered around the game! Although I couldn't help but feel like the rounds I played were going by a little too fast. In the end of every round, it told me who won, but it didn't give me any time to grasp the how's and why's of it, sending me off to the next game right away. Like mentioned by someone else, the audio (and the game, in general) lacks Gameboy-ness, although it's still enjoyable and adds to the game! 

All in all, this is a pretty interesting and fun game, so congratulations for that!! :)


I totally have always felt one of my weakest aspects of design is in conveying how people are actually supposed to go about understanding my games, so it was definitely nice to finally hear someone blatantly tell me that I'm bad at articulating tutorials and the like! 

Another big regret of this game already is really neglecting some of that Gameboy-ness like you mentioned. Guess I was in such a rush to just get it done over the weekend I let that stuff slip by...

Thanks for the feedback, friend! I def gotta step it up next time.


Nice logic / tactic game, after a while i was able to win a few games. Very cool idea!


Seems like a pretty original idea, and the game is definitely fun!
The game is not very flashy, and the audio is pretty inaccurate to the GB, but I won't berate you for that... Good job!


I'm a gameboy FRAUD D:


Hey, that's fine! I probably shouldn't expect everybody else to be able to make accurate GB sound, but just a hint: Try using square waves next time ;3


An addictive gameplay. It's as easy as it is awesome. The AI is able to win.  More levels of difficulty would be cool.


This is a really neat idea! It took me a little while to learn how the numbers worked, and then longer to strategize properly.  The rotating nature of the numbers means you have to think a lot about where the numbers will be next turn, and if you can be safe. It felt good going first with two 4s side by side and leaving an invincible corner piece. If your opponent doesn't take it, you can get the opposite corner the same way on your second turn, which leads to some neat counterplay.
One thing that is a problem is when you have two identical numbers across from each other. I had 2s on either side of my Xs, and 1s above and below. Once I went first, the cpu oponent could always use their 2s against my 1s, and there was no chance of strategy. Or victory. It might be wise to determine which number patterns are unfair and re-roll when they occur.
I liked it a lot!


A pretty original competitive puzzle game.  The tile you start with can either land you a thought provoking match, or everyone hugging the corners till player 1 wins.  Would improve clarity if the AI waited just a bit longer before taking its turn.  This is fun to play a few rounds of against someone.